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Meri best friend aunty Part 1

Hello dosto, mera naam vipin hai, hamara pariwar Nagpur me rehta hai. Main abhi pune mein rahata hun aur ek private company me service karta hun.Yeh kahani us samay ki hai jab mai ke exam ki tayari kar raha tha. Hamaray baju me ek prewar rehne aaya.wo do miya biwi our Unki sath me ek budhi maa thi, jo ki wo uncle ki mother thi.unki shadi ko 10-11sal huye the lekin unko koi bhi santan nai thi,or wo kariban 37-38ki unki umar thi. Unkay pati private insurance co. me officer the.Isi wazse wo mostly dosre citys me ghumte rehte the. Thode din rehnay ke bad unki hamari jan pehchan ho gai or hamara unka aana jan ho gaya. Kariban thode dino bad us aunty ki aur meri dosti ho gai.woh bahut sexy thi, aunty ka figer bahut hi achha tha unhe dekh kar lagta nai tha ki wo itne umar ki hogi.unke boob bade the or sexy the jab wo chalti thi to unke boobs hilte the.

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Doodhwali aunty ki mast chudai

I have a elder brother whose married for past 5 years and he is maximum time on tours. My babhie is sexy rather now I should call her a sexy bitch. * *My parents and I use to stay delhi and I had come for an interview to pune. Pune is the place where my baya and bhabie stay. Bhaya was as usual on a tour and bhabie was alone at home. I called up bhabie from the railway station and informed her I have reached pune and will be at home within a short time. * *I reached home and rang the bell, she opened the door, I was happy to see her as I was meeting her after a long time say some where 2 yrs or may be even more. But I was also surprised ….looking at her dress.

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Sex with neighbor hot aunty

Hello my name is suresh jenne from hyderabad. i am studying degree first year.i have REAL a sex story HAPPENED WITH my neighboring aunty. her name was meera. and she was so sexy with figures of 36 28 36 who lived in a same area. she was my father friend wife .i was poor in maths so my worried a lot .one day when meera aunty came to our house. we where chatting with her .my mother told that i am poor in maths .then she said that she will take tuition for me. then my mother agreed.

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Prakash ne choda sexy aunty ko Part 2

I started kissing his manly chest. Caressed his chest, and said, Prakash you are confidential and reliable too. You are my best friend. You are the only care taker for me in Hyderabad. I kissed his neck. I caressed his back. We both lay in the bed. I was flat on my back. He came over me. He caressed my face looked in my eyes. He said, Anjani I love you. I said, I know that Prakash. Saying so I caressed his head, caressed his face and pulled him near me. We were lip locked and started sucking each other. I wrapped my legs around him. His hard cock was pressed on my triangle. I was very happy to have such a big beautiful cock to serve my pussy. I was eager to have it in me. His palm traveled on my curves. Some moments ago also he had assessed my curves, but this was all to gather a different feeling. This one is skin to skin contact. Every move of his palm was sending different sensation to my nervous system. His each caress use to send tingling to my sensations. I loved it. His one palm was caressing my cheek, which I loved the most. Another palm started the tour from my neck to shoulder to my arm, to my waist and again back upward, I raised my arm and he caressed my armpit so lovingly. His face moved towards my armpit. He sniffed me there. I was shocked for a moment; I have never heard any man doing this.

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Prakash ne choda sexy aunty ko Part 1

After a lapse of long period I am again here at the behest of my net friends, who are searching my love making stories, they often write to me about it. So here is your friend This story I have written as explained by the woman character of my story. This is because I wanted show the heart felt sorrows of her life. Hi, my name is Anjani, I originally hail from Gujarat. I have settled in Hyderabad after my marriage. I got married early at my age of 20. My husband is in automobile business along with his family members. Ours is a joint family. My marriage was a happier one as everybody would respect and care me well. But this didn’t continue for long. After few years I lost peace of mind. The reason was that I was unable to conceive. We carried many tests and done many medications, but nothing resolved. Even at the age of 25 years I was unable to have a child.

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Anjali aunty The amazing doctor Part 2

Anjali: then we have a deal. You will come here tomorrow evening same time. It may or may not be your last session with me and tell your mother that it will take time. Then after we are done you will bring your mother on the last day and that will be the last time you see me. Is that understood?

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Anjali aunty The amazing doctor Part 1

Anjali was a c***d psychiatrist living in a posh area in Mumbai along with her live-in partner Amit. They weren’t married but in a live in relationship almost like any other couple. Her patients were usually teenagers who were involved in crime and she worked in a government hospital by day dealing with juveniles and then spent her evening in her own clinic at home, dealing with c***dren brought in by anxious parents so her evenings were usually turned into counseling sessions.

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A married Kerela aunty lust story Part 2

I was thanking my luck gods for permitting me to be at the right place at the right time so that i am able to enjoy this lady. My lips met hers. The first time i am smooching. I have seen in it movies and have longed. This is happening for real. Our lips locked. Our hands exploring each other’s back. She started cupping my ass and in return i cupped her ass… She put her hands under my jeans and felt my ass. We were smooching. After a good long 10 mins taking seconds we broke the smooch. She had her eyes closed and I could see her enjoying the feeling of me on her. The lips slowly parting. The lips parted but lots of saliva threads were still joining her lips with mine.

