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My Lesbian Love Story

Her hands were now placed on the straps of my bra, for the first time in last 20 minutes I raised my head and looked at myself in the mirror in front of me and the first thing I saw was the hanging mangalsutra in my neck. The image brought about a ting of guilt inside me but before that thought could register any significant impact, a sound of “click” released my breasts from my bra. My head bend down once again and now she was caressing my nipples with her fingers. It ran a sensation in my whole body and the sense of guilt was taken over by a completely different feeling, I was enjoying her touch.

Suddenly she grabbed my nipples in her fingers and then left them with a jerk, the move almost caught me off-guard and I almost fell down from the chair. She repeated the movement once again and then again, now she was also kissing (almost biting) my neck. I felt like my body has no weight, her movements were sending me to another level of sensation; I was feeling something very wet down in my panties. It was the first time in last five years that someone touched my body and in those years I almost forgot how it feels to be touched by another person. Read more »

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My Kinky Married Life

I am among one of the luckiest female who is enjoying a very very happy, very satisfying and a beautiful sex life. I was enjoying it before my marriage and I am enjoying it more after the marriage. The reason may be the license of sex which a married couple has, particularly in India.

You all will agree with me that it is not easy to write about sexual activities all the time for such a long long writings of SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY. The professional writer can make every part of writing very interesting because the things written are on different subjects and the writers creates interesting situations every time by his imaginations suitable for the plot on which the episode is based. But it is

very difficult to write on only one subject ” SEX ” every time and the things became more difficult when someone like me wants to write everything true happened in life related to only sex. You all know that the broad meaning of SEX is intercourse and physical relationship between couple(s).

Ending and final destination of every love story, every lover couple, every husband – wife and every such relationship is the physical contact between them. A very very common word we use for this is *FUCKING*. Whether it is a straight sex and fucking between males and females >>>>>>>>>> A lesbian act between females >>>>>>>>> or a gay relationship between males…….. Read more »

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The Randyness of Pregnancy

Radhika’s boyfriend introduces her to making love with another woman and now Radhika wants to make love to a pretty pregnant Bangladeshi girl in her office.

Radhika sat at her desk thinking about the fun, sex filed weekend she had just enjoyed. Her boyfriend of three years, Santosh had convinced her to experiment with a third person in their already exciting sex life. She had never been with another woman before and had resisted Santosh’s suggestions for months. Santosh was very attractive at six feet tall and 70 kgs without an ounce of fat on his stRong muscular body. Radhika had always marvelled that he looked more like a construction worker than a lawyer.

Friday night in Mumbai had started with a quiet romantic supper at a very posh restaurant. Fifteen minutes after Radhika and Santosh had settled into their seats, a beautiful Bangladeshi woman approached and asked to join them. She had dark skin, dark hair and deep hypnotizing gray eyes. Her medium sized breasts suited her long sleek body and Radhika had been instantly jealous of her model-like figure. Her name was Ayeesha; Radhika later found out Santosh had met her the previous week. Radhika didn’t know Santosh had arranged this meeting but instead of getting mad at Santosh or jealous of Ayeesha she decided to see what transpired. Radhika had always been proud of her five foot five one 60 kg figure. Her black hair flowed just past her shoulders and she was very comfortable with her love for Santosh – they had a relatively open relationship. Read more »

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Getting a Blowjob at the Swimming Pool

I was an eighteen-year-old guy at the time. I was kind of a geeky kid, interested in science, reading everything I could get my hands on, and quite smart. I had been skipped ahead in college, so I was smaller and younger than my classmates, and therefore tended to get picked on, and beaten up fairly regularly. I did my best to hide the bruises from my mother; she thought I was clumsy in gym class. I was also a little pudgy, and near-sighted, so this didn’t help matters.

Geeky as I was, that’s not to say that I wasn’t otherwise a fairly normal kid. I had discovered masturbation a few years ago and while it felt good, I didn’t really get it until I passed through puberty, and had my first real orgasm. The stuff that shot out of my pecker made a bit of a mess, but I quickly learned to deal with that.

Along the way, I discovered my older brother’s stash of porn, so that gave me ready fuel for my fantasies. I had also grabbed a tit here or there when playing with the neighbourhood girls, but everyone in the gang did that, so the girls just accepted it as part of growing up, and didn’t run screaming to their parents. I had determined that I was very firmly heterosexual, and I did like to look at the girls in real life as well as those in my brother’s porn magazines. Read more »

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Lesbian Spank Inferno

My girlfriend, Reshma had just got back from her holiday, she had been gone for weeks and I missed her so much. She texted me saying “hey baby, u wanna meet up?” I replied yes and we decided that we were going to meet at the park. It was not too far of a walk and I was there. I must have been early I thought to myself as she was not waiting for me which was unlike her, naturally I began to worry but it was not long until my fears were put to rest as I saw her coming around the corner.

