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The Third Story

Hi this is Meghna, the only daughter of conservative hindu parents. I have been rebellious since my childhood. I cant stand my father Gopi Sharma beating my mom Anuradha all the time and my mother trembling like a slave. To my father every a woman was a a commodity to be used and abused sexually and my mother would accept beatings as a part of her duties to her Pati Parmeshwar. Bastard. Such rubbish.

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The next story

The chill of winter recedes and summer heat is beginning to show in Chennai exams just around the corner all of the festivities seasons have ended. In order to juice up some steamy stuff to keep us occupied let’s draw a leaf out of Malathi’s lesbian adventures. While her husband is away busy with the distant education classes in Delhi this female was as hot as a fucking dog. Though she has entered into her 40’s the hormones seem to be secreting well enough.

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My Wet Neighbor Part 4

The next day, I had just seen my husband off to work when the doorbell rang. It was only around 08:45 and I wouldn’t normally expect anyone to call at that time so I assumed it was my husband having forgotten something or other. I was dressed, as was usual for that time of day, in my robe and panties, and expecting my husband didn’t bother to particularly cover myself as I opened the door with a “What did you forget this time…” when I realized it was Anne.

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My Second Lesbian Encounter

It was a very hot evening in May. I was alone, doing household chores leisurely at home expecting the arrival of my hubby. We had plans to go for shopping and a late night dinner in a cozy restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby, expecting to have a quickie before going out(he usually falls into the trap).

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My Wet Neighbor Part 3

It was two days latter that I next visited Mary again. I got an early morning call from her. Too early really, as I was still getting my husband’s breakfast when the phone rang.

“Hi Mary, it’s Anne” how are you doing? She said.

“Fine,” I said “but it’s difficult to talk right now. I’m fixing my husband’s breakfast.”

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My Wet Neighbor Part 2

The next day I awoke just knowing that it was going to be special. I had spent much of the night awake, going over and over in my mind what had happened with Anne the day before. I couldn’t wait to get the early morning routine out of the way and call on Anne again.

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Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff part II

Saba’s reply to this mail was also hot but the most important thing was last part of her reply. As I have already told you that she lusted for my sister. So knowing that my sister had surrendered to her sexual advances, she was jumping with joy.

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It all started with the Coming Home of Mr. Ravi Bahadur, a 22 year old Engineer with his wife Sujatha, charming young bride of 20 years to the ancestral home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rai Bahadur.

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I am neena with 22-years of age, 5feet 9inches of height, black hair, clear white body, above medium juicy boobs and green eyes. A year ago, my brother, Simon has got married with his girlfriend, Anny. She is now a mother of a son, Eric. Eric is a breast feeder but her mom still didn’t lose her body, she is tall, fit and sexy even today.

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Lesbians ke saath ek sham

Humare socity mein bahut si ladkiyan hai. Aur sabhi bahut sexy hai. Mera toh man hi dol jaata hai aur vaise bhi main toh pussy ka diwana hun. Par mujhe ek saath ek lesbian couple ko pelne ka mauka mila. Humare socity mein do ladkiyan aati thi tution padne. Aur vo dono socity mein chatt (roof) pe jaake ek dusre ko kiss karte the. Unhe yeh hakate karte hue mere dost ne dekh lia tha. Aur mujhe bata dia. Maine tabhi than lit hi ki in dono ko jarur pelunga ek saath aur ek hi bistar pe.

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Lesbian partner

Mai manju umar 37 sal color sawala ,married . bhagwan jane kyo mere badan me sex ki pyas avg. se kuch jadahi hai.waise dekha jaye to mai mere pati ke sath khush hu magar 35 ke bad meri sex ki bhukh bahut hi badh gayi hai. Mere pati bhi is bat se pareshan hai.kyo ki rat ko kabhibhi meri achanak sex ki chahat se mai unhe jaga deti hu our unki marji rahe ya na rahe unper tut padati hu.

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My True Lesbian Story

I, my name is I was born and in Mumbai but moved to London, England when I was 18 years old. I was 20 when this happened. I loved sports, the chance came for me to join the net ball squad. I was surprised I made it, since I don’t consider myself that good. True, I’ve never had trouble-finding guys, and my figure is pretty good but not perfect. It took about three days to find out who the bitches were, and who the friendly girls were. Names here have been changed to protect us all.

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Sameena & Irtiza’s first encounter (PartII)

Sameena could feel her cunt juices running down into the crack of her ass, as Irtiza lapped away at my pussy. Sameena said, Thats it baby, eat my pussy. Well that was all I needed, Sameena body burst. Waves of cum flowed out of Sameena’s vagina and into the waiting mouth of Irtiza. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of Sameena hot juices, trying not to miss a drop. Irtiza continued lapping Sameena’s pussy until her body went limp. Sensing that Sameena orgasm was over, Irtiza removed her mouth from my pussy.

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Sheela Aunty discovers and teaches Nisha lesbian love

I am going to reveal one of the most exciting experiences of my life, which I never disclosed to any one before. Even though I am 38+ now, I’m considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I’m proud to say most men find my pretty face attractive, but my full breasts (36c), flat stomach, and my firm bottom get the most attention, although I have to admit I’ve never really dressed to show them off. I’m not really old fashioned and I normally used to be in the traditional south indian saree, salwar kameez and occasionally in Jeans and top.

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Sexy girls lesbian act…….

Hello sex lovers… this is Anu… Seema is my very very close friend she was very beautiful and looking like a college student @ that age. She was very up-to-date in her body language. It was December last week my Dad planned to make a trip for 3days with us & I refused to go with them because of monthly test @ school was shortly commencing.

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