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My Suhaag Raat Chudai

DATE – DECEMBER, 18th 2009.

This was a very important day of my life. According to our application made to the registrar of marriage and their order, myself, my bf Ramesh, my parents, Ramesh’s parents, my uncle and some close family friends/relatives, visited the marriage registrar’s office in the morning. My parents and in-laws were signed as witness and we have been declared WIFE AND HUSBAND by the registrar on exchanging the marriage ring there. I was started feeling differently on becoming WIFE of my dream boy. I touched feet of my parents and in-laws on hearing my inner voice and received all the good blessings from them. My eyes were already heavy in respect of all and also due to shyness. I was wondering because I was always a bold girl and I was not expecting this change in me. My in-laws were very happy when I have touched their feet. I could notice a lot of love for me in eyes of my in-laws like my own parents. After this, we all went to nearby hotel for lunch and from where we returned to our home. I would like to clear here that I returned with my parents as it was pre decided that I will go to my in-laws house only after marriage as per Hindu system. But one thing was sure; I was feeling little change within myself. I was feeling little more mature and responsible. I was not able to keep my husband out of my mind and the same time I was thinking about my parents after my marriage. Of course, my uncle, my first lover was also occupying a part of mind and heart. It was sure that I have to live away from my uncle and parents now. I wanted to have last love with my uncle at my home. But, he was very busy in making different arrangements for my marriage according to catholic and Hindu marriage on December 20th.


I was very busy since morning with my mom for last minute shopping. We returned to home afternoon and when we finished our evening tea, I saw my uncle coming to home and seem tired. After joining us for tea, he went to his room for a rest. I saw him in deep sleep and I too went for a nip. When I woke-up at about 7.00 pm., I was feeling fresh and I also found my uncle in fresh mood. We all were together at dinner and I conveyed my message to uncle within eyes which he understood. Read more »

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Let’s Talk About Sex Without Shame

Way back, years ago when maybe ten people read the stories my site, I did a blog entry titled “Dear teens.” It was a letter to persons under the age of 18 who were accessing AllIndianSexStories and reading, among others, my stories. Considering events since then, I suspect it is still as valid today as it was then. And, since more people read my stories these days than in the good old days, I thought I’d dust it off, spruce it up, and put it out there for today’s group of people who shouldn’t be reading it.

Except you should read it, because it’s geared to you, the person under age 18 who is reading here in spite of the fact that everybody knows that this is clearly an adult site. But in this case, it’s OK for you to read, because I’m going to tell you how to have a great sex life. So read on.

By the way: No adults allowed! This is only for the teens and tweens group!

So for you tender youth … just read it, OK? No response is needed. In fact, I don’t want you to write to me at all. The Govt. takes a dim view of porn authors who try to establish friendships with underage persons, and to the Police, a series of emails between you and me is evidence that I’m trying to establish a friendship, regardless of what’s actually in those emails.

AISS Admin

****** Read more »

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Swetha Loses Her Virginity

My name is Swetha Suresh, my parents are from Kerala. I live in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Today I am going to share my sex experiences of my entire life.

My first sex experience occurred at the age of 18, I was studying in class 12, After my dance practice me and my boyfriend decided to go to a birthday party, It was a bit night around 10 pm. We reached his house by 10:15. But to our surprise there was no much celebration. Only one more boy came. But I was very happy to see the thankfulness of the birthday boy because we came to his room. We cut the cake and sang song, I danced a little bit…lol. Then they opened drinks. I asked my boyfriend why he never told me that he drinks, he replied I never asked him. I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV and three of them started drinking. Then suddenly the other boy asked my boyfriend if he had sex with me, he said no..they started laughing. I became very angry and asked my boyfriend to leave. But that boy said if Achu ( my pet name) really loves you she will do it today. Read more »

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Losing Virginity on the Beach with 2 Girls

The beach was 50 kms north of Mumbai. The old man hobbled on his arthritic knees making slow progress in the beach sand that gave way beneath him and made him sink up to his ankles with each painful step. He carried a small cooler in one hand and one of those cheap old lawn chairs made of aluminum and with plastic straps in the other. He walked towards the brown wire and wood fence that acted as a windbreak and trap for the blowing grains of sand. Quite a pile was drifted up and weighing down the fence, tipping it towards the north. He found his normal position close by the windbreak, but giving him a view of both sides of the little eroded basin where the sea drained into the ocean. He set up his chair and put the cooler on the shady side where it would stay cold longer and still be within easy reach. He had a little trouble sinking down into the lawn chair, but once seated, he stretched out his knees and welcomed the relief from the pain. He held off on opening the cooler, waiting to savour that first beer of the day. At his age, and living on a fixed income, anticipation served more than a single purpose.

