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Delhi couple

Hi I am Nikhil and I am back with a new adventure and true incident of
a Delhi couple. They are couple in early thirties and it’s been 8
years to their marriage. They are blessed with two sons and life was
going on with same pace. Although the sex life was little boring with
once in a week sex for both of them but they were not complaining as a
middle class family feel that this is the best they both can get. We
all know and will believe that fantasy and adventure becomes only
dreams after few years of marriage until Sanjeev (Name changed) and
Nupur (Name changed) who were living a normal boring life got new
adventure in their lives. I am putting the real incident before you
with their consent but changing names to hide their identity.

Sanjeev is 32 year old engineer and works for an MNC in gurgaon and
looks healthy and smart and Nupur too is a 30 year old yummy mother
working for a NGO and have good vital stats of 36-30-34. She still has
spark in her curvy body and can make a guy hard in his pants. The big
change happened when Nupur who was working in gurgaon earlier got a
good offer in Job to work for a Recruitment firm as PS for the
Director. Salary was good and there was no reason to say no except for
condition that she had to make change in her clothing line. HR manager
was frank enough to share offer letter with condition of changing her
dressing sense as per desire of Director. She was directed to wear
plain low waist saree or tight trouser or jeggings with fitted shirts
or skirts with tops. Nupur was having a good figure to carry out this
clothing line easily but had decided to discuss with Sanjeev before
saying yes to HR.

Sanjeev was little reluctant in beginning but seeing the offered
salary decided to say yes to Nupur. Both were happy that with this new
salary they both can now afford a good car and better life. They both
decided to go for shopping and bought best possible clothing line
which can make Nupur look hot and sexy as per the desire of his
Director. On the first day of office Nupur decided to wear ultra low
waist saree for office and once she was ready Sanjeev was admiring her
body from top to bottom. It was like freshness in their boring life
seeing Nupur in such hot saree. Nupur too was feeling new energy and
felt like newly wedded after wearing this clothing line. They both
decided to go by Delhi metro and will meet in evening at Rajiv chowk.
They both met at 7PM at Rajiv chowk and Nupur was super excited and
was waiting for Sanjeev to tell about the compliments she received
from her boss and howz the new office. They stepped into the metro
which was over crowded during office off hours and during the journey
Sanjeev noticed how men of all shape and sizes wants to be near to his
sexy wife who was looking ultra hot on that day in low waist saree.
During the 40 minute journey one man who was standing behind Nupur was
humping his rock hard penis in Nupur back, Sanjeev thought of
complaining but waited to hear any reaction or complaint from Nupur
who was not stopping or complaining of this action. Sanjeev was
surprised but was feeling little hard too seeing her sexy wife getting
groped and humped by a stranger in a public metro. He noticed Nupur
even adjusted her back to allow his hard tool to hump directly in
between her ass crack. Sanjeev watched the whole incident during the
journey and kept thinking about it whole day.

Sanjeev was feeling hard and good by even thinking about that humping
and this change was due to a sudden fulfillment of seeing his wife
getting drilled by stranger fantasy. It’s a fantasy of 80% of men
but only a rare few can see it getting fulfilled before their eyes.
Now it was a routine and every day some or the other Men in metro
would be touching , fingering or humping Nupur which was getting
enjoyed by Nupur without any objection and during each intercourse
Sanjeev performance was better keeping that picture fresh in his mind
while fucking her wife. Slowly Sanjeev started enjoying all this and
without discussing with Nupur started working on bringing slutty and
dirty desires of his wife out. Within 3 months Nupur clothes were
getting tighter and shorter making her a desirable candy for her boss
and strangers in Metro.
One day Sanjeev decided to discuss this with wife which was difficult
for any married men thinking of being termed as cuckold who enjoys
seeing his wife getting pleasure from strangers before his eyes but as
a matter of fact there is no such thing, we are not so advance but
trust me there are few % of couples who discuss this openly with each
other and then there is a whole new world of adventure and excitement
after that in their boring sex lives. Sanjeev put all his strength and
discuss this matter with Nupur in night, He told her clearly that he
is observing strangers in metro groping and enjoying with her and she
too not objecting, on hearing this Nupur was speechless and tried to
overcome situation by explaining Sanjeev that this is part of every
working women daily routine. Earlier she use to protest but soon she
realized that it can’t be avoided and then she let it happen as She
was safe in such big crowd and each journey is for few minutes daily
and groper cannot create much big nuisance in such public and in fact
90% females do understand and cope with it daily.

Sanjeev was little confident now and decided to discuss it further and
put Nupur in confidence by making her realize that he agree with the
fact and do not have any objection in this daily adventure but Nupur
too need to be frank with him and tell him if she too enjoy all this
as seeing all this he enjoys and want Nupur to encourage more such
acts and bring out her slutty desires as this is harmless fun. Nupur
was not expecting such co-operation from Sanjeev but it bought a smile
on her face. She agree that every day she waits for a new stranger and
adventure and all this do makes her wet in her panties. She told that
some gropers were able to reach to her glory hole and had even finger
fucked her lot many times. She now allow gropers to do as per their
wish and limits, listening all this made Sanjeev hard in his pants and
fucked Nupur one more time like a beast. Nupur was now ok to dress as
per Sanjeev desire and promised to ensure she will now bring her
slutty side out to have good and pleasurable adventures daily with
strangers in buses , metro and public places.

