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Disgraceful soft sex with my cousin

This is not exaggeration, this is based on my story of 1993. I feel ashamed, cause she my cousin sister. I shouldn’t have done this to her. I am from South Tamil Nadu. It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying Ninth Std. It all started from this point, in the night before my sister’s marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a medium complexion, but…but really beautiful mean it. She was wearing silk blow and the bottom (pattu pavadai). I was instructed to look after the kids who were playing on the Marriage’s hall terrace. I saw my cousin sister playing with these kids. The kids were all below 8 years. She came to me and we started chatting about our school, teachers, friends & teachers (I believe, that’s the topic I can debate with my cousin sister).

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Maa ko 2 din tak randi ki tarah choda

Mera naam rohan hai or mai delhi me rahta hu or meri mom ka naam soniya hai or vo housewife hai or ye baat 2 months pehle ki hai jab dad business ki vajah se 2 din k liye bahar gaye the.. Meri mom ka size 36 30 38 hai or vo bot sexy or gori lady hai uski age 42 hai or mai 21 ka hu..

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Jawan bahu aur sasur ka massage Part 2

Deepti:- Sharma say lal; haan papaji mein nay sundeep ko kehtay suna tha ki shaadi kay baad massage dene mein zyada maza aata hai, aap lete jaye mein aap ko massage deti hoon.
Papaji:- (apnay kapday utar kar) beti yeh sahi nahi hai, tum mujhe aase massage dogi, mein kisi ko bulata hoon.

Deepti:- Papaji, yah koun hai jo humhein puchay ga.

Papaji: Magar tum meri bahu ho.

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Jawan bahu aur sasur ka massage Part 1

Apnay bete kay liye jo bahu dekhnay dono husband and wife Deepti kay ghar gaye to unka auwobagaht bohut achay say kiya deepti kay mata pita nay. Dono parivar Delhi mein hi rehtay thay.

Hi, I am guy 30 from Kashmir writing an erotic story for all readers who love to read and do nasty things with their bodies.

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Sexy step mom lends a hand Part 2

His cock erupted, she was absolutely enthralled when a huge thick rope of her brother’s creamy cum squirted out, then more thick spurts, his cock gushing wildly, Danielle eagerly milking at him, making sure that her brother’s cock was emptied of every drop. Danielle liked it so much, she wanted to stroke his cock every chance she got, and her brother was happy to let her, enjoying the refinement of her technique. She’d been stroking her brother’s cock until he got married. Now, her lucky stepson, Jake, was going to enjoy her skill.

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Sexy step mom lends a hand Part 1

Jake woke up, blinking in the light that was beginning to fill his bedroom. He could hear his Dad, heading out to the garage, it was Saturday, and he was working on his prize, a 1969 Pontiac GTO. Jake had woken up with the usual hard cock, wanting attention. Of course, being 18, he expected it, he’d be a lot more concerned if he didn’t wake up with a hard-on. He grasped his cock, pulled back on the foreskin, and his cock head popped out, shiny and pink. He brought up his favorite fantasy, he knew it would drive the cum out of his cock with a great blast of pleasure.

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Love with cousin Part 3

“Maybe after school you can show me more.”  Disappointed I relented.  But I knew I was going to have my cousin this afternoon.  After she dressed we boarded our bicycles and took off for school.  All day long I kept visualizing Tammy on her bed, her legs spread, and her fingers stroking her bright pink pussy.  School seemed to drag on forever.  Finally the final bell!  I walked briskly to my bike, unchained it and waited for Tammy.  Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately…her brothers were riding their bikes home with us.  They arrived around the same time and we all departed the school grounds.  On the ride, Tammy asked me in front of her brothers if I had plans when I got home.  “No…just going to hang out.  Why?”  “I need some help with geometry and I know you’re good with shapes.  Can you give me a hand?” I smiled and peddled.

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Love with cousin Part 2

“Damn your gap is hot, Tammy.” “Do you really like it?” “God yes! It’s so fucking sexy.” She smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” “I want to taste you.” “What?” “Lay down and spread your leg for me.” She hesitated but saw the look in my eyes that told her I would have my way. She slowly lowered her body to the ground not breaking eye contact with me. She laid back and rested on her elbows, her knees together. “Show it to me. Show me your pussy Tammy.” She parted her legs to reveal a single split covered in fur.

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Love with cousin

Tammy was the second of four children and the only girl.  Her brothers used to tease her about being “flat-chested” to the point where she became shy around people.  Her self-consciousness made it difficult for her to date.

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My randi sister

Last week I came home from colleges early. As I walked to my room I past my sisters room and the door was shut – that was the no visitor sign we had adopted – I guessed she could have been masturbating. The thought of her doing it got me thinking of how good looking she was – she had just turned 18 and her body was fantastic – a real good looking chick – the guys would be all over her if they weren’t already. I let my imagination run wild and imagined what it would be like to have sex with her.  I began to masturbate myself thinking of having sex with any girl really but wondering what she was like. She is pretty clued up on sex as I have learned from a few conversations we have had and I know she is on the pill and is no longer a virgin. She gave that away over a year ago and we have discussed the fact and that it was not a good experience.

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Cock holding uncle

Hi mera naam Ajay hai mein Hyderabad ka rehene wala hoon yeh incident 2 months before yani ki August mein huyi thi mein apni mba complete karke mumbai chala gaya achhpan se mujhe Mumbai city bahut pasand tha. Mumbai mein mere uncle rehete hai toh mein job searchings ke liye Mumbai gaya aur unke hi ghar mein mera accomodation tha mere uncle ek mnc mein kaam karte hai unka naam shyam hai woh 45 years ke hai unki wife Poonam jo house wife hai unka

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Mamiyo ki shiksha

Hi dosto, ye meri pehli story h…me iska bhut bda fan hu aur aaj apni ek sacchi kahani sunata hu……saare ladke apna laudha pakad le aur ladkiya/auntiya apni chut regadna shuru karde…agar meri story pasand aaye to feedback jaroor bheje at-

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Just like that Part 2

Just as she was sure he was going to touch her pantied covered pussy his fingers moved from between her legs to cup each butt cheek. As he squeezed her firm bottom he asked “Just like this?” A frustrated daughter urgently replied “No Daddy!”, “Tell me precisely where you were touched Melissa.”, “My pussy Daddy, please on my pussy.”

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Just like that Part 1

With a Mom that she could only remember from photographs it was no wonder that Melissa’s Father was her world. No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder but for one thing. He had lost his wife to cancer and was dam sure he would not loose his last link to her through skewed priorities.

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Grandmother caught me doing my mom

Dad and Mom had been divorced for three years, I was 18 and mom was 38, my grandmother lost her husband one year ago. My mom and I had been making love for about 6 months, One night we were right in the middle of it and my grandmother came and knocked on the door, said she was cold and had to get some more blankets, of course my mom was about to climax and she didn’t answer at first, my grandmother pushed on the door and it came opened, here I was ramming my cock deep in mom. grandmother just stood there and then said looks like you two are busy so I will come back later,

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