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Chat with Newly Marr. Lady

Chat with Newly Marr. Lady frm kanpur hope some enjoy u all dosto
riky_martin4u : hello
Samyu: hi
Samyu: asl plz
riky_martin4u : 1st U

riky_martin4u : u send me req for add inf
Samyu: yeah
riky_martin4u : who r U
Samyu: i got ur id from my friend
riky_martin4u : which one
riky_martin4u : ur asl
Samyu: someone
Samyu: me 26f
riky_martin4u : frm
Samyu: kanpur
riky_martin4u : tell me kis ne diya tha
riky_martin4u : m or f ne diya tha name
Samyu: some one..
Samyu: why bother
riky_martin4u : just asking to know kis ne or kyu diya
riky_martin4u : ur real name
Samyu: i am samyuktha
riky_martin4u : wat’s this name
Samyu: urs
riky_martin4u : i m listen this 1s time
riky_martin4u : surname
Samyu: oh..its a common name
riky_martin4u : acha
riky_martin4u : surname
Samyu: goel
Samyu: urs
riky_martin4u : ohh rely u r baniya
riky_martin4u : i m also baniya
riky_martin4u : wat do u do
Samyu: me sw engg
riky_martin4u : in where
riky_martin4u : which company
Samyu: technosoft
Samyu: u?
Samyu: ur asl
riky_martin4u : bussines
riky_martin4u : m 26 frm chd.
riky_martin4u : can u tellmey ur freind give my id
Samyu: someone
riky_martin4u : kis liye diya
Samyu: just like
riky_martin4u : ager proper baatogi to mere liye bhi easy ho jayga baat kane mei
Samyu: just like she gave teling u talk nice
riky_martin4u : just like
riky_martin4u : ??
Samyu: i mean once i saw her when shes online..asked abt her friends..then she gave this id
riky_martin4u : ok that means ur online friend
Samyu: no.shes my real friend..
Samyu: we were classmates
riky_martin4u : n kanpur
riky_martin4u : or jaha tak meri knowl. hai meri koi fren kanpur se nahi hai
Samyu: do u know abt all ur friends studies where they studied etc
Samyu: lol
riky_martin4u : yaa
Samyu: ok
Samyu: may be u dont know of someone
riky_martin4u : yaar ab es mei bhi kya hide karna maine koun sa us se puccha na hai ki mera id kyu diya ya usse marn hai
Samyu: she just confided in me ur id..telling u talk nice
Samyu: so i thought of pinging u
riky_martin4u (319): ok so tell me which topic u r like
riky_martin4u (333): ur home town ‘n’ now where r u right
Samyu(341): yeah i am in home
riky_martin4u (357): city
Samyu: kanpur
riky_martin4u : home town
Samyu: kanpur
riky_martin4u : kuch baat hajam nahi ho rahi home town kanpur sw engg thats same city job
Samyu: why not..cant someone study and work in same place?
riky_martin4u : yaar i don’t know but u tell me lie
riky_martin4u : if u tell me truth ‘n’ wat u want then we r easily talk
Samyu: oh..u have divyadrusti too
Samyu: haha
riky_martin4u : if u have any help or guidness so please ask me
riky_martin4u : yaaa i have god gift i know after 2-3 ya in the month wat do wth me ok
riky_martin4u : kya hua
Samyu: u look silly..dont know why she toldu tqlk nice
riky_martin4u : ya i talk every thing but when i feel that person is geniun
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : i knwo u telling me lie
riky_martin4u : so pls tell me be truth
riky_martin4u : u know i trace ur pc so pls sach bolo ok
Samyu: ok..i saw ur thread on exbii
Samyu: but felt shy to tell that
Samyu: so told my friend gave ur id
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ ur asl geniun
Samyu: yeah i am 26f
riky_martin4u : frm or wat do u do
Samyu: me from kanpur only
Samyu: sw engg
riky_martin4u : okkk
riky_martin4u : so how’s chat
riky_martin4u : i mean kisi ki acchi laagi
Samyu: yeah in generla they r ok
riky_martin4u : i ahve more but kabhi kabhi when i free then i post there
Samyu: oh ok
riky_martin4u : so tell me abut ur self
riky_martin4u : ur height figure
riky_martin4u : have any sex exp.
