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Crazy Night at Valentine’s Day

As was usual, the men were gathered around the bar at one end of the patio and the women were clustered in the kitchen, talking about whatever they talk about while preparing supper.

There was Rohan, Karan, Varun, Abhishek, Rahul, Gaurav, Kunal, Akash, Divyansh, Mohit, Deepak, Tamal, Deep, Rohit, even my father-in-law, Ramesh, and of course me, Sagar. Varun cracked a joke, as usual, and asked, “Who called this meeting to order?”

Karan added, “What is the nature of the discussion.”

Rohit said, “You know it’s the eleventh already, and I don’t have anything for Valentine’s Day yet.”

There were groans all around. I suggested, “Let’s run down to Wal-Mart and get cards and candy for all the women and girls.”

Rohan said, “That’s so normal, so expected, and so dull.

Varun stated, “It’s worked for me for the last forty years plus, what wrong with it?”

Karan said, “It just seems we should be able to come up with something more bizarre or at least meaningful.”

“What’s the big deal, Kunal said, “I get Shawna a card, Shawna gets me a card, everyone is Happy.”

Abhishek said, “I always try to take Tina out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Last year we went to Chili’s for lunch. She really liked it.”

I asked Rohit, “You have a bunch of women, what are you going to do?”

“I have no clue,” Rohit said, with a puzzled expression on his face.

Rohan said, “Whatever it’s going to be, we are going to have to get going. We should come up with something for all the women and girls and have it from all of us, something really wild.”

Akash asked, “Now what would be bizarre enough to get a rise out of our ladies?”

Kunal said, “They like booze, dressing up sexy, babies, going sailing, going riding, and fooling around with us. They mostly enjoy that special private time we enjoy together.”

Ramesh said, “That’s no help. We can have a drink, they can put on a sexy gown, and we can fool around anytime. We need something special to go with that.”

Rahul said, “I have an idea.”

We all crowded around to listen.

Valentine’s Day just happens to be on a Saturday this year. While the ladies were asleep Friday night, a bunch of us guys got up and moved some truck trailers into the big grassy area next to the patio. Between the two big trailers we put up a cover that made a roof and a room area between the two. The unique thing about these two trailers was that they were both very bright red. On them were giant hearts with the cute saying that are on those little candy hearts. You know, ‘Be mine, ‘ ‘I’m yours, ‘ ‘My Valentine.’

We pulled some steps out from the rear of the trailers for easy access to the doors, then closed up everything and went back to bed. Just for fun, we all scattered red rose petals all over our houses and bedrooms.

Inside those truck trailers were the surprises.

Mornings at our park always come early. I slid from bed, amidst groans of “Not yet, it’s Saturday.”

I showered quickly then began teasing the faces of the ladies with the rose petals. I laid them on their noses and over their eyes. I even slipped one between Mukti’s lips and tucked some down in Tanya’s wonderful cleavage.

Since they were not waking up, I went out to the kitchen and started some coffee. It was just getting done when Tina came into the patio wearing a bright red silky gown.

“Good morning, Tina, you’re pretty fancy this morning, happy Valentine’s Day.”

Tina gave me my morning hug and then pointed toward the bright red trailers, “What are they doing there and when did they get there?”

I said, “I guess that little fairy that shoots those arrows must have brought them last night.”

“How did you get them in there and not wake me or everyone else up last night?”

“I guess the fairies are quiet.”

“Oh you,” Tina said, “Give me some coffee. You guys are in for a surprise this morning.”

At that moment, Rohit came from one of the guest bedrooms, smiled and said, “I like your gown, Tina.”

Tina said, “Divyansh you, Rohit. Are those trailers the reason you and all your women stayed out here last night?”

“Pardon me? Those trailers must have been brought by fairies.”

“You’re as bad as Sagar. Just let me drink my coffee and think about what we’ll have for breakfast.”

The back door opened and Rohan and Tushar came in with Kriti and Priyanka, who were also in sheer red gowns. Those two ladies were enough to get the juices running.

About the time a huge catering van pulled up outside, Kunal and Shawna, with their kids, came walking across the lane. Shawna didn’t have her usual holey T-shirt on, but had on a red gown like Kriti and Priyanka.

Two carts pulled in, with Gaurav and Nancy in one, and Rahul and Akanksha in the other. Both women had the same sheer gown on.

Kunal was staring over my shoulder, so I turned to see Rohit’s menagerie all standing and displaying their wares in those same sheer red gowns. That’s when I saw kids come running from the hallway. All were dressed in red pants and T-shirts. I turned to see that Shawna’s kids were dressed that way as well.

My ladies came out of the hallway and gave me hugs, all wearing the same sheer red gown as was being worn by the other women. Vidya was with them and had a gown similar to Tina’s.

Tanya pointed at the catering truck and the tables that were being assembled outside the patio. “What’s that and where did those trailers come from?”

Rohan said, “We can’t have you ladies slaving over breakfast. We thought you might enjoy being served this morning.”

Mukti said, “Okay, that takes care of the food thing, but what’s with the trailers.”

Shawna said, “I knew Divyansh was up to something. He was in the big paint booths over at the rebuild shop the last two nights.”

Divyansh was standing there and said, “You have me confused with someone else.”

Shawna rolled her eyes and said, “Sure.”

All of the kids were having a great time inside watching the early Saturday cartoons, while the mothers hovered over them and getting them juice in little pouches with straws to start their day.

I kept watch and saw a bunch of women in red harem clothing get out of some vans and disappear between the truck trailers. The surprise was set.

