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Krishan and His Sisters – Part II

Episode II

But when Sindu returned she had a surprise for the brother and sister. When Sonam had gone for her music lesson, she called Krishan and asked him to sit by her side and started talking. “Krishan, did you and your sister have a good time when I had gone?”, she asked. Krishan was taken aback and could not reply. Sindu continued, “I know what is going on between you two Krishan. I have been watching you admire your sister and I wanted you to get together with her and so I started sleeping in the kitchen and then went away for a week so that you will be able to reveal your love to your sister. Have you done that?” Krishan was happy with relief and said, “Yes mother. Sonam also loves me mother and we both really enjoyed being together last week. I want to thank you so much for being so understanding mother. You have made me and Sonam so happy”.

Sindu replied, “Krishan, a mother’s happiness lies in her children’s happiness. You have been the guardian and helper in this home and I have been wondering how I can repay you for your sacrifices and this happened to be a good way. It will be several years before you can marry and Sonam has to wait at least two more years until we have enough money for her marriage. So at least until her marriage, I thought she can be your wife. Tomorrow is raksha bandan when brother and sister exchange tokens of love and affection. That will be a good day for you and Sonam to start sleeping together.

After wearing new clothes and tying the kankan in each other’s wrists tomorrow, you two go to the temple and pray in the evening. We will have a festive dinner and then you can take Sonam to sleep with you. You two can sleep in the store room, it is more private and it has a door you can latch from inside. I will sleep here in the hall. I have made more space in the store room so that you two can be comfortable there. You and your sister can do whatever a husband and wife will do except that you should be careful not to make your sister pregnant. We cannot hide it. You should have intercourse with Sonam only when she is safe. I will tell you both when it is ok and when it is not. I know it will be difficult to refrain from having intercourse especially whn you are newly married to a young girl who is further your loving sister. But Sonam will have to learn to give you oral intercourse and take you in her behind.”. Read more »

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Krishan and His Sisters – Part I

Episode I

Krishan was 22 years old but while all his friends in the village who were of his age, had gotten married, Krishan’s marriage was in the distant horizon. The reason was he had to work for many more years to pay off all the family debt. His father had passed away due to pneumonia attack when he was 16 without marrying off any of his four daughters and he did not leave any money behind except the house they lived in. So as soon as Krishan passed out of high school, he wrote the public service commission exam and got a government job in the nearby town. This helped the family borrow money on the house and Krishan has to pay it off with his salary. He had arranged marriages for three of his sisters – his elder sister Neha who is 24 years old now and is happily married with one child, his first younger sister Radha who is 20 years old now and does not yet have a child even though she is married for 2 years now and his second younger sister Neeta who is 18 years old now and got married only 6 months back.

Krishan had to not only pay off the debts but he had also to support his mother Sindu who was 40 and his last sister Sonamla who was 16 and further see to it that Sonamla is also married well. Krishan was a normal healthy young man and he had his sexual needs. He had discovered masturbation when he was in school and his object of fantasy during his pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to home. That day when he woke up from bed and went to the backyard to brush his teeth, his sister Sonam was there washing clothes. Read more »

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Love with my hot mom

Hi everybody, this is Raju age 25, working in MNC, Chennai, I have been perusing AISS for as long as 4 years and now I going to post my genuine involvement with my mother. My mother is exceptionally adorable towards me as I am the main child to my guardians and I too like her all that much. My perspective on my mother changed when I came to thought about Incest. Read more »

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Soft sex with my cousin

This is not exaggeration, this is based on my story of 1993. I feel ashamed, cause she my cousin sister. I shouldn’t have done this to her. I am from South Tamil Nadu. It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying Ninth Std. It all started from this point, in the night before my sister’s marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a medium complexion, but…but really beautiful mean it. She was wearing silk blow and the bottom (pattu pavadai). I was instructed to look after the kids who were playing on the Marriage’s hall terrace.

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How I fucked hot wife of my brother in law Part 2

I must have seen her hundreds of time but always with full decent cloths. A milky white body with just a black bra, a hanging mangal sutra and a skirt¡­.¡­that innocent face and eyes full of some burning desire. I don¡¯t know why that skirt was tempting me so much that I didn¡¯t pulled it down but took no time to remove her black laced panty at the same time¡­¡­¡­Now here was the most beautiful lady. Read more »

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How I fucked hot wife of my brother in law Part 1

Hi all, I recently got to know about this website and after reading many stories, I thought to write mine, which in a way still amuses me. I would say that I was rather lucky then calling me sexy guy at 48 now. It all happened some one year back. First I would like to tell, myself Rahul dev living in Jaipur, Rajasthan height 6’1″ weight 98 kgs., well built ¨C sporty and very active and decent looking guy. Read more »

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Mom’s ripe pussy feels like heaven

Hi friends My name is Rohan.Iam 18 years old and I am the only son for My parents.My dad left to Dubai when Iwas 12 years old and he is working there.He used to come to India once in ayear.Money was not a problem for us since dad sends us good cash monthly.My momSwati is a house wife and we both live in an independant big house which My Dadpurcahsed 3 years back.I am going to tell you how My mom and I got emotionally& physically attracted to each other. Read more »

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First time sex with mom

My Mom in law is a pain in the neck, she is bossy. treats everybody like shit, wants everything done her way, she is 59 now, she is a bomb very sexy and gave me a hard on the very first time I saw her. this happened a good five years ago. My father in law was 16 years her senior, when he married her, was a heart patient for about 10 years before he passed away and she used to boss around him too as she used to work and he had retired, he passed away seven years ago. I and she couldn’t see eye to eye, we used to avoid each other to the maximum, even if we used to meet on the road, we used to pass each other without acknowledging, I hated her very sight, and she never used to visit our house when I was around, which was fine by me and I was happy for that, she used to live about five minutes away from where I lived. Read more »

