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Aunty Yashoda is made to suck on Davish’s 9 inch lollipop and pleasure him

I better know her as my economics teacher’s wife.Her husband was a
lecturer in my college and I also used to go to his house for personal
guidance and notes.That was how I got familiar with Yashoda Aunty.She
was around 38 yrs old and was also a English teacher in a girls
college.She was having an average figure and she had no children.I heard
that she was having some complexions.

The one thing I liked about this couple was that they were very modern
thinking and most of the time used to have parties with friends.I had
heard that sometimes they do the wife switching things but I never
believed in them.But one day,I found that the rumors are true.I was
having problem in the term used in economics called-Break-Even
analysis.Thats why I used to go to sir’s house for doubt clearing
classes.That day also,I went to sir’s house in the day time for some
doubt clearing and at that time power-cut was there in that area.When I
reached sir’s house,I didn’t bother to ring the bell as it was useless.I
knocked at the door but after sometime when no one replied,I thought I
might try the windows and see if they are open and call for sir.As I was
passing one window,I heard some sound and I stopped there and was about
to call sir,when I heard some familiar sound.It was someone moaning.As I
had heard that sound many times before,I instantly knew that it was like
someone is having sex.

I pressed my ears to the windows and the sound were clearer and I heard
sir saying-Ooh love,you are sucking my dick so good.You have become a
expert in this ny love.Yeh,that’s it,suck it hard honey.I think I am
going to cum in your mouth now.You love drinking cum na?Here I go,yeeeah
…….yeeah and sir suddenly stopped.My cock was already hard thinking that
beautiful Yashoda Aunty sucking sir’s dick and swallowing his cum.Then
Aunty’s voice was heard and she was saying-That’s good honey.You filled
my mouth with you cum.I love tasting and swallowing cum so
much.Ok,honey,tell me when we are arranging another party?I needed to be
fucked hard.You know how much I love to get dominated by a man and
especially by men with big dicks.I am a size queen you know.Your 6
incher gives me so much pleasure but I want to be fucked for long time
and once you are done,I want another dick to fill my pussy.I want long
hard fucking.Then sir said-I will arrange another party as soon as
possible.After hearing this,I said to myself-I consider myself
invited.Yashoda Aunty,soon you will have something which you are
desiring and I will have what I need from you.

That day I returned and waited for some days.Then one day,I again went
in the day time and that day I again went to that window but no sound
was there.So,I checked and saw that sir’s bike is there.So,I thought I
should go back and then I thought let me try.I used the bell and
Yashoda Aunty opened the door and said-Ohh its you Davish.Why,you are not
coming to our house for a few days?Is that you don’t like my company?I
said-What are you talking Aunty?How can someone doesn’t like company of
a beautiful woman like you?She said-Thank you.So,why don’t you come in
and we have some little chat?I said-Sure Aunty,I came to meet sir about
the topic I have some problem with.She said-But he is not here.He has
gone out of station for some seminar.Don’t you know?I said-No Aunty. She
said-He will return in about 3 days as we are planning to have a party
after that.I said-What kind of party Aunty?The wife switch party?Her
eyes became big on hearing this and said-What the hell are you talking
about?I said-I overheard your and uncle’s conversation 3 days ago when
you were having uncles cock in your mouth and had filled with his cum
and swallowing it all.I must say Aunty,Uncle is very lucky to have
someone like you servicing him.She said-Ohh yeah,so what do you want
now?I said-This time,I want to be a part of it.She said-It cant be as
you know we couples only do that and its our secret.You are not married
and also other couples wont allow their secrets to be shared by someone
else.I said-Ok,then how about single?We can do it also secretly and no
one would know.She said-Why do you think,I will allow that to happen?I
said-It will happen Aunty because I have a long thick 9 incher which you
would love to suck and fuck.

Her eyes widened and she said-What?A 9 incher.Are you sure?I said-See
for yourself and I began to undid my pants.Soon my cock was out and I
began to rub it hard and it was full standing now.Aunty was looking at
my cock with wide eyes and she said-Wow Davish,I have never seen anything
like that before.My god,its so huge and just llok at those huge balls
too.They must be producing a large load I think.I said-Just try yourself
and findout.She stood up immediately and came near me and took my cock
in her hands and started jacking it.I held her face and locked my lips
with her.She responded well and soon our tongues were meeting each
other.Her hand was moving fast on my cock and I thought its time to get
a my cock sucked by her beautiful mouth now.I told her-Aunty,now get
down on your knees and give me a good blowjob.She smiled at me and
kneeled and began to lick my cock from the bottom to the top.

