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Aunty and nephew meet – 1

The marriage hall was noisy and brimming with activities. All the men
women and children were chattering and having fun among themselves.

Reshma was a woman who was 38 years old and had a stunning figure of
34 30 34. She was married 15 years back and was a virgin before
marriage. Her sexual appetite grew every day after her marriage. Yet
she remained loyal to her husband and her family. Though she derived
pleasure while young boys or men admired her physical features. She
would flaunt her body subtly and tease them. Her face was innocent one
second and would turn slutty the next second if she wished. At 5 ft 7
inches and 55kgs she symbolized sexual desire of any man. Today she
was wearing a red colored silk sari which would show her exposed flesh
in an appealing sense.

She was unusually horny today. The men and young boys in the marriage
hall were throwing glances at her hip which was clearly visible. She
could not control herself from laughing seeing the desperation of the
males. So she would occasionally raise her hands and stretch to give a
more clear view of her body to the horny ones. Helpless men and boys
were waiting for the marriage to get over soon, so they could take
care of their little brother down under. She was standing in the stage
and helping the other women in the family in making arrangements for
the marriage. A group of young boys volunteered to help the women only
to stare at Reshma’s stunning figure.

Raja had come to this marriage as he was very much interested in
meeting his cousins after a long time. Raja was a 22 year old athletic
boy. His wide shoulders could easily be traced even when he wore a
shirt. Standing at 5 ft 11 inches and weighing 75kgs he could easily
turn on any woman who had the slightest hint of sexual desperation. He
was a virgin in real life though he fucks a lot of young girls and
milfs in his dreams daily.

When he saw Reshma from a distance of about 20 meters, he felt
stiffness in his pants. But he ignored them. After 10 minutes, he
found himself staring at her flashy hips and her deep navel which
would peep out of her sari once in a while. He was more nervous
because Reshma had seen Raja throwing glances at her body. He was also
confused because she had not done anything to cover herself. He
pressed his cock once in a while over his pants to keep his erection

Reshma had been in this situation before a lot of times. But she never
felt the urge that she was feeling now. She enjoyed Raja’s attention a
lot and was craving for his touch. This was very unusual for her. She
even rubbed her melons and pinched her hips in the bathroom imaging it
to be Raja, whom she considered to be a stranger. Raja’s age and
physique made her hornier. She recognized her husband Arun was sitting
two rows ahead of Raja. She decided to go closer to Raja under some
excuse. As she walked towards Raja, her ass cheeks were inviting wild
dreams along with them. She breathed heavily and her mounds clearly
bounced as she walked.

Raja felt scared initially seeing Reshma coming towards him. But that
did not stop his 6 inch dick to salute her figure. He lost his
thoughts completely by seeing her silky belly and her left melon
covered by a fabric blouse which was clearly visible. He had dreamt of
licking and tasting every inch of her belly as she came near him.

Reshma recognized the woman sitting next to Raja. So she dismissed her
husband Arun and went near Raja. She learned that Raja was the son of
the woman. And Raja was her nephew by relation. Though the family tree
was too complicated both felt a sense of bonding. They smiled at each
other. Both were shy initially but Reshma decided to break the ice.
She greeted Raja and wondered how he had grown since she had not seen
him after her marriage. She lovingly caressed his hair. All the family
members were viewing this as an act of affection. She was holding
Raja’s head very close to her exposed belly. She was aware of it and
so was Raja’s dick. Raja’s eyes were feasting on the sexy belly flesh
of Reshma.