Samyu: me 5’6
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : then
Samyu: sorry..i came back
riky_martin4u : where gtg
riky_martin4u : i m asking ur figure
Samyu: just went to kitchen and cam
Samyu: e
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : wat eating
Samyu: why interestede in my figure?
Samyu: haha
riky_martin4u : just amgine a pic. how u look like
riky_martin4u : ?
riky_martin4u : now nor shy ok
Samyu: ok
Samyu: 34C
riky_martin4u : here not any limitaions 4 thought so pls not shy
riky_martin4u : i m not see U
riky_martin4u : have a big
riky_martin4u : but i like big
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : other size waist & back
Samyu: 28
Samyu: 34
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : nipple coloured
Samyu: light brown
riky_martin4u : have any sex exp.
Samyu: i am married
Samyu: haha
riky_martin4u : wat oh realy
Samyu: yeah
riky_martin4u : ohh i like marr. lady coz they have more exp. 4 thir life
riky_martin4u : m i right
riky_martin4u : so hw or job
Samyu: job?
Samyu: i am working
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : ”n’ hubby
Samyu: he in onsite..
Samyu: went few months back
riky_martin4u : where
Samyu: US
riky_martin4u : which city
Samyu: texas
Samyu: u >
Samyu: ?
Samyu: where u work
riky_martin4u : my business.
Samyu: which business
riky_martin4u : so how long marr. life
Samyu: 1.5
riky_martin4u : Advt. & Newspaper & mag.
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : ok have kids
Samyu: no
riky_martin4u : ok
Samyu: u married/
riky_martin4u : so now wat r u wear in details with colour or style
riky_martin4u : noooo
riky_martin4u : abhi to bhabhi se gyan lene ka time hai kyu bhabhi ji
Samyu: gyan?
riky_martin4u : yaa gupt gyan
riky_martin4u : ok tell me wat u wear mostly suit sarri or jeans
Samyu: jeans
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : now watu wear
riky_martin4u : thisa time with style or coloured
Samyu: now i am top and jeans
riky_martin4u : colourd
Samyu: white with self design
riky_martin4u : kis ka
riky_martin4u : white coloued hai
Samyu: top
riky_martin4u : jeans colourd
Samyu: sky blue
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ internal
Samyu: ok
Samyu: petticoat,bra and panty
riky_martin4u : heyy wat this
riky_martin4u : ???
riky_martin4u : petticoat kaha sae jeans mei
Samyu: no no //what i mean is the petticoat slip weared inside the top
Samyu: i forgot the slip word
Samyu: typo
riky_martin4u : i m not understand
riky_martin4u : thats
riky_martin4u : wat u say pls hindi mei bolo na
Samyu: there a tiny thin ..sometinh like ur baniyan
Samyu: its called slip
riky_martin4u : okkk
riky_martin4u : bra or panty colourd
Samyu: bra is light grey
Samyu: panty
riky_martin4u : not wear pair
riky_martin4u : or some atracti\ve
Samyu: at times i wear
riky_martin4u : ?
Samyu: dont wear same coluored ones daily
riky_martin4u : kyu
riky_martin4u : any reason
Samyu: nothing just like
riky_martin4u : ok
Samyu: no girl bothers sch abt inner wear..
riky_martin4u : means
riky_martin4u : pls hindi mei baat kar na
Samyu: i mean..who wiill be so interereted in waearting matching colors for inner wear
Samyu: do u wear same coloured baniyan and underwear?

riky_martin4u : no coz in the mkt. not option but u girls have more n more option
Samyu: yeah..but it depends on which are dry and which are dirth etc..
