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HI everyone this is my first story on AISS. I like fucking girls of all ages. So any aunty or girl fromViskhapatnam who wants to have sex can contact me complete privacy is assured it’s a promise. Contact me at Now lets come to the story. This is a real story which happened a […]

Orkut friend took away my virginity

Hello My Dear Erotic Readers..I am very happy that I am one of you who read all the stories in this wonderful site “AISS”..I am Sahar from Bangalore(as usual name changes to protect the identity),24 years old working for a MNC,and who is going to take you through the experience awaited a long long time.I […]

I fucked my virgin sister

hi friends my name is rahul when i m stndying 12 clas i m very interested in sex ?nw i wil cme to the story my sister name kajal one my parents went out of the town me nd only my sister leaving in home sry i frgt to tel my sis age she is […]

Virgin Hostel Girl

I was a junior at a large college in Chennai/India when this incident took place. The semester ended about two weeks ago, and as with every year, on the last day of finals there is the annual student-association dinner-and-dance night, held at one of the best hotels in the area. That was when I met […]

Virgin Maid

This is a true story that took place a few years back when I was 18 years old. We had engaged a maid for our household. She was very efficient in her chores. She was 16 years old, had firm boobs, tight ass, and lovely thighs. Whenever she used to clean my room, she used […]

Virgin Ass

As she sat naked in front of her computer on her butt plug, she began typing her next story. The plug had been stretching her hole for over an hour, only three more to go. Sitting on it made her so horny, her clit was throbbing for attention. Post Views :15203

Trip To Ooty With Gal Friend

I was just not interested as I knew what my friend was up to he wanted to pair me up with her.. later on I got to know that even she was going thru a rough patch in life, so all these stunts from ma friend & she turned out be working in my company […]


Hi every body, myself Revanth an engineering student, living in Bangalore. This is my first experience. I feel very excited in narrating my experience. I am greatly influenced by girls or woman who are a bit quiet and very responsive to me.Let me start the story, here the most of the part of my narration […]

Sex With My Hot Girlfriend

Ali from Mumbai am 22 yrs old n I am studying in college were I met my girlfriend, I am 5ft 7 inch muscular body, have 8 long n 2.5 inch thick manhood, I am fair n very much attractive 4 girls I do modeling in my college too so u can think of that […]

Real tight virgin girl

I am going to share a best sex experience of my life. i m 22, 6′1′’, good looking. it was the time, when i used to live at chandigarh for my job. i used to stay in a rented two room set. i have many good sexy girl friends at chandigarh and so i am […]

Radha, A Shy Virgin Tamil Girl

Hi All, I prefer calling myself as Max(29years), i am working for an international banking corporation in one of its main offices in chennai. Radha(24years) she is a software professional working for a multinational company in bangalore, we met through an social networking website and became friends and started chatting on a regular basis and […]

My first college sex

It was during my first year in college. One of the girls named “Suvidha” was very free and enthusiastic girl and always very open in views and talking. She used to be a bit hyper active always and used to get quite close to me while talking. I thought she was like that only because […]

Kavya, The Virgin

I was addicted to play with my tool from 8th classand as farheens family vacated from the building I was seacing for partner to play sex we were living in building since 9years. we and our owners were living as one family.kavya was owners daughter.they were very rich. Post Views :23114

Hot Story of Bus Groping and Fucking 1st time

Hi friends, its riki , my age is 24 im doing job in a software company, today im writing for my 1st experience of sex with a gorgeus school gal 1st time in bus today this is my experience of today. 14th nov 2010 Post Views :79213

Fucking virgin sister of friend

Hello, my name is Raghu.I am a graduate and work in a software company. The incident deals with one of my closest and best friend Vineet and his younger sister Neha. We had been friends since 8th standard. Then we joined the same junior college. But we departed for graduation. Post Views :67770

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