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The unsatisfied lesbian landlady Part 2

Her hands were roaming just above me ankles, feeling my legs. I peeked down and saw that auntie was staring under my towel. I knew that from her angle, she could see most of my bare ass. Her hands had already reached my knees, slowly and cautiously. “Auntie, I need you to push me up”, I said. “OK baby”, she said and caught hold of the back of my thighs and tried to push me up. I could feel her breath at the back of my thighs as I searched for containers. I was standing on my toes with my hands stretched well above my head. I suddenly sensed her hands move up on my thighs and rest on my bare ass under the towel.

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The unsatisfied lesbian landlady Part 1

I was at auntie’s house playing with her kid. Auntie was our landlady and she lived in a house just beside the pg. There was a small gate on the wall dividing the pg and her house. I had used that place to enter her compound. I was very fond of her two year old son and he liked me too. So whenever I get the chance, I used to go into her house and play with her son. She never seemed to mind and in fact used to ask me to come whenever I was free. She used to offer food or other beverages whenever I was there.

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Hot lesbian

I began having lesbian urges from age the showers at school after sports lessons i had more than a passing curiousity about other girls bodies.i would always try to deny and forget the strange sordid feelings i had experienced so often,and usually i did that pretty well.i fooled myself it was just imagination playing tricks..but by the time I was 20 those feelings were much stronger.i had erotic fantasies about many females in school,and one woman in particular.she was my teacher,emma.everytime i saw her i automatically felt aroused with feelings i could not understand.

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After a week of my brother’s marriage my bhabhi caught me one day when I was preparing for school. She kissed me and hugged me. I felt her boobs which were about 38 in size. I told her that I am feeling something which she told me I want that u should feel the same which I am feeling too. What else you are feeling she asked and she put her hand on my cock. I referred back and put my one hand on her boobs and hold on her boobs. She asked me to put inside I told her no I can’t do it, then she put my hand forcibly on her boobs inside the blouse. I went strong hard in my pant and she asked me to press it and kneed it.

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My eighth story

It’s a hot Saturday educational institutions closed for summer vacation. Roads wear a deserted look and everyone happy to be indoors to escape the torrid heat. Raheja Towers 9th floor AIG Life Insurance, the security guard on duty trying hard not to doze off and cursed the Operations Director for visiting office on a holiday. Kavika sat at her desk watching the clock, hoping for it to speed up so she could get out of this mad office and away from Jaya her boss.

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seventh story

Coming home was a bit of a surprise for Mona. She expected that her mother would be at the airport, but there was a driver waiting for her instead.When she entered the house, it was deserted. There was a note on the table from Namitha her mom, telling her she was sorry, but she had got a call from a friend who needed help. She would be back that evening. Everything at home had changed, the furniture, the decoration, everything. Thankfully her old room had been left untouched.

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The sixth story

It was a Saturday and Mira was planning to go for a movie with her friend. When I received a call from her friend khushi. Khushi told me that she has 3 tickets and her 3 friend is not able to come so I can join with them. Khushi was a sweet. Cute girl of same age as my daughter. Very fair looking, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall with weight of 55 kgs.

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My fourth Story

I am here to share one of my intimate sexperience which has led to a new lifestyle together with me and my cousin sis, the incident happened a day prior to the marriage of my uncle and there was a huge crowd as this was a love marriage and ,it was a very grand function. many of my relatives came and we had to cater for their stay that night as it was done at home only, we have two adjacent houses in 3 stories buildings as ours is a joint family, so many relatives were taken as guest in whole building.

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The Third Story

Hi this is Meghna, the only daughter of conservative hindu parents. I have been rebellious since my childhood. I cant stand my father Gopi Sharma beating my mom Anuradha all the time and my mother trembling like a slave. To my father every a woman was a a commodity to be used and abused sexually and my mother would accept beatings as a part of her duties to her Pati Parmeshwar. Bastard. Such rubbish.

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The next story

The chill of winter recedes and summer heat is beginning to show in Chennai exams just around the corner all of the festivities seasons have ended. In order to juice up some steamy stuff to keep us occupied let’s draw a leaf out of Malathi’s lesbian adventures. While her husband is away busy with the distant education classes in Delhi this female was as hot as a fucking dog. Though she has entered into her 40’s the hormones seem to be secreting well enough.

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My Wet Neighbor Part 4

The next day, I had just seen my husband off to work when the doorbell rang. It was only around 08:45 and I wouldn’t normally expect anyone to call at that time so I assumed it was my husband having forgotten something or other. I was dressed, as was usual for that time of day, in my robe and panties, and expecting my husband didn’t bother to particularly cover myself as I opened the door with a “What did you forget this time…” when I realized it was Anne.

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My Second Lesbian Encounter

It was a very hot evening in May. I was alone, doing household chores leisurely at home expecting the arrival of my hubby. We had plans to go for shopping and a late night dinner in a cozy restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby, expecting to have a quickie before going out(he usually falls into the trap).

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My Wet Neighbor Part 3

It was two days latter that I next visited Mary again. I got an early morning call from her. Too early really, as I was still getting my husband’s breakfast when the phone rang.

“Hi Mary, it’s Anne” how are you doing? She said.

“Fine,” I said “but it’s difficult to talk right now. I’m fixing my husband’s breakfast.”

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My Wet Neighbor Part 2

The next day I awoke just knowing that it was going to be special. I had spent much of the night awake, going over and over in my mind what had happened with Anne the day before. I couldn’t wait to get the early morning routine out of the way and call on Anne again.

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Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff part II

Saba’s reply to this mail was also hot but the most important thing was last part of her reply. As I have already told you that she lusted for my sister. So knowing that my sister had surrendered to her sexual advances, she was jumping with joy.

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