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Crazy Sexperience in Village

I live in the city with my parents. Both my parents are from village. So I would regularly visit village of both my parents 3 times a year. Mom’s village is a very remote place thus I love that place for its solitary as our house was situated in mid of vast fields at end of the village. Let me tell you about mom’s family. My mom was youngest of the 3 daughters of her family. Her mother (Granny) was a very strong hardworking lady. She was the only educated lady of her age in the village. She had a best friend in the village whom we all called Kaki she was a vaidya’s daughter and lived with her parents after her husband who was 40 years older to her died after some years of marriage. She would always come to our house and is a lot fun being around.

I was the only boy of mom’s entire family so I was loved and pampered a lot by everyone. Grandpa had died some years ago. My eldest mausi’s husband who was a ghar jamai took the responsibility of the fields and house. Each mausi had 1 or 2 daughters. So basically my mom’s house I would always be surrounded by ladies which really started to feel cool when I became adolescent.

So I hadn’t gone to village for a long time as I was in teenage and was preparing for exams. After giving all my exams I had a gap of 3 months before joining a college so I decided to go to my mom’s house as there were some disputes at my father’s village. I was really glad in my granny’s house environment. Elder mausa had gone to city for business purpose, my other mausi had come with her daughters who were elder to me so I was the only man amongst all the women folks which relieved me of all my exam tensions I had.

One day while changing my dress 2 bees which were stuck in my pant sting me right on my dick one at bottom portion of my dick and other at my scrotum. Though it was swollen as I thought still it was very paining I somehow mummed about it and went to roof top where all the women including Kaki were sitting and preparing pickle while all the girls had gone to see a nautanki that had opened up in village. They started talking to me but I found it hard to keep focused when they asked me what the matter was I said them as I couldn’t resist they were all shocked and said me to show it immediately I was hesitant but was forced to. I lowered my pant below my scrotum and we all saw the stung zones had swollen up a bit and the n Kaki came closer. She held my dick near to her eye and saw the bee stings stuck there.

Then she took some saliva and put on my dick and scrotum and with her sharp nail she removed the stings which were a big relief. Mom screamed to take me hospital but Kaki said its OK but some oil has to be applied on there for the swelling to go away quickly. She said this would hardly last for 10 days if regular oiling is done. Everyone was relieved a bit. Kaki went to bring the oil from her house and said me to remain nude like that for free air to flow. I sat down nude with my little swollen dick hanging in front of all my family women. Only my granny and mom were serious while my mausies started giggling and asking about my dick. I said it was stinging but I really want to scratch it.

My eldest mausi came forward and spitted on my dick and started rubbing it slowly it felt a bit good. Then Kaki came back with the oil and said me to lie on my back. She sat between my legs placing my legs around her hips while keeping her legs aside me which gave her full access to my dick bottom. Then she took some oil and applied some on both the stung zone and started rubbing the oil around my dick. This really felt good especially removing mu urge to scratch. Her strong hold of the soft fingers not only relieved me of pain but also aroused me a bit. This continued for a 4 days the swelling was slowly going away. During my some one or two women folks would surely be there. I mostly stayed nude on the roof. None of the girls were allowed there only the woman folks would come and talk casually.

After 4 days my middle mausi said, ” kaki, doing all this work our bodies are really paining please bring some good oil and massage us also tomorrow.” Kaki replied, “If I massage you then who’ll take care of Raju?”

Mausi: We will do it, you teach us.

Kaki called her and showed how she massaged me. Mausi repeated what Kaki did but playful pressed it harder. I moaned, kaki scolded her jokingly then mausi did it nicely. Then she called my elder mausi and trained her, she did it nicely and was really better than kaki. Then she called mom. Mom heisted a bit then kaki assured her it was fine as I was her son. The moment she touched my dick I felt a shiver because of embarrassment and excitement and my dick twitched a bit. That feeling I cannot express. Then she massaged my ball while everyone giggled. Thus after all was over everyone giggled and see off kaki reminding her to give them the special oil massages the day after. That evening my granny came up instead of kaki for the oil massage.

