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Maa ke sath sambhog

Heloo dosto mera naam vaasu hai or me apko apni sachi story sunatao hu ye story mera or meri maa ke bich hue sachi ghatna hai mera maa ka naam savatri hai vo bhahut hi sundar or thodi moti hai lekin chutud muze pachpan se hi bahut ache lagte the bhat mota hai gol matol […]

Kunwari behna Part 2

I decided to move further and slide my finger under her panty, I just lifted the border of her panty and slide my one finger gentle inside the panty and waited for some time. I slide my finger more very gentle inside her panty and after some time my full palm was inside her panty.  […]

Kunwari behna Part 1

Hi, this is Sudeer from Raipur and I am 39 years old. I am regular reader of AISS and I love the insect stories as well as insect sex. I always look for an opportunity to have sex with my relatives. This is my real incident. This is the incident when I was reading in […]

My loving abajaan Part 3

His lund was driving harder inside me, sawing roughly over my clitoris as he fucked into me. I clutched him desperately, grunting and moaning and panting as my body was bathed in sexual lust and desire. The center of my universe became my choot, and that hard, pounding tube of flesh sliding back and forth […]

My loving abajaan Part 2

I guess it was the way I was sort of…seducing him, y’know? He was getting so excited at the sight and feel of me that it was turning me on too. His hand started to close on my breast, and he cupped it with a light touch, sort of lifting an weighing it. My nipple […]

My loving abajaan Part 1

My Loving Abbajaan (Father, adult daughter) Searching for Mr. Right doesn’t always lead to him. Sometimes Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong, and sometimes Mr. Right was there all along in the last place we would have looked. I got married early, to a guy I thought I was in love with. I became pregnant almost […]

My mother

I am from new delhi ,my name is karan, I am 21 years ,in our house me my mother and 2 sisters ,one is married and the other in always at home ,mother was 45 years at the time,I was 19 years,my sister was in the hospital for her 1st delivery,our earning is my fathers […]

My beautiful sister

I an naved son of rich businessman and businesswoman. who are busy in their own world of business i am having a little sister whom i use to just tease by pressing boobs or kissing or hugging just to dream of her. oneday while i was on computer reading sexstories she came from school and […]

My cousin – My sex partner

Welcome to the world of AISS. I am Rajan, 19-year boy from Ludhiana(Punjab). I also had a mind-blowing experience with one of my bua ji’s daughter. Her name was Richa. She was two year older than me. Her figure was 36-28-36. She was a goddess of sex on earth. This all started at my sister’s […]

Daddy’s love Part 3

He loved her dearly but the scene he witnessed this afternoon had started a fire inside. She reminded him of her slut mother when she was much younger. Geeta’s mother was a beautiful gold digger who had made a complete fool of Darshan Salian. After twelve years of marriage, Darshan discovered she had been having […]

Daddy’s love Part 2

Geeta went outside and across the yard to the gate between the yards. She pushed the gate open and walked over to sit next to Ganesh. He was around fifty and quite well preserved. Janki was four years younger, short and soft. Not really overweight, just well padded. She had a large bosom, which filled […]

Daddy’s love Part 1

Geeta is a tease. She was a tease when she was a little girl. She teased the boys at school. She teases Mr. Nair, who lives in the house next door. She teases her boss, sometimes. She used to tease her mother before she divorced her daddy and moved out west. Geeta teased her brother […]

Chudai Kiran baji ke sath

Hello girl and guys, reader for AISS. I am umer from Karachi Pakistan . I am 29 year old my body 5.10″ inch i am also big fan of these stories I want to tel my real experience with my fist cousin her name is kiran ( kiran real name ) kiran baji is 37 […]

Rasili choot ka maza

Hi guy and girl, I am rana back ,i live in Karachi. I am telling this story to share my sex with my cousin ,because she read my other stories and told me to write her also so I write story. It start’s when my cousin came our house after finshed her second exams to […]

Family cousin fuck

Hello readers of AISS, I m Rajat from India it is my first story for the site I hope you will like and tell me how was the story. I was 22 year old at that time. My fathers cousin baby was gorgeous lady with a huge tits and wonderful boobs really she was able […]

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