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Business Seduction

Shiva and I were colleagues. We were two reasonably fit adults who traveled with more of the same, usually doing exciting activities or traveling to exotic locations as we both worked in a travel agency. Both of us were married although I was a year older than him. He had got married about five years ago and where as I was married for about twelve years. Being almost of same age we got along well together. On this particular occasion, we and a group of others had been sailing and enjoying all the activities the beach had to offer.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early for a business meeting Shiva had elected to go back with her to the head office in order to get some work of his own done. As we drove back, a storm started and we were forced to find a decent hotel to stay the night instead of heading all the way back. When we arrived, we found out that they only had two rooms left but with a common bathroom interconnecting the two rooms which was no big deal since we had shared such types of rooms before. The receptionist in the lobby was attracting Shiva’s attention since she had an hourglass body with really big tits. Her saree clung to her body. He barely noticed when she told them the rooms had king size beds.

She checked her out as well, but the wedding band on my finger was very obvious. I, always a bit jealous around these physically beautiful women couldn’t help but flaunt one of her truly great assets- her thick, waist length jet black hair. I did this by poofing it up and bringing it around front to pick some unknown little fuzz ball out near the end. Shiva took a quick look at what I was doing as he had a thing for long hair. He still flirted with the receptionist for a bit before we headed to the rooms. He let me go first as he had a bad habit of checking out very woman’s ass shape. It did not matter to me. Especially when I had on jeans, and I always wore the low rise tight jeans that he liked. Not that he harbored any sexual thoughts towards me; he was a very sexual man and couldn’t help it.

The slight erection in his pants was from the big tits he’d been staring at. Since it was late, we decided that showers and sleep would be just fine, and as usual, I had bath first. As I gathered my hygiene items and sleeping clothes, Shiva plopped onto the very large bed and surfed the channels. Inside the bathroom, I slipped out of my clothes, always being glad to get out of her tight pants which pulled her panties along with them. I was horny, very horny and had been squirming in the car all day anticipating what my husband was going to do to me, having been very graphic on the phone last night. Unfortunately, there was no reception for my cell phone. As I got the shower started, I liked it hot and steamy; I removed the rest of my clothes and examined my body. I kept in great physical condition and had the toned curves to show for it. My C-cup breasts may not fill out my sweaters but they were very firm and stood out on my chest.

It was my face I considered my worst feature, deep set eyes and an almost skeletal appearance, I couldn’t get it to fill out no matter what I did. I smiled, knowing that her mouth certainly made up for any distracter her face offered. MMMM and what I planned on doing with it when I got home! I got in the hot shower and let the steamy water cover her body. It felt great since it had real pressure, unlike the expensive hotel they stayed at the beach resort. I used my bar soap and bare hands instead of her loofa, the feel of my hands on my body were only intensifying my horniness. I massaged my heated, sore body, a couple of bruises to attest her mortality on the hard slopes. My nipples grew big and firm as I not only washed, but massaged them. With my eyes closed, I smiled at the inner pleasure.

Soaping my toned legs lead me to my hot pussy, wet not only from the water but from the juices that flowed from within. I couldn’t help but slip two fingers into her hairy moist cunt and rub my erect clit for awhile. A tiny orgasm coursed through me and I pulled out, wanting to hold back until I was in my husbands arms. I washed my hair, almost as sensual as anything else I could do for I loved having it caressed and stroked. Reluctantly, I turned off the shower, not wanting Shiva to be stuck with cold water. Of course, it took me quite a bit to get ready before it was his turn. A pair of long loose skirt without her panties and her husbands old shirt that covered her torso was what I wore for the night on most trips. “Your turn,” I announced, coming out of the bathroom. “Cool,” Shiva replied, picking up his clothes as he walked to the bathroom.. He slid past me not noticing the erect nipples that poked through the loose shirt. Leaving the light on, I turned on the TV.

There was nothing interesting on the TV and so I thought I met go and see if Shiva had any thing to read. I walked out from my room and entered Shiva’s room. I looked around his room and saw that there was no reading material. I Then noticed that the bathroom door from his room was slightly open. Out of curiosity I crept up to the bathroom door and peeped inside. I saw Shiva standing below the shower with his eyes closed. But what held me rooted over there was his penis. It was the largest penis I ever saw. Lying limp between his legs, it was easily eight inches long and about an inch thick. It hung like a goan sausage limp between his legs. I was mesmerized seeing his huge penis. If that was the size when it was limp, I wondered how large he would be when he had an erection.