Me: Granny why are you here where are others?

Granny: your mom and aunts have gone to their childhood friends houses. Kaki is busy so today I’ll apply oil. Then she started applying the oil by positioning herself and me same as Kaki did they started rubbing my balls. Her pallu fell down. So she removed it and placed it beside herself. As old women there did not wear blouse in home I saw her boobs which were really big for a woman of her age though they were saggy. I had seen her boobs many times but this was different as I was nude too and she was holding my balls. She continued massaging my balls then with some extra oil she stroked the length of my dick.

She asked: are you really feeling better by this treatment or should we take you to doctor? I said the pain is residing let’s see after some days. She made a sadly voice and said “ooh my dear poor son” and brought closed her belly to my dick which became semi hard. I hadn’t masturbated for 4 months or so. Thus I thought of taking advantage of the situation. When she resumed her massaging I tried to slowly fuck her hand and suddenly I cummed in granny’s hand; some cum even landing on her boobs. I started apologizing saying that sorry for peeing on you.

She laughed and said.” wow you’ve grown”.

She wiped my cum and washed her hand and went away, but not before kissing my side lips, “my raja beta”.

I lied down letting the slow wind flow and rub my cute swollen dick waiting for excitements of the next day.

The next day Kaki arrived with two oils; one for me and other for mausi’s. They all came up to roof where I was waiting stark naked. Kaki examined it and asked how it was. I replied that the soreness had gone but still the irritation was there. She patted it a bit and moved forward. All of them stripped down to their blouse and petticoat I had seen my mausi’s in petticoat many times but I saw Kaki the first time half nude. She was slim but huge shaggy bust which I made out from the blouse (she and badi mausi do not wear bra). Her huge navel would turn any man crazy despite her age and old face.

When she winds back her hair with both her hands she seemed very sexy. Badi mausi said to have the oil massage first. So choti mausi came near me and sat down as I kept my legs around her hip and lay down on my back. Then she took some oil and applied some on both the stung zone and started rubbing the oil on my scrotum. As I was habituated about this I didn’t get aroused. But something caught my eye corner. I turned towards the cot n my roof and saw an amazing view of my badi mausi’s big nude back. She was stretching her hands above her head and i could just see her side boobs.

Then she lies down on her front and I could see her entire side boob crushed under her huge body weight. Kaki dropped some special oil on her back and started exploring mausi’s back with her hands. Badi mausi was so fat that kaki’s fingers made waves out of her back skin. Then badi mausi said about being uncomfortable and hoisted her body up. My goodness her boobs were like large bee hives at-least 38DD size. Then she placed a pillow under her belly and lied down with only her nipples crushed. Kaki continued her massage and mausi closed her eyes smiling.

I felt my choti mausi’s fingers press my semi hard penis. I looked at her and she winked back. I shy. She continued applying oil to my dick. I involuntarily looked towards badi mausi. Now kaki was massaging her hands. When she lifted up the hand facing me I feasted upon the display of the single boob. Badi mausi opened her eyes smiled at me and closed her eyes back. Something was naughty wrong. The oil would be applied by pulling my foreskin up but choti mausi was going on pulling it down. It was pleasuring and my dick grew harder. But after sometime I felt pain and signaled her. She took some more oil and started giving me a hand job. But the pleasure was short when kaki called her to the cot.

Badi mausi came near me with only her petticoat; her mammoth boobs bouncing making my cock bounce a bit. The irritation was only thing which kept my little dick from going very hard. Badi mausi sat in front of me. I sat in same position as always but she was fat and couldn’t bend down. Hence she rested my buttock on her thigh which was like feather pillow. She too began by rubbing oil on my scrotum injury. I feasted my eyes on her delicious boobs. She was doing it very nicely slowly hardening my dick a bit. I turned my head away to avoid further excitation. But alas what I saw spun my head. choti mausi was only in her petticoat Kaki was massaging her hands.