He was just about to give in to his thirst and temptation when two young girls, perhaps eighteen or so, walked around the wind break and startled him by their presence. They seemed surprised to see him as well, since few people from Juhu ever walked out this far into the beach. The old man had spent the last thirty years out there alone, only going into town once or twice a month to check his mailbox and pick up fresh supplies. In the average year, perhaps as many as thirty people ever came out his way, and so he welcomed the break in his daily routine. Read more »

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How I Pataoed Nayana – the College Hottie

Chapter One

It happened before I knew it. No accident with a coma, experiment by curious aliens or gift from a thankful entity. All by itself. Nayana Shergill, a first year girl I’d admired from afar since class 5 said “Get out of my way, Shorty” one time too many. First of all, my name’s not Shorty. I just happen to be 4′ 10″, but I know I’ll get taller eventually. After all, I’m only a first year.

Anyway, Nayana, Miss “My daddy can buy the universe,” Miss Popular, Miss “Kiss my ass, peasants,” had been picking on me for as long as I’d been admiring her.

I was trying to squeeze just one more book into my locker, but ducked out of the way as she slammed the door of hers, right above mine. She sniffed as she looked down on me and spun around. Read more »

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Princess virgin Part 2

When she came back out she said. “Wow, that is a great bedroom. That bed…wow it’s fabulous and I mean…terrific” she told him with a grand smile on her lips.

Meanwhile he was watching her move left, right, backward, and forward in that skirt. Those legs, that body, her hips, and those titties…oh god she makes me hungrier then hungry. I want to kiss her everywhere…all over. I want to hold her boobs. I want to make love to them. God, if only she knew…if only she knew. Read more »

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Princess virgin Part 1

She stood there before him, looking herself over in the mirror, and asked him a question. “So, what do you think is my…sexiest feature My boobs,” which she didn’t think was but thought he would say.
It was Friday, dress down day for employees, and of course she walked in like usual wearing another jean skirt. Another short one showing off her legs…the ones he thought exhibited one of the greatest pair of arousing flesh. She had one of the greatest pair of thighs he seen, ever. Not to forget the rest of her body, he thought, he wanted to taste each one, if he could, and soon. Because there was so soooo much to appreciate on her, on them, and on this young woman he had always told himself. Read more »

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Classmate Mona ki seal todi

Dosto, mera naam Mohit hai or me lucknow shahar ka rahne wala hu. meri umr bis wrsh hai or vartman me lucknow vishivvidgyalaya se snatak (graduation) kar raha hu. Aap sab logo ke pyar ki hi meharbani hai, jo me aaj aap logo ke samne apni pahli kahani prastut karne ja raha hu or asha karta hu, ki aap sabi ko meri yah kahani jarur pasand aaye.

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Neetu ki seal todi

Hello friends mera name rakesh hai or me 20 saal ka hu meri hait 5.7 fit hai mere lund 7 ins lamba hai or 3 ins mota hai or me salem,tamilnadu me rahta hu or mera ghar rajasthan ke jalor distik ke pass me hai muje tamilnadu aaye hue sirf 3 sal hue hai jab me 14 sal ka tha tab se hi mene apne friends ke sath blue movie dekhna suru kar diya tha muje sex karna bahut pasand hai mene abi tak 2 ladkiyo or 1 aunty ke sath sex kar suka hu or yeh meri pahle real kahani hai jo me aap ke sath share karna cahta hu muje umid hai aap sab ko yeh pasand aayegi or kisi ladki ya aunty KO SEX KARNA HO YA SEX CHAT KARNA HO TO MERE FACEBOOK account YA HOTMAIL Id PE MUJSE MIL SAKTI HAI, Read more »