Slowly I crept away from the room and came back to my room. My mind was in a daze and seeing his huge penis made me damp between my legs. I was wondering how it would feel inside me. This made me excited and involuntarily I thrust my hand between my legs and started stroking my clitoris. Damn, I had to have him. I could hear Shiva finish his bath and go into his room. After a while I called out to Shiva and said ‘Shiva, if you have finished with your bath , come over here to discuss how we nail that that beach resort… he is fleecing us’ My plan was clear…I was going to seduce him. Shiva came to my room and sat on the couch. I sat opposite him on the couch and started discussions with him. While discussing I lifted one leg and had casually placed on the arm of the couch.

This made my skirt ride up and my thighs were exposed although not my crotch. Shiva noticed my thighs and for a moment stared at them. I smiled. So I had got him hooked. We continued the discussions with him having a nice view of my thighs. Now I had to shift to the second gear. I also noticed that his penis had started stiffening below his lungi. I settled down more comfortably into the couch. This made my skirt ride up a little and my crotch was now exposed. Shiva noticed this and for a moment stared at my exposed pussy but quickly looked up. I gave a yawn and pretended to be sleepy. While discussing I pretended too fall asleep. I was lying on the couch now with my eyes closed, one leg over the arm of the couch and my pussy exposed to Shiva. I opened my one eye a little and noticed Shiva staring at my crotch. To entice him further, I parted my legs a wee bit more. Now I had done everything to entice this man. It was now for him to act. And act he did. I saw him crawl on his knees to me silently and reach to the couch.

He was staring up close to my pussy. An open pussy, both of us far away from our spouses, heavy rains, both of us sexed up got the better of him . In one smooth motion he placed his hand on my thighs, parted them and kissed my labial lips. I grabbed his head and pressed it hard into my crotch. I was breathing hard. As Shiva clamped his mouth on my pussy, I raised myself on my elbows with a loud gasp. Shiva soon sucked both of my cunt lips into his mouth. As he then pulled on them with his lips , I gasped and gave out a small moan. I thrust out my crotch and fed my pussy to his hungry mouth. By now Shiva had slipped his tongue into my vagina to start licking inside. I moved my hips to guide his lips to my clit. Shiva clamped his lips on the burning nub. I was whimpering as he sucked it between his lips and worked on it with his tongue .

With his hands he opened the buttons of my shirt and was fondling my breasts. I suddenly tensed and thrust my cunt against Shiva’s wonderful mouth as a massive orgasm struck me. I groaned and then screamed out loud. I felt Shiva’s tongue lapping up the juices as they ran out of my spasming pussy. Pulling his lips away from my clit , He drove his tongue deep inside my pussy . Feeling his tongue probing and licking the inner folds of my pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I felt his tongue flick over my swollen clit, his fingers squeezed my nipples. His tongue made long licks from my clit to the entrance of my pussy. Moving against him, my hands on the back of the sofa, I let myself give into the feelings he was arousing in me. As his finger entered my pussy, I gasped. Rocking back and forth against his lips, I could feel an orgasm building. “Shiva, suck my clit – suck it hard! Please!” I felt his lips wrap around my clit, felt the sucking on the tender flesh even as I felt another finger enter my pussy. Moving almost frantically now, I grasped the arms of the couch my thighs squeezing his head. “Yes, Shiva yes! Oh, don’t stop!” I felt him suck at my clit even harder as my orgasm washed over me, causing my body to stiffen slightly before moving against his lips and tongue.

Arching my back, shaking and shivering, I felt every nerve come alive within me, reacting to this lads touch. Though over within seconds, it seemed to last minutes, before my body left me spent as the waves on the shore. Lifting up slightly, breathing hard, I felt Shiva picking me up and carried me in his arms to the bed. He laid me on the bed and removed his lungi. What I saw got me scared. There was semi turgid penis 10 inches long and about an inch and half thick hanging between his legs. I was also excited. It was a real huge penis. My heart was beating like a steam engine as I appraised it, holding it in my hands. I gave it a couple experimental rubs. ‘Lovely,’ I said, and then kissed it on the tip. Slowly I started massaging this magnificent penis and in no time it was hard and erect…about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide… a real magnificent penis. It was huge…as long and as thick as my fore arm. I was scared…wondering if it could enter me. Bending forward, I licked the head of his cock, moving in circles, tasting his passion . Taking the head of his cock into my mouth, and closing my lips around it, I began to suck gently, my tongue still playing over the head. Glancing up, I watched his eyes looking at me as I took his cock even more deeply into my mouth. My mouth was really stretched and was aching.