Sanjeev now wanted Nupur to seduce even her boss and ensure she is
getting dress in such a manner that her curves are easily visible and
even her boss was now complimenting her dressing sense and her sexy
appearance. Soon Sanjeev told her not to wear any panty below and she
needs to go office and in metro without panty, Nupur felt awkward but
soon realized it to be a new fun adventure. Sanjeev told her to wear a
thin chiffon saree with low cut blouse and wear saree ultra low waist
to make her look desirable. He decided to stay away from her in metro
and watch her enjoy with strangers in metro.
We both stick to our plans and Nupur was instructed not to show that
you know me in metro. She was looking hot and sexy on that day and I
was sure she will co-operate with groping and will enjoy and after we
met at Rajiv chowk metro station, we got separated and got into the
same coach. I was near to her but she was pretending that we both
don’t know each other. Metro was fully packed due to peak rush hours
and Nupur somehow managed to push and made herself stand near other
door giving some blockage to other viewers if something happens as we
both decided to be very cautious in all such acts in public places. I
was standing opposite to her and waiting for some action. I soon
noticed a middle age man of around 45 years placed himself in the back
of Nupur, he was not wearing good clothes and was looking like a
helper working in some store or factory. I immediately messaged Nupur
to check that man and she immediately turned around to see that man;
she was not comfortable as guy was middle age and did not smell so
good and messaged back to me to look for some other man. I don’t
want any time wastage as it’s only a 40 minute journey and messaged
back Nupur that this man is in good position and she needs to enjoy
with men of all ages and status, it doesn’t matter if man is even a
low class worker, she needs to co-operate with him and she has to
fulfill his hubby desire.

Nupur got the message loud and clear and decided to give her best
shot, she placed herself in such position that he gets tempted and
make his move towards her. Soon she felt something brush against her
bottom and she immediately felt like that this man had started his
move and soon after few seconds he brushed his hands couple of more
times and then casually lets his hand lightly rest on her saree, soon
his hand slowly move and caressed her buttocks. After few minutes the
man gradually became bolder and he was now slowly and more firmly
caressing her bottom and sensing her Nervousness and dilemma and lack
of resistance from her part began to cup her buttocks. I immediately
messaged Nupur to start co-operating with this guy and I want to see
her act as full slut. On getting a green signal from my side, Nupur
was now more confident and decided to enjoy to the fullest.

She was now closing her eyes and waiting for next action from this man
and soon seeing no protest from her he now began to squeeze & knead
her buttocks and cup each one. He then put his hand on the crack of
her buttocks and was not very confidently squeezing each bum. I
glanced at the other passengers and there was no sign of any issue and
I again started watching the act. I was now getting hard in my pants
by seeing my wife enjoying a stranger in public metro and that too
before my eyes. The man was now pretty encouraged and through the
saree was now feeling the outline of her pussy and would have been
surprised with no panty inside would have gave him a jerk in his
pants. Nupur messaged me his acts and I replied back to open her legs
wide to give more access to this man and let him do whatever her
wants. Nupur immediately acted and slowly opened her legs a bit to
give better access to this stranger. Nupur can now feel the thrill and
stranger moved his hand to the lower portion of her buttocks and
begins to push his fingers directly in her anus and can see the
arousal in my wife face . He was now urgently rubbing his hand over
the crack of her buttocks and then pushing his fingers directly into
her anus hole . The initial soft caring is now replaced by heavy and
confident squeezing and kneading of her buttocks. He realized that
Nupur will not protest so he moved his hand lower to her side to
caress his legs and thighs and felt her smoothness and firmness and
bought it back on her buttocks. Soon Nupur lean forward to give better
access to his hands and sensing the opportunity he put his hand
between her legs to rub her directly on her Vagina and started rubbing
her cunt. My rod was not rock solid in pants with imagination of his
fingers inside my wife wet pussy. He then placed his rod behind her
ass crack and begins to rub his hard erection through his trousers on
her buttocks and slowly with each small push from passengers would
thrust hard against her. Suddenly he placed his hands on his exposed
waist and caressing it and holds it for grip and with slow rhythm
movement was stroking and rubbing & thrusting hard big cock on her
buttocks. In such a huge crowd no one was aware expect me who was
keeping an eye on the act and was enjoying it . I then noticed that
Nupur too was complementing his action and was now pushing backwards
to meet each hard thrust or rub of his cock. This was like simulated
love making and she was literally being fucked by a total stranger. He
then quickly moved one hand forward and place it totally on her pussy
from front and rubbed it hard, while she tried to turn he gripped her
hand tightly and placed it on front of his trouser to feel the
hardness of his erection. I can sense from her face that it was rock
hard and she too helped to rub it to give more pleasure to that

In next 10 minutes I can sense that all this rubbing and thrusting is
making my wife wild and is about to explode, she then gripped the
stranger tightly and would have released and eventually can see the
guy also exploding in his pants. I can see from the faces that both
are relieved and enjoyed the act. I then saw the man saying something
in Nupur ear and immediately he opened the zip and I can see my wife
putting her hand inside the fly , in next 2 minutes it was out and I
got the feeling that stranger would have wanted her to check his
exploded rod and semen. Our station was approaching and Nupur gave a
naughty smile and moved to the door for getting out.

Once we are out, my wife hugged me tightly and I can see a smiling and
delighted face of my wife which shows how much she enjoyed the whole
adventure. We both had a blast in bed that night as it was a beginning
of a new adventure life for both of us. We tried several other things
with strangers and we will surely discuss it later. I hope you all now
understand what spice can be added in your life if you are ready to
discuss with your partner. In case I can be of any help to any couple,
please mail me your suggestions and request at