Then she took some oil and applied it to mausi’s firm sexy boobs 34 DD most likely. That sight of boob massage will forever be imprinted in my head. My dick was being massaged now and it grew hard. I said mausi it was enough. Mausi stopped and began talking to Kaki. But her hand reached my dick tip and her fingers rolled around my mushroom head base. I turned towards choti mausi whose boobs massage was driving me crazy. Then it stopped and badi mausi was called back. My dick oil had dried up so choti mausi regained my treatment while badi mausi got her boobs massaged. Kaki’s hand created tsunami of skin when she massaged those humongous boobs. Choti mausi again pulled my foreskin back and started blowing hot air on the head. Now I was rock hard 4.8″ (yes I have a small dick). She took my dick head and began rubbing it on her oily belly. That was enough to trigger a pre cum immediately. Soon she shagged my foreskin and forced me to cum on her boobs and belly. I closed my eyes closed while she wiped all the cum away into her oily body. Then she had her back oiled while badi mausi and I chatted.

That evening they perhaps forgot my massage. Mom came with dinner and I said her about that, she said OK and that She will do it tonight. That night she came wearing a pink saree. In village she would wear her saree much below her little cute navel. She was wearing a black bra underneath. I asked innocently why didn’t she wear a blouse.

Mom: The wire broke and all my blouse were soiled so I had them washed again and they will dry up tomorrow only. She sat down beside me put some oil in her hand and applied on my injury. Mom’s touch was ecstatic I felt wrong but my sexual devil was more dominating and my dick grew harder. The irritation and was a bit less today to counter my erection.

Mom: I am really tiered and it’s so hot can I lie alongside you and apply the oil?

Me: As it suits you.

Mom (lying down facing me): So sad you had to face such crisis in your holidays.

Me: its fine mom. So sad and embarrassing that you have to do this!

Mom: I am your mother, I have washed your ass and cleaned you a lot. This is nothing.

Me (involuntarily fucking her hand to strike my penis tip on her palm): But I am grown up now.

Mom: ha ha a son is always a kid to his mother.

Saying this she leaned kissed my cheek then she turned to kiss my other cheek but in confusion I moved my head and our lips got connected for 10 seconds. She broke the kiss. I said sorry. She laughed and said its ok. She took some oil in her hand but slipped it at she was lying. The remaining bit oil spread across her fat belly. She tried to wipe it away but I stopped her.

Me: Mom this oil dries out easily. If you don’t mind can I…

Mom: say fast don’t hesitate in front of your mother.

Me: May wipe it away with my penis?

Mom widened her eyes and said, “Fine it’s a good idea.”

She removed her pallu as I sat upon her belly and first wiped the oil off her belly with my scrotum. Then I began rubbing my dick’s injured portion on her belly. She began talking casually about her chores and her friends but my mind was at my dick feeling the heavenly belly skin touch I increased my tempo but the feeling was too erotic to be controlled by my dick and I suddenly spurted right on her belly. I tried to move away but she held me firmly and pointed my dick to her belly where i creamed my huge cum. I was trembling even after cumming.

“Sorry sorry really sorry mom; I peed on you”

She gave me a strange look and then laughed; “Do you think this is pee?”

Me: what else comes out of pee hole?

Mom: You had learnt in your Xth class this is sperm.

Me: What mom? Now will you get pregnant?

Mom: ooh my foolish boy no dear this won’t make me pregnant at-least not like this. She wiped away the cum from her belly by her pallu tip.

Me: I do not get it.

Mom: ask your mausis; now sleep. They must have bolted the room doors by now I’ll sleep on the cot. Saying this she turned off the low power bulb.

Now she is a very fast sleeper and would be asleep like a log till morning after sometimes I again became hard. But now I had an idea. I went near her. Her beautiful 36 34 38 body was looking gorgeous in the quarter moon’s light. Taking some oil and dropping them on her stomach I rested my dick on her belly after removing the pallu. Her bra was very tight so after a small try I gave that up and pressed her boobs above her bra. Kissing her lips lightly I rubbed my dick below her navel while pressing her tight boobs. That was beyond heaven. I cummed and filled her navel with my cum.