Samyu: so usually i dont care to much for the colors
riky_martin4u : which are dry and which are dirth etc.. means
riky_martin4u : ?
Samyu: dr y mean normal..dirty mens used or washed
Samyu: u r talking so silly
riky_martin4u : achha i like thats way dheere dheere
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : ok tell me in hindi words 4 pussy,penis,boobs ,ass pussy hair
Samyu: i feel shy
riky_martin4u : oh comn
Samyu: hmm
Samyu: ok
Samyu: choot
Samyu: lund
Samyu: jhaat
riky_martin4u : aur
Samyu: aur?
riky_martin4u : boobs or ass
Samyu: ok
Samyu: mamme
Samyu: gaand
riky_martin4u : ohh realy have any exp. 4m back
Samyu: u mean doggy
riky_martin4u : yaa
Samyu: yes
riky_martin4u : no doggy style not i mean enter penis thow ass
Samyu: no
riky_martin4u : ok so huby not like
Samyu: no its not good
riky_martin4u : okk
riky_martin4u : ok so shadi ke kittne months bas chale gaye the i mean how long time perior to toching
Samyu: few days
riky_martin4u : may be
riky_martin4u : hony moon mei kaha gayi thi
Samyu: manali
riky_martin4u : ok nice palace
riky_martin4u : so tell me no. of days when hegot
riky_martin4u : back
Samyu: around 12
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : so now how u full fill up ur req.ment
Samyu: nothing..will do once he come back
riky_martin4u : mastrubation
Samyu: yeah i do
Samyu: u do?
riky_martin4u : ya daily 4-5 times
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ u no. of
Samyu: once
riky_martin4u : which time
riky_martin4u : ?
Samyu: night
Samyu: u
riky_martin4u : in night or early morning
Samyu: ok
Samyu: early morning?
riky_martin4u : ya when wake up
riky_martin4u : bhut mazza aata hai
Samyu: oh ok
Samyu: whom u imagine?
riky_martin4u : my my nabr bhabhi
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ U
Samyu: ok
Samyu: my husband
Samyu: u mean ur neighbour?
riky_martin4u : yaa
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : wat amgaing
Samyu: does she know u interested in her?
riky_martin4u : noo just amging coz she is cute ‘n’ sexy fig
riky_martin4u : u told me wat u amaging
Samyu: ok
Samyu: i imahggine my husband
riky_martin4u : ya wat he do with U
Samyu: normal sex
Samyu: what u imagine
riky_martin4u : 1st u tell me in details pls
riky_martin4u : hey in ur home other family memb…?
Samyu: yes
Samyu: my inlaws
riky_martin4u : aur
Samyu: thatrs all
riky_martin4u : no siter or bro ..?
Samyu: bro in army
riky_martin4u : sis..?
Samyu: no
Samyu: ur family
riky_martin4u : me & my parensts
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ in ur real family
Samyu: me bro and parents
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : so when u com online
Samyu(48): at day weekend so came
riky_martin4u (48): ok not daily
riky_martin4u (41): in night
Samyu(46): not daily
riky_martin4u : but ager baat karni hoo mujhe ya aapko then
Samyu: ping me
riky_martin4u : means
Samyu: send pofflinemsg
riky_martin4u : okk but on the time wanna talk
riky_martin4u : if u don’t mind an we r share mobile no. if u faith me
Samyu: sorry
riky_martin4u : beleive me i m pure & safe 4 my heart
Samyu: i am married cant do
riky_martin4u : i respect girls
riky_martin4u : so marr. not have heart or marr. left the trust to unmart. boy
Samyu: sorry..only personal contacts
riky_martin4u : its ok but give me just one reason 4 that if u give me ur no. then wat i do with U just talk na when u want u pick the phone
Samyu: no sorry..dont ask again
riky_martin4u : ok have mic or cam
Samyu: no
Samyu: i heard and know ppl record cams and
Samyu: no mic and cam
riky_martin4u : u can call me or miss call at my no. at any time 098132-*** i will be w8ing 4 ur next reasponse at my mobile u can do this to any public both
riky_martin4u : hmmmm
Samyu(460): ok
riky_martin4u (46): hey yaa but i don’t know how do this ok
Samyu: sorry..only chatting
riky_martin4u : &2ndly y i do orif not cam its ok but voice chat se koi kisi kaise pehan legaa i don’t know
riky_martin4u : haaa that’s means we r meet next week if we r free
riky_martin4u : but i m not meet next sunday coz i have to go 4 my cousin marr.
