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My name is Ravi and I am from hyderabad. This is a real incident that happened to me which has changed my carrier a lot. I am degree college student aged around 23 medium in colour and height and with very averagae looks. One day after attending my tution at the nampally I was returning to my house and it was a bit rainy too and I did not find much traffic too I was slowly walking towards the bus stop to go to my house suddenly the rain increased and I was running for shelter.

I went to a tree as there were no lights on road it was totally dark and I could find a car near the tree I was there standing just to save myself form the rain and the rain increased suddenly inside the car the bulb has glown and I could see a lady around in her early 40+ was alone in the car and she signaled me to come inside the car. I thankfully accepected the offer and moved towards the car she opened the car door for me and said come in. and she told me that u are totally wet . yes I said as the rain was there for more than an hour our conversation went on different topics and finally it came on sex and internet and she said nowadays people of your age are getting in involved in sex much and they are loosing the virginity at the very young age to which I said it was wrong and I was a virgin. She laughed at me and said I don’t belive u as many says it but actually they are all very much experienced. As out discussion went on for a long and the rain inbetween stopped and she gave me he tel no and asked me to contact when ever I feel like chatting with her and she left me near to my house and left me. But after reaching the house I was terriable disappointed that I did not touch her even though she was encouraging and I did not have gutts to kiss her so I waited for next day morning and as soon as it was around 10 in the morning I called her to her residence and she lifted the phone and was very gentle again with me I said I wanted to meet her with some courage. She told me to come to her house and I went to her house in the afternoon anticipating that there would be no one and I could have sex with her, as I went to her house it was a big one and she came and opened the door and she was in a blue saree which was a contrast to her body it was good and for the first time I was just watiching the boobs rather then her face she told e to come inside and closed the door and said that the neighbours might disturb us I was very happy hearing this I thaught that even she was interested in having sex. She asked me to sit and see the TV while she prepares some food for the luch as it was lunch time I did not want to get wasted even a minute but she told she will finish everything in 30 mts and went into kitchen. I was feeling boared and I just switched on the vcd player which was there I was astonished to see a bi sex cd there a male was sucking a male and even a female was studning and having sex I was just amazed of seeing that as it was for the first time in my life that I have seen a male sucking another males dick that too infront of a female. I was busy in watching the movie and I forget where I was and I even unzipped my phants and playing with my cock in between the aunt came and caught me and I was red and did not know what to say or how to react and she told that it is common nowadays dear and said not to feat and was sucking me as my dick was straight and hard she stared sucing my dick and I have closen my eyes with entertainment I was getting suddenly I felt some ones had on my shoulders . I was tremble to see a old man around 45+ hardening my nipples and playling with them and I once looked into the face of the aunt and she told nothing to worry ravi he is my hubby and Is a bi in nature so let us do as you have seen in the cd I did not know what to do and aunt came to me and told me to suck her pussy while uncle was playing with my dick and suciking It real hard.