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Latika Gets Blackmailed into Kinky Sex

Hi, I am Latika. I am 31 years of age. Most men consider me very attractive. I have a lovely face with a great and easy smile, shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. I am still 34B – 26 – 35, carrying 61 kgs on a five four frame. But, women… all women… are afraid of losing their looks, particularly single women like me who are fighting a war with a lot of younger competitors for the available men out there. So, I spend a lot on clothes and makeup. Really, I should spend more time in the gym, but, who has time. As a lawyer struggling to make partner in a major firm, I barely have time to date.

The last guy I really dated was Amil Srivastava, a lawyer who left my firm to go into litigation. Amil and I were a hot, hot item a year ago. I did things with him I thought I would never do with a man. Worse than that, I let him take some photos of me. Well, I did not let him take the first ones. They were of me bound. After those, which he took without my permission, I let him take the ones of us together, using a delay timer on his DSLR.

I got them all back when we spilt up. I thought. Read more »

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Vicky Ban Gaya Gentleman

Vicky was concerned and very self-conscious. He had entered what he felt was the beginning of becoming a man. His body was developing, his voice was cracking and, down below, he was growing an erection whether he wanted to or not. He was also a little confused. His emotions were in turmoil. One minute he was happy and cheerful and the next he was suddenly angry and sullen. The problem was he had no idea why the wild emotional swings. Frankly, he was confused. Thoroughly and completely confused. Therefore, he did what he had always done when he didn’t understand something. He went to see his dad.

“Dad, got a question.”

“Sure. What can I do for you? His father asked.

“Well…” Suddenly, Vicky was worried and uncertain. He began to stutter. Read more »

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My Boss’s Wife’s Panties

Burned out. That’s what I was on the occasion of my boss’s Diwali party last year. I was 26 years old, just three years out of IIM Bangalore, a junior accountant at one of the most prestigious firms in the greater Mumbai area, and I was just as burned out as a man could be and still drag himself into work each day.

I had been at this company since my graduation and I had been working a minimum of eighty hours every week since. My wife – who had been my high school girlfriend and had put me through college by working as a nurse – had put up with my extended absences for 16 months before packing her bags and boogying on down the road to greener pastures. Our divorce had been finalized just weeks before the party. I think the lack of any social life in the wake of our separation contributed to what happened that night.

Varun Mathur was one of the senior partners of the firm and was the direct boss of my division. He was a chubby, balding man in his fifties and a stern, unforgiving taskmaster to his underlings. He was also a very rich man, as were all of the partners, and he owned a winery in one of the lush valleys of nearby Nashik Valley. It seemed that in order to reward the efforts of the sixty-one accountants that had spent the past year slaving under his command, he decided to throw us a Diwali party at his spread, complete with barbeque, drinks, dancing, and fireworks. Attendance at the event, as was the case with any company function, was pretty much mandatory. Read more »

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The First Indian to Fuck in Space

I’m sure I’ve been MORE nervous in my life, I just couldn’t recall WHEN at the moment the countdown reached eight. I heard the ratcheting clank of the hoses separating from the external fuel tank of the shuttle, hoses which had just finished pumping in liquid oxygen to supply the oxidizer for the main engine burn. The main engines themselves were ignited a moment later, shuddering our compartment. The main engines would not actually be fired until launch of course but the shudder was the final sign of imminent blast-off. Only one previous shuttle had been aborted after this point. We were REALLY going up this time.

Two previous delays had scrubbed the launch of Soyeuz V. One, due to weather, had kept us from even entering the crew compartment. We’d never even donned our bulky spacesuits. The second had occurred fifty-three minutes before launch when a two-dollar fuse (for which the government had probably paid more than a thousand bucks) that regulated power to the crew escape hatch burned out, scrubbing us. This launch signified our last chance to hit our window this month. It looked like it we were finally going to leave the pad this time.

I braced myself in my chair as the countdown reached zero. I braced myself even though I was as strapped in as a man could possibly be. My shoulder and waist restraints were cinched tight enough to break a clavicle or a pelvis had I not been adorned with the eighty-pound space suit. A space suit which, I might add, the ill-fated crew of a previous mission had found pretty much useless. I had no illusions. If something went wrong, it was my ass. I only hoped it would be quick; so quick I wouldn’t even notice it. Read more »

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An Office Affair

I am Sandeep from Bhubaneshwar would like to share one of my true experience from the last two years. Let me tell you about myself I am an average height good looking guy after completing my studies went for higher studies and got placed. Although this incident is not my 1st sexual experience but can be termed as one with a lot of adventure.

