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Couple in Hong Kong

Last year, I had finally married my child-hood sweet-heart, Vishal. It was our dream to go abroad for our honey-moon. Hence, much before our marriage, both of us had carefully saved enough money, to take a trip to Hong Kong. We arrived with much anticipation at Hong Kong. We spent the first few days, almost entirely in our hotel room – basking and enjoying, in the first flush of passionate and lustful satisfaction – like any newly wed couple. We were couped up in our hotel room for 3 full days. On the fourth evening, as usual, Vishal was already half drunk – when we decided to walk around the city for sight seeing. We kept walking and window shopping for a long time, passing through innumerable small streets and little winding gullies. We were almost lost, but did not really care, as we were in the city. It was already dark in the late evening. While walking in one of the back lanes, a flashing red, neon sign caught our attention. It said, ” Adult films – 24 Hours “. I kept walking, but Vishal had stopped.

I asked, ” Why have you stopped, Vishal ? ‘

With a mischievous grin and a wink, he replied, ” Why not ? Come Nirmala, let us be naughty. Let’s just check it out ”

We have seen adult movies at some friend’s place earlier. But, I guess there is something exciting about watching people being lustful on a big screen. Nervously, I followed him in. I had never been in an adult movie theatre like this one. My husband bought the tickets. He presented me a ticket to the adult theater and said, ” Nirmala, you go in and sit. I have to pee. I shall be there in a minute ”

I went in. It was dark and the usher took me to my seat. I was the only woman there. Men dotted the theater. I sat down. Within a few seconds, one man came and sat next to me. The movie started. Vishal came later and sat on the empty seat on my other side. Slowly the man next to me, put his right hand, over my saree, on my thigh. I was shocked and stood up to leave. But Vishal caught my hand.

He asked me, ” What is the problem Nirmala, where are you going ? ”

I replied, ” Vishal let us go. This is not a good place. The man sitting next to me tried to touch me ! ”

Vishal said, ” Nirmala, come on. Dont be a cry baby. This is not India. This is Hong Kong. These things are common here, especially in adult movie theatres. Dont worry. You will not be harmed. Just relax and watch the movie ”

I replied, ” But he put his hand on my thighs, over my saree – Vishal ! ”

He said, ” Nirmala, its OK darling. That man is simply excited at the pornography in the movie and perhaps, is not able to control imself. If he wishes to caress your thighs, let him do that. You just keep silent and relax. Let us see up to what extent, he will go. That would be fun ”

Though I wanted to leave, as I did not wish to put Vishal’s mood off, I sat down reluctantly. Slowly the man reached out and once again put his right hand on my thighs. I shut my eyes for a moment. He started caressing and pinching my thighs over my saree. I looked at Vishal. He was also looking at the man’s hands fondling my thighs.

I said, ” Vishal look, he has put his hands on my thighs again ”

Vishal replied, ” Its OK, Nirmala – relax ”

I kept quiet. The man began pulling up my saree and petticoat. I caught his hand and resisted. But he caught my hands with his left hand and with his right hand, kept pulling my saree and petticoat right up – all the way. Now my full thighs and legs were exposed to him. From the corner of my eye, I saw Vishal watching. The man’s right hand now crept in between my thighs and started inching up to my panty. I struggled to stop him. But he was forceful and kept moving his palm upwards, until his fungers touched my panty. I was nervous and felt ashamed.

I pleaded with Vishal, ” Vishal he is now touching my panty. Please stop him before he pulls it down and starts touching me there, directly with his fingers ”

To my amazement, my husband replied, ” Keep calm Nirmala. Dont make a scene. This is getting exciting ! ”

I did not know what to do. So, I stopped struggling. The man finally hooked his thumb on the elastic of my panty and pulled it down. I had to lift my self slightly to allow him to completely pull it down. Now he started touching my vagina. As my husband liked me hairy, I never shaved there. My vagina had a thick growth of curly, black hair. I was completely ashamed that I was allowing a total stranger to touch my most intimate part and that too – with my own husband watching. The man thrust one finger into my vagina and started pushing his finger in and out in the total darkness. I began feeling uneasy, with his fingers massaging in and out of my vagina. The man glanced at my husband and motioned him to get up. He then bent down, took my panty and passed it on to Vishal. Then he got up, pulling me along with him and leading me towards the back of the movie theater.

