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Bhaabhi ko pregnant kiya

Hi I am Yogesh. I am a regular visitor and like the stories very much. Today I write a story of my own sex experience with my bhaabhi.

My bhaabhi is 35 year old women. She has a great figure 36-4-26 which is why she attracts me very much. I always wanted to have sex with her. sometimes I kept staring at her breasts and when she looked at me, she smiled. my dick would go up to its limits it was Thursday. everyone had gone out of station. I and bhhabhi stayed home due to my exams. she always comes to my bedroom sharp at 6 to wake me up. at night I don’t wear underwear. so when I get up, my cock would bulge out of my pants. seeing this, bhaabhi used to give me a naughty smile and said “sab kuch dikhta hai”. My dick rose like anything.

That day, I decided to have sex with her. I went to sleep at night thinking about how to have sex with her. I got a plan. I went to sleep and put the alarm of 5.45 am. I got up at 5.45 and took out my penis from the bottom of my half pant. I pretended to be sleeping until I heard the noise of the door opening. it was my bhaabhi. My heart started beating faster. I kept one of my eyes open slightly to see my bhaabhi’s reaction. bhaabhi came near me and was totally shocked.

I was excited to see that. she felt that I was asleep. so she came near me and gently touched my penis. Oh goooodddd!it was the first time a lady touched my penis. My cock was like a rock. she put her mouth on my penis and started sucking it. I couldn’t control myself. I said “aapko mera lund acchha laga”? she was shocked to hear from me. she felt that I was sleeping. I said “daro nahin. main kissi se kucchh nahin kahoonga”.she said “main ye nahin kar sakti”.in got angry. I said “thik hai.main fir sabko bata doonga ki aapne mere land ko apne moo mein lekar hilaya”.she got scared. she said “agar main pregnant ho gai to? I said “aapki pregnancy ka jinmedar main hoga. ham abortion karainge “she said”thik hai,thik hai.main wohi karoongi jo tu mooje kahegaa.please kisiko nahin batana” I said”ok”.

Then she again took my cock in her hands and started rubbing my foreskin up and down. I was in pain but in joy too. she said”16 saal ki umar mein itna bada lund…mujhe bahut accha laga.”she sucked my entire dick. Now it was my turn. I removed her sari. she was wearing a blowse and a chaniya.she tucked her chaniya and said “le maine tere liye isse upar kiya.tu andar chala ja aur jo karna hai kar” I did it. I went inside and tickled her choot. She was giggling. she said “aur mat hasa”

I came out of the clothing and removed the entire chaniya. she was now in her blouse only. I removed the pins from her blouse. now she was in her bras….white bras. I removed that too and hanged them on my penis. Sshe said “wah kya scene hai.tu khud mere bra ko pehenle” I wore it. Meanwhile I saw her beautiful breasts. I pressed them so hard that she almost shouted. I took my penis near breasts and stroked it on her breasts. I then fucked her. I told her to sleep on the bed. I slept on her and inserted my 7 inches cock to her hole. she screamed “aaaaaahhhhhhhhahhaaaa aur jor se chod mujhe. aaaaaahhhhhhhhh” I did it.

She is now pregnant with my child. but none of the family members knew about it.