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My experience with housewife

Naaku yuktha vayasu raagaane naa sexual parts chaalaa korikalu korutundevi andari lo laagaa. Modati saari naa weapon (modda) erect avatam nenu gamaninchinappudu yento thrilling gaa feel ayaanu. Melli melligaa naa modda podugu gaa, laavu gaa, baagaa balam gaa kaavadam notice chesenu. Aa age lo naaku yentha sexy modaa vundi ani anipisthundedi. Ayithe yevrainaa female naa […]

Threesome with my wife

We are a married couple aged 28-27 in Kerala. The lady is fair & sexy with36 sized breasts attracting attention from where ever she goes. I have seen eyes of men bulge out watching her breasts, and it gave me a strange fascination. I then gradually developed strange desire to watch her making love with […]

Sex with Uncle’s wife

Hi to all story16 readers, I’m cbemale from coimbatore 20yrs of age. I’m very big fan of story16 and i almost read every stories in this site. Now i’m preseneting my experience to u all. My experience is with my dad’s friend’s wife. Her name is Swetha(fake) 30yrs of age,she has 38 sized boobs and […]

Homely Housewife

I am Madhu 22 years old married with Rohit who is 29 years old for more than a year now and he is an engineer and we got transfered to Delhi recently. I am a vary typical Homely looking wife and from a brahmin family. Rohit is not brahmin but he is a north indian. […]

Mast Housewife with a tailor

Her name is Nidhi. What a treat for eyes and perfect to arouse me. I am a ladies tailor. First time she came to my shop was around 2 years back. She was wearing a black chiffon saree with black blouse and white bra. From his bra selection, I knew she was seeking attention type. […]

Wife swapping experience

Recently I have been a regular visitor to the story16 stories. After reading contributions from different senders I was both excited and motivated to contribute our real wife swapping experience for the benefit of story16 readers, especially for the couples. The story has gone little long but I have tried to recollect each and every […]

Mother-in-law is wife’s larger version

Purnima, my wife has always been a great lover on the bed even while we weren’t married. It was she who made the first towards sexual advancements and I still remember how we fucked like rabbits inside the Ambassador Car which I inherited from my father. She had a pair of tiny loose tits when […]

Wife watching

Here again we are Rajiv and Reeta, the sexy couple from Orissa is sharing our new sex experiences with story16 viewers .I am Rajiv writing this new episode of “wifewathing” for your enjoyment and quick response in this subject on our email address. As you know my wife Reeta loves the position to be on […]

Wife swapping 2

Once my wife saritha and me (keshav) went to ooty spend our holidays, the first day while we were having our lunch at hotel, a couple sitting next to us came to speak us hearing that we speaking Telugu they introduced themselves as shilpa and vivek. They too are from Andhra Pradesh and by coincidence […]

My wife Priya

Hi, My name is Biju, I am 38 yrs og age and my wife priya 35. Sara is attractive looking with 36-30-34 fig and fair complexioned. we were married for the last 9 years and have one boy of 5 years. I am a regular reader of and very much fascinated about group sex. […]


We loved each other well we used to fuck everyday as we are still young .one day while he was fucking me all of a sudden I heard some strange thing from his mouth .My husband said me that his friend Pradeep and his wife Sarita wanted a swapping fuck session with us. I was […]

Sex with Boss’ wife

Hello story16 Fans, I am a regular reader of story16 Stories and I would like to share my best experience. First about my self, my name is Joni 29 years old, I am basically I am a Marketing guy working with a company in Bangalore. I am very sexy man with average body and 5’10” […]

Small boy made me as his wife 3

Then we both felt tired so we slept in the bed. In morning once I wake I found that I was sleeping, on top of my nude sister. She also opened her eyes and asked how do feel . I told its really a great. Then I asked don’t you feel heavy to carry your […]

Sis replace my wife place

I had just got divorced from my wife. It was an amicable arrangement – amicable and inevitable. She was a lovely girl. Attractive, very sexy and good fun to be with. The sex was great but that was the problem. She just loved to fuck. Unfortunately it wasn’t just me that she fucked. Post Views […]

Wife’s outside fucking

My name is Rajiv; I’m an engineer by profession. I’m 32, happily married and posted at SAIL, Rourkela, Orissa. My wife Reeta is 26 and very beautiful. She is very aggressive and open in sex and has no inhibition. She never said no to sex in our five years of married life. Let me also […]

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