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Category Name: Maid Servant

Maid for each other

This one was with a young maid we had working at my maternal uncle’s house. Her name was Sandhya. She had started working at my uncle’s place right from the young age of five; where they brought her up as though their own daughter. She was the same age as me, or a couple months […]

Meri Naukrani Meenu

Hello friends its me Amit again from Delhi. Its just 2 months back. We made a plan of going to my friend’s farmhouse, which is around 30 kms from Delhi in a village in Gurgaon. We were only 2 ( Nikhil and Me) friends and were expected to be joined by our other friends after […]

Kalyani’s oil massage

If you didn’t read the stories please go through it to know more about me and my life incidents with Lalitha. She was my first sex partner and she was my sex teacher. But my cock has got many other pussies after that. I will tell you my another interesting experience with my servant kalyani. […]

Jaya, my sexy maid

I am Ramesh, 28, employed in a Public Sector organaisation occuping a middle level post. My wife Anupama, affectionately called Anu, is very fair, wears specks, tall, slim with an average size boobs and very tight round shaped ass. She has delivered a boy child some 7 months back and had come back to my […]

Indu our Maid and Now.. My wife

Its me Nikhil from Calicut. This one is with a young maid we had working at my maternal uncle’s house. Her name was Indu. She had started working at my uncle’s place right from the young age of five; where they brought her up as though their own daughter. Post Views :16884

Hot Sex with Kamwali Bai

My second experience that i am going to share with u all. This experience was with one of my kamwali bai at my home. Her name is Mohini, she is 5 ft tall adn slim, she looks beautiful and is very hot. She came to our house through our neighbours as we were looking for […]

Janu Chechi

I used to read lot of sex stories through this adult sites. Everybody is writing his or her own experiences through this way. I never believe all these because one or two incidence may come across in a person’s life but not in regular basis. However, really I don’t have many experiences. I had only […]


My story goes back two years. The household consisted of the grandmother, another elderly cousin and Jyotsna, the housemaid. Jyotsna was a rather plain woman in her late twenties, unmarried and of an average build. She did all the cooking and cleaning and was a live in housemaid as opposed to a part time servant. […]

Horny maid Vaasanti

Hi, I’m Vaasu. I’m here to tell you guys and gals this real incident that happen with our maid servant Vaasanti. She is got real sexy voluptuous body ok. Her size is around 42-36-38. She is being 8 years older to me. I am 20 and she is 28 in age. She is real horny […]

Holi Sexperience

It was holi-eve and Sarika had spent all the evening drinking and playing at all ladies’ kitty party. Drinks flowed like water while women played cards and later watched porn-movies which were followed by lesbian orgy. It was past midnight before the part was over. Like many of other women, Sarika was too drunk to […]

Hema – The real Woman

I am Vinod from Adoor. Once my mother got transfer to a distant college in northern Kerala. The only problem was my father and myself. We needed someone to look after us, the house and also to cook our food. The nature of my fathers job was such that he never turned up before 9pm. […]

Girl with her Servant

This internet is very nice medium to share our secret experiences with others without revealing our identity. After reading the stories I was emboldened to share my own experiences with all others. The story written below is a true experience and occurred when I was 18 years of age. I would like to have this […]

Getting Lucky with Laxmi

After having so much sex with all the glamorous girls in my studio I decided to have a change trying out with my rustic horny looking maid Laxmibai. Laxmi was a 25-year-old typical village type sex bomb but she wasted it all in shyness. She had a dark oily body massively loaded with ample fat […]

Fucked by my servant

Hi my name is Sunita I am 21 years beautiful girl with size of 38-28-38. Here is my story with Ramu our servent. Ramu is 42 years old; he is 6 ft strong muscular man. Often he used to work just in vest and many times in the garden I have seen him working wearing […]

Fuck Maid

I was posted by my company to a small town in Maharashtra. Good job that came with a decent flat. I was a single guy, 24 years old, living by myself. Wanted to get laid badly. Always had a thing for sexy maharashtrian women, particularly the voluptuous “bai’s” with their tight, curvy bodies, big tits, […]

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