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First experience with hot aunty

Hi! My name is ASIF.I m from Hyderabad (Pakistan)( Today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex with you people (Girls and Boys).This incident happen 1 year back. I am student of Electrical Engineering. I am 21 years old. Beautiful girls and women with tight, round and big backsides always attracted me. I always wished to fuck the females having big “Ghand”.

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Aunty Zahda ki chudai

Hi, friends i am 20 year old and a stundent of by name is shahzad. i live in lahore( pakistan).i am 5’8 fair and well built.i live in flat, in fornt of my neighbors lives a family who has hundand wife and one of his son 6 yr old. my aunty is very preet,sweet,cute and sexy…..her name is raina app friends name se hi idia laga sakte ho ki kysi hogi.mere unkle ka aapni karolbagh mai shop hai. jis par ve daily jate hai unka ladka school jata hai..yani meri aunty jayada tar ghar par aakele hi rahti hai..u know she is 36,26,37 can u belive ? but its true she is my dreamgirl i want to fuck her but how? friends its my true story how can my dream come true mai aapko batata hu.

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Chudai ki maari chachi bechari

Hi dosto. Main Ajay fir se hazir hu meri ek aur kahani lekar. Agar apne meri pichli kahani padi hai to aap log jante hoge main jyada idhar udhar ki baate nahi karta. To main direct apni nayi kahani pe aata hu.

Meri biwi mujhse kuch nahi chupati. Aise hi aksar wo mujhe batati rahti hai ki wo apne mayeke mein apni chichi se sab kuch share karti hai. Yahan tak ki wo dono sex ke bare mein bhi baate karti rahti hai aur apne sex experience bhi ek dusre se share karti rahti hai. Meri biwi batati rahti hai ki uski chachi aur chaha lagbhag roz sex karte hai. Read more »

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Ulalla my aunt

My name is Rohit, 21 yrs old with a well-built body ,fair complexion ,do have a good cock and I always try to keep it active. i am eng 1st year student in Delhi. I have always fantasies about fucking aunties…especially those with a lot hair . My aunt’s name is Meena, 32 yrs old . Our first talk was when I was coming down stairs it was around 6pm. Read more »

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Pleasure with my sons friend

This is a story I have been unable to tell my husband and need to tell someone since I have been married 31 years and I am now 58 years old.
About five years ago my sons roommate from college (who was 24 at the time) was in town for five months for training for his job. His company placed him in a local hotel about 5 miles from our house. Read more »

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Mera luck Part 2

Aur aunty apni chunchiyon ko upar utha utha kar ahhh ahh aaaahh aaummh ahh kar rahi thi aur fir wo uchhal kar muzse lipal gai aur main unki chut se lund pura bahar nikal kar unki chut me ghusa ne laga. Main buri tarah thak gaya tha aur mera pani bhi chhutne wala tha. Maine do tin zatke aur mare ki mera pani unki chut me chhut gaya. Aur main unko apni bahon me bharke unke upar gir gaya. Hum dono jor jor se sanse le rahe the. Aunty ne muze apni baho me kaske jakda hua tha aur thoda normal hone ke bad wo hamfti hui muze chumne lagi. Read more »

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Mera luck Part 1

Hello friends and fans. Main lady fucker kafi wakt ke bad aapke kiye ek sexy story lekar aaya hun. Ye story mere aur mere padosh me rahne wali aunty aur unki bahu yane ki meri bhabhi ke sath suru hue mere sex affair ki hai. Humari aur unki family me kafi banti hai is liye humara ek dusre ke ghar kafi aana jana laga rahta hai. Ek din jab main unke ghar gaya to muze pata chala ki aunty, unka beta pravin aur sangitabhabhi aur unka 2 sal ka beta tour pe ja rahe hai. Uncle jaruri kam ki bajah se nahi ja rahe the. Unho ne tour ke sare paise bhar diye the. Read more »

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Asha – The voluptuous aunt Part 2