I felt his fingers in my hair, pressing me down onto him, seeing how much of his cock would fit into my mouth. Suddenly, He pressed me on my back flat onto the bed and held me firmly in his powerful hands. My pussy was glistening by now from all the juices. My body shivered as he straddled me and placed the head of his cock on my pussy. ‘ I’m scared that it’s too goddamned big for me!’ I said. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you’ he whispered. He pushed his massive rod to my pussy, hesitated as I moaned and pushed it in. My body exploded with orgasm as I felt the giant hard velvetty smooth cock-head enter me. ‘aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ I moaned in pain. My cunt was stretched beyond its limit and was paining. But the sexual pleasure of the thick hard throbbing meat loaf inside me wanted it more than the pain I felt. The feeling of Shiva’s monstrous penis was indeed pleasurable. It was an highly erotic feeling of my cunt being stretched to its limits with that monstrous huge penis. I was enjoying it. ‘Oooh , it feels so good!’ I groaned. I couldn’t get a word out as Shiva now started fucking me with his huge penis. He fucked me harder than any man I’d ever had or ever dreamed of. I started to scream with wanton lust and my body bucked and bucked! His hands grabbed my hips and he started to push and pull me on and off of his rod.

I grabbed his shoulders and held on as he pushed his monster deeper and deeper into my stretched pussy! The pain made tears stream down my eyes I let go of him and clutched the sofa tighter and tighter like I was holding on for dear life! This was the most amazing fuck I’d ever had! My entire body tingled and with spasms. I looked down over my rocking breasts and saw this adonis thrusting his huge cock in and out of my small frame. “FUCK ME…..FUCK ME SHIVA….HARDER…FASTER…YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed, tears in my eyes. By now Shiva was fucking me earnestly and I could feel his thick long penis rubbing my clit.

Suddenly Shiva stiffened and moaned ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAA AGG GGGGG GGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried and throbbing in my cunt. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me…his penis buried deep and throbbing in my cunt still spraying his cum in me. Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After some time I felt his penis stop throbbing. But Shiva did not seem to have enough. He once again started moving is penis in and out of my aching vagina I smiled at him in amazement and pulled my cunt off his cock and turned around on my fours and thrust my crotch up. Shiva grabbed my hips and positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly in pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long penis forcing its way into my cunt.

I got silent and then started panting wildly as Shiva held my hips and was fucking me steadily….long slow powerful thrusts. He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around my back and was squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world and didn’t care about anything but the monstrous penis I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick. ‘OH MY GOD! IT’S SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!’ We were copulating like lust starved animals. Pure animal lust gripped both of us… He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again. Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for at least 10 minutes all the time I screamed for more.. I saw the veins on the underside of his cock ripple and shoot his warm cum all into me.’AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH’ I moaned out in pleasure.

I could feel the familiar feeling in my groin and then I orgasmed. I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto the bed . Bringing the hard organ under me, he let it rub against my belly then eased it back until his rubbery head was lodged in between my pussy lips below her blood engorged clit. With one hand still controlling the base of his thick stalk, he used the other to guide me forward so he could line up with the gaping hole he’d just greased not too long ago. His glans entered my pussy, separating her thick cunt lips. I looked back at him as several more inches entered me with excruciating slowness. With half of his massive erection piercing his colleagues pulsating vagina, he began stroking his hot meat in and out of my cunt. The flesh of his cock that had been in her cunt was marked with her juices. With every few strokes, more of his flesh pole entered the heated vagina that I would occasionally squeeze him in appreciation. Now, he grabbed her hips, her thin waist and pulled her into the entire length of his penis. Thoroughly enjoying the fucking I was receiving from his gigantic member, I grabbed a pillow and collapsed onto it, keeping my luscious rear in the air. After awhile, he had eased out his bloated cock with only the first few inches remaining inside.

Still not satisfied by his size, I began moving my hips back onto his prick. I was able to slide almost his entire pole back into my hungry cunt with a small bump from him to fully seat his thick pole completely into my cunt. He smiled pleasingly, taking in the raw beauty of my delicious rear being parted by his well endowed member. Wanting to try something different, he stopped my motion when he was fully seated in me and positioned his hips level with my pussy. Withdrawing his tool, he grabbed the base as he pulled out entirely, seeing her gaping hole as the well plowed lips stayed stretched out. He then plunged back into me up to his hand using more forceful thrusts. He repeated this motion reveling in the incoherent babble it produced from my enthusiastic enjoyment. Every so many thrusts he allowed more of his meaty stalk to penetrate me. I literally shook all over from his thrusts and her pleasure. Orgasm followed orgasm as he repeatedly rammed his hot throbbing meat rod deeply into my pussy. Finally, I could take more when I orgasmed, I felt his his penis throb and his warm cum sprayed into my aching vagina. What a cum…he kept spraying into my vagina and his penis throbbed endlessly as I rolled on top of him and again we kissed deeply and hugged each other.

