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First Night with Sonakshee

I was eager, anxious, excited, frustrated, and a little bit confused. I tried to sort it all out in my head, but the only clear thought I had was of her. Sonakshee. How had I attached so many emotions to one person? I hadn’t felt this way since the eighth grade!

I’d pursued women before, but I’d always known more about them, where I could find them, what they liked. Sonakshee was a mystery. I didn’t even know her last name. She knew me no better. Well, perhaps a little better, I thought to myself, as I remembered the feeling of her hand wrapped around my erection.

The one thing I knew about her, the one solid thing, was when I’d see her next. Tuesday. I knew she’d be at the Planet Bollywood Club, I never had any serious doubts, and I found my certainty curious. Unfortunately, I’d had plenty of time to think about why I was so certain. The days until Tuesday dragged by, one plodding hour after another. Read more »

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Between College Classes

Brinda Agrawal sat beside me in Eco class. I was in love with her. For fifty minutes each day, I’d watch her out of the corner of my eye. I’d see the profile of her beautiful face, watch the gentle rise and fall of her breasts, see the sunlight halo her shiny hair.

I wanted to touch her, to feel the smooth softness of her dark skin. I ached to have her look at me with those twinkling soft blue eyes. I wanted her to walk toward me with that inviting, sexy sway, the way she walked toward her boyfriend, Salmaan.

I might as well’ve been a prisoner in Pakistan. When you’re a geek, the college goddess dating the senior star of the cricket team doesn’t pay any attention to you, except to make your life more miserable.

“Mukul, I dropped my pencil. Could you pick it up for me?” she’d whisper. She’d be partially turned to face me. Her face would be pleading. Somehow another button was undone on her blouse. I’d feel my palsy return with its accompanying red heat as I struggled to reach her pencil that was closer to her than to me. Read more »

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The Given Word – a Love Story

“Sorry Miss. Renu, I’m late”

“It’s Ok, Ramu…I Just came here”

“So…shall we…?”

“Of course…. did you brought the earthworms?”

“Yes…Yes…I got some earthworms”

While she was pointing towards my Bamboo stick…she said…

“So…here is our fishing rod huh? Just a dried bamboo stick?” she laugh loud at me….

“It’s Ok…Miss. Renu, we are not professionals, …. are we? Let’s go for fishing with this one”.

“Ok..Ok…my little fishermen…let’s go for it” Read more »

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Taking My Old Friend’s Daughter – Part II

I stammered a bit. “Sanjeev, I’d be glad to but I’m not sure Khushi wants to be looked after by a 50-year-old man. We had a nice time today but I’m sure that’s not her idea of a dream vacation – to hang out with an older man.”

Sanjeev smiled, “you wouldn’t think so would you? Actually it was Khushi’s idea when I told her later. She insisted on staying and said she enjoyed being with you and didn’t mind at all if you kept tabs on her for the next few days. I can assure you she won’t be a problem. She’s really a good girl. Thanks, Uncle, I really do appreciate it. I didn’t want to disappoint Khushi by having her leave early and this is a perfect solution.”

When Khushi came back to the table and Sanjeev told her about our discussion, she smiled demurely at me, and told me how much she’d like that. So, we made plans for the next day. We agreed that she’d go shopping while I finished up some work and then we’d meet late in the day. Read more »

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Taking My Old Friend’s Daughter – Part I

I am a famous businessman and I can’t tell you my name. It was one of the biggest deals my firm had ever closed. We’d been working on this project for well over a year, putting in hundreds of hours on trying to get the largest consulting contract we’d ever had, one that would keep the ten consultants in my firm busy for almost three years.

Even with all the other clients to deal with and, of course, trying to run a construction business, I’d been virtually been living in Delhi for the past year as we completed a pilot project leading up to the big one. While there are worse places one could spend one’s time than Delhi, my schedule had taken its toll on my 50-year-old body. I was ragged around the edges to say the least but, all in all, it was going to be worth it. Since my wife had died three years ago, I had poured everything into work, probably to keep from having to think about my personal situation. And I have to admit that while the professional part of my life was thriving, other parts were suffering somewhat. I’d pretty much abandoned my friends back home because of all the travel and I didn’t have that many close relatives to have much of a relationship with. So, I had my work. Read more »

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Experimenting in College

It was just another foggy North Indian winter day for Gaurav. He killed the engine of his bike and rubbed his gloved hands together for some warmth. Although the visibility was near zero with, but he loved early morning rides, as less traffic offered him an opportunity to explore the limits of his Yamaha RX-100.

