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I am Sonu sharma 20years old. I am going share a real incident in my
life about how I fucked myNRI cousin Smita. This incident happened
whenI was 18 years old. Smita is my uncle’s daughterwho was born and
brought up in California. It was in the month of November that we had
to attend a family wedding at Delhi. I was initially very excited to
see Smita as I was going to see her for the first time. She was 6
years older to me.As asked by my parents I went to receive Smita to
the airport. I waited long till I noticed a very fair girl in a denim
blue jeansand a black short top. I confirmed that it was Smita when
she waved her hands at me. I was left with an open mouth , My God she
was damn sexy. She came to me hugged me out of happiness and her soft
breasts collided into mychest. I got a instant hard on. I was badly
trying to see her navel through her short top , but the top just ended
below her navel. I had alot of attraction towards a females navel
sincechildhood and the sight of a navel drives me crazy.We then moved
to the car and put the luggage inside. She then tried to tie her hair
into a bun and raised her hands , My Gosh , her navelwas on display ,
it was so deep and so round. She had a very flat tummy and her navel
was looking like a well in it. I badly wanted to taste her navel and
made up my mind that I shall taste it before she left. Both of us
became very close in a short time , it was in the night that we were
asked to share the sameroom as there was a shortage of rooms in the
hotel. That night after her bath , she changed into a white cotton
trouser and a white top.We talked for some time before both of us
slept. I woke up in the night and to my surprise her top had gone up
exposing her tempting navel. I gathered enough courage to insert my
little finger into her navel trying not to wake her up. I did not
proceed as I wasvery scared. Next day , every one was busy with the
marriage. Smita was dressed in a transparent black saree and a
sleeveless blouse.She tied the saree too much below her navel almost
where her pubes started. I was unable tocontrol myself. I was staring
at her navel throughout the evening. It was around 10 PM that I
decided to take some rest and made waytowards my room.When I entered
into my room , she was restingon the bed. Her saree had moved out of
her waist and her flat white stomach with her deepnavel was on
display. We started to chat after some time , the discussion came over
to sex from which she told me that she had noticed megazing at her
navel and that she also knew thatI fingered her navel last night. She
asked me what I liked about her navel. I said that I had a weakness
towards female navels. She tried totease me my fingering her navel
herself. I could not take it anymore.I removed her hand and let my
tongue explore her deep navel. I sucked her navel and she keptmoaning.
I then took out my cock and tried topush it into her navel. She got
really excited seeing my cock. She put me on the bed and started
sucking my cock like a candy bar. She sucked hard , made me moan and
eventually cuminside her mouth. I then took her pallu in my hands and
dropped it down. I started kissing her breasts on her blouse I slowly
undressed hercompletely and threw her on the bed. I then sucked on to
her nipples as I ran my finger through her cleavage , into her navel
screwing it and then to massage her pussy.I found the entrance to her
love hole and inserted my middle finger into it she responded by
spreading her legs wide. I slowly went down , again sucked her navel
and slowlyplanted a kiss on her pussy. I then inserted mytongue into
her pussy and tongue fucked her. She started moaning very heavily
aaaaaah aaaaahcmon yesssss right there…..!!She could not take it
anymore and begged me to fuck her. I then pushed my fat cock into
herpussy and shoved it. She was responding well in a flow. She was
scream out of excitation. I fucked her in doggie style too. Then I
bent down and planted a kiss on her ass cheeks. I parted them and
kissed on her asshole. I tried to insert my finger into her asshole
but it wasvery tight.I applied some shaving gel in her asshole and on
my dick. I slowly pushed my dick into her ass as she screamed out of
pain. I fucked her ass. She was screaming louder and louder by every
stroke. I finally was about to cum and came inside her deep navel. She
again teased me by playing with the cum inside her navel. Iwiped out
the cum with a towel and sucked hersweaty navel again and again. I
fucked her 3 more times the same night. Next day morning she left with
a promise to visit me next monthwe still have sex.