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Chance Encounter with my Bhabhi

This was one experience which I really enjoyed and the thought of it makes me want to go back for more. Maybe because the experience was completely unexpected or it could be because the whole experience was simply mind blowing… (to be honest it was just not my mind that was blown………LOL).

It happened about sometime in January, when I was in Hyderabad, to visit my brother in law’s family. It was the Pongal holidays in TN and I thought it would be best to take the family out for a break. All my plans went flying out of the window, when my wife announced that her brother has graciously invited us over. That was it… My dreams of relaxing at the beach and maybe getting to spent some romantic time with the wife was smashed to bits in a few seconds. Let me share something with you… my wife’s brother is a teetotaler and a snooty arsehole to boot. His wife completes the package – with her high and mighty attitude. There is nothing more I like than to be far away from these people with minimal interaction. That was not to be however, the four wonderful days I had dreamed of would be spent putting up with these people.

After about a day and a half of putting up with them, I decided I had had enough…. It was a Sunday and I was dying for drink. So on the pretext of taking a walk……. I got ready to go. Just as I was about to get out of the flat, my brother in law says, all so sweetly, “We are all going for lunch outside………” he let his words hang there. As if I was expected to complete it. In my head, I was screaming” I WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF YOU THE WHOLE MORNING…. YOU FUCKIN JERK OFF”..

But I was even sweeter, smiling I replied “ Sure that is so wonderful … Where are we going” “Inorbit mall” “DUH”… the idiot was so bloody brilliant that a Sunday lunch for family at the food court of a mall was his idea of a nice time…. Now I was dying to get some fresh air. Telling him to just call me when they reach, I fled the flat to the nearest bar, where I relished a couple of Bacardi’s slowly. It was around 12PM by then. Quickly I asked for another peg and the bill and left just in time to catch an auto to the mall. I reached the mall and I called my wife, only to realize that they had yet not started and the ladies had not even dressed. It would take another hour at least. Cursing the stupid brother in law of mine, I walked away from the mall. I was so pissed off at being asked to wait. The buzz of the Bacardi seemed to be wearing off. I walked aimlessly and turned into on off the lanes, into a residential area. The weather was nice and pleasant. I crossed house which had a signboard for a spa. I walked past it. Trying not to get angry and trying to relax myself. After a few minutes I found myself crossing the spa again. I looked at my watch. Just 15 mins had passed since I called my wife. I decided to see what the spa had to offer. I went in. It had a reception area which was empty.

I saw there was a menu card on the table and leafed through it. Manicure, pedicure, Thai massage, Swedish massage……none of it made any sense to me……I have never been to a spa and that sort of things. Might as well try today after the way things have turned out. Just then an inside door opened, and a lady came to the counter. I decided to go for a pedicure. It was priced at around 1500Rs… What the hell!! I paid… and she showed me into a room, where I had to change and wait for my session. I quickly stripped to my underwear and put the robe that had been given and sat on the reclining chair. The door opened and a lady bought some green tea. I sipped the tea and relaxed taking in the atmosphere. It was so quiet and there was not another sound. After a few moments, the door opened, and a north eastern girl came in with some towels and some lotion. She smiled at me and said, I am Laya and I would be handling your session,.. I nodded an OK; she set the towels and her stuff on a side table and set a basin in front of me. She asked me to dip my legs into it and proceed to add some oils or whatever to the basin. The water was warm and it was really nice. She went outside and came back after a few minutes and proceeded to massage my ankles and feet. Her touch was so soft and relaxing. I was vaguely aware that my robe was split down the middle at the front. I tried to cover it up so that she would not have to see my undies. She giggled.

I leaned back into the chair and let the girl do her job. It was so beautiful. Why hadn’t I tried this earlier? How is it, Laya asked. It is nice. “You like it” Of course I said. And she carried on chatting about the weather what I was doing in Hyderabad. Apparently I was the first customer that day, being the holidays and all that. I lay back in the chair with my eyes closed enjoying the experience. It was so beautiful and calming. “Is there anything else you like”, Laya asked. I was not sure, no nothing I answered. She kept quiet and continued to massage my feet. “Is there anything else you like”, she asked again. Like what, I asked, not sure what she meant and what to expect. Is this your first time at a place like this, yes I mumbled. She smiled. “I don’t believe you” she said. Well what is there not to believe? She gave a coy smile and said… “You know, there are some other services too that I can offer you”. Ohh, such as…… I asked.

