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Chachi Ki Chudai

It happened a 2 years ago.i never saw my chachi(named-sarita) from that prospective until this day. it was a sunday and so i , my uncle and chachi planned to go out for dinner .it so happenend that i sat on the side my chachi was sitting and my uncle sat alone on the other side.we placed the order for the food and patiently we had dinner my eyes suddenely fell on a place completley new to me.

I was waching my chachis cleavage.i was stunned to see two great boobs breathing up and down and being held just by a plain blouse.well that aroused my but i controlled my feelings.i masturbated 5 times that night thinking about my chachi.i had made up my mind to give her a good fuck some day or the other.i used to stay with my parents and she stayed with my uncle in a different apartment.

My chachi used to pay regular visits to my mom and whenerver she used to come i used to sit near her just to get a glimpse of her great chachi made no attempts of hiding them as she thought me to be a innocent boy but by then i was as horny as one could get.i decided to make the first class 12 exams were over and i was on the brink of a 3month my holidays began i paid visits to her house daily prending to meet her and just spend time.she had no resevatios about that as she was quite friendly with me.i used to go at about 11 o clock in the morning as by that time my chachi used to be alone in her home. i used to sit and talk to her while she did her daily household work . i used to get a good sight of her lovely ass and every time she used to bent down i saw her two great first aim was to gve her feel of my lund and whenever she to be in the kitchen cocking i used to stand very close to her pretending to be curious about learning cookingbut actually i used to press my hard cock against her ass.i did that for a week and surprisingly had no reactions from her.

My next step was the deciding was a monday and my uncle was out with some business work and was supposed to return late.hence i was ordered to stay with my chachi for that day.i was excited and had made up my mind to fuck her that day itself.i went to her house as usual at about 11o clock.she was groaning in pain with a terrible back ache.i suggested her to lay down as i applied the balm on her back.she first hesitated on my suggestion but then agreed.i took the balm and applied on her back. as i applied the bam i could see her breathng heavly.this was a golden moment for me as i managed not only to get a feeling of her back but i also allowed my hands the delicacy of her lovely waist.i continued to massage my chachi for about 10 minsafter which she turned around said”vivek ca you lift my blouse a bit upwards so that you can apply balm on the area which is paining the most”i was shockedto here ownchachi asking me to lift her blouse!well that aroused me but i had to obey her. so i did as she said and appled the balm by lifting her blouse.

After all this was over chachi stood up and looked towards me.she smiled and grbbing me with both hands gave me a good taste of her lips.i was in a heavenly abode at that time.finally my dream had come true.

We kissed each other for about 5 minutes and in the mean time my hands were enjoying her big,delicate and sey boobs.i was pressing them as hard as i can.i removedher saree andtoreopen herblouse.surprisisngly she had no bra on.i kissed her boobs and sucked chachi helped me to remove my clothes.sha was groaning”come on vivek my darling quick” and removed my shorts and lund was slauting her.she took the entire of it in her mouth ,i felt then my lund was itching to enter her cunt. i forcefully took it out of her mouth(she was about to chew it of) and gave it a push into her cunt.she was feeling the pain but i was enjoying it every bit.i pushed it in and out until i blasted my cum in it and by then she too had orgasms and i icked eery bit of her ass was tasty. by then we were burningwith sweat and heat. the smell of her sweat and armpit was like a scent to me.i kissed every part of her body and from every angle possible.

We contiued our act of love for the next 4 hours and afterwhich i slept on her naked body.we woke up at 8oclock in the evening and gave each other a good chachi told methat my uncle had not been satisfying her desires .he wasnt able to give her a baby.then my chachi expreesed her wish to conceive a baby from me.i agrred and gave her a kiss.well the whole night laid before us and it was our official suhaagraat. my chachi dressed up like a bride in a red saree and it wasa delightful night for us.i then arranged for an extensive programme in which i fucked her for 15 concecutive days. we kept our relationship going evry time we got a chance.

After about 10 months she delivered a healthy baby boy, i had become a father!!. we continued our relatioship and now u can call me her unofficial year down the line she is expecting a second baby in 6 months(no prizes for guessing whosebaby it is )

Well now i really love her and every time we are alone i call her by her name as a husband does calls her wife.she anxiously waits for my arrivals as all wives do.i love her and cant imagine life without her.