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Hot and sexy chat

Ok, to may nay lata ke sath chat ki usnay muje bataya ki wo ek married female hay, or 25 ki age hay, or abhi tak koi kids nahi hay, uski marrage ko 3 sal hu hay. Wo lucknow may rahti hay or wo ek bunglows may rahti hay or bunglows may srif teen log rahtay hay ek wo,uska husband or uski ek choti sister jiski age usnay 16 batai or uska name kiran bataya wo abhi 11th may hay or sara din school or tutuion may hi rahti hay or husband business may hi sara din bahar rahtay hay or rat karib 12baje tak aate hay unka textile ka business tha is liye wo sara din bor hoti hay. Or uska man problem sex ka tha kyuki marrage ke bad bahut kam. Read more »

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Days with my lover

It is not easy to relive the moments I had my lover Travis. It was in all a wonderful and memorable time. He used to tell me how use to suck off a guy who worked at his dad’s workshop and enjoyed it. But when he got to be with me – he showed me all the  things he could do. He pulled down my pants and sucked my cock. I was amazed at the way my cock would disappear in his mouth.  Then came the time when I started sucking his cock, he practically forced me into doing it –  I sucked him off.

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Horny session with Payal

Hey readers I am Rahul here once again with a hot erotic story. This also a true incident which happened after I posted my first story. I heartily thank the webmasters without whom I would not have had my second sexual experience. You guys really Rock. For those who have not read my first story let me give my introduction again. I am Rahul 22 year old guy from Kolkata and I am a fair, good looking person with a muscular physique.

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fucked housewife Sneha and shared with Reshma

the_cool_dude111: hello
the_cool_dude111: how r u?
Sweet Girl: s
Sweet Girl: fine
the_cool_dude111: do u remember me
the_cool_dude111: we had chat before also
Sweet Girl: s monster cock
the_cool_dude111: yeah
the_cool_dude111: u got gud memory
Sweet Girl: thnaks

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Hot sex chat Part 2

DIVYA: for example?
SEXYMALE: like i will take ur face…nm thrust my cock
SEXYMALE: n ask u to lick it
DIVYA: kkk
DIVYA: now stop everything
DIVYA: see wat i have observed over all from ur all answers
DIVYA: and which i liked too
DIVYA: u love to pampler gal befor taking to main level
DIVYA: u love forplay

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Hot sex chat Part 1

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SEXYMALE: m soft initially
SEXYMALE: bt then become wild as the action increases
DIVYA: to u mind wats girl for u
SEXYMALE: n r u soft or wild ?
DIVYA: to ur mind wats girl for u
SEXYMALE: girl is a beautiful thing….best friend….
DIVYA: b frank and open
DIVYA: dnt worrly wat i will feel or dnt try to match my

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Anita housewife role play Part 2

babe.anita4u: u see a magazine out there in the hall
Ramu Raj: i am not in hurry u can change and come madam
Ramu Raj: i stand and look at the magazine
babe.anita4u: and u see my pic in bra and panty
Ramu Raj: hmmmmm
Ramu Raj: i gentle lift that up
Ramu Raj: and start running my hands on that pic

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Anita housewife role play Part 1

babe.anita4u: hey hunk
Ramu Raj: hiiiiiiiii
Ramu Raj: how r u dear??
babe.anita4u: good
babe.anita4u: fuck me i am horny
Ramu Raj: ohh yea babe
Ramu Raj: me to ready
babe.anita4u: start roleplay
Ramu Raj: sure

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Erotic chat

any babe interested in hrd wild erotic fun!!!!! 31 m rich guy here

anaida_14 (May 18 12:39 PM):
anaida_14 (May 18 12:40 PM):
only chat
anaida_14 (May 18 12:41 PM):
u there

iwantacallgal (May 18 12:41 PM):

anaida_14 (May 18 12:42 PM):

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Anita seducing part-2

babe.anita4u: but still my babyy started to cry
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: then i had no option but to feed her
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: but unfortunately i was wearing a dress and no top or
Jayaprakash N: i c
babe.anita4u: then i pulled my dress down and started feeding baby
Jayaprakash N: then
Jayaprakash N: k
babe.anita4u: i am sure all the men wpuld have seen my nipple
Jayaprakash N: ya
Jayaprakash N: indeed

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Anita seducing part-1

Jayaprakash N: hi
babe.anita4u: hi
Jayaprakash N: all well there
babe.anita4u: ysss
Jayaprakash N: k
Jayaprakash N: so what news ?
Jayaprakash N: how was weekend
babe.anita4u: nothing
babe.anita4u: not bad
Jayaprakash N: k
Jayaprakash N: didnt go out
babe.anita4u: naa re
Jayaprakash N: oo u have to nurse a baby .. i forgot

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Sexy chat

Rohan Mehra: hey nikita…have u found some one else now to chat
Rohan Mehra: quite a busy soul
nikoosaxena: shut up
Rohan Mehra: why…
nikoosaxena: m not busy
nikoosaxena: its net prblm
Rohan Mehra: wat do u do
nikoosaxena: engg
Rohan Mehra: doing engg and net problem
Rohan Mehra: they go hand in hand

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Sex chat with muslim lady

jayrathod7777: hi sana
Sana Azeem: hi jay
jayrathod7777: kaisi hai meri rani
Sana Azeem: main theek hun mere hindu raja
Sana Azeem: mere hindu piya
jayrathod7777: mein maze me
jayrathod7777: kya pehen ke baithi hai tu?
Sana Azeem: main burke mein hun mere piya
jayrathod7777: teri figure kaisi hai/
Sana Azeem: meri figure 34-26-36 hai
jayrathod7777: tab to teri gaand marne mein maza ayega

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Sex chat with horny housewife

aaj short kurta pichhe zip wala n tight chipki huii elastic wali
salwar pahnihu
bethne me kurta pura belt tak uthjaatahe n puri panty n ass visible
box me aake bethgayehe
pooja aaj to tum bahut sexy lag rahi ho
aaj bhi lagta hai sirf hum dono hi hain box mein
[arre abhi se sexy?/ say ki achhi lagrahiho]
bahut acchi lag rahi ho pooja aaj tum

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kalpana 03

kalpana: hello u there
rajat: yaaaaa
rajat: auntyyyy
kalpana: some problem with the net here
rajat: how r uu
rajat: okkkkk

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