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Aunty and nephew meet – 2

By this time Arun had also joined the conversation. They were all
enquiring about each other while Reshma and Raja were deeply involved
in dreams of love making. Reshma could sense Arun’s discomfort in Raja
staring at her body. That made her even hornier.

So she asked Raja, “I remember you being an innocent young kid when I
saw you last time. Now say me where is your girlfriend?”

Raja looked into Reshma’s eyes and replied, “Aunty I have never had a
girlfriend.” and he made a sad face.

Reshma laughed at him and asked him, “Can I be your girlfriend Raja?”

The family members were all taking this very lightly and laughed at
Reshma’s comment. Raja blushed at this and was now feeling that he may
lay Reshma in bed. Arun was trying to hide his disappointment and that
made Reshma bolder. She wanted to tease her husband.

She looked at everyone and said, “See how shy Raja is!” and lovingly
pressed Raja’s face in her exposed belly. While other family members
saw this as a normal act of affection, Raja and Reshma were swimming
in a sea of lust.

Raja intentionally rubbed his face over her exposed belly while Reshma
still had her hands holding Raja’s head. Raja even managed to plant a
small peck on her belly. It sent down chills down Reshma’s body and
Raja felt it when Reshma sucked in her breath shortly. All this took
inside 5 seconds. Arun was helpless. By the time Raja had grown bold
enough to hold Reshma by her waist too. Both of them smiled after that
embrace. They both now knew each other’s desires.

Raja was getting a clearer glimpse of Reshma’s belly flesh as that
embrace has further moved her sari. He controlled himself from letting
his tongue draw paintings in that glossy belly. Reshma then told the
family members that she needed to get back to the hotel to collect
some valuables and she would need company. Raja volunteered and stood
up. There was hardly any distance between them now. Reshma appreciated
Raja’s gesture and all the family members felt proud of Raja’s helping
behavior. Arun went and sat in the corner of the hall as if he had
noticed nothing unusual. As Raja and Reshma walked towards the car,
the sun had begun to set. All the jealous eyes in the hall were on
Raja. He would occasionally stare at Reshma’s melons which were
longing for some good sucking and pressing.

Raja got into the car and switched on the air conditioner. Reshma too
got in and closed the door. As Raja started the engine he found that
Reshma’s sari had completely been moved and he was getting a clear
view of her fully belly and both the melons.

He winked at Reshma and said, “I am hungry aunty.”

Reshma replied, “I am also hungry Raja and when we reach the hotel we
would treat our hunger,” and winked back.

Raja’s hands were now itching and he wanted to at least rub her belly

Reshma asked for some water as she was feeling thirsty. Raja gave her
the bottle and watched her as she drank from it. He was imagining her
sucking and swallowing his cum. As she drank the water, few drops of
water spilled on her exposed belly and made her belly glow. A tiny
drop slowly slid down and entered her navel.

She moaned, “ssssshhhhhhh,” and bit her lips.

Raja’s heart was racing faster than the car’s engine. He asked her
whether she needed tissue papers to wipe off the droplets.

Before she could say agree to his request, he started wiping her belly
slowly. He was drawing circles around her navel with the tissues. She
was moaning and her body was trembling with anxiety. They would stare
at each other occasionally when his hands would rub over her belly.
They both moaned. Raja then told Reshma, “Aunty, the paper is not
doing any good, I will wipe it off my hands”.

When Reshma smiled at the thought, he had started rubbing his palms
over her glowing belly. He played with his fingers. He would trace her
belly region fully with each finger individually and the massage her
belly. He would pinch her hips and make her moan harder. He would
circle her navel slowly to make her wild. She would raise and give her
belly to him so he could do anything he wants. Slowly he entered his
fingers inside the navel.

Raja then told Reshma, “Aunty your belly is too soft and your navel is
also very deep. I am sure water will be there.” He was making excuses
as his fingers drilled her navel. She was moaning all the time.

Now Reshma told, “Raja I think you need to suck it fully to dry the
water. Will you suck the water dear?”

Before Raja figured out what Reshma had said, she climbed into Raja’s
laps and sat on them with her melons near Raja’s lips. Now she took
support of the head rest of the driver’s seat and stretched herself.
Raja slid down further and caught hold of her hips in firm control. He
smelled her belly first and rubbed her belly with his face.

He then asked Reshma, “Aunty, do you use Lux soap?”

She giggled and replied, “Yes Raja”.

He told her further, “I would spend my entire day smelling this aunty”
and slowly sucked on her belly. Reshma moaned in delight and lust,
“aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” “mmmmmmmmmm” “ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh”.

As Raja’s tongue devoured her flesh he slowly removed her blouse
hooks. When she realized that pleasure cannot be more intense, she
felt she was wrong. Raja had just started to explore her navel with
his tongue. Raja’s cock was spitting precum and his tongue was
salivating excessively. He drilled her deep navel hole with his hungry
tongue like mad dog possessed with lust.

After 5 minutes of intense kissing and sucking, he told to Reshma,
“Aunty, see now. It is completely dry.”

Reshma laughed at that because he had completely drenched her belly
with his wet kisses. Now they got back to their normal position and he
drove her to the hotel.