Samyu: we can chat
riky_martin4u (486): ya buit promies dailu come online at night after 1130pm
Samyu(488): ok
riky_martin4u (48): or 11 pm
Samyu(487): will try
Samyu(48): when ur marriage
riky_martin4u (486): ok let see
riky_martin4u (484): 2-3 not any prg. pahle staing in my foot
riky_martin4u (489): to stand the buss.
Samyu(489): ok
Samyu(49): ok
riky_martin4u (490): ok now we r talk in hindi ok hope u don’t mind when i ask u give me the same ans. in hindi ok
Samyu(494): i feel easy to type in english
riky_martin4u (407): ya but i enjoy more in eng.
Samyu(416): i enjoy in eng only
riky_martin4u (431): tell me u like ur chut hair or under arms
Samyu(440): i trim
riky_martin4u (450): trim.?
Samyu: dont know trimming?
riky_martin4u : u told me wanna to listeb abut ur mouth but in hindi
riky_martin4u : plss
Samyu: making short with scissors
riky_martin4u : hindi baba that i know
riky_martin4u : but wanna to knowin hindi
riky_martin4u : pls
Samyu: i told na..i am not asy typing hindi in english letters
riky_martin4u : try….
Samyu: baal ko chote karna
riky_martin4u : okk
Samyu: are u happy now
riky_martin4u : under arms
riky_martin4u : yaa
Samyu: dont understnad what so fantasiising to u to read hindi words
riky_martin4u : ya i like dear
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : u told me ur fantsy
riky_martin4u : in sex
Samyu: will be bcak in 2min
riky_martin4u : where gtg
Samyu: do i need to tell?
riky_martin4u : yaaa
Samyu: coomn its my life
Samyu: i dont need to tell someone wher ei am going
riky_martin4u (464): yaa i know but this time we r freind ‘n’ u can told me
riky_martin4u (46): i think gtg bathroom

Samyu: nude
riky_martin4u : imean when u eterd the bathroom then 1stly wat do
riky_martin4u : kya ky karti ho
Samyu: the same what u do
riky_martin4u : ya but u toldme wat do u
riky_martin4u : how take bath
Samyu: common this is too silly.
riky_martin4u : 1st wat u remove then
riky_martin4u : yaar pls bolo na
Samyu: my nighite
riky_martin4u : then
Samyu: bra
riky_martin4u : then
Samyu: panty
riky_martin4u : then
Samyu: nothing to remove
Samyu: haha
riky_martin4u (532): usek bad stading bath or batih ke
Samyu(556): standing
riky_martin4u : shower
riky_martin4u : then 1st where aply soap
Samyu: no qith mug
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : then eaisy to standing
riky_martin4u : i mean baith ke easily bath liya ja sakta hai
Samyu: yeah
Samyu: i am used to standing
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : tell me where u aply soap pls ont. told me kaise start karti ho kaise end then tower mei bhar ati ho with full cloths
Samyu: not intersting
Samyu: change bath topic
riky_martin4u : ok pls told me one time
riky_martin4u : pls
Samyu: i apply everyone my face stomach boobs pussy legs toes
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : then
riky_martin4u : have any sex exp.
