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Banged by a gang on a busride

When we just got married, my wife and I decided to go to a templelocated high up on the Himalayas. It is a very special temple whereShiva and Parvati got married and we thought it would bring good luckto our newly married life. The temple is located at a very high altitude of 8,000m above the sealevel and understandably it is bitterly cold there. Being young, theonly way we could afford to reach there was by a private bus. Weboarded the already packed bus at 2am and realized there was no way wewere going to get comfortable at all as most of the passengers weregoing to the same area as there are many famous temples in thevicinity. The bus which was probably meant to accommodate about 45 passengershad more than 100 passengers, crammed every where. The seats meant forthree people were packed with at least five and there was absolutelyno place to move once you parked yourself even in a standing space.The specially designed bus had a slightly larger standing area at theback. This area had no seats at all but it had this standing seatalong the bus walls. We couldn’t even find one of these standing seatsas a group of loudly speaking village men parked their backsides therejust before us. Anyway, we knew it was a long five-hours journey but since we haddecided to go, we just decided to endure it. The temple, being in suchcold area, was opened to worshippers only for two months in a year,and we unfortunately were going there only in the last week before thetemple closed for the next 10 months.

Thank god it was winter, otherwise all these packed bodies inside thissmall space would have been horrible. In fact we were quite warmbecause of all the people around us, wrapped in blankets and shawlsand all things warm. We ourselves had a big blanket to wrap aroundourselves. As the bus started we realized what problem we will face throughoutthe journey – the hilly-terrain road curves at every 200 or half a kmmaking all the passengers sway here and there like pendulums. Sincethe bus was very crowded, even if we didn’t hold on to the handrails,we still pushed against someone or the other. The very first time, the bus lurched over the corner, my wife waspushed against this old villager on the standing seat but people inthe Indian villages are very accommodating and caring about suchthings and the man didn’t make a fuss and he even helped her get backin her standing position by holding her still with his two hands. We were also overdressed. I was wearing two pairs of longjohns undermy corduroys and four layers of shirts and undershirts with a warmlarge jacket topping it all. My wife on the other hand, was dressed inthe traditional Indian saree. There is no way to wear many layersunderneath so she had worn stockings under her petticot. On top, shewas wearing a traditional blouse which shows a lot of midriff but whenit comes to cold winds, you can freeze to death. But anyway, she waswearing a cardigan and a thick kashmiri shawl was draped around hershoulders. And like I said it was very crowded, whenever I tried to put my armsaround her waist, I invariably touched other people’s body so I justlet it be. After we passed the outskirts of the small town, to our relief, thedriver switched off the lights and brought the bus into utter darknesswith no light even from the thick forested external environment. My wife held on my shoulders and putting her face to my chest, shetried to grab a few winks. It was impossible for me to get any sleepin the “lurching” situation, so I just held on the handrails for dearlife with both hands. The bus was swaying and rocking and movingforward at the same time. The old carriage was rickety and the windowsmade deafening din with glass frames colliding with the body frame.And of course the cold wind that was creeping inside from the hundredsof nooks and crevices in the bus. My wife was soon asleep, and I could feel her hands slipping down frommy shoulder. At last they stopped at my waist and stopped there. Shewas also slumping a bit having been dead tired because of not sleepingbefore boarding the bus and for walking 23 miles out of our village.She was sleeping deeply and probably didn’t even remember that she wason a bus. Now her head had also slipped down almost to my stomach andher buttocks were slightly splayed, pushed behind further away fromher body. Her ample ass had landed right in the lap of the oldvillager, who also seemed asleep. Almost everyone around us seemed toenjoy some shut eye. There were men of all shapes and sizes on all sides of us. There weresome women, but they were lucky enough to get seats in the front.There was a rather unusually tall man next to our right and there wasa rather pathetic looking wretch on his right, making him positionedjust next to my wife. To our left, were four nasty looking swarthy menwearing stale smelling clothes and covering themselves with hugeblack, woolen blankets. There were three men behind me to the rightand the left and right smack behind me but I couldn’t see them. Thestanding seats were taken mostly by men whose wives were sitting infront. Everyone seemed fast asleep, holding on to whatever they could. I also sort of dozed a little in the cramped but surprisingly cosyinteriors. At one corner as the bus lurched, I was awakened slightly.I felt some movement behind me like, but anyway the man behind me hadbeen so close to me all this while that I had been feeling his frontat my back right since the bus started moving. Then I notice that mywife had further slumped down in the lap of the old man. But he was nocomplaining. If it was me I would have thrown her off my lap but thenice old man had actually held her from her waist to prevent herfalling down. Although it was difficult to see in the dark, I could make out that mywife’s sari had been pulled up to her thighs in all the movement. Thenice old man was rubbing her thigh with one hand probably to keep herwarm in such cold. I made a mental note to give him a thank you giftwhen we got down. Then I realized that the very tall man on my righthad his hands on my wife’s breasts and he was slowly massaging them.But his eyes were shut so I brushed the movement to the fact that hewas probably thinking it is his wife in his dream. Poor thing! His bigblack paw of a hand had covered the entire breast of my wife andlooked just so incredible. The other wretch like man next to the tallone, was shivering with cold and had placed his head between my wife’sbreasts, just next to the tall man’s hand. On the other side, the four nasty men had very kindly draped some oftheir blanket on their side of my wife to keep her warm. The rest Icouldn’t see as most of the other side of my wife was covered by theirblanket. The movement behind my back had made me feel itchy and I snaked myhand behind just to scratch