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Cuckold Husband Shares His Wife

Hi Everyone, I am new to AISS and wanted to share my own story.

I have been living with my beautiful 26 years old wife Akanksha in US for last 1 year. She is slim and beautiful. Her hight is 5’4″ and is absolutely stunning. She is more of open minded. I was very happy observing her outlook. She loves to wear very short dresses. She believes in exposing.  This story which I am going to narrate is my real story which happened few months back. Realizing that I am cuckold I thought to share with you all.

I would like to get your comments as I proceed with my story. My friend Gaurav called from India and informed that he is travelling to my city. He is bachelor. I told my wife that Gaurav will be coming to our city. She was happy, she met him during our marriage. She asked me where he is going to stay, I told that he might be staying in hotel while looking for apartment. She told that he can stay with us. I was totally agree and called Gaurav that he is supposed to stay with us until he gets the apartment. My wife asked that since he will be staying with us for couple of days it does not mean that she has to change her style of dressing. I said its ok, Gaurav is open minded, so don’t bother about it..wear what u feels like.

The day arrived and he came to US. Since its 1 BHK I arranged his bedding in common hall.

Akanksha was wearing thigh length skirt and deep neck top while he arrived. I can still recall Gaurav when he saw Akanksha in this short dress. His eyes was all around her.

He started searching for apartment. Friday came and its the party time since its long weekend. We bought few beer and vodka. Me, Akanksha and Gaurav were all set for drinks.

Akanksha was wearing a short translucent nightie which was hardly until her upper thigh. We all started drinking. Vodka is her favorite. After three pegs, she was in full mood. She was sitting opposite to us on couch. As she was wearing short nightie , whenever she used to sit or get up her white panty gets visible and Gaurav eyes were almost chasing that. as she was so much drunk, she was sitting without crossing lags and now her panty was full visible. I was enjoying the show as its first time that Akanksha is full drunk and exposing her panty to someone else than me.

I was astonished to see Akanksha has no shy in her eyes and I knew even she is aware that Gaurav is looking at her panty, and she was behaving as everything normal. After few more drinks I wanted to go and take rest. I said lets finish this party and we should sleep now. Gaurav said he will have few more drinks and Akanksha said she is not feeling sleepy and she wants to give company to Gaurav for few more drinks. So I said ok I am going to sleep, finish it uo soon and don’t drink so much that you guys vomit, everyone laughed and I went to sleep.

I laid down on bed and around after 1 hour I woke up and felt that Akanksha has not come yet, it was around 2 am. I thought they are still chit chatting and having drinks.

I slightly opened the door to see what’s happening. What I saw that Akanksha is sitting besides Gaurav holding his hand. I thought why she is sitting holding his hand. I thought to go out and break the momentum but I don’t know why but I wanted to see what’s going to happen next and stood near door to see what’s happening. As there was dark in room so nobody could see me but I could see them in full light. I noticed that she moved her hand over her pants to touch his penis and next moment they started kissing. Gaurav moved her hands to touch my wife’s boobs over her nightie. After few minutes he removed my wife’s nightie and now she was in white bra and panty. In the next move Gaurav removed my wife’s bra and started playing with her boobs. He removed all his cloths and Akanksha was staring her large penis. He caught her by her head and pushed towards his penis. Next moment my wife started giving him blow job. He was stroking in her mouth, it looked like he is fucking her mouth. I was not believing that my wife is giving blow job to someone else. He removed Akanksha’s panty and now my wife was full nude in front of my friend. Before 5 days she was even not knowing him much and in now she was all nude without any shame. Gaurav pushed his penis in my wife’s pussy and started fucking her. She was enjoying it. I never thought that someone else would be fucking my wife in front of my eyes.

Seeing my wife with my friend I was very excited and was standing there to see the whole episode until they finished. After sometime I noticed that she came back and slept. I could not sleep for a long time as all the moments were flashing. I was excited too. Next night also I pretended to sleep and noticed that my wife went out and had sex with my friend. Being nude with my friend was now common for her.

I never mentioned to her that I know what’s between them.

I started imagining more about her and used to think how I can wake a whore out of her. One day I told her that our sex life is becoming bore and need to spice it up. and explained that if she could expose herself to other people .She readily agreed. She booked a session in massage parlour with a guy and told me that once she come back she will tell me what naughty thing she did. After the session she came back and told that she wanted to expose but it happened little more. She asked me if I am comfortable than only she will tell me and would luv her always. I agreed so she told me the whole story. She went to massage parlour. One guy escorted her to the room. He asked my wife to remove cloths and lie down on table while he come back. She removed all her cloths except than panty and lied down on table showing her back. That guy came and started applying oil on her body. he asked where is more pain, she told lower back. He lowered down her panty a bit and started massaging her back. While massaging his hands were touching her panty, she said pain is more on lower side and signalled towards her buttock. He lowered down her panty little bit more almost half of buttocks. He asked how she is feeling, she said its better but have more pain in lower area. He understood that my wife is very open so asked can he lower down her panty more to massage proper on lower side. She gave yes signal to him. He lowered down her panty to her thigh and started massaging her buttocks. He understood my wife is very comfortable with him. Now with every stroke he started pushing her panty down and he observed that my wife is not saying anything which gave him courage and he completely removed her panty.

Now my wife was lying nude and he was massaging her full back. He asked my wife is she is comfortable he can apply oil on front side as well. She said that she will feel shy exposing her frontal. He convinced that not to be shy and she can cover her lower part while he apply oil on upper body. She turned covering her lower part with blanket. Now her boobs were exposed to him and he was staring at them. She wanted to bring some humour so said have you never seen boobs of women before. He said he has seen many but nothing like her and started praising about her that she is so beautiful and has perfect slimmed body. Now she wanted to have more naughty conversation. She said what he liked more. He replied she is fair and her boobs are stunning. With this he started applying oil on boobs and started squeezing it. My wife started moaning. With this he moved his hands down and removed the blanket making her full nude. My wife closed her eyes. He started fingering her and she came in full mood. He went down removed his pants and pulled her down so that his penis could reach her pussy. He pushed his dick inside my wife and started fucking her. after few minutes she said its enough. He smiled and said ok. He asked my wife how she is feeling. She said she is feeling fresh as he has not left any part to massage and gave smile.

He said only one part is remaining and started coming towards her face. My wife understood that he want her to do blowjob. She said no I can’t do. But he strongly hold her head, she closed her eyes. She felt some sensation on her lips. It was he who touched her lips with his penis. My wife understood that there is no option so she surrendered and opened her mouth wide and took his dick in her mouth. Now he started pushing his dick inside her mouth and ejaculated in her mouth. Now she got up and sat and said it’s time to go now and said she will come again sometime.