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Hot lecturer became my hot wife

It happened a long time back when I did B.Sc. Computer Science. There was a lecturer named Lincy who was the beauty queen of the college. Even all male staffs try to act smart when she crosses them. She is 28 years old, lean and very attractive with cute boobs hidden inside sari. It’s the college rule to wear sari for teachers. So, all the students were lucky to have a sneak on their favorite teachers’ boobs during the class hours. Return to story; I am the poorest in studies and won’t study well. All other students were able to pass excluding me. Read more »

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Hot lonely wife banged at her home at night

Hi friends this is my first story on this site. My name is Hritvik and I am from Delhi . I have a FFF attitude friendly , flirting and fucking Any lady between age 26-38 can contact me  for a very hard fuck. Right now I am in final year and can provide service in Delhi and Haryana. So all the horny ladies contact me at my email id mentioned above.

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Wife exchange ka maza – Hindi mein Part 2

Kamal ne muje aur Khushi ko chumata hua dekh Hiral se kan main kaha dekho dodno kitne thande hai do minute main kiss karke nage ho gaye aur hum dono half house ek dusare ko chum rahe hai fir wo aur Hiral hasne lage aur Hiral ne Kamal ka lund muh main liya. Us waqt maine mera lund Khushi ki choot main dal diya, Khushi ko paheli bar uski choot ki size ka lund mila tha aur muje paheli bar esi choot mili thi jisne mere lund ko charo taraf se pakad liya tha.

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Wife exchange ka maza – Hindi mein

Hello dosto, main Suman 32 sal ka ek hansome mard hu. Meri height 5’ 09 hai. Meri shadi 4 sal pahele ek sidhisadi ladki se hui thi jo dikhne main kafi khub surat thi par thodi bholi bhali type ki thi. Main ne suhagrat main uski khub thukai ki aur uska seal thodi. 4 sal lagatar use chodne ke bad sex mujhe common lagne laga fir bhi jabhi mauka mile main uski gand main ungli karke uske chodata hu.

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My wife calls her ex

My wife admits that I’d never made her cum like her ex did.  I agreed to let her invite him over for the night.

“Oh god! Baby that was amazing!” my wife moaned as I lifted myself off her slowly letting the thick black strap on dildo slide from her pussy.

“You made me cum so fucking hard!” she said still squirming from her last orgasm.

“How many times was it?” I asked.

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Wife becomes black cock slut Part 2

Amy was almost screaming as her orgasm continued, “oh fuck, oh fuckkk.”  Pussy juice was flowing out of Amy, filling Roger’s mouth and running down his chin. Roger was trying to keep up with the flow, but it was a losing battle, as he moaned into her pulsating pussy, her thick thighs squeezing his head tight.  Finally her orgasm began to dissipate, her legs releasing Roger’s head. She fell back on the counter top, her body still lightly shaking as she breathed heavily. Roger knelt on the floor, trying to catch his own breath, his face glistening with Amy’s juices.  John stepped back and looked at Roger, “how was it?” Roger didn’t say anything, just nodding at the Younger man with a look of confusion on his face. John chuckled, “wow he’s speechless, guess it was good.”  Amy had regained her strength and sat up on the counter top, “honey, your not mad about that?” John shook his head and smiled, “not one bit, and now I can’t wait to watch you take that monster cock inside of your pussy.” Amy looked at him in shock, “what? You want him to have sex with me?”  John laughed at her reaction, “oh yes honey, I have always wanted to watch you get fucked by a black guy, but yeah I want you to have sex with him.”

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Wife becomes black cock slut Part 1

John and Amy have been married for almost 5 years now. They have had a good sex life,  John is 23 years old, and Amy is 24 years old. John stands 6’2″, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, weighing about 200 lbs. Amy stands about 5’4″, with long brown hair and green eyes. She weighs about 190 lbs, with 42D tits.  They had hired a local lawn company to do their yard work for them. Roger is a 40 year old. He stands 6’4″, with dark skin, a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build, weighing 200 lbs.

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Housewife ko pata kar chudai kari

Hi this is Sahil Sameer from Hyderabad  meri umar 22 years ki hai aur meri hight 5.8 ki hai mere lund ka size 5.9 ka hai aur meri Bcom cumplate hogaya hai main ziyada time na lete huye apni stori per aata hoooo ye aaj se 2 mahine pahle ki baat hai jab main apni padhai khatam karke job ki talaash main tha tho mujhe job nahi mili tho main ne soocha ki jab tak koi choti moti job hi q na karloon tho isi silsile may main apne dost se baat ki ke yaar mujhe job chahiye kon si bhi apni pocket mani ke liye tho usne bata ya ki uski girlfriend event ki job karti hai woh us se pooch kar batyega tho main ne kaha theek hai  phir thodi der baad uska call aya aur kaha ki kal ek film ki shoot hai waha per kuch logo ki zaroorat hai tho main ne jaldi se haan kardi aur doosre di kaam per chala gaya wahan per main simran naam ki ek aunty se mila jin ki age sirf 29 years ki thi,

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Dost ki biwi se sex

Mai Jayesh mumbai mai raheta hu mera dost rohit aur uski biwi yane vibha kai bar film dekhne jate hai usi tarha hi kal bhi hum film dekhne jane wale the mai thik 9. 00 baje rohit ke ghar pahuch gaya to rohit nahi tha vibha akeli thi rohit ko achanak office ke kam se bahargaouv jana huva tha vibha boli jayesh rohit kal sham tak aayega hum film dekhne kal jayenge mai bolo thik hai mai chalta hu to vibha ne kaha tum yahi ruk jaona mai akeli hu muje dar lagta hai rat ko bhukamp aayega to mai kya karungi mai bolo thik hai lekin yaha ek hi room mai hum dono kaise soange to vibha boli koi bat nahi tum rohit ke dost hi to ho tum se kya sharmana hum .

