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Coffee, Me & Archii Di

So i come to the day but before i just give u the context about Archii Di,well she is beautiful ,she is not fair but though she looks awesome,her eyes made her beautiful,a fig of 34-28-34 and a ht of 5″7′,she normally use to wear t shirts which have long neck ,and jeans and capri and her lips are full juices around it and a certain kind of aroma which makes u crazy….so that is Archii Di ,well i call her that cause she is 2 yrs younger than me ,we used to live in same colony and she live 3 floors up to me.

She used to take walk daily and she also kind of like me cause i love reading book and i usually took some novels and story books from her.So when day while i was walking around in my colony just after the dinner and listing to music i saw her talking a walk to, so she passed by me and asked me about the book she given to me and i said that i haven’t completed it yet and she said”its ok but u return it by tomorrow evening cause that’s my friends book ” and i said ok i will return it to u ..ohh god she is smelling so good as she came near to me …

What perfume did she used,i just thought in my mind and when she is going back i am just looking her walking and her assets ..sssssssss, So d next day in the middle of d day i just go to her floor and rang the bell with her book in my hand and she opened up the door and i said”ye lo di aapki book”….and she said “hmmm so soon kya baat hai padi ki nai ” and i said “thodi si bachi hai but u keep it its ok”.I just looked at her lustfully ,she is wearing a green t shirt and a small jeans up to the thighs and her thighs are looking so soft and clean like

She had some wax before,she wear a black bra which i just looked ,so she took the book from me and closed the door instantly like mere muh pe darwaza mar diya ,i was shocked a little bit ,so i turned around in shock and stunned ,after a second she opened again and asked me “coffee?”..i said “coffee..ok”,though it was raining outside and some cold breeze is flowing,so i entered into her home and sit in d sofa and looking around and asked “dii where is aunty and ur sis”and she

Said “mom went to Bhopal for some urgent meeting and my sis is gone to her friends home “and i asked what about uncle and she said wo bhi mom k saath gaye hain ,then after hearing this something naughtyness came in my mind…but i stay relaxed …and said aap dono kyun nai gaye and she said ki choti ke papers hai Monday se isliye (choti her sis) then i again asked her if she had some other books to read cause she have ultimate collection of books and movies too.

She said “hain naa but its in my lappy and lappy mein kuch problem hai ,tujhe aata hai kya lappy thik karna ” isaid “haan bilkul”.Then she said ok took it from d drawer in my room ,so i went into her room and looking things while she is preapering coffee. i opened up the drawer and take a look and i found some of her bra’s and panties and then i said where is the cable for the current and she said in the 2nd drawer and i opened it too and look for the

Cable but suddenly my eyes went to a cloth which is lying near the corner of bed cause it was a pink color cloth ,i thougt some hanky or something ,but when i just look at it ,it was her panty which she just took off her as it wet some near the area ,i smelled it….ohhhhhhhh smells so good as it was her sperms she ,i thought she masturbated just before i come and it really made my tool hard.

She then said mila tuje cable and i said haan di mil gaya.I was still had and erection so i came and sit in the sofa and then turned d lappy on and to my goodness she came with d coffee and sit beside me just 4 inches away from me but i can feel her body warmth from there too she is smelling damn good and i asked her “dii kaun saa perfume lagaya hai “and she said “” ruk le ke aati hun u should also smell it ” then she jst walked to her room and bring me d perfume and applied to my neck while touching my neck with her soft hands and said “kaisa laga”and i said “1 no.

Then i take a look upon the lappy while she was sitting next to me and drinking coffee,then suddenly i looked at her breast and its lining and move my head towards and she said “hmmmmm kya dekh rahe ho”,i nodded my head and said nothing dii,and she asked me “do u have gf? ” and i rplied”agar gf hoti to main aapko nai dekhta aise”.She just slapped me hard,i was stunned again and main kuch sochta isse pehle ,she give me a real hard kiss,ohhhhhhh such a juicy lips of her ,we sucked each other tongues ,its more than a smooch,

She is just like chewing my tongues and i am chewing her ,so lust full kiss that this kind of kiss i never get by mami though and she closed her eyes and moaning like uhhhh,ahhhhhh,,,umhhh makes my tool harder and she put her hand in it while i hold in my hand rubbing her breast, She then removed her mouth from my mouth and i was happy a lil bit and she gave me a cunning smile .