As I couldn’t unhook it, she smiled again and reached her back to the hook and smiled at me as she pushed her boobs out, she unhooked her bra and let it stay there and lied down. I looked at her and she looked at me with inviting eyes that were half closed she opened her arms inviting me in there, I looked at her from her eyes to the toe and back up as she pulled one of her legs up showing me her smooth creamy thighs, her breasts were rising and falling with her heavy breathing. I tugged at the saree on her waist and she lifted her ass just a little so that I can remove her saree. She was now in her bra covering her huge breasts, the petticoat and the panties. I tugged on the rope that tied her petticoat and it opened, I grabbed it from the sides and pulled it down, she again lifted her ass and I removed the petticoat, she was now only in her bra and panties. The black lacey panties were covering her wet mound that was oozing love juices and its glistening wetness could be seen from outside the panty. As my eyes were glued to her pussy covered wet panties she reached out to my T-Shirt and lifted it upwards, I understood and removed my T-Shirt. I again went down and as I was reaching her mouth she opened it up for me anticipating the kiss and our tongues started to wrestle in each others mouths.

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Asha – The voluptuous aunt Part 1

Asha was my friend’s mother with whom I studied in the college. Puneet, my college friend, and I met on the very first day of the college and became fast friends. We were in the same class and lived in the same area of Mumbai. We had never met before, but once we got to know each other in the college our friendship grew within days and we used to spend a lot of time together. One day Puneet invited me to his house to study and then play cricket in the evening. I got my books and headed to his house, I rang the door bell and waited, no one opened the door, I rang the door bell again and waited and repeated the process. I was upset and as I thought that this will be the last time I will ring the door bell, the door opened and Asha aunty was right in front of me. She stared at me and I looked at her, big brown eyes, black/brown hair.

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Horny aunt enjoying sex with college boys Part 2

Boudi seem to like her milk taste and she never had tasted like this and told Dinesh can do once more. By hearing that my dick got hard and again I saw Dinesh giving her milk by mouth but this time Priyanka was also sucking Dinesh’s lips. I went down and put my head inside her saree and tried to search her pussy. She was wearing petticoat , so it was hard but I could smell some divine smell coming from her pussy.

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Horny aunt enjoying sex with college boys Part 1

Hi this is Suraj going to narrate a real incident. While in College final days I used to roam with my Area friends. They were not studying in college but used to do other stuffs like helping their father in shops. My close friends were Bapi and Dinesh.

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My neighbor aunty was not satisfied

Hi, I am Maddy. Every human wants to share his/her sexual feelings to someone so here on this site I got a friends of world’s nook and corner.

Here is the story of how I fucked my neighbor aunty. I use to live with my parents in an independent house in a well named colony of Pune, with a very friendly neighborhood so the story is of Aparna aunty (name changed) as per aunties request, who use to stay adjacent home of us.

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My horny aunt became my slut Part 2

I never could forget Kalpana aunty for a single moment. Meanwhile I passed my higher secondary and tried to admit in the university. For that I had to go Rajshahi to collect the admission form. I had no relative there so I boarded in a hotel. That day I was returning from the university by bus and crossing a school there. Suddenly I saw Kalpana aunty came out from the school, hired a rickshaw and disappeared. I couldn’t get down from the running bus. I returned to the hotel and decided to find out Kalpana aunty by any means.   In the next day I went to the school at the same time and began to wait keeping me hiding behind a tree. When Kalpana aunty came out from the school and left the place I went to the school get and asked a student “the woman went by rickshaw, who is she?” The student replied “Kalpana Aunt, our teacher.” I understood all, Kalpana aunty is serving in this school. I asked the student again, “Where does reside your teacher?” Now he alerted and asked me “why are you asking about her, who are you?” I smiled and told “n-nothing, I will appoint her as a house tutor of my elder sister, but I don’t know her address.” Then the student described the address.

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My horny aunt became my slut

Hi readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.

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Unknown aunty invites me to fuck her

Pranaam, hi hot ladkiyon, sexy bhabhiyon or mere doston. Mera naam ekluvya hai main Mumbai kaa rehaneywaalaa hun mujhe bye chance God ne bohot Luck ke saath bhejja hai kyunki schul or college k friends group k har ladkee ko mainey chodaa hai lekin main aaj ek aisee story share kar raha hun jiss  k liya mujhe bahut struggle kar naa padaa that is an angle of my village a perfect Pamela Anderson looking and woman.

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