After we ate, Karan stood on a chair and hollered. “Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies. In this coffee can, I have numbers from one to fifty. I think that will cover it. Each of you will pull a number and we will escort you, beginning with the lowest number to begin your Valentine present.”

One at a time, the ladies reached into the coffee can and pulled out a number. Fittingly, Tina had pulled number one and Anvesha had pulled number two.

Rohan held up a big red blindfold and said, “All right. Let me blindfold this Valentine and we’ll lead her to begin her tour.”

When Tina had walked up the steps and entered the first truck, Rohan had her turn toward him and took the blindfold off. He turned Tina around for her to see the trailer made up into a beautiful red room, with fancy soft chairs and lounges, but with something strange. A hair salon hair washing basin and a couple of hair salon chairs. When you looked, you realized that this was only half of the trailer and there was something beyond the red curtains.

Four girls, dressed in red harem clothes, came for Tina as Rohan stepped out. As he went back for Anvesha, Tina was seated in the hair washing basin seat and the girls began. By the time Rohan had returned with Anvesha, Tina was in the styling chair, with a high-energy hair dryer blow-drying her hair.

Tina couldn’t get over how fast her hair dried, and she was equally surprised the stylist had her hair done as she liked it in just a few minutes. As Anvesha was being led to the other styling chair, Tina was moved through the curtains to a room with four more ladies, also clad in harem outfits, standing beside massage tables. There were two other girls on each side of the tables with nail equipment and utensils.

Tina said, “Oh my, are you really going to give me a massage and do my nails?”

One of the girls asked, “Would you enjoy something to drink. How about some Bailey’s in some coffee?”

“Ooh, that would be nice,” Tina said.

As Tina was being pampered with a message and manicure, Anvesha joined her and was also offered something to drink. They also offered the ladies some small pieces of rich chocolate to taste with their drinks.

The women were moving through the trailer in a smooth manner. When Tina was done, she was led out another door in front of the trailer down in the covered area. There were white tables and chairs on a red carpet. The attendant told Tina, we have more for you, but if you want to rest a little, we can serve you a drink if you’d like?”

Tina said, “I want to see what else you are going to do.”

The harem clad attendant led Tina up the steps into the next trailer. There another lady said, “We’re going to give you a facial and facial massage first, then, as an extra treat, you’ll receive a special foot massage at the same time.”

Tina was laid back in a reclining chair and an attendant began spreading a special compound on her face. The treatment covered all of her face except her eyes. When the compound dried, the attendant gently peeled it off and began gently massaging Tina’s face with the nicest smelling oils. This felt so good, along with the wonderful foot massage, that Tina almost fell asleep.

When the massage was complete, Tina was helped up and taken into the last room of the tour. There, several attendants in red harem outfits sat Tina down in a nice chair in front of a mirror. One attendant handed Tina a small glass of Amaretto and asked if she wanted another small piece of chocolate. While Tina sampled the tasty treats, Abhishek came into view in the mirror. He handed Tina a card and a heart shaped box of candy and put a simple necklace around her neck. On it was a simple little gold heart with “Be My Valentine” inscribed on it.

Tina was overcome and stood to hug and kiss her childhood sweetheart that she had grown up, and grown old, with. The attendants helped them down the stairs and suggested that they either sit in the room between the trailers or go home for a while. With a sly grin, Tina said, “Abhishek, Honey, why don’t we go home and lay down for a while.”

As they left, Varun was stepping into the trailer.

This continued until all of the women had been treated the same way. Sagar’s and Rohit’s ladies were too abundant to take anywhere, so they all came back to the patio and went into the living room to compare the luxury they had just experienced. They were looking at their Valentine cards and tasting the sweets in their heart shaped boxes.

The men had taken care of the children. All the little girls and boys had received a little card and a small heart shaped box of candy. The kids all had a great time comparing their cards.

When the last lady had been given her card, candy, and necklace, everyone was called back to the patio. There Rohan announced, “To all of you ladies, Happy Valentine’s Day. And now, we need to adjourn to Park Place where the restaurant has set aside a separate area for all of us, including our harem girls, to have a wonderful meal. Please adjourn to the buses waiting for us in the lane.

The ladies panicked, “We can’t go out in public in these gowns.”

Sagar hollered, “Yes you can, we’re going into Park Place from the inside park entrance. You will be more covered than most of the people.”

Many of the girls were still hesitant, but all of them finally got on the buses.

Sagar was busy as he, in addition to his women, had Ishita and Yukti as his special ladies today. He was happy that Dinesh was available for Purva and Diya, and Mohit was there for Neha, Sheena, and Betty. He had helped each lady with her necklace and walked her out.

The kids looked cute in their red apparel, but the ladies were a sheer pleasure to see. They were so happy that it made all of us guys happy we had surprised them with luxury, rather than just gifts.

Back at home, the trailers were gone and the harem girls were all tipped and sent home. As all of the patio people had a drink in celebration of a happy day, Neha said what all the women wanted to say.

Neha was standing in front of Mohit, who had Sheena and Betty on each side of him. “Mohit, Honey, you’ve made us the happiest women in the world and now we’re going to take you home and make you the happiest man in the world. We’re going to ravish you and be your Valentines.”

Kriti was pulling Rohan by the hand out the back door, with Priyanka pulling Tushar behind them. All the couples were vanishing, those with kids were carrying them home as most of them were now either already sleeping or nodding off.

As I lay among my Tanya, Mukti, Kareena, Lolita, Ishita, and Yukti, totally exhausted, I said, “Happy Valentine’s day. Will all of you be my Valentines?”

Each one of the group softly said “Yes.” Use your imagination as to how I was rewarded for this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.