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In spite of love marriage

Hi AISS Readers I am a regular reader of the site and very fond of reading to wife sex story. I don’t think so that all the story posted are true but I consider few of the stories are real like mine. Friends, I m an intelligence officer in Indian army and posted in New […]

Fucking a beautiful housewife in Pune

There I arranged my accommodation in a rented house, in which the ground floor was occupied by the house owner and the first floor of the house, which was fully furnished rented to me. The family of owner of the house was comprised of four members who include the house owner; he was a textile […]

Indian wife sex story

Mai funni hu.30 sal ki hu.sexi,wel body.and very slut.i like sex,sex & sex.mere pati ka muzpar koi bandhan nahi hai. wo khule vicharo k hai.mere shadi k 1 sal bad muze 1 bachcha hua.mai aur bhi sundar dikhane lagi. lekin meri sex ki bhuk badh gai. mere pati muze bahut chodte the lakin kuch maza […]

Hot housewife

i am vijju 27yrs weight 78 fair and well built 7 inch cock from hyderabad. working in mnc living alone .its my real experiance. i am staying in a apartment hyd and i will go to gym every day early in the morning ..there is a beautiful anty Haritha age of 35 and she is […]

My wife first threesome

my wife rekha is 29yrs old looks chinky. but has a sexy ass and good boobs. i have been looking at cuckolding websites for a while and had a wish to see my wife getting fucked in front of me from a very long time. my wish finally came true couple of days back. in […]

My experience with housewife -2

Naa peru Kiran, naaku oka chinna brother, oka sister vunnaaru. nenu oka manchi abbaayini ani, andaritonu chaalaa nice gaa maatlaadutoo kalupugoru gaa vuntaanani maa colony lonu, aavoollo maaku telisina vaaru andaru antuntaaru. kaani naa sex voohalu, korikalu, yevariki anumaanam raakundaa chese naa sex enjoyments guttugaane vundevi. Post Views :306701

Revenge on wife

This is a true story about my sexy and beautiful sex starved wife Sandhya. I was married in the year 1999, our sex life was OK till 2000. In early 2000 my wife joined a call center where many young good looking guys were her colleagues. I started noticing a very drastic change in the […]

My wife fulfills my desire

My name is Suresh 42 year old and my wife is renuka who is 38 year old. We have two children. Here in this episode I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex with another man last year. Infact in a period of this one year I […]

Sunita my cousin’s wife

I am sending another story about my encounter with Sunita my cousin’s wife. She is about 30 and with a bulky body with a figure of 38 35 40. Looking at her no one can think of having sex with her. It happens that my cousin and his wife Sunita came to our house as […]

Hot House Wife

I am 29 years old, well educated and professionally very well placed. My current assignment is based at New Delhi. I have always been an Internet buff and from day one, encouraged the usage of low cost communication tools like IM and chat tools like ICQ for communication between regional offices and my HO in […]

My double dick wife

Got married 2 years ago to tall well built good looking sexy Goan girl Virginia. She was working in my office as a receptionist. She trapped me or I fell in love with her I can’t say. She is kind of woman any man would like to have. She is 5′ 6″ tall. Dark brown […]

My wife and my friends

Hi I am Pradeep from Bhubaneswar, Orissa and I want to tell you all about my wife. My wife name is Namita, age is about 35, beautiful even at this age, and has nice body 36D-29-38. She loves wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid […]

My experience with housewife

Naaku yuktha vayasu raagaane naa sexual parts chaalaa korikalu korutundevi andari lo laagaa. Modati saari naa weapon (modda) erect avatam nenu gamaninchinappudu yento thrilling gaa feel ayaanu. Melli melligaa naa modda podugu gaa, laavu gaa, baagaa balam gaa kaavadam notice chesenu. Aa age lo naaku yentha sexy modaa vundi ani anipisthundedi. Ayithe yevrainaa female naa […]

Threesome with my wife

We are a married couple aged 28-27 in Kerala. The lady is fair & sexy with36 sized breasts attracting attention from where ever she goes. I have seen eyes of men bulge out watching her breasts, and it gave me a strange fascination. I then gradually developed strange desire to watch her making love with […]

Sex with Uncle’s wife

Hi to all story16 readers, I’m cbemale from coimbatore 20yrs of age. I’m very big fan of story16 and i almost read every stories in this site. Now i’m preseneting my experience to u all. My experience is with my dad’s friend’s wife. Her name is Swetha(fake) 30yrs of age,she has 38 sized boobs and […]

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