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First time sex with mom

My Mom in law is a pain in the neck, she is bossy. treats everybody like shit, wants everything done her way, she is 59 now, she is a bomb very sexy and gave me a hard on the very first time I saw her. this happened a good five years ago. My father in law was 16 years her senior, when he married her, was a heart patient for about 10 years before he passed away and she used to boss around him too as she used to work and he had retired, he passed away seven years ago. I and she couldn’t see eye to eye, we used to avoid each other to the maximum, even if we used to meet on the road, we used to pass each other without acknowledging, I hated her very sight, and she never used to visit our house when I was around, which was fine by me and I was happy for that, she used to live about five minutes away from where I lived. Read more »

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Love with my hot mom

Hi everybody, this is Raju age 25, working in MNC, Chennai, I have been perusing AISS for as long as 4 years and now I going to post my genuine involvement with my mother. My mother is exceptionally adorable towards me as I am the main child to my guardians and I too like her all that much. My perspective on my mother changed when I came to thought about Incest. Read more »

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Mere maamu jaan

Filhaal me hui zabardast chudaayi ke baare me bataane ja rahi hoon jo ki mere maamujaan ne mere saath ki jab main unke ghar gayi haan to doston main bahut din baad mamu ke ghar gayi jo ki dubai se kai saal baad wapas aay the aur mujhe aur ammi ko dekh kar wo bahut klhush ho gaye the halaki mujhe dekh kar thoda hairaan bhi the kyoonki jab aakhiri baar unhone mujhe dekha tha tab main sirf 12 saal ki bachhi thi par ab ek khoobsurat aur poori taraah se aurat ban chuki thi(abbu aur bhai se chuda…chuda kar) Read more »

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Kamsin saali Part 2

Wow kasam se dosto uske lipps itne mulayam the jese shahad me duba huaa gulab ka phool.aapko mai bata du ki mai abhi tak kam se kam 15-20 ladkiyo ki chudai kar chuka hoon lekin mujhe abhi tak Anju jaise lips bali koyi dusri ladki nahi mili hai. Maine uska chehra upar kiiya aur uska honto par apne honth rakh diye.. ab usne mujhe apni bahon me jakad liya. Maine uska shahad bhare honto ko chusna shuru kiya.. Read more »

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Kamsin saali Part 1

Mere Lund wale bhaiyon aur choot wali pyari pyari aurato aur ladkiyon ko mera lund utha kar kadak salaam. Jaisa ki aapko malum hai ki mai achcha choot chodne ka mauka kabhi nahi miss karta. Aur agr kisi bulbulaati choot ki smell mere lund ko mil gayi to ye fir jab take use pyaar se chod kar suja nahi deta shant nahi hota. Aisa hi kuch is baar bhi hua tha. Mai aapko apna exprience batane ja raha hu lekin batane se pahale mai aapko ye bata du ki ye story 100% sacchi story hai so is story ke naam sare badale huye honge. Read more »

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Jeth ji se chudai Part 2

Darban ne saman la diya jeth ji kitchen se do gilas le aye aur ek imported wine usame dali maine virodh kiya to bole ab aaj kuch mat bolo. Maine kaha smell to ayegi to wah bole jab tak hum log jayenge tab smell gayab ho jayegi. Aur maine utha kar gilas ko pi liya ek ghoont main hi pi gayi. Mujhe meri garden ke piche kuch dard sa hua leking phir mujhe ek methe ahasas ne gher liya jeth ji bi puri bottle pi gaye aur mujhe lekar bed par patak liya aur mujhe bathasa chumne lage main bhi unse liptane lagi. Kuch hi der main unhone mere gallon ko kat kat kar lal kar diya eri chuchiyon ko blouse ke upar se masal kar rakh diya. Ab jeth ji kuch sambhal rahe the wah mere upar aa gaye aur meri blouse ko kholne lage aur kuch hi der main mera blouse meri gori bahon se hota hua bed ke nich thaw ah meri brasier mein se jhankte hue doodh ko dekhte hue jhuke aur mere arm pits jo ki kafi hairy hai ke balon ko chatne lage mere hathon ko uprs kiya aur bole ki mujhe arm pitts ko chatne bahut pasand hai lagata hai jaise balon wali chut ko chat raha hoon aur phir unone mere hathon ko niche kiya aur bilkul bur jaise bana kar dikaya aur bole hai kya chut hai tumhari aaaj to maja aa jayega phir meri bra bhi khol di Mere dono bachche azad ho gaye the aur nipples bilkulerect hokar teasing chahate the par main kuch bol pane ki sthiti mein nahi thi. Read more »

