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Makaan malkin ko choda

Jaisa ki maine aapko apni pahli kahani me bataya ki maine kaise apni naukrani ko choda aur uske baad apna ghar badal diya. Maine naye ghar me shift kiya jahan ki ek family rahti thi. Wo teen log the. Bhaiya (makaan maalik), Bhabhi (Makaan Malkin) aur unki 1.5 saal ki beti. Bhaiya army me job karte the aur saal me do baar aate the, wo bhi sirf ek mahine ke liye. Read more »

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Sex with the Jungle Tribal

It was a surprise for her. We hadn’t been on a holiday for some time and when I asked my wife to pack up for a week, she was curious. Normally she does all the planning and I am called in only to make the payments…so this was a real departure from the norm for us…even though we had been married for 10 years. She pestered me to tell her where it was but all I said was that soon she would find out.

In fact I had booked an old colonial bungalow in the midst of deep jungles in central India. A local tribal was running a small NGO to raise funds for the education of their children by running this bungalow as a niche tourist place. They organized jungle safaris, photography sessions, angling, trekking and other (safe) adventure tourism related activities. I had arranged for safaris and angling sessions.

Anyway, three hours into the drive towards our destination, I had no choice but tell her where we were heading or she would have pulled my hair out. She was very happy to hear that we were going far away from the madding crowds. We arrived at a small town where our guide was supposed to pick us up. He was already waiting for us at the only post office in the town together with two other men. All three hopped in the back of my car as we sped away to the deeper jungles. Read more »

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The Wedding Photographer

It had been a long day, and I was glad it was over. Since seven in the morning, I’d had a studio full of people for a photo shoot. It was for a popular and irreverent men’s magazine, and all the models had been scantily clad. I suppose the readership of the magazine liked their women beautiful and dumb, because that’s certainly what I’d dealt with all day. Working with fashion models may sound glamorous, but it’s usually not. Most of them are either vapid or vacuously chatty.

My assistants Gulati and Bobby were shutting down the studio lights and moving props out of the way while I hustled the last of the models and various other people out of the building. I couldn’t wait to pour myself a cold drink and relax, although I knew I wouldn’t have long before the magazine’s art director called. We’d talk about the shoot, when he could see the proofs, and a host of other details.

I had just shut the outer door on the last of the crowd when the office phone rang. With a sigh, I resigned myself to dealing with the call. Read more »

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BDSM Basti

Warm spring light streamed into the room through the crack in the curtains and woke me from the same dream I’d been having for the past few weeks. It featured the biker chick who passed me on the way to work each morning. She lingered in my thoughts even as the dream faded. I unconsciously reached down, wrapped my fingers around my erection and slowly stroked it. I reached over to the bedside table with my free hand and fished a tissue out of the boxes” I needed to wank but didn’t want to make a mess.

I pulled my foreskin back slowly, revealing the shiny purple knob. From that cautious start I built up into a steady rhythm, wanking harder and faster. I could feel an orgasm building at the base of my balls. When the sticky white cum shot from the end of my knob I did my best to aim it at the waiting tissue.

An orgasm is a good way to start the day, even if it is self-induced. But if I thought that having an early morning tug would quell my urges for the day, I was sadly mistaken. Young, horny and under-fucked, that was me.

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Bumping into Kavita in the Bus

When people ask how I met Kavita, I smile and reply, “On the bus.” Of course, I can’t tell them the whole story. Kavita and I grin at each other, and enjoy our sexy little secret. My first dinner with her parents was embarrassing. I had to think on my feet that night, I can tell you.

We’ve been married nearly two years now, and our first child is on the way. Life is good, and even though we’ve got a reliable car these days, we still take the bus every now and then, just for old time’s sake.

My car was off the road. The clapped out piece of junk had finally given up the ghost. Trouble was, I had too much on my plate to shop around for a new motor. I had to take the bus to work each day instead. Mornings were fine. I always went in early when the bus was empty. I read the morning newspaper on the journey. The ride home was a different matter. The mass exodus of shoppers and students from the town centre, made the journey very uncomfortable.

One particular Wednesday in December, I was late getting to the bus-stop and there was a long line of Christmas shoppers waiting for my bus. It was standing room only by the time I got on board. And not very much standing room at that. I got on, paid my fare, and headed for the back of the bus. Just like it says on the little signs. Read more »

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The Aunty from my College Days

This was a few years back. My first year of college I really wanted some freedom.

I’d lived under my parent’s roof for nearly nineteen years, living by their rules and constantly under their watchful eyes. I had a part-time job making pretty good money driving an Uber for one of the local garages and so, when the opportunity to strike out on my own presented itself in an affordable way, I took it.

Of course I wouldn’t be on my own. I was part of a threesome of college guys that rented a twenty-year old, three BHK flat in a once middle-class but by then declining neighbourhood. We divided the rent and the utilities up evenly, making me responsible for 12 thousand rupees a month. For this I received a private twelve by ten bedroom and a third of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Read more »

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Love/Sex in the Modern Age

Kuldeep is now far away from me on his business tour. He is my hubby, my sweet hubby, we married few months back. I was a blushing virgin before I met Kuldeep.

Before my marriage my sex life was practically non-existent. I needed to be with a man who would pleasure me, adore me and make love with me in the way he would like, in the way I would desire.

Kuldeep is the focus of all my fantasies. He is the person who gave me the test of real flesh inside my pussy.