Samyu: thn what
Samyu: water
Samyu: thst all

riky_martin4u : uske bad tower mei aati ho ya under hi wear cloths
Samyu: tpwel
riky_martin4u : phir kya karti hoo room mei aane ke bad
Samyu: change to clothes
riky_martin4u : miror mei nude nahi dekhti hoo
Samyu: i do
riky_martin4u : pls eveything told mei yaar plss
riky_martin4u : i waan to know ur personelty
Samyu: i told na
Samyu: 34C 28 34
riky_martin4u (59): ya but after bathing when u come back at room after that
Samyu(593): i stand bfr mitroor e and wife off with towel and change to clothes
riky_martin4u : okk
riky_martin4u : ok tell me how u do mastrubation
Samyu: rub my clitoris
riky_martin4u : enter fingure or not
Samyu: yes i do
riky_martin4u : kitani
Samyu: 3
Samyu(522): u masturbate?
riky_martin4u : yaa
Samyu: ok
Samyu: whom u imagine then
riky_martin4u : bola to tha bahbhi paros ki
Samyu: ok
Samyu: ok
Samyu: her age
riky_martin4u : 28
Samyu: oh
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : so ur 3 fingure eisly enter in ur chut
Samyu: yes
riky_martin4u : great
riky_martin4u : ok b4 marr. u r virgin or hubby break ur veginty
Samyu: hubby
riky_martin4u : any aacidenly see u nude or u saw any other male in ur life
Samyu: no
Samyu: u
riky_martin4u : ya 2-3 times
riky_martin4u : okk
riky_martin4u : so where u 1st sx in manlai or kanpur
riky_martin4u : r u there busy
riky_martin4u : pls wanna chat
Samyu: hi
Samyu: i am back
riky_martin4u : ok
riky_martin4u : so where u 1st sx in manlai or kanpur
Samyu: manali
riky_martin4u : so 1st day break ur verginty or after any day
riky_martin4u : 1st sex exp.
Samyu: 1st day
riky_martin4u : kaise keisne strta kiya
riky_martin4u : tell me everthing
Samyu(55): i am going for bath..will be back
riky_martin4u : aise nahi full detals nude hole yeha bathroom mei kiya
Samyu(560): i am removing my clothes here
riky_martin4u : then u shy feel 1st time
Samyu: yeah
riky_martin4u : wat react when u see hubbylund ‘n’ hubby ur fully nude
Samyu: i removed my jeans pant here
riky_martin4u : abhi
Samyu: yes
Samyu: now i removed my slip
riky_martin4u : ohhh
riky_martin4u : wat happens u
Samyu: want to tease u
Samyu: before going for bath
Samyu(595): removed my bra..only in panty now
riky_martin4u : accha
riky_martin4u : so remove also
riky_martin4u : pls
Samyu: yes removed i am nude now
riky_martin4u : wat do u noew
Samyu: i will go for bath now
riky_martin4u : but y
riky_martin4u (52): abhito bolo ki u gtg b4 bath when u gto
Samyu(528): u like my figure
riky_martin4u : yess esi figure ki to ladyperfect hoti hai
Samyu: tx
riky_martin4u : no thnx or sorry in f’ship ok
Samyu: kk
riky_martin4u : soo madam told me ur 1st sex exp. when u gtg bathroom then
riky_martin4u : wat happens how u react
riky_martin4u : ?
Samyu: i liked it
Samyu: u like sex
riky_martin4u : yess
riky_martin4u : but not get the chance till
riky_martin4u : pls baat ko ghumao mat pahle manali ki detils baato pls
Samyu: ok
Samyu: tell
riky_martin4u : abut in manali
Samyu: we did sex
riky_martin4u : ya i know in honymonn mei sex hi hota hai but pls detsils mei when u enter bathromm then wat do
Samyu: i rub my pussy
riky_martin4u : ohhh abhi ya manali mei
Samyu: manali
riky_martin4u : hubyy ke samne
riky_martin4u : unhone bola ya khud hi
Samyu: yes
riky_martin4u : ??
