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With Maid

This is someting which happened in Pune. I was doing my MBA in Symbiosis in Pune. My parents were in Dubai and I had rented a appartment and staying alone. The second day after starting to stay there I asked a watchman if I could get a bai ( maid) to wash clothes and sweep etc. He said he would arrange one.At first I din’t even glance at her. Her name was Surekha a Marathi lady,She was about 35 years old and quite fat and dark. I hardly noticed her figure as I was not thinking in that direction. We had a 2 week holiday and one morning I had a huge hardon and was reading the newspaper .

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Sexy Servant

I am Jithin from Trichur. I am 25 years and I am doing computers. I think this brief introduction about me is more than enough. Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions.Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant. We have a servant who works in our house she is around 19 years but you wont believe she is just 21 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure.

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Sex with hot kaamwali

I am love (name changed), well about me I am quite smart and belonging to upper middle class family and I am 5’10” tall having big chest and biceps and of course great curves on my chests I weight 80Kgs.

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Pleasure by Maid

Pleasure by Maidi All, I am Binoy from Thiruvalla, Kerala and working in a software company I am very excited to tell u my story. I am staying in an appartment sharing with one of my friend .the story was our Maid who cook for me and my friend, one day my friend was having some office work and he told me over phone that he is not coming tonight to home.I went to hone as usual at 6 P.M. in the evening.

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NINA – My Maid

Hi Friends , My name is Vinay,I am an Indian male, 28 years old.I am guy who is very considerate and empathetic to the problems and difficulties of those who are poor or economically deprived.I try to help out and make it a point to find out the well being of those who work around me and especially, maid servants, who need to be happy and cheerful when they are doing a job.

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It all happened some years back. I was around 39 then and had a strong attraction to older ladies. The incident Iam going to narrate happened when I came on vacation from gulf . I went to my parental house where my younger brother and mother was living. I was settled elsewhere with my wife and children. I decided to stay with my mother for a couple of days away from my family.

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Nair Boy and Servant

His household has employed the services of a housemaid for the past five years. Her name is Geeta. She is a dark well proportionate woman of around 30 years. She has a very well developed ass & nice suckable ample breasts. She has two children of five and seven years respectively. She lives in a near by colony and comes to Rajith’s house daily by 8.00a.m. Geeta’s husband is a car mechanic by profession and is a habitual drinker. These both have frequent fights.

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With Sweet Servant – Kumari

My name is sri. I want to share my experience which has happened with our maid-servant about one month back which is 100% true. Believe me friends, I am not cooking up some story and posting it. Our maid’s name is Kumari. She is some 25 years old lady and she is little dark. The key thing to be noticed in her is her boobs. She has very fat boobs. She always wears her saree below her navel, So her navel can be seen clearly whenever she bents for sweeping the floor or for wiping the floor.

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One rainy evening

Hi ! I am prince , 29 yr old from Bombay. I would love to share a true story of my life. Usually we have maid ( lady servant ) to help my wife at our home. Fortunately I had a very beautiful maid , may be appx age of 25. It seems her husband was a truck driver with one of the transport company and usually traveling all over India.

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Night with Reena

Here is on of my experience I would like to tell a story which happened to me when I was studying. I was staying in my aunts house as my parents are abroad . The heroine of this story is not my aunt . I would like to introduce some other people in the house . There is my uncle about 35 years , two servants Reena and Rekha . They are sisters. The heroine of this story is Reena

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My Unique Experience

First of all I want to clear that I found 90% of erotic stories as cooked up & not real ones. One may take the liberty of language but not of ideas &situations. As you will find I am going to give you REAL STORIES. As far as language is concerned All my lovely ladies stories readers may advice me ’bout that.

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My Squirting Maid Neela

You must have enjoyed my earlier two real life stories with the maids in my house. I have had multiple sex partners, but I am only publishing stories with the ones I have enjoyed most, and all the stories that I have published are real life stories. In fact there is one thing that I have found out in my sexual liaisons, most women hardly have enjoyed orgasm with their own husbands or even their boyfriends. In fact what I believe, partly we are responsible for it as we are too busy with our own sexual desire & apetite. I have found that women take a longer time to warm up, and we hardly give them that time.

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My Sexy Cooperative Maid

I was learning at College when I was 21. It had happened on a Thursday. That day I had only practicals in the afternoon so that I returned home early. When I reached home it was only half past three and my sister had not arrived from school.. Instead of my mother the maid servant opened the door. Se told me that my mother had gone to relatives house and apologized for not hearing my bell as she was running tap water in bathroom while taking bath after her routine work.

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My Servant Girl Sharada

This story is in continuation of my earlier story of Shimoga in Karnataka, where I was working and had a great encounter with a girl who is now in kozhikode working as a nurse. The episode happened when I was working in Shimoga and she was there on nurse training (BSc).

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My Nights with Indu

It reminds of my experience with a young maid s at my house. I am a married man now in late 30s and live in Kollam.My first experience with a maid was about 10 years ago. Till then we had an old lady helping us. After she left we got a girl of 19 years and she started staying at our house. Her name was Indu. She was fair and I never thought of doing anything with her. Apparently her mother was sick and wanted to stay with her and leave her daughter with some secure family.

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