I got transferred to Bhubaneshwar and after joining my office I found I had a girl Sunita in my team of sales. This girl was at around 5 had a lovely figure, 32, 28, 34. Sunita has been working in the comp since 7 years and was senior to me in experience but was supposed to report me. But coz of her hold over our boss she tried not to report me.

She used to behave as if she was my boss and would order me in an arrogant voice to visit a particular client. This annoyed me but as my boss was a guy having a great weakness for females, he would not care for my problem. To solve this problem, I had a plan in my mind I started making friendship with her and tried to make her believe we are a team and had to compete with other teams to be known in the company. Read more »

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A Sexy Photoshoot

I am a successful photographer for Vanity magazine. And yes, I am a woman. I’m not sure if it was the phone or the sunlight streaming through the window that woke me. I know that the alarm wasn’t set so it wasn’t that. I checked the phone and sure enough there had been a call. The call was from a property developer. His office wanted pictures for their magazine advertisement. The picture that was taken by the Magazine photographer was a group shot and terrible according to the agent. Everybody in the office wanted a separate picture.

“So what would you charge to drop by and shoot the office staff?” The question sounded harmless but I knew from previous experience that It could be a rip off, if I didn’t give them a very clear set of rules up front.

“First trip 500 rupees a person and I choose the pose from the proofs I shoot. If I have to come back, it’s 300 bucks each same deal on the poses. Now if anyone wants to choose their own pose it is 200 bucks. Frankly I prefer everyone get shot at 200 bucks, it makes my life so much easier.” The price was right and we both knew it. even if all that got were a few files emailed to them it was still cheaper than anyone in town. Not only that everyone in the building or real estate trade knew that my dad and I were the ones to call. Hell he probably sent the agent to me. He didn’t need to run out to shoot head shots anymore. Read more »

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Desi college hostel slutty girls

My name is Mamta this is my true story, I want share with girls that are like me. I left my village for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering. The college is far from my village, so I had to get a place in a ladies hostel. I got a room with three beds so I had to share with two other girls. Out of the two girls one girl is new like me and the other is a senior.  I was very tired with the journey, and felt very uncomfortable as it was a new place. I washed my face and started changing into a nightie. I felt that the senior girl Sharmila was looking very curiously at me, and smiling.  I felt shy as I’m a beautiful girl 19 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big 38 size breast that are firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape that can attract even the girls.

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Beti ki school teacher

Mera naam Kuldeep hai, umar 30 saal, height 5’6” hai aur mera lund bhi kaafi mazboot hai, 7.2 inch lumba hai.

Meri beti LKG mei padhti hai. jab maine uska admission school mei karaya tha toh maine waha ek bahut he khoobsurat teacher dekhi jiska naam KomalTomar tha. Wo ek shaaadi-shuda aurat hai magar dekhne se nahi lagta .

Uski umar koi 24 saal hai aur dekhne mei kayamat hai, uska figure 34-28-38 hai, height bhi 5’5”… kya gajab  maal hai wo…  maine jab use dekha tohbus dekhta he reh gaya.

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Bindu my sexy neighbor Part 2

I wiped her pussy and the thighs repeatedly with my finger and scooped up the juice to my hungry mouth till all the precious juice had been disposed off. It was time to proceed with the main event that is of buggering her arse thoroughly. I decided to finish the job standing. I lifted her to her feet and led her to the wall; She had difficulty walking, as the movement of the buttocks had an effect of rolling the glans in her sphincter, causing her discomfort and some pain. “Bhaiya, gaand mein dard hota hai” she said. On her request, I bent down, lifted her by her knees and carried her to the wall, while she hung on to my neck with her arms. There I set her down and pushed her against the cold smooth surface. She was in seventh heaven and eagerly awaited the pounding that her posterior was about to receive. She kept telling me to do justice to her buttocks for at least an hour. ” Bhaiya, jara apni Didi ki gaand mun lagaa ke ghanta bhar jorsay marna”. Bindu Didi was now standing facing the wall, with her breasts crushed against its hard surface and the stomach firmly leaning against the tiles to take the pressure that was coming. Her legs were spread to ease the pressure in her anus. I made her bring them together, to increase the pressure, telling her that she would enjoy it more. ” Didi, janghen sataa ke rakho to gaand marwane mein jyada maza ayega”. She grunted her approval. With one hand, I caught one of her bulging mammaries and started crushing it. Read more »