After I finished I saw her cum overflowing and admired the beauty. Then I wiped off the cum with her pallu and kissed her lips again as a goodnight and broke it by licking it. I slept very satisfied waiting what more life has for me

Two days after the incident with mom the irritation had gone with the rashes. Only some spots were there. Kaki arrived and asked me how was it. “Its fine now Kaki thanks to your treatment” I replied. Kaki took my limp dick in her fingers and blew hot air on it and asked if it itched. It was actually pleasurable, but I replied its fine Kaki. Kaki decided to give the massage one last time. Granny was with us. She came near us and rested my head on her lap as Kaki and I sat in the usual posture.

Kaki began applying oil to the spots and began casual talking with granny. I looked above and saw the saree outline of granny’s shagging huge tits. my thick twitched with my heart beat. They stopped talking. Granny ran her hands through my hair and said,” My dear has become dark sitting all day in this sunshine.”

Me: “But nani it’s so cool over here, the wind is better than electric fan”

Kaki: don’t worry dede I have a special turmeric paste for making him fair again.

Me: when was I fair kaki?

Everyone laughed.

Granny (giggling): you have medicine for everything can you treat his small penis?

Kaki: ha ha ha. My husband also had smaller one still I could make it work good. His is fine do not worry.

Granny: how could not I worry remember how Keshav’s wife had ran away with Ravi. She always complained about her husband size to me.

Kaki: Keshav hardly stayed here. He was very negligible to his wife hence he ran away. Our Raju will take good care of his wife won’t you?

I shied but tried to make the situation more advantageous to me and asked, ” But nani why is the size of penis so important. What will my wife do with it?”

They laughed out very aloud.

Kaki: These city boys only study and study and know nothing else of world .

Like this they made fun of me. Then badi mausi came and asked why were all laughing. When told about my innocent questions she also laughed and went back to her works.

Granny: dear son why don’t you straighten your penis and let Kaki see the problem.

Me: I do not straighten it automatically happens.

Granny: Like it happened that night?

Kaki: which night dede?

Me: Nani I did not pee on you knowingly.

Granny: He cummed when I was applying oil and he thinks its pee.

Both laughed again. Granny slipped her pallu and showed me her boobs. It looked very sexy in broad day light. She took my hands and placed it on her boobs. I was shying a bit. Then Kaki started jerking my semi hardened cock which became more hard and finally was straight as a rod. “Its fine”, Kaki said and pulled down my foreskin. Then she rubbed her oily finger on my pink head. It was little paining but highly pleasurable. I thought to let it out. Applied pressure to prostrate and said, “Kaki I have to pee”. Kaki immediately pointed it towards granny and I shot the cum straight to granny’s boobs some of which landed on my face.

Then the cum made a trail through my big belly till my cock base. They both laughed out aloud. Kaki took some semen from my cock base and rubbed between her fingers and said, “It’s really thick might be very fertile.” They smiled cunningly. Granny licked the cum off my face. I said,” Ewww nani. How can you eat my pee?”

Granny: You were very small kid when you peed into my mouth naughty this is nothing in front of that. And this is not pee. See it’s white and thick like gum. This when put into woman makes baby.

Me: Means nani you’ll have a baby too as you took it into you?

They did not stop laughing at my innocence. Kaki said,” no Raju not by mouth but via woman’s piss hole.”

Me: OK nani so if you take this from my belly and put it in your hole then you’ll have a baby?

Kaki was rolling while laughing. Granny: Love, I am 67 years old cannot bear a baby anymore. And that’s not how it happens. You have to enter your penis into the woman’s hole and cum in it then only babies are born.

Me: O.K nani

The oil had dried so Kaki took some more oil and began applying it on my limp penis while granny wiped out the semen from my belly with her pallu while I kept caressing her boobs. Choti mausi called nani to come down.