We were now lip locked and his penis was burried deep in my pussy. We fell asleep in that manner. As habituated I woke up early. Shiva was asleep with his truncheon tool semi turgid between his legs. I felt drained and debated whether to take a bath or shower. Telling myself everything was ok, I turned on the shower, once again getting it hot and steamy. I stepped into the pulsing water before I could give in to the temptation to fuck him more. Letting the water wash away the fluid, I just closed her eyes and tried to relax. However, I couldn’t’ get the image of his dick out of my mind. My breathing quickened at the thought of his penis fucking me. I moaned into the hot, pulsing water. Shiva heard the water come on. Unconcerned with what would happen when the sun came up, he started for the door. The steam hit him as soon as he opened the bathroom door. I, however, didn’t notice until I heard the shower curtain pull away. I turned to face the opening curtain and saw that it was Shiva. He had lust in his eyes and a hard on between his legs.

I leaned back against the stall while he stepped in. We embraced, pulling each other close. We were both the same height and could feel his big pulsing organ being pressed against my belly. We kissed. Lips mashing together; tongues intertwining. Each taking turns exploring the other’s mouth in deep soul kisses. Shiva soon moved to kissing my face, my neck, exploring me, his colleague for the fist time with his tongue. He also wasted no time in palming my firm buttocks. Squeezing them tightly, he lifted me up against the wet wall. Adjusting his hands lower he pulled the cheeks aside. I wrapped my limber legs around him when I felt his pole slip free from between our bodies into my legs. As I covered Shiva’s forehead with kisses, he lifted me and nimbly positioned his bloated cockhead against my vaginal lips, lowered me, slowly impaling me on his massive flesh organ. I felt my cunt widen as he lowered me onto him. With most of his pulsing cock in my hot pussy, I felt him touch areas that have never been touched before. As I felt our pelvises mould together, I pressed his head against the wall, letting out long moans of ecstasy. Shiva took a moment to let me get used to his length and girth.

Then he began thrusting into my cunt. Short stokes due to our positioning, but with every stroke I pulled him closer, flung my head and moaned in his ear. Uncomfortable with his pummeling, he started lifting me up and letting me fall back onto his member. When he was fully buried insider me, I would squeeze my pussy muscles around his thick log. He would continue to kiss and lick my neck while he did this. I would even assist by clamping my legs around his firm backside and helping to lift. As a massive orgasm swept through me, I screamed in his ear and beat on his back. I also rose so far up that his penis slipped out and he plowed between my cheeks and the slick shower stall spraying his cum in air. He almost lost his footing and had to let me go to keep from falling. I took this opportunity to catch my breath and turn off the water. Together we stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and began drying him off. As the towel wiped away the excess water, I covered his body with kisses. Leaving his throbbing cock for last I used my tongue and licked his entire bloated stalk dry. I had never spent so much time tonguing a penis. Before I could take it in my hungry mouth, he stood me up and began toweling me off. “I still want to taste you,” he said while kneeling in front of her.

Without hesitation, my legs spread. Before him, up close and personal was my hairy pussy. The clit stood erect; the swollen lips pink and moist. Musky white juices oozed out of my heated vagina and his tongue reached out to taste the juice. He noisily swallowed the savory liquid and moaned in delight. Again his tongue parted my sensitive lips, lapping up more juice and flicking my clit before pulling away. I pulled him up and kissed him, tasting my juices on his lips; my tongue searching inside his sensuous mouth for any remaining flavor of my cunt juice. “The bed’s better,” I announced, grabbing his arm for him to follow. Back in the main room, I crawled onto the bed and looked over my shoulder. Shiva climbed on behind me and beheld the awesome sight of my voluptuous ass. The hole itself was pink and starred, the wet cunt gaping from spread legs. “Fuck me Shiva, I know you love my ass so enjoy because I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of your big dick,” I snarled hungrily. Grabbing the base of his cock, he rubbed the bulbous head along the smooth flesh, poking it into the firm mounds. Kissing my toned back, he announced it was time to fuck to which I groaned my readiness.

I felt Shiva pulling my legs down the bed and pushing me on my face down to the bed. He then began kissing my pussy and was sucking it gently. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge penis head was swollen to it’s enormous proportions again. I felt Shiva push the top of my back forward and spread my legs as he prepared to mount me with his horse-sized dick. I grabbed the pillow and anticipated the monster. ‘OOOOOH!’ I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy. I don’t think you can ever get used to something that big entering you. He started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed against the bed. My body lay limp as Shiva thrust his giant cock into me. He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine deep into me .I came about three times during Shiva’s last intrusion and slowly clamped my vaginal muscles onto his penis. That did the trick and he moaned ‘I am cumming….AAAAA AAA GGGGGGG GHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ I felt his warm cum spray all over within my vagina.

