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It was late and Amit was rushing to catch the local train. It was
still an hour’s ride home and it was already 10.00 in the night. Amit
was an average guy of 30 years, working for the last 7 years in Mumbai
as an IT engineer but was still to make it big.

Amit was married to a beautiful girl Aneeta for the last three year.
She had done her MBA and working for a financial company. She was far
better placed in terms of earning and job profile. Amit opened the
door of his apartment with his own key and went inside making as
little noise as possible, as he knew that Aneeta would be asleep by
now. He tiptoed to the bedroom and found her laying face down on the
bed. He looked at her voluptuous body, her perfectly shaped arse
bulging out nicely. Her black bikini panty was clearly visible through
the thin material of her night gown. As he looked at her, he felt his
cock started to harden; he controlled himself not to disturb her
sleep, as it was a working day tomorrow.

He quietly changed, warmed his food and sat in front of the desktop,
in the Bed room, with his dinner. He started to eat while waiting for
the system to boot as he had some urgent work to finish.

As the computer came to life, he opened his files and got down to
complete the assignment. During the process he needed some help from
the net and as he logged on, the default page of Facebook loaded. He
was logged on automatically by the browser into the account of Horny
housewife. Curiously he went on to click the name and the profile page
loaded showing a bigger picture. He instantly recognised the women in
the picture as his wife. Although the face was not visible, he could
easily recognize the transparent negligee that the woman in the photo
was wearing. It was his wife Aneeta, wearing the black negligee which
she used to wear during their initial months of marriage and which was
really transparent and sexy. The picture was showing her ample
cleavage and panty covered arse.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “never expected she would be clicking such a bold
picture of herself let alone post as her profile picture.” Fascinated,
he went on to check the profile which did not reveal anything personal
about her and even her name was mentioned as Anu. He never knew of
this account of her and the friends list it showed also were
unfamiliar. Curious, he continued browsing and forgot everything about
his work.

As he checked some messages, it became clear that it’ was a secret
Facebook account of her, through which she anonymously chatted about
sex with anybody who was willing. He didn’t know she liked all this.
The messages he read gave him an idea about her fantasy of submission,
being forced, public sex, etc. and he found his cock getting hard

He clicked on the Inbox and saw a lot of messages, mostly from young
guys who were trying to woo his wife and engage in sex Online. Then he
found that there were messages from someone named Abhijit. He opened
it and found they were regularly exchanging messages and discussing
mostly about sex.

The more he read, the more he discovers the hidden side of Aneeta. In
one mail she described her husband to Abhijit as “humorous, good in
bed with an average size dick.” He liked his description except for
the end part the “average size dick.” He thought five inches is good
enough, not well hung as in porn movies but….. Off course
Abhijitdescribed himself as well hung 7 inches and had a picture of
him showing the erect member in full force. The picture was of a young
Indian guy.

In one of the mails Aneeta had described her fantasy of being fucked
hard by a stranger while her husband watched. The entire thing was
described in great details and looked as if it had actually happened.
Abhijit’s reply was, “I am ready to make it happen, have you already
tamed your husband?”

Amit was livid. He was angry with Aneeta and ready to kill Abhijit
only if he could be found. He pictured his sexy wife spreading for
some stranger and shivered. Strangely he found himself aroused.

After a while, he composed himself and went on to browse the messages
and then he stumbled upon amessage written by Aneeta describing how
she lost her virginity. The moment he read the first paragraph, he
knew it wasn’t him who took her cherry.