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Couple in Bus

I am today putting up a incident of a newly married couple whom are living in Delhi and working . On their request I am putting this story before you as they feel that yes they cannot come out openly in the limelight as both belong to an good class and have good reputation in the society and feel that our society is still not mature to handle these types of truths. I am changing their names to protect their identity. Ravi is an 30yr old, working as an Senior manager in an Export house and her wife Shipla is an 29yr old consultant working for an big educational institute. Both are happily married and enjoying their sexual life up to the max. Both of them found that they both still feels a great urge to keep trying new things to keep their sexual life more pleasurable. Ravi had a detailed talk with Shilpa and told her that he has some desires and would love her to fulfill them and Shilpa too comes out with the truth and discuss it openly with her hubby. Ravi wants her wife to show off her great body to strangers and he loves their attention to her lustful body. He always demand her to keep trying tight reveling clothes and wants her to ensure that strangers enjoys with her up to the max. Both are well paid off and are easily affording a good luxury car but on Ravi’s request Shilpa everyday goes to office in a public bus in order to ensure she ends up getting new pleasures and incidents that could excite her hubby.

Ravi really loves to hear all acts in which Shilpa gets involve in the crowded buses and let strangers enjoys with her up to the max. The below incident was the resent one which Ravi wants me to tell before all of you in which Shilpa enjoyed getting involved in a crowded bus ride in Delhi. It happened a week back, I wore a saree every day and but I prefer to wear it low-hip, exposing the deep navel as it suits my height. I also secretly enjoy the stares & peeks I receive when the pallu drifts a bit, to the side. The incident I am about to narrate, happened in one of my bus journey in a Delhi blue line . Sometimes when the bus is crowded there will be some strange hand trying to caress my butt, and after a while, sensing the lack of resistance, usually advance the hand to my bare hip. I like this part especially since I am ticklish around my hips & belly and get very excited when caressed there.

My courage level usually ends there and I would start showing some resistance and the hand would vanish as fast as it had appeared. but Ravi always want me to enjoy and rather protesting I should co-operate with those crazy strangers the bus .That evening , I & Ravi had to go shopping and return and I had gotten a bit more courageous than most of the days.. Ravi wanted me to go without panty . I was wearing a maroon saree, matching blouse and black brassiere and petticoat. We finished our shopping and was returning around 7.30 pm in the evening. The bus I boarded was too crowded that day and the journey would be an half hour. I was sandwiched in the middle of the bus. I was standing right smack at the centre of the bus,. I had to lift both my hands over my head to hold the overhead railings since the ride was especially jerky. It had gotten dark outside and the light inside was too dim. My already low hip saree dropped a notch further below my waist that evening because of my awkward standing posture.

It was only a matter of time. There was that anticipated hand from a stranger from the back resting on my butt lightly. I couldn’t feel it at first, as it was too crowded, until the hand firmly rested on my back. I had a chill running over my spine when I realized that I wasn’t wearing panties too that day. Perhaps the stranger had realized it at the same time as he started cupping my bare butt through my saree and started running his fingers along the crevice. In spite of my long tired day, I was beginning to get excited. The one thing I noticed was that the person standing behind me (whoever that was?!!) was too short. He was only to my shoulder level I guess. He rested his other hand on my bare waist. His hand was surprisingly soft and tender. Hi left hand was resting at the area where I had tucked my sari into my petticoat at my waist for a long time. I didn’t pay particular attention to it as his right hand which was caressing my back had circled in front by my right side, pushed my pallu deftly, rested on my bare belly ,moments later discovered my deep navel and was fingering it. My excitement was certainly building up and I was holding the railing tighter. I completely failed to realize what his other hand was doing all this time.. He was slowly taking my saree tucks out of my petticoat while he was fingering my navel.. now, my petticoat knot came out completely in view as my saree folds in that area has been expertly loosened by him, and I was blissfully unaware of this still, while his fingers were resting lightly on the knot.. ( He could see this clear and close since he was much shorter than I ).Ravi was murmuring in my ears not to protest .