He collapsed on me dead tired, penis buried deep in my cunt. His hands were grasping my breasts and we bathed in the sweet pleasurable feeling. After several minutes of passionate kissing, I lifted my head and teasingly dragged my luscious mane down his body. He shivered all over as the fragrant hair cascaded over him, tickling his sweaty, sensitive skin. I kissed my way down his firm torso bypassing his erection and down his hip to his tight thighs. My hair still covered his chest as I crossed over and kissed and nibbled on his inner thighs. Raising my head, my mane traveled down to tickle his engorged manhood. I groaned in appreciation. His entire organ was covered in a film of my juices which I loved to taste, especially by licking it off cocks. A thick vein ran down the center of his mighty shaft with smaller ones branching off giving it a bumpy appearance. His pubic hairs were trimmed close to his skin yet still keeping a softness to them and enhancing the huge bone that thrust out of his crotch. Even after his massive orgasm, his ball sac still appeared full.

Not much of a sac sucker or ball licker, I would more than make up for it. Knowing that all men loved watching women give head, I flung my long hair toward his legs and looked into his lust ensconced eyes. He smiled, awaiting my mouth to take his penis. I dragged my tongue along the shaft of his hard cock, taking my juice into my mouth. I collected every bit that was coating his big dong until my cunt juice was replaced with a thick coating of my saliva. I then grabbed the base of his stalk and held it straight up away from his lean torso. My tongue slithered out of my hungry mouth and for the second time, I licked his plum-sized swollen head. I planted my moist lips on his glans and planted a kiss on it. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get this chance at such a monster again and was determined to enjoy the moment, much to Shiva’s pleasure. He could actually hear the suction my kiss gave off when I released his bulbous head. Again I kissed his pole, this time my lips parted slightly to take in the tip. My tongue flickered around the tip and actually licked in the slit. Stretching my lips around the circumference of his glans, I pulled the rest into my mouth, closing my lips tightly under the rim of his uncircumcised penis. Shiva could not keep his hands still anymore and gently stroked my soft hair, withholding from pushing his cock deeper into my hot mouth. I smiled as I felt his fingers and drew in a couple more inches of his mighty cock, bathing what I could with my wet tongue and exhaling hot air onto the saliva covered skin.

My other hand circled his cock and my mouth slid down to touch my fingers. My mouth was now completely filled with cock, my tongue barely able to move. Raising my head, I dragged my lips along his shaft until it was freed from my mouth. Adjusting my body slightly, I descended again on his prick, not closing my mouth until I was at my fingers. Removing a hand, I took more of him into my mouth. With no gag reflex to worry about, the thick head slid past my tongue and into my throat. Still, there was more of him to swallow and I was determined to see how much I could take. Twisting my head around his shaft, I began sucking his cock with vigor; rising for air then shortly descending again and again. As my lips descended and finally reached my hand holding the base, I held it for as long as I could, knowing that a penis had never been this far down my throat before and there was still more to go! While enjoying the most fantastic blow job of his life, he couldn’t help but notice my ass was well within reach. He reached over and grabbed onto a firm ass cheek and gently gave it a slap. Immediately, I orgasmed, pulling off his member and smiling in pure delight at Shiva. He noticed my pussy fluttering and wasted no time in jamming 2 fingers in my squirming box. “Uuuhhgg,” I groaned before descending his cock, diving all they way to my slim fingers covering the last remaining few inches. He’d been deep throated before but it was far and few between and never this good. He could feel his balls tightening up and had to concentrate very hard in order not to cum.

He wanted my to take all of him and he knew I could do it. The same thought ran through my head and after several more trips of my mouth along his spit covered cock, I took a deep breath and engulfed his massive member entirely in my cock hungry mouth. I did it! Both were extremely proud of my achievement. After a few seconds to savor my accomplishment, I mashed my face deep into his pubic mound, my nose actually burying itself in his bulging ball sac. He couldn’t help but hold my head down a bit until I began to gag. Quickly my mouth retreated from his crotch, gasping for air. “Oh my fucking god, you are so big,” I exclaimed when I was able to talk again. Shiva grabbed hold of his own penis and playfully tapped it against my face. I absolutely loved the feel of his wet glans tapping my on my heated face; the meaty stalk whacking my face. As he moved his member around, I would lick it whenever it came into view. His breathing deepened, he groaned uncontrollably. I could almost see his bloated ball sac churning, getting ready to spew forth his gooy cum I couldn’t wait to taste. Taking control of his cock, I began vigorously sucking on it, taking about half his member easily. I wanted him to cum so I lightly scraped my teeth along his shaft, especially that special spot just under his bulbous head where the deep fold of tissue met.

Looking directly at the huge member, I howled, “Cum baby, cum in my mouth, oh yes I wanna taste you so bad,” whenever my mouth wasn’t full of thick, juicy cock. He grabbed the far ass cheek and pulled my next to him, not wanting to 69, but to plunge 3 fingers into my seething cunt. He then started thrusting up into my gaping mouth, no longer sucking but just hanging open, allowing him to fuck my mouth. I held as still as possible, tongue thrust out of my mouth. His massive dong was sliding past the back of my throat with every thrust. “Aaagghh, cummmmingggg,” he screamed. I held the pulsating cock in my mouth as the first eruption of cum spurted into my hungry mouth, with two bursts, my mouth was full and as I swallowed, another blast hit my square in the face sending his scalding sperm into my flared nostrils. More cum spewed forth covering my eyes, smacking against my cheeks, into my hair. I caught another burst in my mouth and swallowed, ecstatic over the sweet taste of his seed. No longer spurting, his cum continued to flow out, coating his hefty cock and my hand. He became lost in his own orgasmic pleasure, his hand falling limp out of my gushing pussy.