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My wife Sona

This is Vicky and wife’s name is Sona. Though not very beautiful, she has an attractive face with a 34C-28-36 figure and I usually notice men looking hungrily at her. For quite some time I suspected that Sham, male friend of mine and Sona were having regular intercourse but were being very discrete about it. The closest I came to witnessing one was during one of my lunch breaks when I came home to find his car parked in front of house. But this time I did not have the key to the house and so could not get in. The only way I could see was through the partially open drawing room window that admits an incomplete view of the connecting bedroom.

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Husband ka dost Part 3

He ran his fingers around in my navel and this made me just a bit excited too. Then he slowly ran his fingers down from my navel to my pubic bush playing with the very fine hairs which form an almost invisible line between the two. I found this to be exciting but couldn’t let on it affected me at all. All the time he was running his fingers over my body he was slowly moving his lund in and out of my choot! Now I was starting to get aroused! I was cross that I was becoming aroused and more upset because I could see he knew I was aroused.  He then grabbed my ankles and forced my legs back towards my head until my shins were alongside my ears! In this position I was exposed to his body in the most obscene way – my choot was fully exposed to him and he continued to fuck me but at a quicker pace now. Gotam and Nuzhat had finished their fuck for the moment and both came over to watch Minhaj fucking me! I really hated this having another woman watching me getting fucked but I was in such an uncomfortable position that I couldn’t even wriggle at all. I just had to lie there, exposed as I was and allow Minhaj to continue fucking me! Gladly I felt him starting to cum and Nuzhat recognized this as well and started encouraging him to cum in me too. I watched both Gotam and Nuzhat as they just looked at my helpless body lying there and getting fucked by Minhaj.

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Husband ka dost Part 2

Nuzhat began to scream and I glanced over to them again. They were certainly not looking at us because they were too rapt in what they were doing. It was ironic that I detested being fucked by Minhaj and perhaps to distract myself from his pounding I could look over at my husband fucking another woman and enjoying himself. Nuzhat’s screams told me she was cumming and I could also see Gotam was cumming too. Without pulling out he shot his load deep into her choot and then he collapsed on top of her! I was looking at them almost dispassionately not really caring what they were doing any more. Now that they had climaxed I watched as Gotam lifted himself off her body and his limp lund plopped out of her choot and just dangled down from his body. Nuzhat didn’t waste any time in moving so that she could suck his lund and clean off the mess which was evident on it. Of course her sucking soon made him hard again and she was begging for him to fuck her again.  Minhaj began to increase his speed of plunging into me and the twitching of his lund and body told me he was about to cum. Strangely I found my nipples had extended by themselves more than I had seen for quite a long while.

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Husband ka dost Part 1

Let me introduce myself, I am now 25 years old married for 2 years without a child. Living happily with my husband, Gotam, in Delhi, India. This happened to me last year.. Everything went along smoothly for about 2 years. Sex has always been great and we went everywhere together. We really enjoyed each others company but one night, as we lay naked in bed together having just made love, Gotam rolled over on his side and turned me so that I was looking directly at him. He began by telling me how much he loved me and never wanted to lose me! He then said some words which would change my life forever, “Juhi, now that we have been married for 2 years and have known each other for lots longer I think it is now time to try something different.

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House owners wife of Kerala Part 2

This time I wasn’t going to let her go. I shot up and caught her by the shoulders. I grabbed both her wrist and pushed them to her sides. Then I drove her to my bed throwing her on it. Her heaving bosom with the generous cleavage showing made her look as sexy as ever. ”I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I am going to fuck you so hard that you’ll cry. So stop fighting it. And now Baby is not in a stage to save your chastity”, I said as I removed my underwear.My dick sprang out, She looked at it with shock. “Please. Phleeease vinuuuu…nooo…please don’t spoil me…enai nashipikkalae… njan pavamannuuuu ayioooo…. let me go, I’ll do anything you say, just let me go. ”she pleaded but I was insatiable. I pounced on her grabbed her red blouse along with her black bra and ripped it off. Her breast toppled out and I grabbed them in my mouth like a starving man. I took each nipple and bit it hard. Jolly screamed “what are you doing? This is wrong, let me go, for godsake stop, please,pleeeeasse vinuuuu..I am a married woman, I shall not be able to show my face to my husband. Don’t do this vinuuuui” No, noooh, oh god! Noooooooh” she moaned as I licked her nipples to hardness. Her protests were making me hornier. I hungrily kissed her face, lips, neck down to her cleavage while she was fruitlessly trying to push me off.

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House owners wife of Kerala Part 1

I am vinupk This happened when I shifted to the Ernakulam town of Kerala on a Job for a few months I joined a house as paying guest, away from the main town which consists of owner baby, his wife jolly and a gal of 10 yrs. It was 1/2 hours from the M.G. Road. Fortunately the house had no electricity or water problems. The house owner, Mr. baby assured me that he would arrange for food .However there was only one bathroom. Don’t worry about food my wife will cook everything. About 4clock in the evening I saw a strikingly good looking woman coming towards the house with a gal of 10 yrs, looking innocently at me and Mr. Baby introduced them to me and me to them She was wearing a pink cotton sari and a black blouse.

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