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Bhabi Swetha + Pics


I am Rahul writing my experience. First I say about myself. I am 5.9 inches height, 72 kg and fair in complexion. My family consists of 4 members. My father is farmer and mother is a house wife. But they spend a lot of money on our education. My brother studied M.B.A and working in Tata Consultancy Services. My brother is very talented. So he would go for foreign tours on behalf of the company. So half of the month he will be out of the country. I completed my Engineering and trying for jobs. My brother will be in Bangalore and I used to be in his room for job search.

We went to our village for marriage looks of my brother. Our family went to see the woman that my brother is going to marry. At first look every one liked her including me. Her name is Swetha. She is 5.7 inches height, fair in complexion. Her figure is 38-30-36. Her hair black in color and length up to her butts. Our elders talked to each other and everything was fixed. Exactly after one week from the marriage date first night was arranged. The room was decorated beautifully.

I saw my bhabi who was ready for the first night. I couldn’t take the eyes from her. She was looking so beautiful. Till one week I couldn’t take her figure off from my mind.After one month they left to Bangalore. They asked me to come with them for my job search. My parents said them that I will come after one month. My bhabi is very friendly with every one. Any one who talks to her will like talking with her. I went to Hyderabad for my job search as my parents don’t want to disturb my brother and bhabi. After 6 months I went to Bangalore as I couldn’t find a job in Hyderabad. My bhabi came to receive me at the railway station as they have shifted the place from Mathikere to Jayanagar.

We greeted each other with smiles. Till we reached home she said about Bangalore and how much she liked. My brother was not home as he went for tour. Days passed and my job search continued. When ever I asked my brother to help me in my job search he used to say that he was busy. To say straight he neglected me. But he used to scold me for not getting the job till now. My bhabi used to encourage me by saying that I will get a job. She used to dress only in saris. She used to dress very traditionally. She used to wear silk saris and pattu saris. Her hands will be always filled with bangles. At least 6 bangles per hand. She used to keep indoor on her fore head. She used to keep the ear rings that hang from her ear. She let her hair loose when she was at home. She looked really beautiful with all these.

It was already one year after I completed my Engineering. I was really frustrated of not getting the job. I and my bhabi became close and we use to share everything. She used to say about the behavior of my brother and how he reacts to certain things. Through her words I understood that she was not happy with my brother’s attitude. We used to go for shopping to buy the things necessary for the home. As days passed I got interested in her, might be attracted towards her. So I used to be always at home except on Saturdays and Sundays as I have to attend the interviews. I used to watch her every move at home. I used to have the side view of her breasts. They were very firm.

Her butts moved in rhythm as she moved. I used to observe her eyes, nose, lips and every thing of her body. When ever we used to go for shopping she used to sit on one side of the bike as she wears only saris. Due to this I don’t have the opportunity to feel her breasts against my back. I used to curse myself for that. I used to go for films but never asked her to come with me. My brother used to come from tour and used to quarrel with both of us for silly reasons. He earns around one lakh per month. This may be the reason for his behavior. If he wants to get a job for me he can do it. But he wants me to be below his level and lesson to his words.

He used to go for tours and he never took my bhabi with him though he has the opportunity. Even if she asks he rejects. He went for a tour as usual. I went to interview on Saturday and some how I got selected for the job and they announced the results as it was a one day process. I was really in cloud nine as they informed me about the interview result. I went home and knocked the door. My bhabi opened the door and asked me about the result. I gave the expression as if I lost the interview. She said don’t worry and you will make it one day. She asked me what the packet in my hand was. I opened the packet and kept the sweet in her mouth and said that my golden days are over and gave the appointment letter to her and hugged her lightly. I touched her lips as I fed the sweet in her mouth. She was very happy by reading the appointment letter. She asked me whether I informed to my parents. I said that I want to say about this success first to you only.

She was very happy by hearing these words. She asked me to inform to my parents and I did. For first time she asked me for the party. I said that I will give the party when I get the first month salary. She said ok. I have to join on the 20th day after the date I got the appointment letter. I said to bhabi that I will go to village to get all the remaining things I wanted. I asked her to come with me and we can come in 10 days. She also agreed and I informed to my parents that we are coming. We went on train to our village. During the journey she used to keep her head on my shoulder as she was sleepy. I was very excited as she leaned on my shoulder.

