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Rajesh’s Wife Has a Secret – II

Sapna got up early and saw Rajesh spread out beside her still in deep sleep. Must be very late last night she thought and went to bathroom to freshen up. She prepared the tea for herself as she didn’t want to wake up Rajesh so early and settled in the living room with the newspaper.

As she was going through the newspaper something caught her eyes. She saw few printed sheet of paper fluttering beneath the keyboard on the computer table. She picked them up, on the back side of the sheet it was handwritten in bold “for my darling wife.” Curious, she turned over and was shocked to see her mails sent to John were printed there. She flipped over the pages and knew that her anonymous email account is accessed by Rajesh. She turned the pages with a worried look on her face.

Anxiously she fidgeted with the papers and walked to the bedroom where Rajesh was still sleeping. She sat beside her and touched her face stroking it gently until he opened his eyes.

“What is this Rajesh,” she pushed the sheets in his hands. Read more »

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My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – III

“It’s alright darling. Nothing to worry. See at you home!”, Richa responded equally quickly and signaled them to disconnect. She stayed there with her head lowered and not knowing how to react any further.

But it was enough ice breaking for the duo. Khan, the experienced of the two, came closer and planted a straight kiss on Richa’s shoulders and moved up to her face. Bunty couldn’t be kept out either as he grabbed both of her breasts in his palms. Richa shuddered as she felt the beginning of their rampage. It was raw love making for the initial 5 minutes as Khan stayed in the front and continued kissing and licking Richa’s bosom, face and even going down to her tummy and arms. Bunty was pushed behind but not out. His hands would sqeeze her breasts hard while he kept playing with her hairs and kissing and licking her back. He enjoyed slightly spanking Richa’s bums too. Richa wasn’t too comfortable kissing Khan as he was smelling the “bidi” he used to smoke but hardly had any option as Khan expertly opened her mouth and caught hold of her tongue while smooching her.

Bunty wasn’t any novice either, he quickly moved his hands between her legs and started rubbing her already moist cunt. He kept kissing her arms and licking her back while Khan was busy kissing her. They swiftly changed their positions and now Bunty was having Richa from the front while Khan moved to rear. It was so quick that Richa didn’t notice Bunty kissing her breasts until she opened her eyes when her nipples were bitten hard. She moaned lightly and asked Bunty to go easy. Poor chap, he was having a woman like her for the first time, there was nothing to stop him as such. He made complete mess of her exposed breasts and nipples and went down to her thighs and womanhood. He touched her clit hard and plucked it in his fingers while Khan at the same time started pinching her nipples. Richa was slowly being taken over and gaining the libido. Read more »

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My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – II

It was late evening by the time I reached home that day. Richa looked anxious; she had mixed emotions about the hours she had spent with Imran in the morning and was also quite apprehensive about the next morning when they had agreed to meet. She didn’t tell me anything upfront but I could smell the air and was quickly into teasing her.

“You’re looking exhausted darling! Had a long day at work, eh??” I said as she was actually looking tired and she never told me that she didn’t go to office at all.

“No….nothing like…. I am alright”, she kept it short. I didn’t ask her again until we were done with dinner and TV programs.

Even I was somewhat tired that day and was early into bed. She came in about 20 minutes later got under the comforter. I was lying on the bed but hadn’t slept yet when she squeezed in. She was in gown and lingerie inside and I couldn’t keep my hands off her bums for long. She still wasn’t opening up and I sensed and asked her, “What’s up babes? Is something wrong?” She didn’t respond right away but moved herself closer to me.

“Darling… I didn’t go to office today”, she spoke. Read more »

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My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – I

It was one of the rainy days in Mumbai when Richa had to travel in a public transport bus during the rush hours. She had put up a yellow colour transparent saree with a black blouse inside offcourse a sleeveless one with deep cuts on either of the sides. There were no heavy rains but it was drizzling all the while making the traffic a bit slow and the rush to increase. Richa managed to get into the bus and reached over to ladies seat which were all occupied. As always there were men standing around those seats to have glimpses and Richa was already inviting a lot of attention due to her dressing. She looked around and found one person standing there, elegantly dressed and looking descent. She moved into his direction and stood beside him. The man, although looked descent, did not loose the opportunity to check Richa once which she did not mind a lot.

