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Hi I m age is 20. last year this incident happened.when my
family went out for a trip
.I was alone @ was evening around was too hot so I
planned of taking a shower, have some food and sleep early.I went into
bathroom for shower. I take bath in nude so I removed my top and bra I
felt like someone was watching me.I didn’t thought much as I forgot my
towel I went to bring that there only in removed my mini skirt and
covered myself in towel and went to bathroom.again when I saw near
window a guy was making my video already he had captured my video when
I was topless and now I was covered with towel which hardly covered my
tits and soon as I saw him he ran away.he is a worker he came
to clean our no one were their at home I didn’t put screen
also when I went for shower
Now I slowly opened door and peeped out to see whether he went or
not. suddenly he came in front on me and stood. He was having his
mobile which had my pics.he didn’t let me close door he came inside my
house and locked door. I was embarrassed as I was only in towel my
breast was also could b seen.I went inside bathroom and locked myself
their. Hesaid he will count 10 and I must come out.I knew what he
wanted to rather taking risk or fight with him I thought I must
go out and somehow delete my pics
.I went out he gave me a wicked smile ,I in return smiled to make him
happy I just wanted to reach his mobile. As soon as I went out he
hugged me tightly with no other option even I did same. He then
started to kiss my neck and pressing my hip.I was blank I stood
without saying anything. He started kissing me harder in my neck.He
came near my lips but I didn’t respond. He. Kissed all over my
face.and now wanted a long lip he directly gave a French kiss
for about 2-3 minutes.and now he came down near my breast and stared
kissing he asked me to remove my towel I didn’t agree for that.he
forcefully took me near shower and turned it on again he kissed me
harder. Now he pulled my towel down thrown it away so that I couldn’t
reach it.he stared pressing my tits and kissing them.we both wear
wet.he now lifted me and carried me to the room he made me lay their.
He started removing his shirt. Now he was wearing only shots. He asked
me to take shower and wear a bra which he selected. I went and took
shower did as he again he asked to ly on bed he started
kissing me from face till my thighs.he wanted to fuck me as I was a
virgin I didn’t agree for that.he tied my hands to the bed and moved
his fingers in my ass slowly. And started licking them .He removed his
shots he was nude now he inserted his cock.I cried with pain he made
it harder and I started enjoying it.I asked him to do it
much harder.he removed my ties after all his desires where full was 12:00 night. He slept in my room squeezing my nipples.
As soon as he slept I took his mobile and deleted all pics.
In morning around 4 am he got up and fucked me again. He took me to
bath tub their he laid on me and kissed all over my body. Bited my
tits I was crying with pain.again fuked me.He then gave me a good body
massage.he was very excitedly kissing my ass and fingering it,pressing
my boobs,my belly. He left in morning around 6:30 after kissing me for
10 minutes.