I said, ” Vishal, where is he taking me ? Please help me ”

He replied, ” Its OK Nirmala. I am coming with you. Just do as he says ”

Vishal followed us. I considered screaming for help, but an excited curiosity pulsed through me like an electrical current. The theater was small. A stale mustiness burnt my nose, as the stranger forced me toward an unfinished cabinet on the back wall. My thoughts raced, as I wondered what he was going to do. Frightening me with his speed and suddenness, he turned me around and pushed me back, up against the counter. I had no idea who this man was. He looked at me in the dim light, and I felt his hand move up under my saree again and push in roughly between my thighs. Instinctively, I clenched my legs together and fought him. My own husband was quietly watching me struggle with the man and did not bother to help me. The man was obviously stronger than me. He moved in and squeezed his hand between my thighs, touching me roughly, as my husband moved closer to watch.

I glanced down and saw a bulge in the man’s pants. I continued to struggle. It was pure instinct. He looked around and told my husband,

” Hey Mister, is this your girl friend ? ”

My husband replied, ” No pal – that is my own wife ”

The man said, ” Wow ! Thanks for letting me use her, Mister. Now, come over here and help me hold her ”

To my shock, my husband came over and quietly held me. I could smell the man’s musky arousal. The stranger moved forward and positioned himself between my thighs.

He asked me, ” Pretty woman, you want some cock ? ”

I was frightened but aroused. The stranger reached forward and un-hooked my blouse. My bra burst into view. He grunted at seeing it and tore upon it with force, until it gave away – exposing my breasts. Puckered and hard, my nipples stood out.

The man said to my husband, ” You know Mister, your wife’s nipples need clamps on them ”

With that, the man started caressing, fondling and pinching my delicate breasts and nipples roughly. He then put his mouth upon my nipples and began sucking upon them and biting them. Later, I felt the man reaching and raising my saree and petticoat to expose my silky, wet vagina to his greedy eyes.

He gurgled with pleasure and told my husband, ” Wow man ! Your wife’s cunt is so hairy ! Does she not shave at all ? ”

My husband replied, ” No Pal – I like her hairy cunt and have forbidden her from shaving ”

The man lifted me onto the counter. Then I realized what he was doing. He unzipped his pant.

I looked at my husband and said, ” No Vishal, please stop him. You cant allow him to do this to me. You cant allow him to pollute me. I am your wife. You are my husband. We are newly married. I will be ruined ”

My husband replied, ” Dont be silly Nirmala. You wont be ruined. Just lie back and enjoy this man’s cock. It would be a great experience for you and I am sure that you will enjoy his cock and the fuck, which he is going to give you. And anyway, no one back home will know. This would be our own secret. So relax ! ”

I was shocked again, I said, ” But Vishal, he does not even have a condom. Look, ask him to wait for sometime. At least see if you can get a condom from somewhere near the theater and make him wear that. You cant allow him to ejaculate his seed into my vagina. I may get pregnant with his baby ! ”

My husband fiirmly said, ” Forget the condom Nirmala. I want to see his bare cock thrusting roughly into your own bare cunt. If he ejaculates in your cunt, it is OK. If you get pregnant, we can always get rid of the baby ! Now be silent and enjoy your fuck ! ”

The stranger positioned his penis against the entrance of my vagina. I closed my eyes, waiting for the onslaught. I felt the tip of the stranger’s cock in my entrance.

I again pleaded with my husband, ” Please Vishal, please stop him from doing this to me. Please stop him from doing this to your own wife. This is sinful. It is not right ”

He said, ” Relax Nirmala, dont worry ”

My husband told him, ” OK Buddy, You have a newly married housewife from India at the tip of your cock now. Now fuck my young and beautiful wife fast and good. I want her to have at least two orgasms on your cock now. Enjoy my wife ”

He growled back, ” Thanks buddy. Yeah. I will fuck her good ”

Suddenly he rammed his erect penis into my vagina, in one long hard thrust. My husband held my arms, to encourage him. The man began fucking me hard, pumping in a primitive rhythm. I was also getting excited with all the forceful pumping that he was doing into me. My husband pulled out his own erect penis and put it on one of my hands. I began masturbating my husband with my hand, while the un-known stranger was thrusting into my vagina with all his might.