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Meri mausi ki saree

Ye story tabki hai jab main sirf 18 saal ka tha.Ghar me bahot bada function tha. Aur functon me sabhi aaye hue the.Meri maasi dikhne bahot sexy hain. unka naam kavita hain.Wo sabhi ke taraha saree pehnti hain aur unka saree penneka tarika unse dekhne me aur bhi tare juda deta hain.Wo sree ko apni moti kamr ke niche pehnti hain.Woh bahot jyadabhi motinahi hain magar saree me unka sabhi motapa chupjata hain kyoki logoki nazar unke bubbo pe rehti hain.unki belly bhi bahot najuk hain aur use dekhogeto use chatne ka man karega.Wo peshe se vakil hain aur unki shaadi hochuki hain.unke 3 bete hain lekin firbhi wo apni jawani me kami nahi hain.Unke bubbeto jaise ek ek tarbuj ho aise hain,unhe mume leke chusne ka man karta hain.

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Nanad aur devar ke sath Part 2

Itani baat hote hote ham tino uttejit hote chale the. Madhavi bar bar apani nikar thik karane ke bahane apani bhos khujal leti thi. Paresh ke tatar lund ne pajama ka tambu bana diya tha.

Meine aage kaha : Jab chodane ka dil hota hai tab aadami ka lauda tan kar lamba, mota aur kada ho jata hai. Ladaki ki bhos gili ho jati hai. Aadami apana kada lauda jise lund bhi kahate hein use ladaki ki chut men daal kar andar bahar karata hai. Ise chodana kahate hein. Madhavi : Aisa kyun karate hein ? Mein : Aisa karane men bahut maja aata hai aur aadami ka viry ladki ki chut men girata hai.Viry men purush bij hota hai jo ladaki ke stri-bij saath mil jata hai aur naya bachcha ban jata hai. Madhavi : Bhabhi dekho, bhaiya ka ?.vo khada ho gaya hai. Paresh : Tuze kya ? Bhabhi, ek bat bataun ? Mera to ro raat ko khada ho jata hai. Us men kuchh bura to nahin na ? Mein : Kuchh bura nahin.

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Nanad aur devar ke sath Part 1

Mera nam hai Kailash. Mein dehati ladaki hun, high school tak padhi hui. Meri shadi do saal pahale hui hai. Mere pati Gangadhar kissan hai. Vo 22 saal ke hein ar mein 18 saal ki. Ghar men ham dono hi hein, un ke mata pita kai saalon se gujar gayen hein. Aaj mein aap ko meri niji kahani sunaane jaa rahi hun.

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Chhoti behan ki chudai in Mumbai

Aaj mai jo kahani aplogo ko sunane ja raha hu wo kisi aur ki nahi meri apni hai aur wo bhi apni chhoti bahan ke sath kiye gaye sex ki hai.jaisa ki apne pahle kahani me maine bataya hai ki meri bahan jiski umar pachish saal hai ek sawali ladaki hai. Uski chehare ko dekhne ke baad kishi ka bhi man chodne ko bachain ho jaye. Maine apne pichhle kahani me bataya tha ki maine usko apne do dosto ke saath chudai karte hue dekha tha. Tabhi se maine use chodne ka plan banaya tha. Ek din mere intjar ki ghadi khatma ho gai. Jab maine us raat ko use chod diya. In dino meri mummy mere paas ayi huyi hai. Din ke samay dopahar me meri bahan nahane ke baad mera half paint pahni thi.

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Sasur ji ne jamkar choda

HI dosto mera naam rohini hai. Meri umer 32 saal hai. Me ek middel class family mai raheti hoon. Aaj me apko mere jivan ki ek sachhi ghatna bata rahi hoon. Mere ghar main me, mere pati, mere do ladke aur mere sasur rahte hai. Ye baat tabki hai jab mera bada bachha ek saal ka tha. Tabhi mere pati ki duty night me thi aur wo raat ko 8 baje kam par jate aur subah 6 baje ghar lot ate the. Raat ko me aur mere sasur aur mera ek saal ka bachha hum teenohi ghar me rahte the. Meri saas to mere shadi se pahelihe gujar gayi thi.

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My cousin – My sex partner

Welcome to the world of AISS. I am Rajan, 19-year boy from Ludhiana(Punjab). I also had a mind-blowing experience with one of my bua ji’s daughter. Her name was Richa. She was two year older than me. Her figure was 36-28-36. She was a goddess of sex on earth. This all started at my sister’s marriage.  Ever thing was going perfectly. As you know at marriages lots of traditional functions are there. I never feel this thing ever in my life for my sister but that day I was fascinated by her. I was looking for chance when I could touch her.

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Daddy’s love Part 3

He loved her dearly but the scene he witnessed this afternoon had started a fire inside. She reminded him of her slut mother when she was much younger. Geeta’s mother was a beautiful gold digger who had made a complete fool of Darshan Salian. After twelve years of marriage, Darshan discovered she had been having affairs with one after another of his friends and business associates. She had been siphoning off his savings and one day, she suddenly walked out without a word, leaving him with two children to raise and virtually broke. Darshan prayed that Geeta was not following in her mother’s footsteps. What with the way she had wantonly participated in sex play with the neighbors, outside in plain sight, how could he think anything different of her? But, Geeta had been turning his hormones topsy-turvy lately. Sitting with her after eating pizza, sipping on a cold beer and giggling over silly jokes, Darshan was totally at ease with Geeta. He tried not to stare at her soft breasts, but his eyes kept returning to the cleft showing above the top button of her blouse.

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