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Chaalu nokarani

Hi guys this is Rohit from Ludhiana Punjab. It is the true incident occurs when I came to my home in holidays. Actually I’m studying in Bangalore. Let me describe myself. I m 5feet 11 inches tall, air and smart look guy. When I came to my home in holidays I saw that my parents had hired a maid which is hardily 18 yrs old.

Her name is Geeta. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall fair and innocent look holder, her figure was 34b 26 parents were very happy because I returned home after very much time so they strictly ordered Geeta to take care of my every needs [ non sexual ]. Heheehhehe. I was very happy to see that maid and was making plan to seduce her. She was very innocent and did not have any wrong thinking about me. She took care of my every basic need i.e. breakfast lunch diner, clothes etc

One day my uncle [dad’s friend] expired and my parents have to leave in late evening for Chandigarh. They told me to take care of home and other works as they will return after 2-3 days. I said don’t worry, “I will manage all”. They left for Chandigarh. I came inside the home and start finding plans to fuck Geeta. I came in lobby and start finding her. She was in kitchen and preparing dinner. I came in my room. After sometime I and Geeta together took dinner and went for sleep. My dick was erected by seeing her black bra in her translucent shirt. Her legs were also visible. They were smooth n hairless n fair in color. She sleeps in lobby on sofa. I was on my bed watching xxx movie. After some time I went in lobby to see Geeta whether she slept or not so that I could see her body closely but I was shocked because Geeta was not on sofa. I saw the light in my mom’s room. I slowly came near the door and start watching her. Oh my god..!!! She was wearing my mom’s jewelry and was watching herself in mirror and she also kept some gold rings in her bra. I came from behind and said loudly “tu mummy ke room mein kya kar rahi hai…chori karte sharam nahi aati” she was very much shocked to see me and start crying..!! “Mujhe maaf kardo saab!! Main bahut garib hun!! Main to sirf ye pehen ke apne shauk poore kar rahi thi!!”” I said”” aur jo shirt ke andar chhupaya hai, woh?? “”

She said maine kuchh nahi chhupaya” I said “ok main talashi leta hun abhi pata chal jayega” now the great ideas of seducing her are coming in my mind, I was very much happy and exciting. She was wearing white shirt and black skirt. Black colored bra was clearly visible in that translucent shirt. First I checked her pocket then I kept my both hands on her boobs. She said “ye kya ka rahe ho bhaiya ji” I said” talashi, chal apni shirt or skirt utaar” she said” nahi…main nahi utaarungi…” I said “ok main fir police ko bulata hun…woh jab tujhe thaane mein nanga rakhhenge tab pata chalega” she was afraid now and said “theek hai per main haath nahi lagane dungi” I said “ok” Then she started unbuttoning her shirt and removes her skirt also. My goodness!! Her figure was amazing like Hindi film actress amisha Patel. she was now in bra and panty [both black colored] I said “ye bhi utaar ke dikha” she slowly remove her panty and bra.

The gold rings fell down from bra cup. She was now quite. I said” ye kya hai? ” she did not said any thing and she suddenly push me , I fell on bed on my back and she sat on my tummy and smiled and said” chaaho to keemat wasool lo bhaiya ji!! And start kissing me on my lips!! “I was now out of control. I quickly removed my clothes and was totally naked…we were now kissing and kissing…I press her boobs and took her tit in my mouth… Her nipple was small round and of light brown color she was very hygienic girl as her underarms and pubic hairs were waxed. I was sucking her nipples she was moaning. she was sitting on my dick and was enjoying it. I changed my position and made her sit. now I said her to take my 6.5 inches hard tool in her mouth. she first nodded but I compelled her then she agreed she opened her mouth and start licking my dick head now it’s my turn. I laid down on her back and start licking and eating her pussy the after shave lotion’s fragrance was coming out of it and it was smelling good her pussy was like jelly.

I continuously ate her pussy for 15 mins. she was now about to cum. I stopped took condom apply on my dick and lay down. I said” mere lun pe baith” she jumped on my dick as she was now wild now she start riding. I was in seventh sky and was enjoying now after some time she took my whole dick in her pussy and tightly hold my chest it seemed that she was about to cum suddenly I got more wild seeing this action and we cummed together…oh my goodness! That was great experience of sex that night I fucked her one time more in doggy style. We slept together naked in my quilt. After that time I fucked her at least 15 times more in my holidays as I get chance! Now we have changed our maid…and I will fuck her too