As I turned my face, to my horror, I saw four other men moving towards us. Apparently all the noise and talking that we were doing, had attracted the men, who were also excited at seeing the adult movie. The men came close to us and watched silently. Suddenly, the stranger began slamming his penis deep into my vagina. I knew that the man was close to coming. He watched my face and my eyes, as he pushed hard and fast, building up to come, then he let loose a loud grunt and thrust deep into me. I felt his semen spurt hot into my vagina. He kept pumping an enormous quantity of his sperms into my vagina. With one last shudder and a satisfied moan, he pulled out and grinned at me. He zipped his pant, as another man stepped up.

I looked at my husband and said, ” No Vishal, dont let this new man do this to me. Please dont permit this. We are decent people, from decent families. Please dont make me a whore like this ”

But the three men surrounded Vishal ad said, ” Hey man – look, each of us wants to unload our seed into your woman. We will do it now. There is nothing that you can do about it. So, if you dont want any violence and if you dont want us to violently hurt your wife and you, just step into the corner and watch us. We will fuck her nicely, un-load our spunk into her cunt and quitely go away. If you dont do that, we will hurt your wife badly first and then mess you up ”

My husband helplessly backed away, leaving me all alone at their mercy.

The second man dropped his pants. My eyes widened in fear when his cock bounced into view. He was enormous. I tried to scoot further away, but it was useless. With two men holding my arms and two holding my legs open wide, I could not move at all. The second man approached me, stroking himself. I could feel the semen of the first man dripping down my vagina and thereon to my buttocks. The second man pressed the head of his penis on my pussy, wetting it. Then he thrust hard and deep. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut, to keep from crying out. But, a gasp and a moan escaped my parted lips. He thrust again, slamming hard, hitting my cervix with each plunge.

One of the four men said, ” Hey, don’t wear her cunt out. Keep it fresh for the rest of us, man ! ”

The second man rammed into me harder and faster. He slammed his large organ into my semen filled vagina repeatedly and thrust deeply one last time, filling me with his own hot, thick semen. When the third man stepped up for his turn, he grabbed my arms, turning me, bending me over the counter. His hot breath tickled my ear.

The third man said, ” Lady, I am going to fuck your arse, but come in your cunt ”

With one hand tangled in my hair, the other cupping the roundness of my buttocks and spreading me open, the third man slowly slid his erect penis into my anus. It was horribly painful. I was biting my lips to keep from shouting with pain in the theater. I was trembling with pain as his organ tore through my anus. His hips slammed against my buttocks in a frenzied rhythm, and I wondered if he would be able to stop himself from ejaculating into my anus. The other men were stroking their erect organs. Each waiting his turn. Suddenly, The third man man pulled out and jammed himself in my vagina. Grunting loudly, he too filled my vagina, full with his semen.

Thus as my helpless husband watched, each man took his turn unloading his sperm into my vagina. By the time the last man ejaculated into me, my vagina was oozing out their sperms like a tap. Obviously my pussy and womb could not hold it all. My womb had become like a receptacle, for these men to empty their semen into. Finally, they were all spent, while my vagina and my body were totally raw from the fucking. As the last man zipped his pant and shuffled from the theater, I lay limp on the countertop. I had been well used. A satisfied smile sneaked through my exhaustion, as my husband approached from the dark corner.

He worryingly enquired, ” Nirmala Darling, are you okay ? ”

I nodded my head – yes. His gentle fingers slid under my chin and lifted my tired face to his, as his soft lips find mine.

My husband said, ” You know Nirmala, I had always fantasised watching other men, fuck you. Today, you have made that fantasy of mine a reality. I thank you for that Darling. Now, I love you all the more ”

I whispered, ” I love you too Vishal. But, are you sure that you are not feeling bad that five strange men, have used my body, had sex with me and ejaculated into me ? ”

My husband replied, ” Not at all Darling. In-fact, I enjoyed watching each man fuck you ”

I said, ” But Vishal, with my womb now holding the sperms of five men, it is almost sure that one of them, would have made me pregnant now. So, maybe we should see the doctor for an abortion, as soon as we reach India ”

He replied, ” You know what I think, Nirmala ? I want you to keep the baby – if you get pregnant. Dont worry, we will take care of it like our own child. I will give it all the love and affection that a father should give his child. Its just that, I dont want you to undergo an abortion. That baby will secretly remind us of this amazing experience tonight ”