Pursuing Physics honours course at the University, he loved the daily routine of arriving early at the University to spend some extra time at the Lab. While others saw the Lab routine as a chore, he loved tinkering with instruments which formed a bridge between common sense and the miracles which exist in the form of electronic devices.

To start the day, he had a strong tea at the science canteen and made his way to the Physics department. There were only a few people present in the department at this hour and he was greeted by a hauling mongrel, whom his fellow students had lovingly named Newton. He quietly made his way to the Apparatus issue room. The half-asleep lab assistant, took his lazy ass of his chair and handed him the keys of the dark room. Gaurav, knowingly smiled to himself as he walked towards the room. Early in his life he saw that there were two kinds of people “Rebels” and “Achievers”. He categorized himself as “Achiever” and when it came to convincing the lab assistant to allow him into the lab early. He used the time tested way of offering him 10 Rs for “Chai Pani” rather than trying to name some University Neta and indulging in useless discussion. Read more »

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How to Get an Indian Wife – Episode II

Episode II

About ten minutes later, I noticed some movement. I saw Alan pick up Arundhuti’s hand and put it on his crotch which now had that massive bulge again. I looked away towards the TV. A few moments later when I looked back at them, there it was. Alan’s dick. I am not sure how big it exactly was, but it was a hell of a lot bigger than mine. And thicker. It was standing up from his open pants like a flagpole. And wrapped around it were my wife’s elegant fingers. She was gradually stroking his dick, from the base to where the thick bulbous head protruded.

I looked at Arundhuti’s face. She was staring at the TV, as was Alan. But her stroking of his dick was getting faster and faster. This went on for a few minutes and then Arundhuti stopped. She took her hand off the dick and stared stretching her fingers. Her hand was probably tired. So Alan took her other hand and put it on his dick, and she resumed stroking it. By now the monster cock was moist with all the precum that had oozed out. I could see even Arundhuti’s fingers glistening. And I realized I too now had an erection in my pants that needed some relieving.

When Arundhuti took another break to change hands, Alan took the opportunity to take her top off. She offered no resistance and was now sitting there in a black bra struggling to contain her massive tits. As Arundhuti, now without her blouse, started jacking him off again, Alan started playing with her tits. He put one finger inside the bra cup and moved it all around. Then he scooped the boobs out of her bra. I stared in shock at how trashy Arundhuti looked at that moment, her boobs spilling out of her bra as she gave some dirty old man a handjob. Read more »

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Fate Strikes Back

“Yes. I will pay you the money before 6 o clock today” said Salman

“You better. Otherwise you won’t be able to see the clock strike 6.01 pm today. You should not have made the bet if you didn’t have the money. You are already 8 days overdue and today is definitely the last day we are talking about this.” said Jack and banged the phone

Salman had the money. He had inherited a huge sum of money after the death of his mother. He went to the safe to take out the money when the bell rang. He opened it and found his family lawyer standing there.

“Your mother wanted me to give this letter to you after her death.” He said handing over a sealed envelope. “I was passing by and thought I will personally hand it over”. He gave the letter and left. Perplexed, Salman sat down to read the letter. Read more »

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Second Love of My Life

Dear readers, at the very beginning I would like to say sorry, because this story may be boring in some ways, and possibly long too. I request you to bear with me. I hope you do read the story, and leave your comments. I’m Rohan, and this is my story. I have chosen not to reveal some details about myself, I hope they will not affect the narration.

I was married young, but it was a difficult marriage. My wife and I never really got along, and after two years, we were divorced. I started getting very angry and lonely with life, and it was my friends who helped me through the tough times. My friends lived in nearby flats in an apartment complex, and asked me to move in nearby too.

They took care of me throughout, and I was slowly beginning to emerge from the loneliness. It was then that I met Sanjana, through common friends. It had been about a year after my divorce and I was not really looking for a relationship. Sanjana and I became good friends over the next few months. She helped me a lot, and I was able to open up a little. Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 5

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Part 5

He did that again and got same physical response from me, even though he was very slow and kind but because of pain I was not comfortable with his in and out movements and Raju Ji could see that but he did not stopped fucking me with that pace, couple of times I tried to push him to get away but he very well knew how to control a female lying under him and holding my luscious body firmly from my arms he continued fucking me with short and slow jerks without taking much of his hard throbbing Penis from my fuckhole. Raju Ji fucked me like that for couple of minutes with few small intervals and when he realized that I am adjusted with the pain and he slowly started increasing his speed of plugging my fuckhole.

