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Sajid and I fuck my aunt

This is an absolutely true story that took place five years back when I was 18 years old. I was a normal teen like every Pakistani who had craze of cricket although I knew about sex because I had some friends who had experience. I use to heard them talking about my other friends aunties. […]

My aunts belly

Hi Every Body, I’m from Bangalore, like any other guy of 26 I too masturbate watching TV or thinking of some one whom I have seen on the road, But things started getting real when I got introduced to a female friend ‘Urmilla’ by my friend Rekha, who in turn used to practice with us. […]

Aunty fucker

Hi to all the Blog readers. I have read many stories on different sites so I decided to share my true incident with u all. Frist I tell about me I am 23 yrs old with average built body and 5′7 feet of height.  This incident happened 6 months ago when my aunty visited our […]

Romping with my aunty

Let me introduce my self, my name is Shashi (name changed), a final year Degree student, 5’7”, good built. I came to know about this site from one of my friend. Its really great site and I would like to share my experiences with you friends. It’s about Kamala, a sexy lady of my life. […]

Indian aunt Rina’s milk

Apu as child grew up with his aunt Rina. When Apu was just 5 years old his both parents dies in an accident and there was no one accept aunt Rina to take care of him. Rina adopted Apu to fulfill the longing of her 9 month old son Jack who died of jaundice. To […]

At The Cinema With Neena

We settled into our seats about fifteen minutes ahead of the show. The lights in the theatre were still on and the crowd coming in. I had booked us the last row at the back and corner seats at that. I had already planned the seating arrangements. I sat at the corner seat, Neena next […]

Aunt wants anal

This is Dipu.  i spend most of my time watching porn, but I got interested after going through couple of stories. So I decided to share my own experience which happened last year. Since this is my first time Im not sure if you will like it, however To begin with myself, Im 5.4″ guy […]

Aunty night seduction

Hi all readers of AISS. As am a fan of AISS and i would like to publish my true experiance with you. Let me introduse my self, my name is adith (my pen name) am an average man, 35 years from kerala-tiruvalla now married and settled. This happened aound 20 years back with my aunt […]

Chachi se kiraya wasul

Main sheela aunty ke ghar chuttiyo pe gaya tha.Sheela aunty 45 saal ki aurat hai jo ghar par akeli rehti hai, chacha dusrey town main job kartey hai. main dopahar ko chachi ke saath baitha TV dekh raha tha tabhi ek hatta katta gunda type dikhne wala admi ghar aya aur chachi se jor jor […]

Viji aunty with a special clit Part 2

When my finger reached inside the hair, up to her slit, probing for her secret aperture, and as I entered my index finger, her clitoris PLOPPED out, hanging loosely between her thighs. I joke NOT! Seriously, her clitoris was actually an extended piece of tissue easily about 5 inches long, hanging almost like a cock […]

Viji aunty with a special clit Part 1

A few years back, when my son was just 2 – 3 years old, we had an aunt of mine staying with us. My dad’s youngest sister, she was a widow and in desperate financial straits. My mother had suggested that instead of engaging an unknown person as a maid we could consider employing her […]

My dream aunty

I have had an experience many years ago which I have been contemplating on sharing with all of you. I have always been turned on by women who are older to me and in fact have been lucky to have intercourse with a few of them. One lady who has always fascinated me right from […]

Sex with sexy and beautiful aunty

I’m bhargav from Delhi and this story which I’m posting here is about me and Aunt Monika. I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is […]

Fucking my aunty in coldness

It was a friday evening when Uncle called and said that they were going for a tour to Ootty and I should accompany them.I wasn’t sure why he called me while they were going for a family tour.He said that he had to attend a meeting in between the tour and if I am there […]

Time pass with Gayatri aunty

I’m Rafi 28 yrs guy with 6 and 3/4 inches cock. Brownish skin with medium body. Live at Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, south India. I have so many sexperiences from my age of 17. This is my latest just months before. In my house opposite side got a medicine shop. The shop owener is a brahmin […]

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