As the bus was moving towards the destination, more and more people started getting into and rush was only increasing. The conductor was literally forcing people to move to the front and there was some pushing where Richa was standing. She had moved very close to the man now who was about an inch taller than Richa. He was holding the handle at the top and standing there tightly while Richa was pushed under his arm. She tried moving her face to indicate her discomfort and suggesting the man to move his arm but the fellow absolutely didn’t react. He was probably enjoying Richa’s discomfort. Richa tried to look around to see if she can adjust somewhere else but looking at the horny men standing behind she remained stuck to her place. Read more »

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The Vacation to Konkan Beach

This happened when we had gone on a short trip to a place along the Konkan beaches. It was a long weekend and we had booked a cottage there with all the good facilities and adequate privacy as we wanted to relax and chill out. We reached there around noon on Friday. The caretaker manager was very jovial and was impressed by Richa’s looks. She was wearing a short ¾ grey colour pant and a tight black tee shirt above. Her curves were quite nicely visible through that skin fitting outfit. Richa was wearing the dark black glasses so I couldn’t figure out if she was also checking him to decide if he can be her man. Nevertheless, we checked in and were escorted to one of the two cottages there. I asked him if the opposite cottage was occupied. He informed that a couple was going to show up in the early evening. He left soon, leaving us alone in the room.

It was nicely done room with all the facilities like AC, fridge, LCD, nice smooth king size bed and even a nice bath tub. Richa liked it a lot and so did I. It seemed she was already turned on as she jumped onto me and started kissing. I simply could not ignore and we ended up kissing passionately, just the two of us with no one around. We hadn’t even taken a wash after driving all the way but the kissing was like never before. Both of us sucked each other deep and complete. When Richa broke for a moment, I reached out for her top and took it off. She too pulled my shirt and pushed me on that king size bed as we resumed kissing. My hands reached her bra strips on the back while her hands were lingering between my groin and my chest. I took her bra off and started pressing those beautiful melons as always. I knew Richa loves them squeezed hard and getting her nipples pinched and I was exactly doing that. Richa had gained all the libidos and was moaning heavily while trying to unbuckle my Jeans. But I wanted to delay the hardcore action and decided to continue the foreplay. Read more »

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My Wife’s Encounter with the Oldies – I

It was a cloudy afternoon in August when it was raining heavily since morning. I had managed to go to office while Richa was alone at home. As the rains were increasing, the usual waterlogging problems started resurfacing along the low lying areas. Our area wasn’t an exception and water was climbing up real fast. There were lot of small houses (bungalow types) around out building and they were in the danger of getting waterlogged. A lot of people from those areas started taking refuge in our society for the fear that water levels might continue increasing.

It was 2 pm in the afternoon but it was dark like late evening. The rains were only increasing and it was enough to concern people and the authorities. A lot of offices were asking employees to leave early and people were trying to rush back to home adding to the chaotic situation. There were a lot of people gathered below our society also. A few families on the lower floors were kind enough to accommodate many of the women and children in the crowd. Richa also noticed a group of people stranded below and called them over to our house. There were about 7-8 men, 3-4 women and a few children. They all were seated in our living room and Richa arranged some towels to dry themselves and made some tea also. They were really glad and appreciated her help. Some of them went downstairs to gauge if the water level were receding. Most of them were old parents of working men and women staying in those hereditary houses Read more »

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My Wife’s Encounter with the Oldies – II

Hello all! I am back with Richa’s next encounter with the oldies. I hope you all have enjoyed her first encounter with their group and how each one of them enjoyed with her. It was a few days after that first encounter; Richa was not very comfortable discussing it at large. She had a view that she just tried to help the few old men in need and was not hoping that they would really come back. I, as always, would try teasing her that a gangbang with oldies or individual encounters with grandmas was right on cards. She would laugh it off most of the time.

It was one such weekday when I left for work early morning. Richa was planning to go little late so she did not leave at her regular timing. Around 9 o’clock (after 30 minutes from Richa’s regular timing), our doorbell rang. Richa was trying to finish her morning chores and was about to take a bath and leaving for work. She answered the bell and found Mr. Naidu standing at the door.

