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High Speed Sex Chase

Rachana admired herself in the full-length mirror. She turned on the balls of her feet and gazed over her shoulder. The crooked little smile and the twinkle in her big brown eyes showed she liked what she saw.

Her black hair lay soft on her shoulders. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra. The sleeveless, white blouse fit tight around her rib cage, lifting and displaying those orbs. The two top buttons were open to “let her breasts breathe,” as she liked to say.

The red skirt came to mid thigh. It fit like a glove, displaying shapely legs in sheer stockings. She wore red flats; heels made it hard to drive. With a self-satisfied smile, she grabbed her purse and trotted out the door, ready and eager for her adventure. Read more »

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Khoon Ka Khel

A knock on the door summoned Saurabh from a ruminative silence. He looked at his watch and realized it must be his two o’clock appointment. With a quick check to make sure his desk was in order, he stood and walked toward the door.

“Dr. Sharma?” Saurabh asked the man at the door. The man nodded and Saurabh stepped aside, motioning for him to enter.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Dr. Talvar.”

“Certainly, certainly. Come in. Have a seat,” Saurabh said, gesturing at one of the comfortable wing-back chairs in front of his desk. “And please, Dr. Sharma, call me Saurabh.” Read more »

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Blood Pressure Check

I have a medical history of high blood pressure. It’s not surprising, even though I’m only twenty-eight years old. My parents were both hypertensive, as were my grandparents. The life-style that I live doesn’t help much either. On my days off I drink beer and smoke marijuana, both to excess. I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee every day. I don’t get much exercise either. My doctor has given me some pills to keep it down and for the most part they work pretty well; except for in one particular instance.

I’m a pilot for a skydiving company. I fly the big, twin-engine plane that takes up loads of beginning skydivers and the instructors that accompany them. As a pilot, I’m required to take a physical every two years to maintain my license requirements. Six years ago when I stumbled across this job (intending to do it for a year or so until I found something better), Skyflight Skydiving School was owned by a jovial, hard-partying man named Rod Pilfer. Skydiving back then was largely unregulated and Ron, who’d burned more than his share of greenbud with me and tipped back several hundred cases of beer with me over the years, didn’t worry himself over things so petty as certifications and medical checks of his employees. I could have been unlicensed completely and Ron wouldn’t have given a shit, as long as I showed up to work each day and flew the damned plane. When I needed a new “yellow card”, as the medical certification card was known, I would simply fill out the required FAA forms, entering any information that I wished, and a physician friend of Ron’s (who was also partial to greenbud, beer, and free skydiving) would simply sign off on it. Everything nice and legal though the spirit of the law had of course been grossly raped. Read more »

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Life of a High Class Randi

Life as an escort took its own route and gave our dear Shanti a fresh lease in life. She became smart and more alert to the vagaries of life and also became extra diligent at skipping work and making use of the best assets on her body to her advantage. She would not flinch to make them appeal to the men folks and also to the women folk.

Her Manager at the Bank ā€” Arangayanam had steadily ensured that the idea of quitting the job was out of her head and whenever she would appear in front of him whether in the cabin or outside, the man would have saliva in his mouth gulping to go down the throat ā€” she was sex par excellence.

She had kept him tormented and excited and very hopeful that one day she willl allow him to get under her petticoat. She would always make sure he felt that way and and usually while in his room would give him ample time to devour her beauty especially the boobs covered in the nice bra and blouse. She would always make sure that the saree would slip at the right time for the middle aged man to ogle and would deliberately not cover her self. It was all well planned. Read more »

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Sex, Guns and the Desi Mafia

Priyanka stood in front of the huge board. Many pictures were pinned on the green board, red twine connected the images. Many of it were just playing cards, including the top most one, there were no pictures of the people, no known records, just a name famous in the street. Way on top was that of a joker, the name Varese, a name that was most commonly used in the street. Drugs were named V1, V2 and went all the way to V12. The higher the number the costlier the drug, the latest was named I-Two often called the costliest drug available on street in India. It was the purest form ever found, samples sent to test to FBI corroborated the same, the origin unknown.

Definitely not Mexico or Colombia, reply came from FBI.

Priyanka looked at the hierarchy, six were known, no pictures again, just playing cards. There could be more or less, no one knew. The first image was on the fourth layer, a local man, one who stood for local MLA once, a clear picture of a young man, who had the typical rags to riches story. The name Jā€™ DC a.k.a Jose DeCruz written with green sketch. The image was the latest taken only few weeks back. Three more names were written under it, including pictures. The two men and one woman who was most constantly seen along with Jā€™ DC, his only known contacts. Read more »

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Sex with the Forest Officer’s Wife

Tathagata had just received his permit to work at the Gir National Park. He is taking over from the previous chief Raghu Desai. Tathagata had been an excellent naturalist for the youth and he knew the ways of the forest as well as the best and better, by far, than most.

He surveyed his main poaching protection area, peering with his keen eyes over the forest from the small hillock that marked its eastern bound. He was proud of himself, being only twenty-three and having full rights as a Forest Conservation Officer.

Desai had not died, or even retired, but had left for Vadodara to be with his wife, Annapurna. He smiled, remembering the first meeting he had with that lovely creature when he was a youngster. She had blatantly flirted with him. Forest reserve inhabitants have slightly looser restrictions about clothing, and he soon after that had seen her unclad in the yard, and had something to fantasize about when he fooled with himself in the dark for several years. Read more »

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Confessions of a Convict

I guess I belong here, but then again maybe not. ‘Here’ is the Tihar jail where I may be for some time … well at least until the trial is over, anyway. Why am I here, you may ask? Well, I guess they think I killed my wife and son. Again you might ask, why? Well, let me explain.

I’m Rajnish Harjo and I have been married to my beautiful wife, Yasmine, for seventeen years. We have … er had a son who had turned eighteen just last month. It seems he had a unique birthday wish, that only he and his mother knew about. She gave him his wish the day after his birthday. Yeah, I’ll get to that wish in a minute. Let me tell this my way, OK?

I met Yasmine in college and we dated off and on until we married in our final year at Mumbai University. Yasmine received her degree in education and physical education, while mine was in business and accounting. I wrangled a job at a very prestigious accounting firm here in our home town of Pune. Yasmine started teaching at the middle school. Then, when our son, Ketan, moved up to high school, Yasmine followed him over as the their vice principal. Read more »

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The Slave and the Mistress

Today is my twentieth birthday. I’ve been her servant for almost two years now. I doubt she’ll remember. Last year was celebrated with a well-deserved beating.

God, I love her.

When we first came to Mumbai we were runaways who thought we knew it all. We knew she lived alone, was the heiress of a Parsi bakery fortune and that she lived alone and unguarded, close to the bad part of town. We never thought to ask why. So we pulled a home invasion, intent on robbing and probably killing her, but she turned the tables on us so easily. We were pathetic. One bottle of drugged wine and we woke up in the cages. She abused us… call it what it was, she tortured us. But we were going to take everything from her, hurt her, force her, probably kill her.

Who could blame her? But at least we always ate well. She was never cruel in that regard. Read more »

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