He was beginning to loosen the knot of my petticoat, and lo!! I came to my senses. He had already gone too far ahead and the moment he sensed that I had found out what he was up to, he yanked the knot and loosened it so quick that I had no time to react. The next thing I felt was my petticoat loosening around my hip and his hand resting on my bare hip inside while his right hand securely gripping my saree and my now completely loose petticoat, firmly so it stay on my hip. I was thinking about my options.. With my position , with my hands over my head and legs stretched , in the uncomfortable position he caught me. – completely! I was too scared to imagine my petticoat dropping in public , in a bus. I don’t want a scene. So, I turned my head and whispered as softly as I could over my shoulder, to the person behind – “Tie to back! Pleased” . I could see the smug smile on the greasy face and a satisfied nod ( indicating “I got u” ) from him in the fraction of a second I managed to see his face. I was so mortified and embarrassed , that I couldn’t face him any longer and turned back. He, now used his left hand to hold my petticoat & saree in place while he brought his right hand around me and inserted it through my loosened petticoat to rest on my bare right butt cheek! He slowly started executing his game plan. He enjoyed feeling my bare flesh around my hip & thigh region.

is right hand loitered there for a while. He moved his hand again from my hip to the back, resting his palm on my butt cheek, enjoying the sensation of my bare round butt.. He kneaded the flesh in the region and pinched me there. I could still not comprehend the face that all this was happening in a crowded bus. It was a bit too much beyond my wildest imagination but I know Ravi was enjoying this and I really want him to enjoy as on that day he was with me noticing the incident before his eyes and I want him to see how his slut wife gets enjoyed everyday by strangers in these crowded buses . In the meanwhile that guy moved his fingers to run along my now moist butt crevice, sending shocks all over me. My only reaction was to clutch the rails tighter. His finger traveled from top to bottom , up & down along the crevice . He seemed to have enjoyed it very much. He then rested it on my anus. I was totally unprepared for this, . He attempted one hard push with his finger making me stand on tip toes and gasp. His fingers loitered there a bit longer and moved down targeting the prime spot now. His fingers reached the base of my pussy lips from behind through my already spread legs . I voluntarily spread my thighs a bit more wide on my hubby’s signal and his middle finger easily entered my now very wet pussy lips. He managed to insert another finger too as my thigh is now spread wide enough. My excitement was mounting and I was beginning to get scared more at the same time. He started wiggling his fingers inside my pussy while I was standing there horrified and helpless (excited nevertheless ) His index finger found the skin of my clit and started applying pressure there. There was a bus stop and a reshuffle in the crowd by then. We were pushed from behind and I had to move one step forward. He held me in the same position and we moved forward. It was a very weird feeling to move my legs with a stranger’s fingers in my pussy.

I was beginning to get concerned and scared more while he continued to massage my clit and pinch my outer lips with his thumb. I was close to cumming , but didn’t want that to happen on a bus, since I am loud normally. I was getting so scared. I turned and whispered.. to him again “please stop now.. and tie it back”. He seemed to think a bit for a while and decided to remove his fingers from my pussy . I relaxed and sighed. While taking out his now wet fingers he quickly inserted his index finger in my anus and gave a shove.. It went in this time as it was wet. and I gave a sharp yelp and tip toed again since I was not at all prepared again. The person standing in front turned back to look at me. I was profusely sweating and managed a meek smile. One third of his finger mush have been through I guess and he was wiggling it for a while making me jerk at will .. Then he decided to take it out and took his time to shabbily tie my petticoat. I eased up a bit and lowered my left hand and adjusted the saree and tucked it inside the petticoat. I was looking positively horrible. He continued to rest his hand on my bare belly inside the pallu and his hard on was pressing on my butt now. This is familiar to me though . He took the hand above and managed to give a squeeze to my left tit. I allowed him to do it fast and give me a good squeeze as I can see a good boner getting formed in my hubby’s pant and I know Ravi was going to give a good fuck to me tonight. I had already missed my stop in order to let that guy enjoy as far as possible with me as my only concern was to see Ravi’s delightful face. We then agreed to get down and Ravi was fast enough to catch an auto to get back home as he was not ready to wait anymore to enjoy my wet horny pussy.