“Good morning Richa, I saw Bharat leaving early this morning. And it’s 9 but you’re still at home, so I am assuming you’re not going to work”, he declared the reason of his knocking on the door. Richa was somewhat stunned that he was stalking on her and my schedule so energetically. Read more »

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The Return of Sumo Riders

It was a week after Richa’s encounter with the two guys in the Sumo car when we were traveling to Pune. Richa was not too keen to discuss the topic but when I said, “I do not think they will get in touch with us”. She insisted that they will and even predicted that it will happen on Tuesday or Thursday. Now, we were discussing it on the Saturday afternoon and I asked Richa, “Should we ask them come home if they call? And should we call both the men together or separately? How do you want it honey?” She was still little reluctant to discuss it. I could not hold on and started teasing her by rubbing my wet fingers on her face and neck. That certainly got her going but she didn’t answer my question. “I asked you something dear”, I reminded her. “Not at home, book a hotel room for 3-4 hours and let them be together if they are okay”, she responded in a haste. I instantly planted a kiss on her cheek, “That is like my slutty wife”. This time we both had a good laugh.

Everything was normal until Monday evening when around 9pm, my phone rang. I had just reached home and was removing the shoes when I answered the call.

“Hey! Is this Bharat I am talking to?”, the person asked.

“Yes, this is Bharat. Who is this?”, I responded.

“Hey Bharat, this is Yatin here. The codeword “Richa in the Sumo”. Do you remember, buddy?” Read more »

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Erotic Holi with my Wife Richa

It was a Holi night and almost the whole complex was out celebrating and burning the evil in the fire of Holi. Ours was a new complex and most of the families had moved in recently as in couple of months. Not many people knew each other either. So the Holi was organized as the beginning of getting to know each other. It was fun meeting new people and celebrations and sweets. It was also decided that everyone will gather for playing colours the next day. I and Richa had a great night sleep and were eager to join the colour play the next day. We had breakfast in the morning and were ready to go. I was wearing a faded jeans and old t -shirt while Richa put on a sleeveless grey top and a black tight slack pants. “You’re going to give hard time to men, dear”, I teased her. But she laughed off and we were soon downstairs.

There were lot of people already down there and we quickly pushed ourselves into the groups. Obviously there was no shortage of stares checking Richa but everyone was trying to be polite and courteous. In an hour or so the crowd started to increase and groups were formed. There was a big chat counter set up centrally and also there were some drinks arranged. Everyone was throwing colour on each other, getting a bit tipsy with the drinks and enjoying the nice chat items. It was all a fun event so far. I and Richa were soon into different groups but I was trying to keep a check on her.

She was very much into women group and they were all having fun and were having their faces coloured really dark. It was soon becoming difficult to even recognize people. But it seemed women were having more fun than men. They were dancing on the music tunes, spraying colours in the air and ensuring that no women was left without colours. Men on the contrary were happy having a drink and eating chat items and discussions around politics, business, sports etc. Some of the men groups were occasionally mixing up with women’s group and there were few escapades as in – putting colour on each other’s faces etc. I saw a few men who I could not even recognize were putting colour on Richa’s face and even some applying colour on her arms. She seemed not bothered much and was reciprocating by putting colour on those unknown men’s faces. Read more »

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The Car-Ride from Mumbai to Pune

It was a hot October Friday evening when we were required to travel to Pune for something. We were initially planning to go Saturday morning but then had to settle for Friday evening. Obviously, we were late and reached Dadar station around 9 Pm. The regulars would know it is always crowded but that being Friday evening there was extra rush of people returning to Pune. We went to the MSRTC counter to see if any tickets were available. But there weren’t any. We were approached by private Volvo buses but they were charging way too extra so we finally settled for a private car (Tata Sumo). The driver agreed to drop us near Pimpri station for a nominal cost.

But it wasn’t a very convenient adjustment. There were 10 people in Sumo other than the driver. There were 2 seating beside the driver, 4 in the middle seat and we had to adjust with 2 more men on the last 2 vertical seats. Richa wasn’t too happy about it but we just pushed ourselves into it. And the driver was driving fast and soon made his way through the traffic beyond Sion. I and Richa were seated on one of the vertical seats while there were two other men seating opposite us. They were carrying one small travel bag with them each and we had one for us. There was no extra space for luggage so we had to keep it on our laps.

As we relaxed into the vehicle, I started noticing the two men secretly checking Richa out. She too probably sensed it but was not that bothered. Read more »

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Making My Sis Into a Top-Class Whore – I

We were cash-strapped those days. My elder sister Amrita was that time doing her textile business. She was twenty seven, but looked young enough for people to think she is my younger sister. She was athletic, slim and tall. She carried herself well; dressed elegantly and was very beautiful with lovely thick silky hair which fell below her shoulder. She had a sharp nose, full lips. a well defined chin; and large eyes. However, her striking feature was her figure. Though petite, her body looked full, endowed with large yet firm breasts and a tight but wide butt. I was twenty three, five feet ten inches tall. slim and fit. We used to be very close when we were younger; but over the last few years we had drifted apart; as she was busy with her work all the time. My sister used to procure textile materials, get them designed into fashionable garments and supply them to retail outlets in Calcutta. It was during Dassera festival she needed lots of money to buy a large consignment – as that is the peak season for this business. She asked Dad to lend her money. But dad could not afford.