Nani: OK I’ll have a bath first then I will go to the kitchen. Finish your treatment and then leave. You have been really helpful.

After granny left Kaki asked me if I understood about the baby born part.

Me: No. But I thought I was making a fool of myself by asking you such questions.

Kaki: alright I’ll show you but mother promise you won’t say anyone about this.

I promised.

She put me down lifted her saree and petticoat upto her hips. I saw her hairy pussy and my dick stood up. She lowered and kneeled herself upon my dick. Our piss holes came in contact. As I had cum a little while ago otherwise I might have cummed immediately when she rubbed my dick head on her wet pussy lips. She leaned forward dropping her pallu and asked me to put my hand into her blouse. I did so and felt her awesome boobs. She guided my other hand onto her pussy hair and made me rub her pussy crack. Then she placed her left hand thumb on my prostrate and pressed my shaft base with her right hand fingers. After the arrangement finally I got to watch my dick disappear into her hairy pussy.

She asked me,”how does it feel?” “Really good!” We both were statue for me to feel the heavenly pussy walls. Her holding my prostrate kept me from cumming in this ecstatic situation. She started hopping as I watched my dick go in and out of that hairy pussy. My virginity was gone. That was the most exciting thing ever happened in my life. I was vigorously pressing her boobs and rubbing her pussy when she fucked my brains out. After 5 minutes I felt my cum strike the barrier she created at my prostrate.

After 10 minutes she began to cum as it was after many years her pussy was being filled with a dick. She released my crotch from the grip of her fingers and immediately put my other hand into her blouse to press both the boobs and began rubbing her pussy while I pounded her. She kissed me hard and we both yelled into each our lips as we cummed simultaneously. I squeezed her boobs hard as I released the largest amount of my cum into her pussy. While smearing the paan taste from her tongue onto my tongue she milked my dick with her pussy muscles then got up. Adjusting her saree she leaned down and French kissed me.

Me: Will you get a baby now?

Kaki (giggling): no silly; women usually cannot carry a baby after crossing 55 or 60 years age.

Me: It was really very good. Thank you.

Kaki: Thank you too I also really felt very good. But remember your promise not to tell anyone.

I nodded. She brushed off some remaining cum on my penis into her navel and went away as I pondered if I was living a dream.

That night granny came to the roof along with the oil.

Me: nani Kaki said it’s not required anymore.

Granny: Well she said it’s the last day to apply the oil to your penis so the night shift should also be applied.

Me: why didn’t she come (” so that I can feel/fill her pussy on my dick”)?

Granny: she is having a family gathering her bothers have come to her house. After two days they will leave on pilgrimage.

My heart filled with disappointment. I had formulated so many plans to fuck her brains out and fill her pussy with every drop of my cum in every position possible. All was gone. How much I wanted to glum but all I did was show an understanding face and say, “OK”. Granny sat down in front of me and we positioned ourselves for the treatment.

She dropped some oil directly over my scrotum’s spot. Rubbing it around I began to ask about today’s village activities. She was nicely rubbing the oil cupping my balls and explaining about some water disputes for which bade mausa will be leaving after three days with some villagers to do a strike in capital. He will also be taking his daughter with him as some marriage proposals for her have come from there. She put some oil on my dick and began rubbing it. I allowed my dick to rise freely and enjoy the last touch of a woman’s hand on it.

Granny: Nowadays it’s standing always why?

Me: Sorry nani I can’t control it when you touch it. It feels really good.

She smiled mischievously and continued rubbing the oil. After sometime I decided to be bold and said,” Nani its paining from inside can you please do what you did this morning, I think it will relieve the pain.”

Granny: of course dear why didn’t you ask earlier? Let me apply this last drop of oil then I’ll do it.

The last oil drops was thoroughly brushed on the spots. After that she began giving me her hand job. I watched my pink penis head appear and disappear with my foreskin. These hand jobs had done one wonderful thing of pulling back my foreskin further back making my dick head appear larger. I tried my best to hold back my cum to enjoy the touch. Suddenly granny stopped.