All he seemed able to do was watch as the torrent of cum subsided and I began to lick every bit of his gooy jism that I could. Swallowing noisily, I made pleasurable noises and smacked my cum covered lips more for my enjoyment than his. My tongue made long trips along his shaft, through his pubic hair, around his relaxing sac. When finished, I looked deep into his glazed eyes and lustily devoured the sticky sperm from my hand. Shiva looked on with lust as I continued pleasing him with my little show and smiled as his cum slid off my face, making its way along my cheeks or collecting on my brow. “MMMMM, wow, that was so fucking awesome, I love your cum, you taste so good, there’s so much, oohhhh,” I babbled incoherently, enthralled at the pleasure I was feeling and the pleasure he emanated. Turning back to his thick log, I finally watched as it began to subside. My smile grew as he raised his hand and licked my creamy cunt juice from his fingers. He savored the taste of my cum, slowly drawing it off of his fingers. Lazily, I crawled around to face him and joined him in cleaning his hand. Soon, we were locked in another embrace, each tasting the other’s jism they had just shared. Their tongues intertwined, searching for every little drop. I collapsed onto his side and into his arms continuing to kiss deeply.

Finally they released from their lip lock and I nuzzled his neck. Both we lovers breathed deeply and contentedly, reveling in the euphoria of our powerful multiple orgasms. Shiva’s massive erection began to subside but his lust was hardly slaked, he wanted more. Rolling me over, he continued to deeply kiss I, and I returned his kissing languidly, still dazed from the pleasure I was experiencing. Noticing that large globs of his cum still clung to my face, I grabbed handfuls of my curly hair and used it as a rag. After adding his rich protein cream to my hair, he laid kisses all over my face, tonguing my glistening skin. Moving to my neck, he sucked on my earlobes, lightly flicking his hungry tongue over my ears, slightly suctioning my slender neck. Spreading my arms, he moved to my shoulders. I should be stopping him, claiming I needed sleep, but I couldn’t, this was so good, I wanted more. Using only his nimble tongue, he slithered over my firm tits, gracing each rock hard nipple with a layer of his saliva. Releasing my arms, he took hold of my very firm flesh mounds.

Though not my best feature, he couldn’t help but appreciate that their firmness was real. His thumbs flicked my thick nipples, pressing them back into the flesh. Normally he had seen them with some form of clothing over them, often wet and cold or excited about someone else. Massaging the firm mounds, his hands moved them all over while his tongue and mouth slurped their way around the sensitive flesh. Not having reached his goal yet, he left my tits to my hands which had joined in on the fun, and continued on down my firm body. Reaching my navel, he toyed with it a bit, getting my to laugh in between moans. Often, he’d blown on it in jest but now it was much more erotic. While still not where he wanted to be, he could smell my musky, orgasmic fragrance, the pussy juice making his mouth water. Knowing that I gave my all in sucking his cock, he wanted to return the favor. Rising to a kneeling position, Shiva shifted around and grabbed up both my athletic legs. He kissed my callused feet and lightly nibbled on my toes.

The insoles and tops of my feet, dainty only in appearance, were not ignored either. I was experiencing pleasure at a level that I had never been to before. As his kisses passed over my calves and his tongue flicked the back of my knees, I came. My legs just locked up, an open mouthed groan came out, my skin turned red and creamy pussy juice flowed out of my spasming cunt. It felt as if lightening bolts passed through my supercharged body and at times I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. Shiva, sensing that I had just experienced my most powerful orgasm ever, just paused until I went limp. Finally I did and it was if I had just melted. Covered in sweat, gasping for breath, I just let it course out of my. Not having the energy to even smile, it seemed all I could do to stay awake. My eyes couldn’t seem to focus and I thought I was seeing stars. Catching my breath, I felt as if my climax had ended the engagement. When I finally could focus again, I was greeted by a sexy body and a hard on stretched to its limits. “Oh my fucking god,” I muttered.