I had been working for my dad in our family business and was trying to get a new agency for a reputed tiles manufacturing company. Its sales manager came to Calcutta for a business visit. I met him, and took him out for drinks and dinner. He asked me if I could arrange a call-girl for him. And trust me, I had no idea how to get one in Calcutta, though I knew there was Sonagachhi, the red-light area of Calcutta full of cheap whores, which would not help my cause. Read more »

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Making My Sis Into a Top-Class Whore – II

I positioned myself between her spread thighs and held my cock at the opening of her asshole. It was already prepared and loose from the previous ass fucking and I could enter her asshole quite easily. Her asshole was still warmer and tighter than her pussy. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed. I knelt between her spread legs and right below the pussy where the dildo was in was her asshole inviting me. I propelled myself into her asshole and the vibrator was shagging her pussy.

Pretty soon we were humping each other meeting each others thrusts and got into a wonderful rhythm. I could see her hand coming down and going below her abdomen. I knew she must be attending to her clit; as my two hands were attending to her mammary and nipples.

This time my fucking was slow and tender. I was giving slow yet deep thrusts. Taking out my cock almost to the tip and then burying it deep in her asshole. And when my cock was deeply buried in her asshole, my cock could feel the presence of the vibrator which was vibrating strongly.

After a while of continued mutual movements, she started lifting her ass up. That signaled she is getting ready to come. When my cock entered fully my thighs were hitting her butts and the feeling was out of the world. Read more »

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Doctor Saab Do My Wife

My wife is originally from south. When I married her, she was in her early twenties and her family had just immigrated to the north india. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. I was always looking for ways to make her less inhibited. I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, and to show off more of her body. I always found it a turn-on to have other men look at her. She had a slim, tight body and never failed to get attention from men wherever she went.

I had to transfer to a new job a few years after our marriage. As part of the transfer, I had to switch to a new HMO and had to select a primary doctor for my wife and I. For some reason, I always found it exciting to think of a male doctor examining female patients. I looked through the list of doctors with their pictures provided by my insurance company and deliberately picked out a white male doctor who looked like a hunk, and signed him up as my wife’s doctor.

My wife had to make a preliminary visit to see him just to get the paperwork done. She was a little uneasy about going to him because up until then she had only been to female doctors. I did not tell her that I had picked out the doctor for her. She thought that she was assigned to him at random. On the first visit, she had to fill out some forms and the doctor asked her about her medical and family history. After she came back from the visit, she told me all about the doctor and mentioned that he seemed like a very friendly guy. Read more »

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Rohini – the Ravenous Wife

Rohini and Rahul were one happily married couple. Rohini was around 34 and good looking. Rahul was 36 and well settled with two loving kids and they both loved each other.

Rohini was lucky to find Rahul in her life which gave her freedom to work and have time with her life and do things in her career. Rahul always gave her a helping hand at home to do household work and look after the kids.

Rohini had never thought about anything else than having a good family life and loving husband. She use to work hard and same time made sure she gives time to her family.

Things changed for Rohini when a new guy in her office joined his name was Aryan. Aryan was handsome well-built and had charms for which any girl could fell for him. Many girls in the office use to find him attractive and Rohini was not one of them until the day when she found him talking to one of his colleagues about her. Read more »

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The Affair with the Driver

“Fahim, now take the next left. And then it’s the third house on the right.” I said, giving directions to the new driver the company had just assigned me.

“Ok, sir.” he said, and turned left.

“This is my house. This is where you are to pick me up from every morning at 830 a.m. sharp.” I said. He nodded.

The door to my house opened, and out ran my 8 year old son Pintu, yelling, “Papa! Papa!”. He was followed by my wife, Ketaki, looking beautiful as always, with a happy smile on her face.

“So Samir, how was Bangalore?” she asked, opening the gate for Pintu, who jumped into my arms.

“Ooof.” I said picking up my son. “Bangalore was, well, boring as usual. By the way, this is my new driver…” Read more »

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