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Conference starts

colorderainbow: hey
soma singh: hi
Priya Singh: hi
colorderainbow: hi
Priya Singh: hi soma

Priya Singh: where is soma
soma singh: hi priya
Priya Singh: jay where ru
colorderainbow: haaan
Priya Singh: kaha gaye
colorderainbow: here is priya soma
colorderainbow: she is also from delhi
colorderainbow: she was willing to talk in conference
soma singh: ok
soma singh: hi priya
Priya Singh: soma have u saw jay lund
colorderainbow: comment soma
colorderainbow: she is asking somethin
soma singh: no tumne kabhi dikha ya nahi yaar galat hi ye to
soma singh: kaisa laga tumko mere ko kabhi dikha ya nahi
Priya Singh: ?
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: batao priya
colorderainbow: how did u like it
Priya Singh: yaar kya mast hi yaar deko to dekhte hi raho
Priya Singh: bilkul 10 me se 9 number wala
soma singh: wow
soma singh: jay mere ko bhi dekhna hi yaar
Priya Singh: jay isko jalwa nahi dikhaya kya
soma singh: hmmmmmmm
colorderainbow: hhahaha a
Priya Singh: kya bat hi
colorderainbow: na she wasnt so lucky so far
colorderainbow: she busy in job now a days
soma singh: mai kyo nahi !!!!!!!!
soma singh: aj dekhan hi
Priya Singh: yaar lund to aisa hi hum dono ko ek sath mast kar de
Priya Singh: soma kabhi cudwaya hi kya kabhi
colorderainbow: btao som
colorderainbow: soma
soma singh: kuch puch rahi hi priya jai
colorderainbow: hmm then wait dont go to sleep
colorderainbow: i will show in nite
soma singh: ohhhhhhhhhhh
soma singh: kitne baje tak
colorderainbow: in an hour
colorderainbow: i guess
soma singh: priya kaisi hi figar me jay batao
Priya Singh: jayyyyyyyy
colorderainbow: she is on heaver side a bit
colorderainbow: but a sexy lady
soma singh: n
colorderainbow: so is it possible to invite both of u simulataneouly for cam here
soma singh: willu like both in same bed
soma singh: yes u can so ham maje kargi cam dekh kar
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: where r u priya
colorderainbow: no comments
colorderainbow: from u
colorderainbow: r u ready
Priya Singh: yahi hu
Priya Singh: tum se puch rahi hi
Priya Singh: cam on karoge kay
colorderainbow: haaaan
colorderainbow: but wait for that
Priya Singh: okk
Priya Singh: soma kaisi hi figar me
soma singh: priya ji apna figar batao kaisa hi
Priya Singh: mera 36c-30-34
soma singh: hello jay kaha ho
colorderainbow: yaaar my friends are not leavin my room
colorderainbow: waiting for them to leave
colorderainbow: then the show will start
Priya Singh: chat to karo tab tak
Priya Singh: soma figer me kaisi hi bolo ye to kuch bolti nahi
Priya Singh: soma ek bat hi ek bar lund dekho gi to diwani ho jaogi
soma singh: sach me kya
soma singh: dekhte hi phir aaj
soma singh: aaj nellu nahi hi bed luck hi uska
Priya Singh: kaun nellu
Priya Singh: ?
colorderainbow: u guys carry on
Priya Singh: kyo
colorderainbow: i will join when get free
colorderainbow: just dont leave
Priya Singh: we will wait
soma singh: ok ia m also wait till
soma singh: waise priya diwani hi tumhari
Priya Singh: so soma what do u do
soma singh: job karti hu
soma singh: tum
Priya Singh: Hr hu noida me
soma singh: gr8
soma singh: gaye kya
colorderainbow: i m here
Priya Singh: gaye kya
colorderainbow: are yaaaar
colorderainbow: ik to bhag gaya
Priya Singh: wo log gaye kya
Priya Singh: dusra
colorderainbow: one is still here chating with her gf
soma singh: kya yaar kal office bhi jana hi
colorderainbow: i dont know why isnt he going to another room
soma singh: ur romm cyber cafe hi kya
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: we have wi fi
colorderainbow: so friends come sometime
Priya Singh: light band kar do
colorderainbow: with thier lappy
Priya Singh: phir chala jaiga
colorderainbow: hahahhahahaa
colorderainbow: phir main aaapna lund kaise dikhaounga
soma singh: ha sahi kaha priya ji ne
Priya Singh: jab chala jai tab light on kar dena
colorderainbow: so friendship ho gai
colorderainbow: soma n priya ki
colorderainbow: maje ki baat hay
colorderainbow: both of u r singh
Priya Singh: aaj soma dekhi gi to sayad hum dono ek bed per tumse cudwai