Shiva wasn’t even close to being done. Keeping my legs together, he folded them over my sweaty torso, leaving my creamy gash puffing out from between my thighs. He continued kissing and licking his way down the backs of my thighs. Shiva took a deep breath, inhaling the wonderful scent of my seething pussy. He could see my creamy ejaculate spread over my thick labia and he wasted no time in licking it up. With all my juice cleared away, he ran the flat of his tongue along the length of my pussy, making all kinds of pleasurable sounds to enhance my pleasure even more. After several more licks, he spread my legs far and wide, knowing how very limber I was. My thighs completely out of the way, my steaming cunt was opened wide, meaty lips covering a seething pussy, an erect clit exposed and waiting to be manipulated. For a moment he just stared at the ripe fruit before his eyes, glistening with a mixture of juices; he licked his lips in hungry anticipation. Also in front of him, having risen from its short break was the massive erection that was his cock. Tempted to plunge the thick pole into the heated depths of my cock hungry cunt, he resisted, wanting to return the oral pleasure he had just received. Spreading my legs, he lowered himself until he was eye level with my sopping cunt.

Shiva began to eat my pussy. He started by placing a firm kiss upon my juicy lips. Opening his mouth, his tongue slithered out and gently probed the opening. Then he withdrew slightly and took each lip into his mouth one at a time and sucked them, taking in the sweet nectar that still remained. With his tongue, he thoroughly explored my sweet cunt, continually sending sparks throughout my fevered body. Again and again he lapped at my inner walls, sucked on my thick labia, and flicked my extended clit. Sometimes giving his tongue a break, he kissed my thighs and leaving small amounts of my juice behind. No man has ever pleasured my orally this satisfyingly or for this long. Whenever he lifted his drenched face from my cunt, he made sure to give my clit a lick and blow his hot breath on my.

As he stared into my glazed eyes, he eased 2 fingers into my vagina, exploring my slick walls, searching further than his tongue could probe and finding that small knob of nerve endings that was my G-spot. Screaming uncontrollably, I arched my back, slamming my head onto the bed and juices literally squirted out of my spasming cunt. Shiva just held his fingers in place and rode out my orgasm, receiving a facefull of my cunt juice. Regaining my senses, I looked down my body and saw that Shiva’s face was covered in my cum; the slippery fluid was dripping from his nose and chin. I grabbed a handful of his hair and brought him up to where I lay. Shiva, his jaw sore from pleasuring me for so long, gladly plopped himself next to me. I rolled onto his side and began licking my juices off his face. My slick thigh slipped between his legs and added pressure to his swollen balls and already erect cock. Wanting to share my sweet juice with Shiva, I shared deep, tongue probing kisses with him. Not wanting to waste his opportunity, he brought my thick, long hair around and wiped the locks over his face and chest. Collapsing by his side, I rested, letting my body come down from its orgasmic high. Shiva enjoyed the rest but couldn’t help but realize we were not done yet.

With my head resting on his strong chest, he wrapped my hair around his erect penis and lightly stroked it. I watched contentedly as Shiva jacked off his dick with my hair. I too knew that we were not done yet either, not with an erection like that still for fucking. I wanted every inch he had to offer, every thrust he could give, every drop of semen that he possessed. Allowing him to keep stroking with my hair, I maneuvered myself so that I was sitting on his thighs. With his big cock sticking up, I saw that his massive head rested at the bottom of the breast bone of my tiny frame. Leaning over, I licked and sucked on the head of his cock. I leaned forward and crawled over his body, constantly aware of his slickened glans as it glided the length of my body, over my still sensitive clit. It brushed my thick pussy lips before popping up and coming to rest on the ***** of my creamy, tight ass cheeks. Again we kissed passionately. He brought my long mane around so that his head was shrouded by it. Then he grabbed both my firm breasts and fondled them. Kissing me was great but Shiva wanted more. I wanted Shiva to give me more. Still on my knees, one of his hands traveled between my legs and latched onto the base of his pole. He stroked the bottom half of his cock, his thumb extending out and rubbing into my hot pussy on the upstroke. He would also take hold of his meaty member and slap my butt cheeks loudly.

I would moan in his mouth as he did this. “Fuck me, fuck me please, put that huge cock in me Shiva, oh god, please fuck me,” I hoarsely said into his mouth. I sat up, squatting over his hips while he held his cock straight up. With the head of his pole once again positioned at the entrance to my steamy cunt, I lowered myself until my knees were back on the bed. Several inches of Shiva’s meat impaled my as I settled on top. Knowing he liked my hair, I brought it around, letting the long mane hang between my breasts, the hair tickling my sensitive, taut nipples. Shiva stoked the glistening hair. Reaching up, he pinched one of my hard nipples and forcefully bucked his hips upwards, burying almost all of him inside my. He bucked up so hard that his ass left the bed, as my knees did as well. Ecstatic over the sudden fullness of my gaping cunt, I grunted loudly. As quickly as I was filled, I felt the flesh log slide out of my pussy.