Then i get agressive and took her in my arm like we hold babies,and her legs are behind my back which she locked by her legs and then i took her too the room and throw her too the bed and opened her up while she forcefully pulled me towards her and kissed me again and making loud noises.Now i while kissing i put my hands inside her jeans and touched her pussy and i surprised that she was wearing no panties and i asked did u masturbated yet..and she said abhi thodi der pehle and she asked but how do u know ,and i said i smelled ur panties .

She asked kaisa laga and i said ohhhhhh…..and gave a kiss and said it was awesome and can i smell your pussies too,she said its all urs whatever u want ..then i opened her jeans and smell it again while she was biting her lips and rub it up ,she moaned hard ahhhhhhh…..and said i want urs inside jaldi dalo…i said hold it baby i ll surely come inside u and make u feel good but first let me make u cum once more and then i took three of my fingers and put inside her wet chud and started the two and fro motion and she was moaning and isaid tumhari chood to bahut tight hai are u a virgin?

She said yes bt she broked her virginity by fingering her.So i started fingering her and then she was moaning like a bitch …ahhhhh…um…Sam…….fuck me…and i was like a fast in motion then i make her cum and i licked her pussy coz mere muh mein to paani aagaya tha uski chud dekh kar ,saaf and clean pussy. The i opened my jeans and took my hard 7 inch cock out she just looked and hold it in her hand then i said take it in mouth baby ,she just obeyed me and took it in mouth

But she don’t know how to suck it so i just open my upper layer and give my supara which is pink and said bas ise thodi der chaato and she licked it like hell ,she also smelled it and said this making me crazy then try to suck the whole dick in mouth and licked all around the length for atleast 10 mins .after this i just took her legs towards me and made 69 position ,and we licked each other

I again started to lick her and finger her ,after few min i just made a missionary position cause i like this position very much,i inserted the dick inside her wet pussy ,ohhhh…….it was burning ,i mean she is hot and hot wet chud ,she screamed and i taped her mouth with my hand cause it was her first time and i just enter forcefully though my dick was not fully inside cause she is tight and she said “plz araam se karo main mar jaungi,u have very big dick “and i said its ok i know ,then i said “tumne mujhe pagal kar diya hai and ur chood is too hot so don’t worry thodi der mein u ll enjoy”.

Then i again inserted and said “dii ur are really hot “and she said “mujhe bahut maza aaraha hai…karte raho” and she kissed me again like hell,took my mouth in her mouth and give me a real hard kiss..and screamed..while i was fucking her juices strated flowing from her wet chud and she said” tumhara lund to bahut bada aur mota hai ,araam se dalo naa”and i said”dii ap tension mat lo “and gave a kiss to her boobs and sucked it hard,her nipples are black and i sucked it and giving her pushes by the dick while she was screaming

Then i took out my penis and again give in her mouth but she rejected to take it mouth then i kissed her real hard like i ll eat her and opened her mouth and inserted the dick and make her to suck it and she obeyed ,she again lubricated it and then i took her towards the wall in a standing position and started to push my dick inside from her back position slowly slowly this time, this time she is enjoying it really good and screaming and saying to me “bahut maza aaraha hai ab to ,karte raho.”

Then after this we moved naked toward the kitchen and i said i need some water ,and opened the refrigerator and took some water and just looked at her ,to my goodness she applied some chocolate sauce to her chood and pulled me toward it and made me lick it ,so i lick it completely and she was stretching my hair and moaning like hell…then put some on my dick again and made her suck too now this time she is sucking real good like lollipop….and took near about 3 inches in

Mouth then i again fucked her on the platform of the kitchen and kissed her lips which was full of chocolate and its taste real good…and when i was about to cum i pulled out my dick and cum on her breast and then we both go to the bathroom and sit down there for a while and turn on the shower so that we get clean while siting i cleaned her up and kissed her again ,now this time a real good kiss.