colorderainbow: haaan i dream for that
soma singh: ohhhhhhhhh
soma singh: priya ji kya bat hi
soma singh: jay priya ki pussy dekhi hi kya
Priya Singh: kyo soma jay ka dream pura nahi karogi kya
colorderainbow: haaan batao
colorderainbow: soma
soma singh: let see
colorderainbow: mera dream poor ahoga ya nahi
colorderainbow: lets see
Priya Singh: kya let see
colorderainbow: it has been a month yaar
Priya Singh: bolo na chut me khujali nahi ho rahi hi kya
colorderainbow: jab granny ho jaogi tab chudogi kia
Priya Singh: itni late online ho phir bhi nahi
soma singh: khujli to hi per kya karu
colorderainbow: per kia
Priya Singh: its gud ki tum bhi sath me maje karo
colorderainbow: even metro girl so much before sex
colorderainbow: i wasnt knowing it
soma singh: i am not virjin
colorderainbow: think so much
colorderainbow: then whats holding u back soma
Priya Singh: phir kya hua bolo maje karna hi
Priya Singh: aaj dekhigi to ha kar de gi
soma singh:
colorderainbow: hahhahaa
colorderainbow: q soma
colorderainbow: is it so
soma singh: dekho kya hota hi
soma singh: ye sab exbii me jaiga kya
colorderainbow: lemme drink water
colorderainbow: tell me
Priya Singh: kyo jai exbii me jaiga kya ye sab
colorderainbow: if both of r comfortable it going on exbii
colorderainbow: thne
colorderainbow: it will go
colorderainbow: other wise not
soma singh: ok from my side
Priya Singh: me also
colorderainbow: miya bibi razi to kia karega kazi
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: he has gone
Priya Singh: soma kitne lund li ho abhi tak
colorderainbow: lemme come from susu
soma singh: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Priya Singh: hello
Priya Singh: cam on karo
soma singh: ha yaar
colorderainbow: ok
Priya Singh: jai soma kaisi hi figar me
colorderainbow: mast hay yaaar
colorderainbow: a real dick raiser
Priya Singh: kaise
colorderainbow: round butt chicks yummy
Priya Singh: wow soma
colorderainbow: did u get my cam
Priya Singh: out of 10 me me mere aur usko kitna doge
Priya Singh: no
colorderainbow: hmmm
soma singh: no
Priya Singh: mil gaya
colorderainbow: can u see priya
soma singh: mere ko nahi mila
colorderainbow: teach her priya
colorderainbow: how to get it
Priya Singh: yaar tum bhi na soma
soma singh: sorry baba
colorderainbow: lund dekhana hay pata nahi kaise dekhana hay
colorderainbow: hahahha
soma singh: mere ko dikha do na
Priya Singh: view my cam me click karo
soma singh: ohhhh
colorderainbow: see on my id in messenger n click on view my webcam
soma singh: mil gaya
colorderainbow: hmmm
soma singh: aab lund dikao na plz
colorderainbow: bilkul dumbo ho
colorderainbow: hmmm
Priya Singh: jay isko dika do na aab
colorderainbow: hmmm
soma singh: hmmm
soma singh: wowwwwwwwww
soma singh: priya u right
soma singh: mar jaugi mai
Priya Singh: soma isko khada karo janu
colorderainbow: hahahha a
Priya Singh: ya mai karu
colorderainbow: kaisa laga soma
soma singh: ohhhhhh
soma singh: mast hi yaar
Priya Singh: kaha tha na mast hi
colorderainbow: seee priya came late
colorderainbow: but see got to my undies first
soma singh: once more pls
colorderainbow: hmmm
soma singh: plzzz
Priya Singh: soma aisa lund kam hi hota hi yaar
Priya Singh: ye to hum dono ko pani pila de ek sath
Priya Singh: cobra hi bilkul
Priya Singh: kyo jai sath me kaise karoge dono ko
soma singh: tip moto hi bahut yaar
Priya Singh: wo to hi
colorderainbow: n how how about length soma
soma singh: 8 inch
colorderainbow: n in comparision to ur ex bfs
colorderainbow: how did u find it sooma
colorderainbow: priya to iase hin deewani hay
colorderainbow: is lund ki
Priya Singh: soma real me cudna hi kya aab bol chut me khujali hui kua jor se
soma singh: mere ex se bahut mota hi long bhi hi
colorderainbow: hahhahah
colorderainbow: so both of u missed the real dick so far
Priya Singh: yes yaar
Priya Singh: sab ke sab lulli the
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: ab lulla hath laga hay
colorderainbow: tum dono ke
colorderainbow: kahan gayi soma
colorderainbow: choot marne lag gayi kia
soma singh: ha yaar
colorderainbow: kahan gayi soma Bookmark

conference ends