She licked my balls too and then took me inside her mouth and began to
suck me hard.I was in seventh heaven and was enjoying it.She gradually
started sucking hard and also kneading my balls too.I thought its time
to reward her with mouthful of my think salty full of protein nutsack
juice but tried to control for some more time.She was sucking vigorously
and I couldn’t withstand more of this lovely sucking and came hard.She
was all waiting for me and began to swallow me.She let go of my cock
when it was limp.She said-That was a mouthful Davish and it tasted so
good.I said-I am at your service Aunty.

Then she went to the bathroom and came back and said-That was the
appetizer.How about the full meal?I said-Sure Aunty but I will serve you
in my way.She said-I am ready to devour. I said-Now,get undressed and
show me your beautiful body which sir enjoys every night.She smiled and
started removing her clothes.As she became fully naked,I couldn’t stop
my self from admiring her damn perfect body.Everything was just in
shape,her boobs,pussy and her ass which she showed to me while bending a
little.She was different from rest of the woman I fucked who are a
little bit of chubby.I said-Now Aunty,I am going to give you something
which sir has never gave you or may be dreamed of giving you.She
said-And what is that?I said-A good hard assfucking.

She was first startled and then composed herself and said-So,that’s what
you have been dreaming,right?Why,I never thought you would be like
that.But I will agree on one condition.After you fuck my ass,you will
have to fuck my pussy too.I said-You have got a deal.Then I asked her to
bring some lubricant and she brought some cold cream.I asked her to be
on her fours and she did that.Then I kneeled down and began to lick her
asshole.She started moaning and I then put two fingers in her pussy and
fingerfucked her.Her moaning became louder and she was bucking her ass
towards me.I knew she was enjoying a lot and soon her body shivered and
she became stiif.My fingers inside her pussy felt warm juice of her
pussy and I took them out and began licking them.She was laying still in
that position and I said-Your juice tastes so good Aunty.She said-I have
a lot of that for you when your mouth will service it.Now I want your
big cock in my ass.Do it now.I said-Sure thing Aunty and I positioned my
cock in entrance of her asshole.I rubbed it for sometime and then pushed
it inside.She was helping my spreading her asscheeks wide with her hands
and I was thrusting my cock in it.Soon the spinchter muscle gave in and
I was in for 2-3 inches.

I withdrew and then thrusted for some more inches.Then inch by inch I
went in till I got myself fully inside her ass.I rested for sometime
there and began pressing her boobs with one hand and other fingering her
pussy.She was in full mood now and started bucking her ass towards me.I
knew its time to get the drilling done and I moved too.Soon we both are
panting, grunting and fucking hard.Aunty was moaning and was
yelling-That’s it baby,fuck Aunty’s ass with your big horse cock,yes yes
yessssss,your sir has never given me this pleasure and now I know why
most men love women’s ass so dearly.Fuck fuck fuck,ooh god,I am so lucky
to be fucked in my virgin ass by suck a long thick cock.I just cant
imagine how it will feel inside my pussy.Dont stop fucking and
fingering.Aunty is going to cum now honey,here she goes yeeeaahhhhhhhh
and Aunty came hard.I too gave some few hard strokes and came hard in
her ass.We both were exhausted and laid on the bed for sometime.

I went home after that only to return in the night as I promised to
Aunty.That night Aunty cherished all her dreams by making me fuck her
beautiful pussy in many ways.She also made me give her creamloads in the
mouth and ass again.I don’t remember fucking any other Aunty that much
number of times beforeWhen I was leaving her home in the morning,Aunty
told-Sir will return in 2 days and we should better have some more of
this lovely experience before that.I said-Sure thing Aunty and when sir
will return,He will be happy because I think the Break-Even topic which
I used to have problem with is now solved,thankx to you.She said-Ooh
yeah my love and how is that?I said-I broke the seal of your virgin ass
and you also cherished your dream of being fucked by long thick hard
cock for longer time.So,the Break-Even analysis is done.She smiled and
said-Well said Davish.