We reached our village. After 2 days she asked me to take her to her parent’s house which was 30kms from our village. My parents agreed and we went to her parent’s house. During the journey she used to talk to me and I couldn’t hear anything due to wind direction. So she leaned on my back so that she was audible to me. Due to this I could feel her breasts on my back lightly. She used to take care of me at her home. She never left me alone. After 10 days we went to Bangalore as my brother would return from tour. My brother came from and congratulated me for getting a job. After 10 days I joined in my job. I used to say my experience to my bhabi after I returned from the office.

After 15 days my brother was ready for the tour. Before he was leaving he called me and informed me to take other house as I got the job and asked to come on Saturdays and Sundays as it was holidays on those days. I was very disappointed by hearing his words. My bhabi was shocked by hearing his words. I said him that I won’t be here by the time he returns. Now I have to search a house which was near to my brother’s house as I want to see my bhabi every day. At last I found a house which was one and half kilometer from my brother’s house. I took my bhabi to show the house so that she can come when ever she wanted. I informed the new house owner about my bhabi and said that she will come when ever she wanted. It was a single bed room flat. One big hall with all the furniture, bed room with all the cup boards well furnished and kitchen with all the equipment needed accept the gas stove and utensils.

I took my bhabi to buy the things necessary for the kitchen and a bed necessary for the bed room and a TV. My parents gave me the money to buy all the things. I have shifted to the new house before 5 days my brother would return. Before I was leaving my bhabi has asked me to come to home every Saturday and Sunday. I promised her that I will come. I could see her eyes filled with tears as I was leaving. I asked her to come to new house when brother was on tour and left the house. I used to come to brother’s house in the morning or evening to see my bhabi at least one time in a day.

Bhabi used to come early in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays to spend the time with me as I was free on those days. She used to prepare all the things I asked her to prepare. She used to stay with me when my brother was on tour or I used to go his house.
I received my first month salary and remembered the promise I made to bhabi. I went to sari shop and bought two saris of which one was a silk sari and the other was a pattu sari. I bought flowers for her and sweets which she liked. I went to brother’s house to give them. She was not there. I went to my house. There also she was not there. I took bath and got ready to go her house to see whether she was there or not. But she was not there. I thought she might go to the temple and went to temple.

She was there in the temple sitting alone and thinking of something. I went back of her and closed her eyes and asked who it was. She immediately said Rahul. I asked her how she can say. She said that she was thinking of me. I was very happy hearing those words. I gave the gifts which I bought for her with my first month salary. I can see her happiness in her eyes. She has not opened the packs at the temple. She asked me to take to home. After reaching my house she opened the packet. She liked the pattu sari but not the silk sari. She kept the flowers in her hair which I bought for her. For the first time she asked me to take to a movie. I readily agreed and went for movie. We went for a Hindi movie Zinda. In the interval I bought popcorn and one Pepsi. We shared the popcorn and she took the Pepsi. She gave the last sip of Pepsi to me.

As it was a 2 hour movie we came out soon and went to restaurant to have dinner. She ordered the food and we kept on talking about the movie till we got our order. We went to brother’s house and dropped her there. Before she was leaving I caught hold of her hand and asked her to stay with me in my house. She said that she will come tomorrow. I said ok and left the place saying goodnight. Next morning it was Friday. I went to the office and returned home at 6pm. I got freshened by 6.30 and waiting for bhabi as she told she would come. At 7.15 I heard the some one knocking at the door and went eagerly to open the door as it would be my bhabi.

She was the one standing at the door. I smiled at her and received the same. She came inside and asked me how she is looking because she wore the pattu sari which I bought for her. I said you are always beautiful and said that you will bring beauty to the clothes by wearing them. I asked her to stay her for 2 days as it was weekend. She said ok. She asked me what I wanted to have for dinner. I said anything you cook bhabi. She went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I asked her whether she needs help in the kitchen. She asked to cut some of the vegetables. After cooking she asked to bring her clothes as she was wet with sweat. So I went and bought 2 saris of which one is silk sari which I bought for her. On the way I purchased some flowers for her.