riky_martin4u : where r u bsuy bhabhi ji
riky_martin4u : kya ho gya manali ki yado mei kho gayi kya
Samyu: yah..i became wet
Samyu: going to bath
Samyu: will come back
riky_martin4u : heyy mor mei bath nahi li thi kya
riky_martin4u : thand hai kya krogi nahake
Samyu: hi
riky_martin4u : yaa
riky_martin4u : kya ho gaya tha where gtg
Samyu: bath
riky_martin4u : but y
riky_martin4u : bich mei chod kar
Samyu: yeah
Samyu: i had to go
riky_martin4u : kyuuu ek dum bich mei aisa kyua ho gaya tha jo bath keliye jana parda
Samyu: u did sex with anyone?
riky_martin4u : means
Samyu: u sex any woman
riky_martin4u : yeah but age refer 26-32 ‘n’ some healthy
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : pahle jopuchha hai uskka jawab do
Samyu: u like sex?
riky_martin4u : y u gtg bath in midlle
Samyu: i am tired so went
Samyu: whats so poiint in ot
Samyu: lets tlak some nmice things

Samyu: tired of this bath things
riky_martin4u : yaaa but not get the chance
riky_martin4u : so wet feel ho to nahane chal do
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : i m not understand U]
Samyu: u r aksing questions..whic only satisfy u
Samyu: lerts talk something which satisfy both
riky_martin4u : wat aisa kuch nahi but jis chij ka patana nahi hai so janna tp parega na wiase bhi u r elder to me so ur duty to give some details
Samyu: its boring to answer such silly things
riky_martin4u : tumhe to har bat pe sily lagta hai
riky_martin4u : i think in realmei bhi tum sabko silly bolti hogi
Samyu: no
Samyu: this dress, bathing ..looks silly
Samyu: everyone baths in same way
riky_martin4u : hamri kisi topic pe itani talk nahi hui hogi jitani tumne silly words use kiye hai
riky_martin4u : yaa but every one take diff style to bath
riky_martin4u : ok come to the point tell me how we r both satis.
Samyu: u r male u shld know
riky_martin4u : yaa
riky_martin4u : then
Samyu: tell
riky_martin4u : tum bolo how i sats. U as u want i will do
riky_martin4u : tumhe kya pasand hai thats u jaldi se sats. ho jao
Samyu: tell how u want to satisfy me if we meet
riky_martin4u : ok but u also reply same way wat do u with me
riky_martin4u : okk
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : 1st when we r meet some talk u ‘n’ ur fmily then
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : i booked a suits with yellow light ‘n’ decorate the room with rose & same spray
Samyu: ok
riky_martin4u : even this is my 1st exp. with U ‘n’ my 1st sex night in my life
riky_martin4u : then i hold u in my hands in hotel stairs then some in the room ‘n’
riky_martin4u : tumhe bed pe baitha unga
Samyu: nice
riky_martin4u : u told me wat u prefer to wear this beautiful day 4 me
Samyu: red saree
riky_martin4u : with aal details yaar
Samyu: red saree
Samyu: red blouse
riky_martin4u : red sree ke alwah..? bhi bhut kuch hota haii with coloured name or style
Samyu: pink bra
Samyu: pink panty
riky_martin4u : ohh nice
riky_martin4u : ‘n’ u know which type of chut i like ‘n’ where i want some hair
riky_martin4u : told me
Samyu: i have fair pussy
riky_martin4u : ya i know but u know my taste wat i want
riky_martin4u : which type
Samyu: no u tell
riky_martin4u : maien starting mei bola tha
riky_martin4u : see ur massenger archive
riky_martin4u : kya yaar u also slow
riky_martin4u : u not give reply
riky_martin4u : okk
riky_martin4u : i want hair chut
riky_martin4u : or under arms hair
riky_martin4u : can u growth 4 me
riky_martin4u : ?