Me: what happened nani?

Granny: I why don’t you do it yourself?

Me: I tried but either I do it very fast which pains a lot or I do it really slow as a result I cannot relive.

Granny: I have some works let’s make this faster. Lay your head on my lap.

I got up and went near her. She dropped her pallu showing her old but huge areola and long tittes breasts. I laid my head on her thighs with her loose boobs dangling over my head.

Granny: Suck these.

Me: Why are you lactating?

Granny: No my foolish baby just suck and you’ll know.

I pressed her left boob and sucked her right tit just like I had seen in a porn movie. My tongue swirled around her tits and then started lightly biting her nipple bases. She was obviously enjoying my work which was known by the speed with which she was masturbating me. The oil was helping in lubricating the work. Then I swapped her tits and after a few strokes I released my spurts onto her palm. She got up adjusted her pallu. I said thank you nani and she gave a light kiss on my lips and went away.

Next morning I was woken up by badi mausi. I asked whats the matter.

Badi mausi: I have to bath you today. Then you can go down and stay inside the house as your penis is alright now.

I got up and went near the water tank on the roof and sat there washing my face. Badi mausi came from behind started applying oil on my head. The smell of the oil clearly told me it was from Kaki. I began remembering the previous day and my cock semi hardened. Then she massaged my back and specially pressed my buttocks. She came infront of me and I was amazed that she was only her petticoat which also she gad folded above her knee.

She is the most voluptuous woman I have ever seen in my life. Those massive tits swung above my eyes. When she massaged my chest and belly those tits became unnaturally large. My cock stood like a rod. She saw it and smiled. When she sat down first massaged my legs. My dick was some inches away from her face. The demon in me demanded me to shove it into her lips. But I relaxed it assuring it to trust my fate. Then she rubbed the oil around my crotch and finally gave the heavenly hand job with her fat and rubber like soft palm. I was amazed that I had increased my capacity to hold back my cum. Some days back I would have spurted right after her touch.

She stopped and applied soap to all over my body in a very sensual way. Special care was received by my cock which was really holding back. My dick also received the same attention when she scrubbed and dried it. My eyes also feasted upon the sight of her heavenly tits and largest navel. She was about to live disappointing me by not reliving me. Suddenly the bucket hit my dick tip. I made a face of agony. But she became worried and sat down saying sorry immediately began sucking my dick; just like she would suck my finger when she had dropped a utensil on it. Holy shit that feeling was totally new!

That vacuum and her tongue on my bare dick head was totally from a different dimension. I forced myself to cum instantly. I was shocked and thought she will surely hate me for life now. But she kept her mouth intact and swallowed it in. Then she got up and pitied my scared look and hugged my head putting my face between her huge mammies and said it’s alright and normal do not be scared. Your dear mausi will take care of you. I stayed still. Then she smiled and winked at me, I smiled back as she went down and I followed her down.

That day we had a kind of feast as many delicious foods were made. I enjoyed playing with my cousin sisters after so many days. We enjoyed running through the sparsely populated village. Returning home at evening we again had a delicious dinner by my mausis. I was too tiered by the day’s activities hence retired to bed. But it was warm so I decided to sleep on roof again. I slept at 11pm. but woke around mid night at some noise. In the full moon light I saw the gorgeous figure of my choti mausi followed the voluptuous my badi mausi. They were both wearing saree only no blouse underneath.

They were talking when they saw me and asked what was I doing there, I rested my case. They also gave the same reason and slept beside me with choti mausi beside me and badi mausi beside her. The put their pallu to their hip giving me an ample view of the mountain ranges of their boobs. They lied on their backs and began discussing about Kaki’s upcoming journey. I was in shorts in which my cock was hardening a bit with each of their breath. Suddenly choti mausi held my crotch above my shorts. I was thrilled. My cock grew hard. She turned around and said me to better wear a gamcha and sleep for proper air flow. I did so and returned back to her.