By the time I returned she took her bath and waiting for me in my bedroom to change the sari. I knocked the door and gave her the saris and flowers which I bought for her. After 15 minutes she came out of the bedroom. She was looking gorgeous in the silk sari with those flowers in the hair. She was amazing. Any one who sees her like that would like to hug her. She asked me to come for dinner. I just followed her seeing her back especially her butts which are moving in rhythm. We had our dinner and my whole mind is thinking of my bhabi. After dinner she was looking through the windows that are passing on the road. Some how I dared myself and went near her. I hugged her from behind by running my hands around her belly and kissed her on the neck. She didn’t say anything but placed her hands over mine.

Now I started to kiss her on shoulders and on both sides of her neck. She turned towards me and kissed me on my lips. Our tongues touched and tasted the saliva of each other. We kissed for 5 minutes. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing me. She kissed me from my forehead to my toe. She licked my nipples and bites them. I removed her sari. She was in front of me showing her treasure over her blouse and petticoat. The most attractive one is her navel button. I removed her flowers from the hair and thrower them on the bed. I removed her blouse hooks one by one from behind and removed her blouse and threw it on the floor. I squeezed her breasts over her bra. I removed her petticoat and she was in her bra and panties in front of me. She removed my shot and I was in my underwear before her. My penis wants to tear the under wear and come out. She could see the bulge in my underwear. As her bra hooks are front I removed them facing her. I removed her bra and smelled it in front of her.

Her beautiful breasts are in front of me asking me to touch them. I pushed her on the bed and started to kiss them. I started to lick her breasts one after another and bite them keeping them between my front teeth. After 15 minutes of sucking I started to kiss her from top to down. I licked her pussy to my heartful. We removed our underwear’s and are completely naked before each other. I licked her pussy and she was moaning with pleasure. I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue as far as I can. Then I guided my penis into her pussy. First I started slowly and slowly increased the rhythm. She was catching me very tight and biting me on my shoulders. She was enjoying each and every moment. Finally I cum in her and lay on top of her. After sometime we lie beside each other and slowly fell a sleep.

Next morning by the time I woke up she was not in the house. I didn’t find her any where in the house. I thought she might have hurt by yesterday’s incident and gone to her home. I did not know how to face her. I thought whether I have done any mistake. Finally I took my bath and went to see her. She opened the door and went in to the kitchen with out asking me to come inside. After 5 minutes she came out of the kitchen and said sorry to me. I was little surprised by that sentence. I asked why? She said that I came here with out informing me as my brother would phone her on weekends. She said these words and kissed me on the lips. After kissing I told her how tensed I felt as she came without informing. I kissed her again on her lips. While kissing I pressed her butts with my hands slowly. She parted the kiss and went to kitchen to switch off the stove. I followed her to the kitchen. I removed her pallu and started removing her blouse to suck her breasts. I placed her on the kitchen table and started to suck the breasts. She asked me to take her to the bedroom. I said that I am not interested in fucking her on the bed where my brother fucked.

We removed our clothes and fucked each other on the kitchen table. After one hour we took our lunch and talked about each other. She said that my brother would fuck her once in a month. She said that she doesn’t like his attitude towards others. He thinks that he is the best in the world and every one should respect him. After some talks I asked her that I want to fuck her at least once in a day. But she said that she want to be fucked by me twice a day. Once before going to office and second after coming from office. I said that this is possible when my brother is on tour. She smiled at me and bites my lower lip with her teeth. I asked her to tie the sari below her navel button when we are alone. She said ok and asked me not to wear the underwear when I am with her in the house. I said ok.

After 3 months of having sex she informed me that she was pregnant because of me. We both are happy and my brother is also happy as he feels that it is his baby. After 9 months she delivered a baby boy who is very cute. After returning from hospital she said that she wants to marry me. I said ok and went to temple on an auspicious day and tied the knot to her. We are having sex regularly and very happy with my bhabi who is my wife now. We tried all the sex positions we know and enjoying our lives in all ways.