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Chachi Started It All

hello friends, i am rsindia69.. this happened way back in the year 2001-2002 when i was in my 12th standard and had just finished my board exams.. i was a normal school going happy go lucky kid from a business oriented marwadi family… i belong to a big town in northern maharashtra.. i have always been a charm of my family as i was the youngest sibling in all our cousins and first cousins.. i was always pampered and treated special as i was good in my studies social activities and i still have a huge group of friend circle and been with them since child hood.. all in all things were good..

My chichi is a very loving and a gem of a sex goddess.. one day so happened that i was playing along with all my cousins in their house (chachis). we danced around played and then were all together planning for the evening.. tea time we had some fruits as well.. all this time my elder brothers and sisters had their fair partners and i was paired up with chachi.. lost a cpl of hands while playing card game.. and had to sit out..

While we were out i tried laying down when chachi offered her lap to me. as soon as i kept my head she kept her hand on my chest and other behind on my neck.. slowly and seductively she started circling her fingers near my ear lobe and hind neck.. i was getting horny and was enjoying the little massage.. i was looking at her and she was just looking straight.. just in between she looked at me and smiled.. lemme tell you that was the best smile ever i had received from her..

Then came the evening .. we got dressed.. went to the garden n malls.. had some fun time there.. all this time I was looking at chichi and and smiling.. god.. I was just loosing out every thing… I hadent had sex before.. and had a constant erection.. I was holding her hand in the dark evening time and tried getting cozy with her.. We sat together and I tried touching her hand to my dick… to which she pulled off.. We all had fun and came back.. sparks had started and I couldn’t control my self..and went straight to the loo and jerked my self off.. was just waiting for the right moment to go ahead.. I guess chachi had come to know my eagerness with my dick touches and childish approaches..

Then the summers were over, every one was out for their respective colleges.. all the chacha’s and tau’s had stormed to their work places for the upcoming season.. and I was waiting for my result’s ( my upcoming fucking season).. so I had fun.. talking to my friends.. my girl friend ant college n so on. Then one fine day I went to chachi’s house to be with her and trying to come close to her.. so there I was went inn greeted dadiji n went to chachi’s room.. she was stepping out.. she told that she need to drop off dadi to the temlr @ 4 so I offered and dropped dadi came back asap.. believe me while coming I was driving all the way with my dick beating twice as fast as my heart.. I reached and started talking to chachi..
she asked me abt my college plans.. Chachi- “ kya socha hai ? Bombay- puna jayega ya hamare saath rahega ?” I senced a difference when she mentione HAMARE..

Me- “ app jaisa chaho waisa ho sakta hai”

Chachi- “ chal jhute, mein janti hun tune already application forms laye hai aur tub hi jane ki taiyari mrin hai , saab chale jao , fir hamara dhyaan koun rakhega ? “

Me- with my dick trying to oz out of my pants went close to her “ mein hun na .. waise bhi app ka dhyan rakhne mein mujhe bohot maza aayega ‘ kya aap mujhse dhyan rakhwana chahoge..? “. I was talking all this while I was grinding my dick in to her thigh from side ways and I was so close to her while talking that I could sense her neck with my breath ..
Chachi- tured around and gave her complete back to me.. my dick slid inside her ass creek and she pushed back “ mein to kab ka rakhwana chahti thi lekin tu samajh he nahi saka , pagle !”

I kissed her back and hugged her from behind.. she put her left hand over my head and started rubbing my dick with her right hand and feeling my body against her.. she was like the sweet rains of November that cheer us. I kept kissing and fondling her boobs.. i lifted her saree she pushed it down saying “ arey kaam wali baiyan hai ghar mein”.. I just pushed her in to the bed room and unleashed on to her..

She was enjoying and denied me to do any thing but there was no looking back.. my hard dick was rubbing all against her pussy over panty and could feel her bush.. she was also turned on and she then bursted “ jaldi kar koi aajayeg “.. she pulled me holding my dick and just saw me.. “ isi ko toh dekhne ka mann tha “ pushed her panty aside and kept my little head on the pussy door.. “ dheere dalna nahi toh mein cheekh padung “ I pushed is with little force no luck.. then I slammed it pne more time with a grater force it just tore her apart… my dick was burning like hell.. she whispered in agony “ sale harami, bola tha nah ke jor se mat dalna.. madarchod “ all these words, the friction, her roadside tone and words just aroused me more.. I started pushing to n fro.. just within 2 mins I was about to come and just gripped her like crazy… I came all inside her…

“Aaaahhhhh chachi…” I can still feel her on my dick.. she understood and pushed me.. a few drops fell on her peticote and she cleaned saying “ kya tune pehli bar kiya ?“ me- “ haan , isse pehle aapne kuabhi kuch karne bhi nahi diya “.

Chachi- “ pagle bolna to tha, mujhe laga teri G.F. hai toh tumne kiya he hoga.. “
Me- “ Usne kabhi karne he nahi diya.. Kiss karke boobs feel karne de toh bohot “

She smiled looking at me.. got dressed and we kissed.. when we stepped out of the room our bai stood there looking at us.. she has been working at our family house for years now.. we sat , had tea, I told her how I liked elderly women and their sexual appeal just tickles my bone.. within some time every one was back in to the house. Had food and left for my room..

After that day my chachi took care of my sexual life.. she helped me seduce and hump my G.F… I did my 11 n 12 @ my home town for her.. for 2 years she became my godmother for sexual pleasure… she some how handled the maid situation.. but one day I was alone at home and the maid entered our part oh home to clean and dust.. that day she dusted more than just the home..

I am writing this story specially for elder ladies.. houswives over 45 please gimme a feedback rsindia69 gamil I still have my share of fun with chachi..  love you kaki !!!