colorderainbow:hi darling
chitra angel:hi there
colorderainbow:happy new year
chitra angel:same to u
colorderainbow:so how is life going
chitra angel:ok, how bt u

colorderainbow:at office or at home??
chitra angel:office
colorderainbow:its great
colorderainbow:its so cold in here in delhi
colorderainbow:although not as much as states
colorderainbow:u r in us at present right ???
chitra angel:yeah
chitra angel:hm i c
colorderainbow:so what r u wearing darling
chitra angel:blouse and skirt
colorderainbow:any aynthing inside
chitra angel:offcourse panty
colorderainbow:n not bra
colorderainbow:u gave rest to bra
chitra angel:naah not today
colorderainbow:off loaded them
colorderainbow:what sort of panty
chitra angel:kinda
colorderainbow:describe a bit
chitra angel:just realized my boobs have outgrown them, so cant wear them anymore
chitra angel:panty is a g-string, black
colorderainbow:g string
colorderainbow:is it covering ur pussy
colorderainbow:or the string got losy in pussy lips
chitra angel:its trying to
colorderainbow:that would be a great site
colorderainbow:string vanished in between the lips
colorderainbow:how does it feels when it rubs ur clitoris
chitra angel:not yet
chitra angel:feels like i may cum at anytime
colorderainbow:thats the reasonu like g string more
chitra angel:right under my skirt
colorderainbow:hey would u mind if i post this chat on web site
colorderainbow:offcourse with ur id changed
chitra angel:well i would expect you dont do it.
chitra angel:but i cant really stop you, can i???
colorderainbow:its not going to harm u
chitra angel:but please do not spread my email
chitra angel:or id
colorderainbow:not but still i wanted to do it with ur consent
colorderainbow:coz i dont want to hurt u babe
colorderainbow:i respect ur privacy
chitra angel:thanks appreciate that
colorderainbow:yeah i will change, the id
colorderainbow:for sure
colorderainbow:thats like a gud buddies
colorderainbow:boys like to read horny chat as u do
chitra angel:btw may i ask why u want to do that/
chitra angel:i c
colorderainbow:they think indian women cant do that
chitra angel:u may use my first name as is , thats fine.
colorderainbow:let them enjoy yaar
chitra angel:hee hee
colorderainbow:they jerk off in their pant
colorderainbow:reading such chat
chitra angel:i think it is wrong to generalize me to indian women
chitra angel:besides i m not really indian,
chitra angel:well i was never indian resident
colorderainbow:then how do u know hindi
chitra angel:i dont want to tarnish the image of indian image by representing them in any way.
chitra angel:well my parents are indian
chitra angel:half indian
colorderainbow:its okay yaar
colorderainbow:ppl like such chat
colorderainbow:its okay
chitra angel:ok, but dont expect that I will always co-operate
colorderainbow:n i m not gonna post it all the time
colorderainbow:just to have a bit fun
colorderainbow:its not that we are going to create any script for net
chitra angel:ok please dont change my first name.
colorderainbow:this is our normal chat
colorderainbow:okay buddy
colorderainbow:so tell me ur asl once again
colorderainbow:mrs. chitra
chitra angel:23 los angeles
colorderainbow:a real angel in los angeles
chitra angel:I’ve just sent you a file through meebo, click on the link to check it out! (Remember to only accept files from people you know) .
chitra angel:hee hee.
chitra angel:ignore that pic, please dont post it anywhere.
colorderainbow:so u r single n desperate
colorderainbow:okay buddy
colorderainbow:its safe with me
colorderainbow:so u r single
chitra angel:single, but not really desp, i get my quota
colorderainbow:so when did u get ur first injection
colorderainbow:what age chitra
chitra angel:17
colorderainbow:wow so early
chitra angel:yeah
colorderainbow:who was the lucky guy
chitra angel:x bf
colorderainbow:what national
chitra angel:russian
colorderainbow:so how was the feeling
colorderainbow:doing for first time
chitra angel:scary, nervous and guilty
colorderainbow:guilty for what
chitra angel:for not being sure if i shud have done it or not.
colorderainbow:n scary ??
chitra angel:yeah
colorderainbow:w o wooooo
colorderainbow:how long he had
chitra angel:not that it was long, but it seemd huge coz it was the first time i had seen
colorderainbow:a lilte virgin choot
chitra angel:i had fingured it a lot before
chitra angel:well it was not that it is little
colorderainbow:so it wasnt painfull
chitra angel:it sure was
colorderainbow:how did u take such a monsterous cock in ??/
chitra angel:i dont think i took it all.
colorderainbow:there buddy

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