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Boss & Wife

I came in the house through the garage door. I was early, about a day early. I was just about to call out, announcing my arrival home, when I heard a sound that caused me to pause. I had been out of town on business but the offers made were unacceptable and I didn’t need […]

Replacement of wife

My wife Vandana and I had been having continuous arguments for more than two years after marriage. Most of the times after the arguments Vandana ran to her parents’ house in Jaipur and often stayed there for one month or two. Our maid girl Suvidha had been watching all this right from beginning. Since Suvidha […]

Innocent wife

Hey Friends! I am Sam from blore and I wish to share my experience with you all. Thanks for Jeevan for writing this out for me. I am 23 yrs old and computer professional. My wife Taruni is 30 and works in the same field. We were married 3 years back .Now the thing I […]

Neighbourhood Aunties 17 : Sujata

The Aunty in this part is Sujata Aunty.She was 42yrs old and had one son and daughter who were studying in 10th and 7th class respectively.Her husband was a engineer in our office and was dealing with the various machinery in the plant section.She too was a teacher in the same college where I was […]

Pavithra neighbor’s wife

The story here is absolutely true. And all the events happened are described without any exaggeration. Even the names here are correct. My name is Vikas. I am 32 and live in Rohtak. I am in Rohtak as I am working in a software company here. I stay in a flat along with my friends […]

My Wife’s Sister -2

Fucking unbelievable! Don’t move for a few seconds. I have to get used to it. ” I continued kneading her breasts and kissing her neck and shoulder. I could tell the entry had been somewhat painful for her, but that was not unexpected. The walls of her rectum were warm and smooth against my cock. […]

Wife swapping

I and my wife were having good sexual life with one kid and we loved each other well we used to fuck everyday as we are still young one day all of a sudden I heard some strange thing from her mouth that she said me her sister (geetha) who is just one year elder […]

The boss’s wife

I am going to tell you about my encounter with Sarita my boss wife. She is 45 years yet she looks like 25 yrs. She had a sexy figure of 38 28 32. She used to wear a low cut blouse from which her cleavage is visible. Whenever I saw her I feel of having […]

Father’s second wife

I am Nithin, when I was 20 unfortunately my mother expired, after that my father married a girl who is just 4 to 5 years elder to me, I have not accepted my fathers second marriage and was anger with my aunt (second wife of my father ), then my father convinced saying me that […]

She was now like my wife

Hello friends, This is venkat again . I told you how i skrewed up Sudha ,servant maid. This is another incidence with her. That time onwards she was very picky in dressing, hair style and very neat. When ever i aroused and she is arround our home i used kiss and hug her. Post Views […]

Wife’s Gangbang

now i am back with one …. that you can decide how it is? . for those reading my story for the first time i am kartik and 26yrs old basically from chennai working in coimbatore. and i am single. (i think bored much about me) ok after coming to coimbatore( i will say cbe) […]

Wife sex thirst

Hi I am Vijay 25 year old and I am married for 1 year with wife manjula. I am working in a private company. My wife is beautiful with perfect figures. I have been having sex with my wife everyday but I also fantasize about my having sex with another guy. Post Views :33033

Wife & her tailor

Hi all. Thanks for your all lovely mails. I really like some of your comments. This is Vishal again with priya series. Hope you have not been bored yet reading her stories. Let me introduce myself . I am a man of mid 30 with average height ,well built body & of course with a […]

My wife’s sister in law Devi

I used to read stories in this site. From last one year .well let me tell u some thing about me. I am rocky 6ft height good body medium color. I was working Chennai as an engineer. I got married last year and I am happy with my marriage life. This incident took place some […]

My wife’s orgasm in the train

My wife and I planned went on our first trip to north India in December 2001. I had been to Bombay previously but it was the first time for Malavika to the north. We had 4 weeks to spend which we divided between Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi and Jaipur. In the days preceeding the trip we […]

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