“I could help you relax better” , Laya said. “How” I asked. She looked right into my eyes and said, “Sexually”. WHAAAaaatttttttttt.. I was stunned. Man, is this my lucky day… I was silent for some time and then I asked. “what do u offer”. If I take in hand it is 500Rs and in mouth for 1000Rs.. Oh wow…is this my lucky day???….. well I would like the mouth please, I said feeling like a man who won the jackpot!!!!

Laya smiled, a sly smile. She gently positioned herself between my legs. She looked up at me and said, “Relax, don’t be so tense…… I am not going to hurt you”………. She undid the robe and parted the folds. I was in my underwear, with my legs spread apart, and a woman kneeling between them. Laya gently sat down and started running her finger tips slowly on my chest, down to my stomach, around my belly button, and the back up to my chest. She gently outlined my nipples; I felt a shiver run through my body. Laya laughed at the goose bumps that were rising all over my torso and legs. Her other hand was rubbing my thighs now, and my cock throbbed painfully. I hoped she didn’t feel it jump when she continued to caress my naked skin with her hot hands.

A well defined tent was visible now, and you could see where the precum had leaked out and soaked a wet spot on my undies. I was about to beg her not to stop, but I kept quiet. i threw my head back, trying my best to stay still and savor the moment. I was so incredibly horny and my cock was rock hard,

She continued this gentle teasing for a good 5 mins, not once did she touch my underwear area. Her fingers came close to my underwear, almost touching the edges.. But never venturing any further.

Then she placed a gentle soft kiss on my thigh. She continued the kiss up my thigh. Her hand trailed slowly up and down my leg, and I felt as if my cock was on fire. I pressed my butt more firmly into the chair.

Then, with a quick smile, she slid her fingers into the waist band of my underwear and gently slid it down my legs and on to the side. She daintily held up my cock between her fingers and as her fingers explored the veins that ran from the base to the swollen tip. Her soft and tentative touch was very exciting. My cock swelled at the soft whisper of her breath that feathered up and down the sensitive skin of my shaft as she explored my hardness with her eyes and her fingers.

The feel of her tongue tip, when it reached delicately out to taste the tip of my engorged cock was enough to make me groan. My response, coupled with a telling twitch of my excited organ elicited a giggle from Laya. Her fingertips continued to trace their way lightly up and down my shaft and her tongue now more boldly explored the mushroom shaped tip of my dick. She lapped at the sensitive slit and I heard her giggle as she had her taste of the pre-cum that had already begun to ooze out. Her hands closed more determinedly now around my thickening shaft and I felt the wetness of her lips begin to wrap around the swollen head of my cock. It was a struggle not to plunge the full length of myself into her warm and willing mouth right then and there; the unintentional tease of her feather-light touch had me wanting more, and wanting it right now.

Instead, I let her continue on her slow and deliciously agonizing way, thanking the gods that be for putting this pretty miss on her knees in front of me. Now, her mouth sliding it’s way down my cock, I was only too happy to give it to her. I groaned again as her lips slowly slid down to my balls. She began to bob her head slowly up and down, pulling my thick cock in and out of her wet mouth. Her fingers wrapped themselves around my shaft every time her lips slid to the tip of my cock, and even though her movements were a little jerky but they were certainly having the desired effect.

“Yes,” I moaned as Laya’s head bobbed faster. I grabbed a hold of her silky hair as I guided her mouth even more firmly on my by now pumping shaft. Gamely she kept up, her small head pulling and tugging at my cock until I knew I couldn’t hold back anymore. With a groan I began shoving myself deeper into her mouth as I felt my swollen balls begin to contract and send my hot cum deep into Laya’s tiny mouth. I was a little worried that I would cum in her mouth and thought maybe I should pull back, but it was too late. she took out my cock just in time as I let loose shooting my juices as she stroked the last drop from my still hard member. She reached for a tissue and wiped my cock clean. I groaned as she continued, her little tongue licking and flicking at my still quivering cock.

She then got up and left. I dressed paid my dues at the reception and stepped out into the afternoon sun a happy contended man.