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Jeth ji se chudai Part 1

Main ek chote se shahar mein ek middle class family mein shadi hokar ayi. Mere pati (husband) ek computer professional hai. Apki jankari aur apani aap biti batane se pahale main apko bata do ki Main Savita Poddar (my name) height 4 feet 11 inch and weight 67 kg meri age 35 years hai aur must bare bare doodh aur moti machalte chutad ki malkin hoon. Mera rang gora hai aur 2 bachho ki maa hoon. Mere pati aur main shadi ke baad ek sukhi jivan ji rahe hai wah mujhe lagbhag roj chodate hai unka lund bhi approximately 6 inches ka hai. Lekin ek din kuch aisa hua jo ki meri jindagi main tufan la gaya. Main ek din chat par kapare sukha rahi thi ki tabhi maine railing se niche dekha mere jeth (Mohan) divar ke sahare peshab kar rahe the. Main kuch samajh na payi aur upar se hi jath ji ko dekha meri nazar unke lund par pari ueeeeeeee mmaaaaaaa kitna lamba lund tha unka. Main na chahate hue bhi dekhati rahi jeth ji ne peshab kiya aur two minutes tak apane lund ko hilaya wah lund ko yu hila rahe the jaise koi bacchha hath main lekar jhunjhuna hilata ho. Ye sab dekh kar mere man mein kuch der ko halachal hui maine man mein soncha ki kitna mota aur lamba hai bhabhi kaise jhelti hongi. Read more »

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My honey my mom Part 2

I don’t want you to feel sexually empty,I have seen you masturbating alone. Don’t you want a man touch, the pleasure of having a healthy hard tight cock inside you, a mouth to lick every inch of your soft cunt. Even you are a human being. Even you want to be free. Let me quench your thirst.” My words were turning her on. She was looking at my cock which was hard and stiff again. She gave a last attempt. She argued,” No I can do this, I fear about a lot of things. I am having my periods(actually this was the reason why she was horny), and I could get pregnant. Let us do when I am not having my periods, after 5 days.(my mom thought i would forgot after five days)” I know she was not agreeing to do because she felt that showing her pussy to me will look messy and smelly. I told her,”Mom, It is okay if you have periods. I am not bothered about the smell. I just want to see your pussy.she said ok but you should not touch by the time i kept my face sad by facing head down she asked what happen why u feel sad,i aid u said not to touch know she replied that her pussy would have more blood as i was in menses day,but i Today it might look like a burger covered with tomato ketchup” Read more »

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My honey my mom Part 1

My mom’s name is Sasi. We stay in Coimbatore.She is 37yrs old but looks ten years younger. Any body would mistake her for my sister. I am in college first year. My father is in Chennai as he has business there. He would come twice a , stay for a month or so and then leave. My mom is a stunning gorgeous looking lady with a sexy sweet smile, sharp nose, full lips, twinkling eyes and high cheek bones. She was neither skinny nor fat just the right kind of body which could turn on any man or boy. She is tall 5’7 and about 64kgs. Whenever she would go to the market to buy things, the men and road side romeo boys would check her out. I would feel guilty and angry but I could not do anything. Read more »

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Brother sister and Jayne

A third person in a relationship changes everything, from food preferences, who cooks when and what, to use of a bathroom, to who does what and to whom in bed, is sex going to be with three people, with two If two, which two
Earlier I wrote, “We are still together, older now. We live publicly as brother and sister, we rarely see anyone other than our parents. We never had children.” We do live publicly as brother and sister, the rest is true to a certain extent. We obviously see Jayne, she is now part of our lives and we of her’s. Getting to that point was difficult, fraught with difficulty even, and I’m telling you now only because we are wearied by the necessity for secrecy. Confessing my incestuous relationship with David, if from the cover of anonymity, lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. The details of the relationship that now includes the three of us is the final step in our acceptance of us as we see ourselves. Not make sense It does for us. Read more »

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Behan ko kaise seduce kiya? Part 2