Once again my pain increased and seemed going out of my bearing capability and as his fucking strokes rose up in speed bit more I tried to get away more desperately but once again Raju Ji gripped me harder and continued fucking me like that. By now his hard and long monster was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and I could see that his pleasure was incredible, Raju Ji was moaning in bliss while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My body was totally in his control and except closing my eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything. I was holding him tight, moaning and gasping and I could see that gradually my pain was getting subsided, not much but I was somewhat enjoying my first fuck. Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 4

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Part 4

Shilpa Didi’s lovely face was turned red, it was getting flipped from side to side in excitement, her eyes were closed, and mouth was open in loud, lewd lust calls. OHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHH!” and after that each thudding thrust of Raju Ji monster drew a choking, broken sob of pure joy from Shilpa Didi’s throat and within next few seconds Shilpa Didi began to orgasm.

While arcing her body she grabbed Raju Ji further tight, clenched her hands over his back and tightened her thighs over his pumping hips and tried to stop him and cried with a husky voice and started trembling but somehow Raju Ji continued fucking her fast to make her shudder further in orgasm but within next couple of seconds Raju Ji also flung his head back and groaned loud and buried himself deep inside her, keeping her eyes closed Shilpa Didi trembled helplessly while getting shattered in powerful orgasm while gripping his body and seemed as if she is going to die now. Raju Ji also hollowed her balls with significant shivering, which I witnessed without a flick of an eye. Slowly they revived and Raju Ji got and went inside toilet.

Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 3

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Part 3

Apparently at the time when we would have moved from there in train, we reached at Raju Ji flat, he was yet not home as it was too early for him to reach back home but Shilpa Didi had spare keys because she use to come regularly at this place. It was beautiful house, there were very limited things in the house and decorum was just perfect.

Shilpa Didi showed me bedroom, and as expected it was wow, for few seconds I could not move my eyes from the bed; it was huge with a very thick mattress and seemed very comfortable. “dekh low… aaj issi bister par tumhari Suhaag raat hone waali hai…” Shilpa Didi tried to make me think what all is going to happen with me and her words made me feel strange one more time. Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 2

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Part 2

We ended up dinner well before 9 and I tried to distract my mind but literary failed and felt like talking to Shilpa Didi. It could be lust that I wanted to talk to her about all this and by now somewhere deep inside it was yes from my side. I gave a missed call to Shilpa Didi from my mom’s mobile and she called back and I spoke to her in solitude and told her somehow to call me at her place through my mom and next Shilpa Didi spoke to my mom and asked her if she can send me to her place as she has some office work and I can help her in calculations. As expected my mom agreed and once again around 9:30 I was with Shilpa Didi and now I was suppose to sleep with her in the night, superficially after finishing Shilpa Didi’s office work.

Shilpa Didi gave me sweet to eat and for some time we sat together in front of television with some TV serial which Shilpa Didi use to watch. Somewhere around 10 Shilpa Didi got free from watching television and muting the television asked me casually “hmmm…ab bolo kya bolna hai” “kuch nahi….” I replied back in a perplex tone, “kuch poochhna chahti ho?” “nahi…bas aise hi…akele mein bahut tension ho rahi hai” I replied back “hmmmm….hum samajh sakte hain” Shilpa Didi acknowledged my mind state and asked me something which I was not at all expecting, saying “blue film dekhogi?” she asked me if I want to see adult movie. Read more »

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The Saga of a Virgin Randi – Part 1

Nearly from last one month, I am regularly reading whatever stuff is getting published here and today I have started writing down my first sexual experience. At present I am happily married and well settled in a joint family but the fact is that it was not my husband who actually deflowered me, I have a past which is certainly not at all clean and clear, and here I want to share that hidden truth of my life.

I was fucked for money well before my marriage and I was introduced into the world of sex by our neighbour and my mom’s so called friend Shilpa Didi. Shilpa Didi was living alone beside us from very long time, since she was divorced by her husband.

The house in which she was living was her inherited property and belonged to her father, as she was the only child of her parents, after getting divorce she was living here while working in some construction company in accounts department. Read more »

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First time with Wife

Dear RISS readers, let me tell you right at the start that this is going to be a long story. Perhaps really long, so I apologize. I hope that you will still read it. I hope you will like it. And I would absolutely love to read your comments. I’m Sandeep, and this story is about how my wife Menakshi and I made love for the first time. I have chosen not to reveal some details; I hope they won’t affect the story.

Menakshi and I had an arranged marriage. Our match was made through common friends, and our parents approved. We had met a few times after that, exchanged numbers, and would often chat on Facebook and WhatsApp. I would call her sometimes late at night, just to hear her voice a few times. We had almost fallen in love.

Our parents, however, did tell us not to meet too often before the wedding. Anyway, let me start the story, from our wedding night reception. The night where the couple is supposed to have the most beautiful sex of their lives. Read more »

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