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A married Kerela aunty lust story Part 1

Hi. I am Sam from Kerala. It was 3 months back when I was like most of the guys of my age looking out for the 1st memorable sexeperience that I met this gorgeous lady who was by looks about 40 years old. Well I had to call her 40 years young. Like all women of that age she had an amazing figure. I don’t know the exact figure stats but any guy would go drooling over. How I met her.  Well here we begin my 1st story in this website. I walked into Varkeys supermarket at Palarivattom Junction to buy a deodorant. I went up to the 1st floor and went near the counter where all the deos were kept. In this supermarket the deos and some cosmetics are kept behind a counter with a staff to look after.

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Fun with aunt under blanket Part 2

But to my bad luck we reached our place. My place was a Penthouse on fourth floor. It consists of two rooms – 1 kitchen and 1 study room with attached bathroom. It was a small room. which I can afford with my small job.  Even at my place power was not there. After parking bike we started taking steps as there is no elevator. We took steps as fast as we can. My room will be on a corner upon the building. After taking steps we ran into my room. It was too dark, we can hear each others breathing as we took long steps to reach room. I got a candle in my room, I asked my aunt to close all the doors so that the candle won’t go off. After lighting the candle I offered her a dry towel to dry herself.  She was completely drenched. she was looking so sexy in that wet saree. she loosened her hair and started drying it with towel. She was trying to cover her body from me. She turned away and continued to rub her body with towel. I can’t move my eyes away, I was looking at her back, neck, waist and butts in the candle light. I want to hug her from back and kiss her on neck.  She suddenly turned back, looked at me and said “Hey arun dry yourself otherwise you will catch cold.

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Fun with aunt under blanket Part 1

It was a typical sunny day in cochin in rainy season. I opened my eyes and looked at the time in my mobile, usually by this time I will be on my way to office. But today I was on leave as my aunt from my native place coming to city on some work. As she don’t know anything in the city, she asked my help. I got ready in few minutes and started to railway station. Train was little late and I was waiting on platform for my aunt.  My aunt name is Rekha. She lives in our neighborhood in my village, Her husband is working in Dubai, she has a daughter studying in secondary high school probably 8th or 9th standard. She lives with her parents, taking care of her daughter.

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Sharu aunty

Hi I am Raj here, I am good fan of AISS, and enjoy it by you people only. Now I am 32 years old and very sexy guy. This is happen when I was 23 years old. I am having cousin aunty name Sharu, but I never called her aunty, only by her name ?Sharu?. She is always smily, on at that time she was of 33 years with 2 kids. Her breast was huge big like big watermelon with full of juice and her hips also well round and big though she was slim. Her body size was bust ? 96, waist ? 61, hips ? 99. Because of bachelor, I was hungry in search of fuck and eyes stop on my lovely Sharu aunty. I always masturbating on sharu?s name and satisfying my self like fuck to her. It became my dream to fuck her. Our house was near to each other.

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Toilet mein aunty ki chudai

Hi friends, this is harshal from Mumbai. I am a graduate and working in an MNC in Mumbai. Introducing myself I am a 23yrs old guy with 5.9″ height and fit body.

Ab story pe aata hu ye un dino ki baat hai jab mai 12 pass ho gaya tha. Mujhe BMS karna tha jiska admission ho gaya tha but college 3 mahine baad chalu hona tha. To maine ek international call centre me apply kiya aur luckily mera selection ho gaya. i was in a US process. Hum US ke logo ko phone par Dish Tv bechte the starting me hamari training thi.

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Oral sex with aunty

Dear readers of AISS…it is my pleasure to add to the existing collection, the experience I had not very long ago with my aunt who still lives in Coimbatore. I was 18yrs old then and it was during my 12th grade summer holidays that I went over for a 5-day visit to my aunty who lives with her 2yr old son in Coimbatore. I was visiting her after 3yrs and I had no clue that this visit was going to be the most remarkable one in all my life for it was after this that my sex life changed. She was 31yrs old but had one of those great bodies that could make a dead man’s penis come alive.  My uncle had to leave to Dubai because of his new job in a rigging plant. He would visit her every 4 months or so and I’m sure every woman goes through a lot of feelings deep down within her when her husband is away. I reached Coimbatore in the afternoon after my journey in the morning train.

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Sweet aunty milk

Hello, I am Narayana from Andhra, Thanks to AISS readers and welcome to my experience. At first let me describe. I am 25 years old unmarried with high sex drive. My hobby is to catch good figured aunties above 25 years. This is real story of my life. There is a family beside my house. There is very beautiful aunty (Sujhata) and her husband is a bank officer. Their marriage is late marriage and her age is 27 years . Damn she has perfect figure from top to bottom. When ever I see her figure I used to exite and worked myself at bathroom .Usually she keeps a very closeness with me and when ever I need any thing I used to ask her as I am living lonely. I used to go there for a moment especially for phone, she offers me cool drink and asks me very much. But due to fear I unable to catch the real moment.

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