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After a week of my brother’s marriage my bhabhi caught me one day when I was preparing for school. She kissed me and hugged me. I felt her boobs which were about 38 in size. I told her that I am feeling something which she told me I want that u should feel the same which I am feeling too. What else you are feeling she asked and she put her hand on my cock. I referred back and put my one hand on her boobs and hold on her boobs. She asked me to put inside I told her no I can’t do it, then she put my hand forcibly on her boobs inside the blouse. I went strong hard in my pant and she asked me to press it and kneed it.

I was afraid that someone may come she told that no one is there, and then she took out my cock and started rubbing it with hand and told what a hard and thick. She was rubbing it up and down and I was feeling like heaven, she hasten the process and I put my one hand on her sari to locate the pussy. I rubbed it from the sari and she asked me to put your hand inside, then I put my hand inside her and I found it was wet already, It was a big pussy. I could not see it put I could feel it, There were no hair on it. I asked her where are the hair she replied your brother removed it yesterday. She as masterbating me like anything and all of a sudden I exploded in her hand she was still doing up and down the skin of my cock and feeling good to see the release of my white fluid and told me “itni jaldi” I told her I could not stop it. It came out automatically. Then she cleaned my cock with her petticot, and after cleaning it took into her mouth and started sucking. It was still hard and became more harder when I was feeling her lips on it. I was looking out to be aware if someone is coming to us. But no one was there. I bent on her and tried to see her ass and picked up her sari. She was not wearing any panty, I saw her ass and found that both the bums were very hard and her skin was so sliky that my hands where slipping over her. She told me not to do this as she was feeling that my cock was coming out of her mouth and asked me to be in standing position. She was sucking my cock. I was getting excited and I grabbed her around the shoulders and pulled her up. She turned and looked at me, her mouth was wet and she gave me a kiss. I saw her eyes were gleaming. She asked me to see her pussy as she will keep an eye of someone coming. I put my mouth on her pussy and smelt it.

She told to suck it, I asked her how, then she guided me while opening her pussy lips and asked me to drink the juice which is coming out, I put my tongue into her gap and started licking it, she jumped and bucked. I continued to lick it. I was feeling very good at that time. I removed my face from her pussy and she put me back on the job and asked me to carry it on. I was having my both the hands holding her legs more tightly as she was enjoying like anything. I continued sucking her pussy for the next 10 minutes and asked her coming out her petticot what’s next. She put me high in her arms and asked me to put my cock in to her pussy. I guided it and pushed it inside her. It was hot inside and I felt very nice to it and then she started strocking on me. We were in standing positing. I was feeling her full pressure on my cock and she was just madly rocking me. I put my mouth on her nipple and started cutting her nipples, for which she removed her nipple as she was feeling pain. I told her that I am again going to cum and she asked me to go fast and I cummed into her pussy and she was still strocking hard on my cock. I pulled out my cock and saw her pussy was dripping and my fluid was coming out of it drop by drop on her big legs, she put immediately again her petticot on it and cleaned my cock and her pussy, legs as well as floor, Then she put my cock back into my pant and kissed it and me too.

Now she is not living with us and I use to visit her sometime alone sometime with my wife and whenever we time we use to touch each other to get ourself charged. One day I called her and she said that she was thinking about me. I also told her that yesterday when I was having sex with my wife I was feeling that I am fucking her. I got stand up in my pant and she also told me that I am getting wet. I told her I want to make her dry. Then without wasting any time I went to her house. She was sitting with her maid. She was having very good and sexy shape. On my reaching she went and I told bhabhi I want to fuck her too. She just slapped me with love and said “kis kis ko chodoge”. I hugged her and kissed her on her lips. While we were stuck each other I removed her salwar, and put her kamiz up to boobs and started sucking them. She was getting little pain in doing so. I put one hand on her pussy and found that she was having some hair on it. I asked her I want to remove them. Then suddenly the light went off and it was 11.00 am day time. I opened the jail door and asked her to lay on the floor. I put some mustard oil and massaged her and then removed her hair from armpits and pussy too. Her pussy was just inviting me to suck it. I took her to the wash basin and asked her to keep her one leg on the basin and I clean her pussy with water and soap and started sucking it there itself. She was enjoying like anything and tried to hold my cock and starting it doing up and down. Then she took me again to the floor and started kissing my cock and took the same in her mouth and sucked while removing its skin back. I enjoyed sucking and told her that I am going to cum. Then she took it out and diverted it to her boobs and moved her hand and lips on it and it came out on her boobs and then I rubbed it on her boobs. She was getting irritation with the smell of it and asked me to come in bathroom. As I was spreading it on her boobs it became foamy and I was feeling that I was applying soap on her boobs. Then we both took bath in the shower and fucked each other under shower and on the floor. We started sucking each others parts in between under the shower. I applied soap to my cock and put into her pussy. It gave me a very good fuck and feeling and I came inside her and filling her pussy with my cum again. Then we were under the shower for next half hour playing, sucking and fucking each other. Then we both put towel and came out. And helped her in putting back her clothes.