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Category Name: Indian Aunty Sex Stories

Neighbourhood Aunties – 20 : Prava

The Aunty featured in this part is Prava Aunty.She was 44yrs old and her husband worked in the stores department of my father’s office.She had a son who was in the boarding school.She was very lively and joyful and had an attractive figure too.Its her nature which attracted me towards her.She also gave tuitions to […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 19 : Nilu

In this part,comes another beautiful Aunty named Nilu Aunty.She was 48yrs old and her husband worked as an security officer in my fathers office.He was from the army and had taken VRS.After that he had joined our office and with him came beautiful Nilu Aunty. Both of them are from Punjab and one can imagine […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 18: Rama

The beautiful Aunty featured in this part is Rama Aunty.She was around 40years old and was the wife of a scientist,who used to work in my father’s office.Infact he was a geologist.He used to remain mainly in the mines area and hardly we see him in the colony.He was short tempered and somehow also absent […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 16 – Sangeeta

The next Aunty in this series is Sangeeta Aunty.She was 39yrs old and had a 10yr old daughter who studied in the local school.Her husband worked in my fathers office and had gone to another office on deputation at kolkataSo,Aunty was living here with her daughter and used to have contact with Uncle through phone […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 15 : Bandana

The next Aunty in this series is Bandana Aunty.She was around 38yrs old and had only one daughter aged 8yrs. Her husband was a typist in my fathers office and Aunty was a housewife. She was also a active member of the ladies club and also very good at giving speeches and playing golf.There was […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 14 : Champa

The next beautiful Aunty in this series is Champa Aunty.She was aroung 46 yrs old and was from the remote village.So,she normally dresses like a village woman.Her husband was a gardener and she had only one daughter who was married. Post Views :16786

Neighbourhood Aunties 13 – Sunita

The Aunty in this series is Sunita Aunty.Well, she was not in the age group of Aunties but I really liked her and that’s why I am putting my story here.She was around 25yrs old and was newly married to a employee of my fathers office who used to regard my father as father.In that […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 12 – Sagarika

The next Aunty in this series is Sagarika Aunty.I better know her as my economics teacher’s wife.Her husband was a lecturer in my college and I also used to go to his house for personal guidance and notes.That was how I got familiar with Sagarika Aunty.She was around 38 yrs old and was also a […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 11 – Apporva

In this part,another Aunty comes.Her name is Apporva Aunty.Just like her name,she is hot,just anyone would have wanted for fucking.The one thing anyone will like about her is her big ass,which is the biggest I have ever fucked.Its almost twice the size of all the asses I had fucked.When she used to walk in the […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 10 – Sabita

The next beautiful Aunty in this series was Sabita Aunty.She was 40years old and she had a son who studied in USA.Her husband was a rough man to be precise as I have heard abour frequent quarrels happening between him and Aunty.He was also not a very social man and avoided most employees except a […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 9 – Nirmala

The next Aunty in this series is Nirmala Aunty.She was 45yrs old and was single.She worked in my father’s office and also stayed in the colony.Although she carried a typical Aunty figure,but she was different from the traditional Aunties.She was modern dressing and that’s what made me attracted towards her specially her big ass which […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 8 – Jaya

In this part comes another and I think the most gorgeous of them all,Jaya Aunty.She was 35 yrs old and she had a figure that made me drool at the moment I saw her.The first meeting with her was at the temple.She used to come to the temple regularly,mainly in the Mondays.I saw her there […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 7 – Sweta

The next beautiful Aunty in this series is Sweta Aunty.She is 42 yrs old and had a buxom figure.Well,as anyone may not find her that much attractive because she was dark but one thing made me attaracted towards her was her big ass.She had a son who used to play cricket in our college team.I […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 6 – Lalita

The next beautiful Aunty in this series was Lalita Aunty.She was 44 yrs old and had a lovely daughter who was 18 and was studying engineering. She lived in the house above ours and most of the time She and my mother used to sit in her balcony while having tea in the afternoon and […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 5 – Mina

After having made 4 Aunties as my women, I was in search for another mature beautiful Aunty and her virgin ass.But I never thought that my search will end somewhere in my own house.The beautiful Aunty I am talking about is Mina Aunty. Her husband was a clerk and was working under my father. Post […]

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