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My new virgin girlfriend

Hi to all this is Karan, from Punjab. Well I am a regular reader of this site and today I thought that I submit my experience too. Well let me tell you about myself I am a tall handsome guy, having good knowledge of seducing a girl and how to bring her in my control. well if any girl, married or unmarried want to have contact with me can mail me at lets cum to the story now. Read more »

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How we lost virginity at Mumbai

Hi friends, how are you? I’m Kunal from Mumbai just completed my studies and have started with my job. This story is about how we lost virginity. Any women , girl or bhabhi want to have fuck than mail me. I was placed in good corporate company. Company had a staff of 25 people and there was a girl in my office whose name was karishma. She was very beautiful and had a very cute and innocent smile on her face all the time. Even karishma join the office 2 days before me. Because of her smile I started liking her. As time passed we become good friend.

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Weeding night – virgin Part 2

His chest massaged my breasts. I began to get turned on heavily. Rohith’s hand found its way all the way around my back, under my arms and pressed against the edge of my breasts. His other hand began to work its way to my ass. He moved the hand away from my ass, but didn’t move the one near my breast. I felt wet between my legs. My head was against his and I was breathing harder on his ear. He hugged me tighter and our bodies seem to melt together. On his persuasion, I put my hand in the top of his briefs and found his hard dick.

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Weeding night – virgin Part 1

It was my wedding night (Suhaag Raat) and my friends have brought me into the room decorated with silken drapes, red roses & white jasmines. I was very tired after the wedding, so to freshen myself I took a bath and changed into my wedding night saree. As you know this is the night when my husband will overcome all the hesitancy and pleadings from me.

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Village virgin girl ki kahani Part 3

Mujhe pilane main zyaada maza aa raha hai ya sasur se?” “haye aapse ohh ab chodiye na.” ek baar mujhse bhi choot chatwakar dekho fir chonge hi.” main uski halke baal wali kasi choot par haath laga bola. Jawani ki tadap ke saath god main utha use bed par litaya aur chudasi khoobsurat mast garam gulabi choot ko poori nangi dekh mast ho gaya. Choot chudne ke baad bhi kunwari lag rahi thi. Maine jhukkar 8-10 baar jeebh se chaata tu wah apne aap haath se choot ko phailati sisak kar mujhe dekhte boli, “haye raja mar gayi. Baad main chaat lena ab chod do.

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Village virgin girl ki kahani Part 2

Aapka tu khara ho gaya hai. Pyjama aage se phata hai.”wah meri jawan god main heavy lund par apni gaand ko rakh choochiyon ko dabwati chudas se bhar gayi thi par mujhe tu abhi maza lekar ek baar lund ki masti jhaarkar pyaar se damdaar tareeke se chodkar iski choot ko pahli chudai main itna maza dena tha ki hardam mujhse maza lene ke liye bekaraar rahe. Pyjama dono  Ka phata rahta tha. Sasur choot chaatta tha par abhi tak maine uski choot par ek baar bhi haath nahi lagaya tha. Jab tani-tani choochiyk nipple pakarkar masla tu pyjama ki choot gangana gayi aur wah khulkar boli, “haye meri mast hai, chodiye  Abhi nahi chodenge. Pahle jawani ka maza lo. Pani nikal jane do. Batao tumhara aadmi kitni der chodta hai?” haath main aasani se aane wali mast choochiyon ko zor-zor se dabate kaha tu wah boli, “ji bahut jaldi bas 1 minute.””are tab tu wah saala na-mard hai. Maza kya aayega, kam se kam 10 minute tak na choda tu mard hi kya. Sharmao nahi ab tum mera maza lo. Aaj se tum apne aadmi ko bhool jao aur meri biwi bankar maza lo. Bari bahu se zyada maza tumko denge. Ab barabar din main aaya karenge. Tum log sasur ko chatakar mast kiye rahna. Lo haath se pakarkar apni choot par rakho dekho mera lund tumhari choot main jayega ya nahi. Dekho kitna mota hai.”main jaanta tha ki khulkar chudai ki baat karne se choot kulbulati hai.

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