my back a little. My hand slid along mywife’s hand somehow still draped behind my back holding me forsupport. But I was surprised to find that she was holding something inher hands. Something very hot and slippery. I felt a jerk, when myhand touched the hot rod like thing. Oh it felt so nice. The thing wasburning hot and in such cold weather seemed like heaven send. I alsoheld on to it tightly. It was fairly large and I was not able to holdit completely in my hand. I could also feel some throbbing vein-likeprotrusions on the surface. And it was getting wetter and wetter. Themore I sqeezed it, the wetter it got. My wife’s hand was moving up anddown the rod-like thing. When I moved my hand further away to checkhow long was that thing, I can across some scrubby, brush-likesubstance sticking from a flat hot skin like surface and as I trailedmy hand downwards I could feel two strong and large but very hairyfruits. Just then I felt hot air on my neck and the man behind me pushed ontome a little. He bit my ears and whispered, “Yeah stroke my nasty cock,you faggot.” I repulsed at the thought that I had been stroking hiscock and that made me almost puke, I tried to put my hand to my mouthto stop the feeling only to realize that the slick pre-fuck juicesmeared all over my hand was now all over my face and lips.Involuntarily I licked my lips and to my horror, enjoyed the saltyaftertaste. Immediately to my shock, I craved to lick some more andinvoluntarily, I moved my hand back to taste more of this stranger’sprecum. I felt his hands surround me as he stroked my now hardening cockthrough my pants. In the noise and the darkness I never realized thathe had opened my trousers and pushed all the longjohns down to myknees. I only realized when I felt the wet and very hard tip of hiscock probing at my asshole. I also felt my wife pulling my asscheeksapart to give easy access to this man to fuck my ass. I was shiveringfrom cold and the unknown anticipation of being fucked in public forthe first time. By now, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I saw, the tall mangroping my wife’s breasts was actually groping her bare boobs, and hiscock, as big as he was tall, was smearing precum all over her boobs.The stinking beggar next to them was actually licking all his precumfrom her boobs and sometimes he sucked his cock as well. On the other side, under the blanket, my left hand traced its way downto my wife’s face and came across the meanest and fattest and thickestcock ever. It was stuck in the mouth of my bride of five-days who wassucking the cock earnestly. As my hand moved around, it felt threeother cocks, strategically placed to alternate being sucked by mywife. All four cocks were fat, thick and as I realized after slidingthe skins, uncut. On one of the cocks I felt something grainy andsqeezing it off the cock brought it back to my nose and it smelledheavenly like ripening cheese. I licked it once and the cock cheeseexploded my senses. I had to immediately go back for more but beforethat I screamed in pain as the man behind me slammed his cock to thehilt in my virgin asshole. Luckily he also clamped his large hand overmy mouth and so sound escaped. He waited for a moment and started fucking me with deep strokes. Icould feel the veins throbbing on his cock, I could feel the thickcock pulsating with every stop…oh I felt so full and nice. He musthave been very quick because within a few strokes he thrust as deep ashe could and I felt ropes after thick ropes of his blazing hot spermcoating the innards of my rectum. He stayed inside for 10 minutes andthe withdrew leaving me feeling empty. The feeling didn’t last long asthe man next to him took his place and pushed his even larger cock inmy well fucked and well lubed ass-pussy. I think the men realized that I was no threat and started openlyplaying with my whore of a wife. With all the pushing and thrustingfrom behind, my mobile phone fell down from the front pocket of myshirt. As I bent down to pick it up, I came face to face with my wife.Her eyes were closed as if she was still sleeping. She was some sightwith her massive tits being mauled by one giant cock and the skinnyman. Her mouth was full of cock and the owner of the cock wasthrusting in and out lazily, enjoying the sensations o her warm moistmouth. My face was so close to her that I could smell all the sweatyaromas of their balls and the musky smell of their precum made my headswim. Just then, another fat uncut smelly cock brushed against my nosesending shivers down my spine. The moment that man realized that hiscock hit my face, he took hold of his abnormally fat fucktool andforced its foreskinned cock head in my mouth. I held it inside tosavour the taste and he started fucking my mouth like an old pussypushing in mercilessly past my throat. I gagged but he held my head ina iron-grip. Soon I was being fucked from both ends. And I realizedthat the old man at the standing seat was holding my wife protectivelyonly because he had raised her petticot and was fucking her slowlywith his old, gnarled but very large uncut cock. His grey pubic hairwere shining in the darkness. Soon, the cock in my mouth erupted with thick, clotty, load of sperm.It was very bitter and smelly but I had no choice but swallow it. Themoment the shrinking cock withdrew from my mouth the second oneinvaded my cock-craving mouth. One my one, my wife and I sucked allthe cocks in the rear of the bus and my wife got fucked in her fertilepussy by all the old villagers who could raise their cocks up. Time passed very quickly, and the dawn started breaking. As the lightstarted illuminating the bus, I realized my wife and I looked like cumsoaked whores with cum splattered on our face, hair and clothes. Mywife rearranged her clothes and so did I and all the men, just stoodtheir with massive satisfied grins on their faces. The bus came to its final destination within the next half hour andeveryone alighted. Both my wife and I were, on the other hand soexhausted that we just couldn’t move. Just then the driver of the bus- a really fat and ugly man of 65, with a jet black skin – walked tous at the back of the bus and asked if we wanted to rest for a whilein the bus itself. We said yes. He took out a really tattered mattressfrom under one of the seats and spread it on the floor of the bus forus. As we lay down, he unzipped and hauled out the meanest, blackest,fattest and smelliest cock we had ever seen, and he slapped my facewith his 10-inch fat monster cock a few times leaving a trail of thickprecum all over. “Suck my smelly cock you cocksucker wimp,” he said, “make it wet andhard so that I can fuck your wife’s pussy and impregnate her with mysmelly sperm.” I just smiled and started chewing on his fat cockhappily as my wife started removing her clothes in preparation of thefucking that was going to follow. The End.