She took out my hard cock and began giving me a hand job slowly while chatting with badi mausi.I was impressed by my stamina of holding back my cum. Choti mausi said that her shoulder was aching I offered her a massage she accepted. “Can I kneel atop you? It’ll be easier massaging”. She signaled me and I knelled above her hip ensuring my dick to rest on her belly and began massaging her shoulder. After she was relaxed she said, “My darling takes so good care of me” and pulled me down and kissed my lips.

My chest squeezed her pointy nipples. I involuntarily rubbed my crotch over hers. Then I had an urge to cum I said so. She pulled me and placed my small hardened dick between her boobs and rubbed her tight boobs to it. I had cummed on her cunning smiling lips and chin and finally dropping my last drop on her cleavage. “I don’t get it why everyone likes my pee?” I asked badi mausi laughed lightly and said,” its precious sperm. Nectar for women! Just like my breast milk and it helps in producing baby.”

Me: You have milks in them mausi?

badi mausi: yes why do you think they are so bigger than your choti mausi wanna drink?

Me: yes

I placed myself between them put my lips on her on her 0.7″ nipple. Started sucking it the best way I knew and flowed out the milk. It was so tasty I could drink it for life. Choti mausi was sleeping behind me sticking her boobs to my shoulder. She had lifted her saree to her hip and forced my 2 left hand fingers into her wet pussy. Badi mausi was arching back fingering herself as I sucked the milk out of her boobs. Soon I was fingering her too when I changed the sucking breast. Both of them had climaxed in this hot situation while I unbelievably had not. I had finished sucking the milk out of those melons. They both kissed my lips thanking me.

Choti mausi: Let me reward you. I’ll show you how sperm helps in child birth.

She placed me between her spread thighs; took my dick out of my gamcha and began rubbing it at her wet pussy entrance. She said me to push it in. The wetness and my small girth didn’t make any problem in entering her. I stayed like that feeling her warm pussy walls. I pressed my prostrate to keep from cumming.

Choti mausi: When you pee the sperm in it baby will be produced.

Me: can I pee mausi?

Choti mausi immediately pulled me out. Sorry darling some other day. Why don’t you pee in you badi mausi. She had complication during her daughter’s birth so she cannot bear a child anymore.

Badi mausi welcomed me between her thighs. I found difficulty in finding her hole. She helped me and I entered into it. It was strangely tighter than choti mausi. She brought my face to her nipples which I immediately sucked and she instructed me to push it in and out.

At first I totally pulled out as my dick isn’t that long. She again placed it inside and now I stroked with lesser amplitude. But the fun was short lived and I cummed in a minute and half. It felt so comfortable lying on her fluffy body sucking her huge breasts. I was gonna take it out but she said to let it remain in. My limp penis slept in her pussy. She kissed my lips and said now you’re man. I sat up waiting to get straight again. Choti mausi came beside me and made me suck her perfect breast. I was swapping the pressing and sucking her boobs when I felt my dick twitch and semi harden.

Badi mausi asked me to push it in and out. Choti mausi took my 2 fingers into her pussy again. I found the clit and started pressing it. My dick became hard and I fucked badi mausiwhile sucking and fingering choti mausi. My dick was totally rolling over badi mausi’s large clit. After 10 minutes both cummed at a time with badi mausi covering her light screams with pillow while choti mausi stuck her breast to my chest and screamed into my mouth playing my tongue with hers. She lied back while I pressed my prostrate to enjoy a little longer. I was also sucking her boobs hard and rotating her cunt lips with my thumb.

Sometimes later we both climaxed. I spurted out a lot of cum in her while she tongued me. I lied on her back with my dick still inside her. She whispered do not say anyone about this if you wanna enjoy more.

“I never would want that”

I took out my dick some sperm oozed out. I slept between both of them pressing choti mausi’s tight boobs. I wondered about the twosome if I was dreaming or something.