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Day with lovely girlfriend

This is real thing which happened with me. Coming to me I am working in a good company and am well build with good physique. My name is Vijay and my gf name is lovely (name changed). She too works for a big company and lives in another city. I am not mentioning the cities as it’s of no use. We had a couple of holidays together and we thought of meeting. So we decided we will meet at our place. So as planned I took a room in a lodge. The lodge was really good and had big spacious room. She was to arrive in the morning so I booked it at night and kept the room for her. She arrived in the morning. I received her and got her to the lodge. She said she want to fresh up and she went to the restroom. Ok coming to her she is 5.6 with a good shape and has good boobs and bulging ass which can really make most of the guys dicks get tight and wet.

She then came from restroom with her nighty on. Both were white in color. The top she wore was very small so I could see her boobs and also her naval. She was very much tempting. She wore a trouser also. Then we both were on the bed talking some issue. We were talking abt each other work and what’s going on in lives. This continued for one almost 30 min. Then I saw a spark in her eyes and I got the signal about what she wanted. First I caught her hands and gave a kiss on it. Then slowly I kissed on her cheeks. Then I kissed on her forehead. Then I kissed on her eyes to close them. By this time her lips had parted. So I placed my lips on them and stared to bit and pull the lower part. Then slowly I took stated sucking the lips .She was just enjoying everything and making slight moments with her body. She was getting aroused. Then I inserted my tongue into her and I stated to taste her tongue and stated to play with it. So I made her bit comfortable.

Then slowly I took off her top. I could see her white boobs which were asking to be free from her white bras. Then slowly I stated playing with them. In the mean time she was making noises unnnn….. Unnn.. Unnn… I slowly unhooked her bra. Then I pressed her boob and her pink colored nipples were becoming erect. Then I put my mouth on them and stated sucking them. That was too much for her to take she was holding my hair to pull me back but was not able to. She was saying nooo.. Noo… No… Plzzzzzzzz… Plzzzzzz.. .But she was really liking it so I continued. Then I came to the naval and stated to put my tongue into it and play with it. She was making sounds like aaa…

The final touch. I opened her trousers. Her thighs are white and milky. She was wearing a red panty. She was already wet and trying to bring her thigh together to stop form coming. She was closing her eyes though. I didn’t waste any time and stated to pull her panty. She was now completely naked before me. Her whole body is milky in color. Her armpits clearly shaved. Her pussy having some pubic hair with the liquid making it wet. Her pussy was pink with brown all around. Then I put my middle finger into her pussy. It went in slowly , I asked her is she ok. She was just nodding her head with still her eyes closed. Then I stated finger fucking her. She was breathing heavily and making lots of noise like aahhh.. Ahhhh… Plzzzz… Plzzzz.. I continued and then put my other finger in to make her fell the width more. She was mourning but was really enjoying the whole thing. Then I continued it till she released her liquid out. She was tired. So I went near her gave some water and drank some. Then gave her a hug and told her that I am doing that. She looked at me and said ok.

So I went to her parted her legs and kept my self between them. Then slowly I put my already erect penis on her wet pussy slowly I inserted into her pussy. It was really tight. I had to help myself with hand to push it. Slowly it went in. Then I pushed it slowly in and out. She was making lots of noise and breathing heavily. I just had pushed my whole length into hers by now. She was getting ok with it. Then I started to push in and out till both of us had orgasm. Then we both collapsed on the bed. She gave me a big hug. Both of us then went into the rest room had a shower and then came out. This was the first time we had sex. We even had sex in lot of other area also. If you loved this encounter tells me then I will post you my other once too.