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Neighbourhood Aunties-32 : Saroja

In this part,I had another gorgeous Aunty named Saroja Aunty.She was a stunning beauty,a perfect MILF type with very fair skin and plump body.She was 40yrs old and she had one daughter aged 18 and son aged 15.Her daughter was also very plump and not as beautiful as she.She had moved into our colony about […]

Neighbourhood Aunties-31 : Soorma

This part describes my adventure with another mature Aunty named Soorma.She was around 40yrs old and had a nice figure.She was plump which is normal at her age but she had everything in perfect order.She was the headmistress of the school where my younger sister used to study.She was unmarried. Post Views :21360

My 1st sex experience

Ab main tumhe apne pehle sex ki kahani sunata hoon ki pehli bar maine kaise apni hostel warden ke sath sex kiya tha.Main 10th class me padta tha aur meri age 16 yr thi.Main hostel me rehta tha.College me Chemistry ki nai teacher aayee thi.Unka name Miss Ragini tha.Miss Ragini ka apne pati se talak […]

Neighbourhood Aunties-30 : Soma

In this part comes Soma Aunty.She was a Bengali beauty around 38yrs with a plump body.She was tenant living in our house which we rented and was near to our colony.Her husband was a Medical Representative who normally goes out on tour frequently.So,I thought why not make Aunty my next catch.I was thinking of a […]

Neighbourhood Aunties-29 : Kamala

This episode describes my encounter with a Bhabhi and her mother-in-law.Bhabhi was newly married into our neighbourhood and her mother-in-law who lived in the village also came to our colony for the function.Bhabhi’s name was Rani and her mother-in-laws name was Kamala.Bhabhi was around 30yrs old and had a proportionate figure,I mean everything was in […]

Neighbourhood Aunties-28 : Swapna

In this part,I got to nail an Aunty who was an professor at the university under whom I was doing my project.A small project on Accounting was to be done by the Honours student and as Aunty was the HOD of Commerce department of the University,I had to work under her.The assignment was for seven […]

Neighbourhood Aunties – 27 : Gujarati

In this part,I had a beautiful experience with two one mature and another young aunty.They were Gujarati aunties and this is the first time I had experience with some Gujju ladies.Both were sister-in-laws.Mature Aunty’s name was Krishna and young one’s name was Mayuri.Krishna was 42yrs old with plump body while Mayuri was 30yrs old with […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 25 : Kasturi

The beautiful Aunty that comes in this part is Kasturi Aunty.True to her name she was very fair and always smiling and also had a good figure at the age of 48.She was the classmate of my mother and stayed near to our house.Her husband was also a friend of my father as they both […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 24 : Jamuna

In this part I had another sexual encounter which I think is another one of my memorable one.In this part I got the opportunity to fuck a beautiful Aunty in a threesome with no one else but her husband.It was both a supprise and joy for me fucking beautiful Aunty while her husband was watching. […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 23 : Sonam

The beautiful Aunty featured in this series is Sonam Aunty.She was the English teacher of our college.Since We met often in the college,I used to fantasies her and how I wanted her to be my woman.There were rumors that she had affairs and her husband didn’t like it.Thats why she was having a rough time […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 22 – Nita and Madhavi

In this part,I was lucky to have another threesome with two beautiful Aunties.They are of 48 and 46 yrs old and they were Nita Aunty and Madhavi Aunty respectively.They were close friends and their husbands used to work in my father’s office.They used to chat,go shopping and also attended every function together.If someone is not […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 21 : Shanti

In this experience,I got the first taste of a threesome.The Aunty featured in this series is the mother of one of my friend and the other woman is her daughter-in-law,the wife of my friend’s elder brother who works in Kuwait and comes home in every six months.My friends family was poor and he had to […]

Neighbourhood Aunties – 20 : Prava

The Aunty featured in this part is Prava Aunty.She was 44yrs old and her husband worked in the stores department of my father’s office.She had a son who was in the boarding school.She was very lively and joyful and had an attractive figure too.Its her nature which attracted me towards her.She also gave tuitions to […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 19 : Nilu

In this part,comes another beautiful Aunty named Nilu Aunty.She was 48yrs old and her husband worked as an security officer in my fathers office.He was from the army and had taken VRS.After that he had joined our office and with him came beautiful Nilu Aunty. Both of them are from Punjab and one can imagine […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 18: Rama

The beautiful Aunty featured in this part is Rama Aunty.She was around 40years old and was the wife of a scientist,who used to work in my father’s office.Infact he was a geologist.He used to remain mainly in the mines area and hardly we see him in the colony.He was short tempered and somehow also absent […]

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