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Wife swap – Biwi ki adla badli Part 2

Next day Saturday tha. Shan nai subha hi apnay dost Amar ko call kar di aur raat ka program bana liya. nashtay kay baad hum log bahir shopping karnay chalay gayay… dupehar ko bahir hi lunch kiya aur phir 3 bajay wapis ghar aa gay…. shaam ko 6 bajay tak hum sotay rahay aur phir tayyar ho kar raat 8 bajay hum log Amar aur Priya kay ghar pohanch gayay. Amar aur priya humari hi age kay thay. Priya 25 ki thi aur Amar 30 ka. dono bohat hi achay aur khush ikhlaq thay. Priya bohat khoobsoorat larki thi… gora chitta rang, slim, aur curvy jism (meri tarhan)… meinay note kiya kay Amar baar baar meray sexy jism ko bhooki nazron sai dekh raha hai aur Shan priya sai bohat be-takaluff tha… shayad is liyay kay woh pehlay bohat baar aik doosray kay saath chudai kar chukay thay….  hum sab khanay sai pehlay red wine pee rahay thay aur batein kar rahay thay….Khana khanay kay baad Amar nai phir sai sab kay glasses mein sharaab dal di tu mein boli… me: Ji mein ziyada nahi peeti…. thank you..

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Wife swap – Biwi ki adla badli Part 1

Mera naam Sahar hai. meri age 23 saal hai. mera taaluq Karachi, Pakistan sai hai. 6 months pehlay meri shadi Shan sai huee. Shan ki age 32 saal hai aur woh pichlay 20 saal sai Virginia, USA mein rehtay hein aur wahan Real estate ka apna business kartay hein. Shadi karnay Shan Pakistan ayay aur sirf 3 weeks reh kar apnay business ki waja sai wapis chalay gayay.

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Housewife of Jaipur

Hii to all readers …… The story is all abt my luck to have fun with a housewife …. I have seen thousands of girls women but she was the ultimate one ….i often feel jealous of her husband …right now I m not in contact with her ..where she is coz I have left the locality where we use to live once …. Let me tell abt me …..i m a 21 year old guy ,6 feet tall having n atheletic body as I have dedicated a lot of time to sports activities ….i m from jaipur the capital city of rajasthan. And I have mostly lust for the ladies elder to me specially the housewivies I always look for the bhabhies and aunties …it was going well until 1 year back ..i use to live in apartment where there was so many bhabhies n aunties to get mix up and getting my eye tonic ….though I had relations only with one woman ….about whome I m going to tell …..and I m looking for other bhabhi or aunty …

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My friend’s and his wife

Hi, to all readers. I have really enjoyed reading the stories and I thought that I should also share my experience with all you lovely, sexy people. I am a married man, living in Mangalore, and this is what happened some months ago, when my wife had gone to her hometown. My friend Rajesh and his very good looking wife Neeta live a kilometer away from my apartment. We meet quite often and are rather close.

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Your wife’s first date Part 2

“Your wife is just wonderful. Thank you for letting me hang out with her.” he says.

You look him in the eye, trying to judge his intentions. “Yeah, she is wonderful. You are lucky to have this opportunity.”

“Oh I know.” he laughs breaking your gaze and looking your wife up and down. “We have had a blast together.”

“Where did you go?” you ask.

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Your wife’s first date Part 1

“You see honey, there is this guy at work and he wants to take me out on a date.” says your wife, searching your face for a reaction.

You just look at her and laugh, “What the hell are you talking about? Didn’t you tell him you were married?”

“Of course I did, silly” she says with a nervous smile. “That’s the thing, he says that this makes it more interesting.”

“Oh god, is he one of these swinger-types or something?” you say disgusted.

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Horny housewife ke sath

Hi myself Abhi aaj mai aapko ek aapni story batane ja raha hun pahle mai apne bare mai kuch bata du koi ldki ya bhabhi ya aunty sex me interested h to muje msg kr. Mera rang gira hai aur dekhne mai thik thak hu body bhi average hai height 5.10in hai and age 36 years aur mera Priya kaam sex hai mujhe sex mai new experiment kafi aachha lagta hai oral sex ko jayada value deta hu mera manana hai sex ka maja jab tak oral karo tab tak jayada hai ek baar lund daal di chut mai to 10 se 15 ya 20 min ke baad maja complete isleye oral mai jayada se jayada time deta hu aur jab bhi sex karo partner ka pura khyal rakho aur uski ek ek part ko aachhe se pyar karo sath mai partner bhi mujhe pura pura sath de.

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Boss ne meri biwi ki chudai ki

Hello dosto, mera naam sanjay hai or meri bivi ka naam suman hai or aaj main aap sabhi ke samne apni bivi ki chudai ki ek sacchi ghatna sunane jar aha hun, jisme meri bivi mere boss se chudi.

Dosto hamari shadi ko 4 saal ho gaye hai. meri bivi dikhne mai bahut sundar, gori or ekdum hot, sexy hai. uske figure ka size 34-32-36 hai or main apni bivi ko bahut pyar karta hun. Dosto main ek private plant mai naukari karta hun, jahan par tin shift mai duty hoti hai or hum log plant ke area ki hi ek colony mai rahte hai, jo ki plan se 6 KM duri par hai. to us ghar par main or meri bivi, sirf do log hi rahte hai or aas paas ki colony mai sabhi log ek dusre se bahut ghul milkar rahte hai.