He is so handsome, so male, his body is so slender trimmed and his cock his balls between his loins are so nice, so sexy and so good sized that when I laid my eyes on his naked body first time; a soft moan escaped from my lips, a heat of passion and hunger of lust began to grow within me, electricity cackled through my body, my heart started to flutter wildly, my nipples started to ache and my pussy started to seep. Read more »

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Exposing Myself – A Short Confession

This is something that happened when I was a teenager. My brother was in a few years younger to me. Normally my mother used to pack lunch for both of us and give it to me so that we could eat together during the lunch break. The new lunch room was being constructed, so most of the students used to have lunch at the assembly hall or in the class rooms or on the playground. Since my brother had a games session after lunch break we decided to go to the playground for lunch. We sat under a tree, there were a few other friends of mine out there, we all had lunch together. The bell rang, the break was over, so i packed up everything and started back for my class. My brother stayed back on the grounds for the games class. I went to the class room, sat at my desk, flattened my skirt over my legs and took out some books for class.

The class started, after about half an hour i wanted to pee but there was a class test after this one, so i thought I’ll just hold till the end of it. One class finished and the other started. It was now more than an hour that i was trying to hold myself, all throughout the class test, i was shifting my position on my desk to try and control myself. The test got over and i handed over the paper to the teacher and was going to step out when the teacher stopped me and said no one leaves till all have finished. I went and sat at my desk again. I needed to go but there was no way!. The test finished and all handed over the papers and the teacher left, i got up and walked fast towards the toilet. When i reached it i found that it had been locked for the construction work, i felt so helpless, so i decided to try and go up one floor to the toilet there. I walked towards the stairs. I reached the stairs and started to walk up, i went in the direction of the toilet but fond it was only for boys. So i turned to go to the other side. Read more »

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Me and aunt rock on

my name is Rohit height 5.8 inches I hope u all will believe on my story this is true incident happen when I was 18 yrs old I shifted to new Bombay from Jalgaon and we owned a flat my neighbors were good but in first 6 months I was not introduced to anyone but in December I made my friends easily cause I was good in arranging parties and I helped everyone and all became my good friends then they all introduced to me to everyone in society Read more »

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Aunt loved the size

Let me tell about my aunty. She has the most voluptuous body I have ever seen. Typical Indian beauty – had big breasts that seem to always swell whenever she wore her tight blouses had a very sexy smile but the best part was her ass. God I must have dream a thousand times of it. She always wear cotton saree and it stick to body and the view of her hip curve and jiggling buttocks are beautiful. I am living with my uncle & aunty from the age of 10 after my parents went to work in Dubai. Read more »

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Romping with my aunty

Let me introduce my self, my name is Shashi (name changed), a final year Degree student, 5’7”, good built. I came to know about this site from one of my friend. Its really great site and I would like to share my experiences with you friends. It’s about Kamala, a sexy lady of my life. Her entry into my life was quiet unexpected.

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Bakery wali sexy aunty

Hi friends this is my first story i have written.Let me intoduce myself first .My name IS Ocean .I m 22 male from Bhopal and i living alone with my friends bcoz i m studying in enng collage. Maine 10 no. Mai flat rent par liya tha waha par ek dukan thi bakeri ki hum log continue wahan se hai saman kharidte the dheere-2 humlogo ke samband bahut achhe hogaye the wo bakeri ek uncle ki thi dinbhar uncle hi waha par baithe the paar sham ko jab uncle shoping ke liye jate the to apni wife ho baitha jate the unki wife unse umr mai to bahut choti thi uncle honge 30 ke or unty 24 ki .

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First experience with hot aunty

Hi! My name is ASIF.I m from Hyderabad (Pakistan)( Today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex with you people (Girls and Boys).This incident happen 1 year back. I am student of Electrical Engineering. I am 21 years old. Beautiful girls and women with tight, round and big backsides always attracted me. I always wished to fuck the females having big “Ghand”.

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Aunty Zahda ki chudai

Hi, friends i am 20 year old and a stundent of by name is shahzad. i live in lahore( pakistan).i am 5’8 fair and well built.i live in flat, in fornt of my neighbors lives a family who has hundand wife and one of his son 6 yr old. my aunty is very preet,sweet,cute and sexy…..her name is raina app friends name se hi idia laga sakte ho ki kysi hogi.mere unkle ka aapni karolbagh mai shop hai. jis par ve daily jate hai unka ladka school jata hai..yani meri aunty jayada tar ghar par aakele hi rahti hai..u know she is 36,26,37 can u belive ? but its true she is my dreamgirl i want to fuck her but how? friends its my true story how can my dream come true mai aapko batata hu.

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Chudai ki maari chachi bechari

Hi dosto. Main Ajay fir se hazir hu meri ek aur kahani lekar. Agar apne meri pichli kahani padi hai to aap log jante hoge main jyada idhar udhar ki baate nahi karta. To main direct apni nayi kahani pe aata hu.

Meri biwi mujhse kuch nahi chupati. Aise hi aksar wo mujhe batati rahti hai ki wo apne mayeke mein apni chichi se sab kuch share karti hai. Yahan tak ki wo dono sex ke bare mein bhi baate karti rahti hai aur apne sex experience bhi ek dusre se share karti rahti hai. Meri biwi batati rahti hai ki uski chachi aur chaha lagbhag roz sex karte hai. Read more »

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