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Bindu my sexy neighbor Part 1

Bindu, my lovely neighbour called me for sex on my last afternoon in Mumbai. It was as simple as that. This happened when I used to stay as a paying guest in the posh Napien Sea Road area of Mumbai. I was posted to Mumbai for three months just after I joined my firm after college. I was a horny young man and was always thinking about sex. I had had some delightful experiences in my teenage years, mostly with older women whom I adored. In Mumbai, the work pressure was so much that I had to work weekends as well, which hardly left any time to even think about sex. The only sex I got was a quick desperate shag every day before I fell asleep. I was looking forward to the end of my assignment so that I ould visit my loving aunt Vimal in Pune on my way back, to make up for all the draught of these three months. Bindu was a gorgeous forty-year-old woman, who lived in the adjoining flat. She was a rich socialite, with interest in cinema and theatre and she had already acted in one or two art movies where her small vampish roles were well appreciated, mostly due to the skimpy attires she wore. Her dance in the film “Chain” and her swimming pool scene with the evergreen hero had made her a sex symbol ten years back. Read more »

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Sex with Peon

Hello. My name is Reena and I am 19 years old girl reading in a reputed college in +1 classes and today I will tell you the true story of my life that happened last year. I live in a small town and I stay in Amritsar for my higher studies. My college was about 7 km from my hostel and I had to go there by rickshaw.  My classes are over at 5pm. As I was about to leave, it started raining heavily.

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Customer ki daughter ki zabardast chudai

Dear friends, hi to all of reader this is my first post, this is real incidence real story , hope u guys will like. My name is Ali khan age is 26 and this story is about my sexual affair with my customer daughter.

Mera aik general store hai main karachi pakistan ka rhne wala ho. ye baat pichle saal ki hai jbb main 25 saal ka tha aur mere bhai ki tabiyat kharab thi to pora din shop per main he baitha krta tha aur hmara ye business pichle 10 years se hai. Mere aik customer thi jin ka naam hai amber aur un ki umer koi 38 years hoge dikhne main sahi thi aur un ka fig hoga koi 36 32 36 aur un ki daughter jis ka naam hai seema us ki umer 18 years hai aur us ka fig bht hi kamal ka hai 34d 28 36 ye mjhy us k saath sex kr k pata chala. Read more »

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Dirty at work

The lace garter belt hung around her hips and the straps clung taught against her skin.
“I have a question.”

Not even looking over at her from his computer screen, he nodded and said, “You often do.”

She pursed her lips together and responded, “Yes, but they’re never work related. This one is inappropriate so I’m asking permission to ask it.” Read more »

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Madam ki choot bahut tight thi Part 2

mai agale din thik 10 baje mam ke ghar pahuch gayaa. Mam ne uss din green color ka suit pehnaa hua tha. Halaki mam thodi moti aur dark thi.lekin mujhe toh mam sexy lagti thi. Mam ne mujhe 10 se 1 baje tak padaayaa. Uske baad hum car seekhaane shahar se bahar ek ground mein gaye. Aas pass koi bhi nahin tha kyonki dupher ka waqt tha.
Ground mein pahunch kar maine mam ko car seekhani shuru ki
mam.pehle toh mai aapko gear daalna seekhaata hoon” Read more »

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Madam ki choot bahut tight thi Part 1

Uska nam Suman (change name) tha. Usne mujhe sham ko 7:30 per CP me Mc’donald me bulaya. mai vahan 7 baje hi pahuch gaya tha. Aur coke pite-2 uska wait kar raha tha. Har pal meri nigahe darwaje(door) per thi. Vo thik 7:30 baje a gayi. Hum dono ne ek dusre ko dekh kar pehchan bhi liya. Lekin dosto sach batau vo kya lag rahi thi. Ekdum phataka lag rahi thi. Kya gadrai huyi madmast jawani thi uski. Jawani to fut-fut kar ufan mar rahi thi. Well developed,well sized boobs the uske. 36 27 36 hoge. Pink colour ki salwar me vo kayamat dha rahi thi. Uske darwaje se mere table per aane tak uske jawani ko ghur-2 kar uski jawani ka raspan kar raha tha. Vo 28 sal ki thi lekin dikhne me 24 se jyada nahi lag rahi thi. Read more »

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