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A wife’s gift Part 2

Both my sister and my wife had even shed their bra and panties”Ohhhh Bhabi, aaj kahin ja kar mera sapna sach hua hai. Main kab se tere saath humbistar hone ka sapna dekh rahi thee, ye tera gora badan mujhe pagal bana raha hai. Mujhe isska ek ek inch chum lene do. Inn chuchion ko chus lene do aaaaaahhhhhh Bhabi! (ooooh my sister in law, my dream has come true, today. I have been dreamin to bed you for a long time. You body has made me mad. Let me kiss every inch of your body. Let me kiss these boobs!) my sister was kissing my wife like a crazy lesbian. Bhabi ki chuchi ke saath bhai ka lund bhi milega Nanad ji” said my wife and both women laughed. I had seen so much lust in your brother’s eyes and I decided that I will bring you together. I knew you wanted it Didi. You wanted your brother’s cock and his wife’s pussy, did you not?” my wife asked and my sister nodded and bent down to kiss my wife’s nipples.

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A wife’s gift Part 1

Hello friends, here is a story that will make your cocks hard and your cunts wet. A loving wife gifts to hubby his sexy sister on her wedding anniversay. I came writing it, I hope you cum reading it. Email me at I am very open with my older sister Sarita who is married to businessmen Sahil. They have two kids and they are studyng in school. Sahil is most of the times traveling and Sarita often spends some time with my wife Ankita. My sister loves her Bhabi (brother’s wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband’s sister) I am Anuj, married to Ankita for two years.

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Doctor fucked my wife Part 3

He then turned to where I was sitting, and asked me if I could give him a condom. I hadn’t expected things to proceed this fast, but I went to the bedroom, got one and gave it to him. I guess this was his way of asking my permission to fuck her. My wife seemed surprised by this as well, but before she had time to think, he gave the condom to her. He then unbuckled his belt, lowered his jeans and revealed a very visible erection within his jockey shorts. He then motioned to my wife to put the condom on him. She hesitated for a second and looked at me and I told her to go ahead. My wife got down, knelt on the floor and then lowered his underwear with his help. His cock was very stiff and pointed almost straight up with a prominent pink head. She struggled to get the condom packet opened, and then tried to put it on him. She had never put on a condom before since I always did it myself. She fumbled with his cock and the condom for a while, trying to get it on. His cock was thicker and longer than mine, and I was fascinated to watch her handling his cock. After she was done, he stepped out of his jeans and shorts, and laid her on her back on the carpeted floor and lifted up her skirt all the way, revealing her smooth thighs and pubic area. He placed a cushion under her butt to position her pussy at the right height.

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Doctor fucked my wife Part 2

He then asked my wife to get up and undress to her waist for her breast exam. She hesitated a bit, and then sat up on the table and started undoing the snaps on the front of her blouse. I helped her to remove it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy black bra. She undid the snaps at the back of the bra, took it off and sat up, with her hands crossed in her lap. Her embarrassment at sitting topless in front of the two of us was obvious. She looked very attractive and vulnerable at the same time. My wife has nicely shaped breasts with perky dark nipples, which stood out clearly. He asked her to raise her right hand and then started checking her right breast. With his bare hands, he felt up her underarm and all around her breast in a circular motion with three fingers pressing the flesh of her breasts. He asked her if she ever had a discharge from her nipple. She said no, but he still pressed a finger on her nipple, bending it to one side and lightly squeezing it. He then lowered her arm. He repeated the same with her left breast, while holding up her left hand over her head with his other hand. He asked her if she ever did breast self-exams and she said no. He said that she should do them regularly in the same way that he just did, and placed his hand again on her breast to show her the area to cover.

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Doctor fucked my wife Part 1

My wife is originally from India. When I married her, she was in her early twenties and her f****y had just immigrated to the US. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. I was always looking for ways to make her less inhibited. I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, and to show off more of her body. I always found it a turn-on to have other men look at her. She had a slim, tight body and never failed to get attention from men wherever she went.

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Biwi chudi gair mard se

This is Sanjay and wife’s name is Sona. Though not very beautiful, she has an attractive face with a 34C-26-36 figure and I usually notice men looking hungrily at her. For quite some time I suspected that a male friend of mine and Sona were having regular intercourse but were being very discrete about it. The closest I came to witnessing one was during one of my lunch breaks when I came home to find his car parked in front of house. But this time I did not have the key to the house and so could not get in. The only way I could see was through the partially open drawing room window that admits an incomplete view of the connecting bedroom. And even then I could only barely make out two bodies grappling.

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Dost ki hot biwi

Hi devhere from New Delhi main is site ka bahut purana reader hoon mujhey laga ki apna experience aap logon se share kerna chahiye, is liye main ap logon ko jo story sunane wala hoon wo isi 31st December ki hai. Main 23 sal ka young hoon maine aisa suna hai ki main smart hoon meri hieght 5 feet 6 inch hai aur gora bhara hua shareer hai 7 inch ka lamba land aur 2.5 inch chauda haimain aur Shekhar bahut gahre dost hai. Uske shadi ko 6 months hi huai they. Sunita bhabhi ka figure 36 X 28 ka hai. Gora rung or gulabi hot hai. Mera dost ki ek shop hai.

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