Wo sone ka natak kar rahi thi.wise hi maine 15 minutes sirf uski pith sahlayi.aur uska kuch reaction nahi tha to mai mera hath thoda niche legaya aur nighty ke upar se hi ass ki aaju baju sahlane laga mera lund bhi khada ho gaya tha.thodi der sahlane ke bad maine mera hath age uske boobs pe rakh diya aur dhire se dabaya to wo boli bhaiya plzzzz night lamp off kar dijiye to maine night lamp off kardiya aur ab pura andhera ho gaya .ab maine meri taraf usko khinch liya aur maine usko kiss karne laga 5 minutes kiss karte karte hi uski sas fulne lagi aur wo kafi uteejit ho gayi. Read more »

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Behan ko kaise seduce kiya? Part 1

Mera nam raju hai aur mai ek middle class family se hu.Mere pariwar me hum 5 log hai mai meri sister,parents aur mere grandmother.Mai aur meri sister aur grandmother meri sister ki padai ke liye saher(city) me rehte hai.Mere parents chote se gau (village) merehte hai aur khetiwadi karte hai.Hamari jamin zyada nahi hai aur mai padhai me kamzor tha esliye maine padhai chhod di aur mai ek company me kam karne laga.Meri age 20 sal ki hai aur meri sister 18 sal ki hai wo 12 wi class me padhai karti hai. Read more »

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Kamuk riston ki girawat Part 2

Vinod sharminda ho kar chithi le kar apne rom mein chala gaya. Apni mashuk ki love letter padh kar ussne muth mari aur dusre din ke suhane khwab ankhon mein le kar so gaya. Uss raat Shilpa ko chudayi ke sapne aa rahe thay jiss mein Vinod bhaiya Neeta ko nanga kar ke chod rahe thay. Vinod bhaiya ka lund kitna mota aur vishal tha! Neend mein Shilpa apni chut ko haath se ragadne lagi aur savere jab uthi to usska pajama chut wale bhag se geela ho chuka tha. Shilpa ek romanchit mood mein thee. Theen wakt par Neeta aa gayi aur dono sahelian film dekhne chali gayi. Film abhi shuru hi hui thee ki Neeta ka cell phone baja aur vo kuchh der baat karne ke baad boli,”Shilpa meri jaan, mujhe ghar jana hoga, mummy ki tabiyat theek na hai aur mujhe bulaya hai. Essa karo, tum film dekho, ab ticket waste karne ka koi fayada na hoga, main fir kabhi film dekh loongi” Shilpa boli,”Theek hai” Read more »

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Kamuk riston ki girawat Part 1

Huma aap sab ka sawagat karti hai. Insan ke har kaam mein pehli bari ek jhijhak hoti hai. Jab ek bar kam kar liya to sab padrde uth jate hain. Essi hi kahani do sahelion aur unke bhaiyon ki hai ko mein pesh kar rahi hoon. Umeed hai aapko pasand aayegi.
“Sali, Shilpa, tere bhaiya kahan hain aaj? Vinod bhaiya se baat kar ke bahut maza aata hai. Kitne achhay hain Vinod bhaiya! Kitna balisht jism hai unka?” Neeta ne apni pyari saheli se kaha. Vo abhi abhi kal ek film dekhne ka program bana kar hati thee. Neelam theatre mein ek sexy English film lagi thee jisski 2 tickets Neeta le kar aayi thee. Shilpa jo ki 18 saal ki sexy ladaki thee sab samjhati thee. Neeta usske bhaiya se ishk karti thee aur Vinod bhaiya bhi Neeta ko gaur se ghurte rehte thay. Read more »

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Dost ki didi ko khub choda

Hello dosto mai hu Raj mai bihar patna ka rahne wala hu mai 24 yeaes old hu mera hight 5fit 8 inch hai mera lund 8 inch lamba hai dosto mai yaha apni pahli kahani post karne ja raha hu likhna kaisa laga mera mail id hai koi bhi unty bhabhi patna me mujhse sex karna chahti hai to mujhe mail kare mai 100% santust karunga

Mera ek school ka dost tha uski bahan thi neha wo mujhse ek saal badi thi main uski bahut izzat karta tha wo bhi mujhe bahut izzat deti thi jab jab 12th pass out hua to collage me addmission lia Read more »

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