After a couple more massive up thrusts, Shiva grabbed my bony hips and started slamming them down on his cock. Soon, I was doing it on my own. I was now screaming as the pain in my hips coupled with the erotic pleasure spread up from my crotch to my breasts.Several minutes past before I fell forward on my arms as an orgasm shot through my. Shiva just let it course through me and left it to me to begin sliding my puffed out pussy lips down his hard cock. Even when he brought me up so he could suck on my nipples, several inches of his erection still remained between the slick walls of my cunt. Unable to move due to his grip, I squeezed my cunt muscles around his shaft. Shiva rolled me over onto my sweaty back and sat up; his still hard cock slipped out of my juicy pussy and bounced menacingly between them. Both of us took time to catch our breaths. I rubbed his chest begging him to slip his hard prick deep in me and fuck me. My hips undulated under him, getting his balls wet with my juices. He fixed my hair so it ran down the front of my body, ending just above my pubic region. It seemed as if my pubic hair and mane were joined as one.

He wanted nothing more than to respond to this cum-hungry woman he had been pleasuring for the past several hours, but for just a minute, he was taking in the view. Not for long, however; he backed up to get easy entrance to my hungry gash. “Guide me in,” he demanded from me. Without hesitation I grabbed his thick member and brought it to the entrance of my vagina. As he slipped the bulbous head in, it appeared as if my thick labia were literally sucking him in. going slow, Shiva guided his huge cock in an inch at a time, stroking it in and out. Going deeper each time it took awhile for him to be completely inside my. At times I was thrashing about the impaled pole that filled my so completely; at other times, I seemed as limp as a cooked noodle. He then began to rhythmically pump his penis into my. Several short stokes followed by a few long ones where he practically pulled all the way out of my. At first I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him back into me, eventually; Shiva moved my legs to his shoulders and kept his whole body rigid.

Knowing I was extremely flexible, he wanted to try something. Moving my to the center of the bed, he began walking towards the headboard with his member still buried deep inside my pulsing cunt. At one point he pulled out of me and went for broke by bringing my hips up almost to my head, in effect bending my in half! My limber legs were by the headboard and my pussy hung less than a foot away from my face. My juice dripped onto my chin. Smiling at his success and knowing I couldn’t stay in that position for long, he quickly turned around facing my contortioned pose. He then wrapped a hand around his slick shaft and slapped my gaping pussy with it. Getting a thick coat of my juice, he squatted over me and fed 4 inches of cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked his cock and wanted more. He stood over me, and with slid his pole into the oven-hot pussy that desired nothing more than his big dick. In my contorted position my cunt finally regained some of its tightness from earlier and the increased friction, the view of my face directly underneath my pussy, the whole idea of what had been going on here drove Shiva crazy. I stared at my own pussy directly over me as the largest penis I’d ever had pumped into me; my juices being drawn out with his every upstroke and landing on my body. As Shiva stroked his member into me, I could feel his still bloated balls slide along my forehead, over my nose and across my swollen lips. I was in sensory overload and knew that I couldn’t take anymore.

His balls were soaked in my juices which I enjoyed very much; overcoming my dissatisfaction for ballsucking, I opened my hungry mouth, stuck out my tongue and tasted my cream on his sac. MMMMM, was that good! On the next stroke, I captured a scrotum in my mouth and licked and sucked my juice off. Shiva, sensing my new found pleasure, kept his pulsing cock buried in my to allow me a treat before resuming his long thrusts. I also took in the other pussy-soaked ball, cleaning off thoroughly. As he repeatedly pumped into my, I kept my mouth open and tongue out, wiping my juice off as he slid in and out again and again. That is until once again Shiva pulled his cock out and jammed it in my mouth. Eagerly accepting his shaft, I guided it in with my tongue until it couldn’t go in any further. As he pulled out of my mouth, I grunted I was going to cum. Shiva also announced he was going now ready to blow his load.

He pulled out of me and in one smooth motion, pulled me on my back onto the bed, pushed my legs back till they my calves were over my shoulder and my pussy thrust out. He positioned his cock head and thrust it brutally in me and commenced fucking me brutally. In and out his huge penis pistoned into my numb vagina. I was numb with pain and then I felt the erotic pleasure flow from deep within my vagina out wards. I gurgled in pleasure….cum in mee….shoot ur cum deep in me. We were now mating like sex crazed animals. I was thrusting my crotch in him as he pistoned his huge penis in. Faster and faster he pummeled. I was cumming and suddenly I heard him groan as he sprayed his cum in me. He kept shooting wads and wads of thick warm cum in me. He collapsed on me as I clung on him tight. His penis continued to throb in me and I could feel the cum ooze out my cunt down my thighs. And cum he did.

His penis throbbed in my vagina for eternity and I could feel the sheet below me getting damp with his cum. We remained coupled like this as we fell asleep. When we woke up, we both decided to hell with the office and enjoy each other. For the next two days it was nothing but fucking, sleeping and eating satisfying each others lust.