I asked “what took you so long?” “I’ve been planning that’s all” she replied, my face lit up with excitement. We were going to a sort of dinner party but with a BDSM twist, we would get there and they would pick one person to be the slave of the night and the slave would be force fed food for hours. This for me would be perfect so I agreed to go.

When we got there I walked in with Reshma and a large man gave me a red hoodie I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t see inside of the building yet, Reshma told me to put it on so I did. We walking into a very nice looking room and some people were already sat down eating, I could see that I was the only one with a red hoodie on so I began to wonder if I was the slave. “It would be amazing to be the slave but can I do it” I thought to myself. Read more »

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No longer a boring day

Bored Bi girls fall in love and have fun! “Jess broke away from the kiss and wrestled Hay to be on the bottom, moans escaped her lips has her d cups were being suckled on, then her stomach and next thing she knew Jessica’s tongue was going in and out of her pussy, up and down, little bites. Hayley arched her back, she could not handle it anymore! She screamed as she had the biggest orgasm ever but Jess couldn’t help herself so she didn’t stop there so she started fingering her until Hay’s juices flowed as she was panting”… Read more »

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Surprise in the jungle

She pulled off my pants and thong and spread my legs to look at my glistening bare pussy…
It was a warm humid afternoon on one of the many tropical islands I was visiting on my travels through Indonesia. I walked through the lush rainforest and thought of how much I missed my boyfriend who was supposed to be here with me and how he broke my heart not too long ago. Read more »

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The unsatisfied lesbian landlady Part 2

Her hands were roaming just above me ankles, feeling my legs. I peeked down and saw that auntie was staring under my towel. I knew that from her angle, she could see most of my bare ass. Her hands had already reached my knees, slowly and cautiously. “Auntie, I need you to push me up”, I said. “OK baby”, she said and caught hold of the back of my thighs and tried to push me up. I could feel her breath at the back of my thighs as I searched for containers. I was standing on my toes with my hands stretched well above my head. I suddenly sensed her hands move up on my thighs and rest on my bare ass under the towel.

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The unsatisfied lesbian landlady Part 1

I was at auntie’s house playing with her kid. Auntie was our landlady and she lived in a house just beside the pg. There was a small gate on the wall dividing the pg and her house. I had used that place to enter her compound. I was very fond of her two year old son and he liked me too. So whenever I get the chance, I used to go into her house and play with her son. She never seemed to mind and in fact used to ask me to come whenever I was free. She used to offer food or other beverages whenever I was there.

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Hot lesbian

I began having lesbian urges from age the showers at school after sports lessons i had more than a passing curiousity about other girls bodies.i would always try to deny and forget the strange sordid feelings i had experienced so often,and usually i did that pretty well.i fooled myself it was just imagination playing tricks..but by the time I was 20 those feelings were much stronger.i had erotic fantasies about many females in school,and one woman in particular.she was my teacher,emma.everytime i saw her i automatically felt aroused with feelings i could not understand.

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After a week of my brother’s marriage my bhabhi caught me one day when I was preparing for school. She kissed me and hugged me. I felt her boobs which were about 38 in size. I told her that I am feeling something which she told me I want that u should feel the same which I am feeling too. What else you are feeling she asked and she put her hand on my cock. I referred back and put my one hand on her boobs and hold on her boobs. She asked me to put inside I told her no I can’t do it, then she put my hand forcibly on her boobs inside the blouse. I went strong hard in my pant and she asked me to press it and kneed it.

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My eighth story

It’s a hot Saturday educational institutions closed for summer vacation. Roads wear a deserted look and everyone happy to be indoors to escape the torrid heat. Raheja Towers 9th floor AIG Life Insurance, the security guard on duty trying hard not to doze off and cursed the Operations Director for visiting office on a holiday. Kavika sat at her desk watching the clock, hoping for it to speed up so she could get out of this mad office and away from Jaya her boss.

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seventh story

Coming home was a bit of a surprise for Mona. She expected that her mother would be at the airport, but there was a driver waiting for her instead.When she entered the house, it was deserted. There was a note on the table from Namitha her mom, telling her she was sorry, but she had got a call from a friend who needed help. She would be back that evening. Everything at home had changed, the furniture, the decoration, everything. Thankfully her old room had been left untouched.

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The sixth story

It was a Saturday and Mira was planning to go for a movie with her friend. When I received a call from her friend khushi. Khushi told me that she has 3 tickets and her 3 friend is not able to come so I can join with them. Khushi was a sweet. Cute girl of same age as my daughter. Very fair looking, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall with weight of 55 kgs.

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My fourth Story

I am here to share one of my intimate sexperience which has led to a new lifestyle together with me and my cousin sis, the incident happened a day prior to the marriage of my uncle and there was a huge crowd as this was a love marriage and ,it was a very grand function. many of my relatives came and we had to cater for their stay that night as it was done at home only, we have two adjacent houses in 3 stories buildings as ours is a joint family, so many relatives were taken as guest in whole building.

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