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Desi aunty from the US can’t wait to get some action with vijaya as soon as she gets off the long haul plane ride

My Name is Vijaya, 26 yrs live in Bangalore and Parents live in
Hyderabad. I like to share the experience I had a year ago when I was
returning from USA. I am a software engineer and I travel to USA
frequently. On one such trip on the way back to India I have ran into
one of the most gorgeous mature woman, sitting next to me on the plane
to India. Let me describe her. She is around 5 ft 6” tall, beautiful
smile, silky curly hair, beautiful eyes. She has wheatish skin. She has
a perfect sexy figure. She looks around 35 yrs at glance, but I will
reveal later her actual age. She has perfect tits, waist and sexy curvy
ass (38 -30-40). She was wearing jeans and tight lacy v neck- t-shirt
and sexy looking heels. She looked very rich. I could clearly see her
bra lines through her t-shirt. I was in the seat and she kept her stuff
in the carry-on, as she was about to sit, she glance towards me and gave
me a smile. I said Hi to her and exchange friendly smiles and introduced
my self as Vijaya, Software engineer blah blah… I was eager to hear
what she is. She introduced herself as Ria Kapur, lives in New York,
originally from Bangalore, visiting and attending a family wedding
etc… She also said she has kids living in USA. She did not talk about
her husband. I did not care to know about him. She was eager to know how
it is like in Bangalore as she has not been for about 15 yrs. She was
excited and also bit sad that she does not have many friends left in
Bangalore and was not sure how she is going to get around in Bangalore.
As she was talking I was looking into her eyes and lips (shiny) and
could not take my eyes off of her face and crazy ideas started in my
mind. She was so damn sexy. I lied to her that I am on vacation next
week and if she does not mind I can accompany her around in Bangalore.
She was very pleased and said I looked smart and sweet and she would not
mind at all and gave a sexy smile.

As plane took off, she was feeling sleepy and closed her eyes. I started
to check her out. I see her sexy tits perfect shaped hidden under her
bra. I could see her bra through her t-shirt. My cock started to get
hard as crazy ideas started to fill my mind. She slowly put her head on
my shoulder asleep. Now I could see her tits through her v neck t-shirt.
I could see her bra cups hiding her nipples and my cock got hard under
my jeans. I was hiding it under my hand. I did not dare to touch though
I wanted to squeeze them and suck her nipples. I slowly brushed her tits
with my left arm. She did not respond as she was sound asleep. I enjoyed
doing that for few minutes. I also felt asleep. Plane stopped in Paris
got fuelled. She got up and ordered some wine, she quickly sipped it and
went back to sleep again. Next day we got landed in Bangalore got our
luggage, exchanged our cell phone numbers and went our ways. It had been
couple days; I masturbated thinking her sexy tits, arse and lips and
sucking those tits and fucking her pussy. I got a call from Ria asking
if I could meet her tonight and go around the city. I immediately said
yes, she asked me to pick her up at the Hotel Taj. I went there with my
car and picked her up. She looked very sexy in see through sexy blouse
revealing most of her stomach and arms and cotton khadi pants. As she
was getting in the car I had complimented her about how sexy and
gorgeous she looked. She gave me a wicked smile. We went to a nice
restaurant, ordered nice dinner and drinks. We were talking as we were
eating and topic got diverted to love and girlfriends. She enquired me
about my girlfriends. I said none, I asked her how about her husband,
and she said she is divorced for last 5 yrs and living alone in New
York. She said she is 45 yrs. I said her that she looks young, sexy and
cannot be more than 35 yrs. She was flattered. I was feeling so good in
my mind and pants. She was surprised that I have no girlfriends and
surprisingly asked , if I was a virgin. I said no and she gave me that
sexy smile. She said she was tired and would like to get back to hotel
room and we drove back to hotel. She asked me to accompany her into the
room. We got into the room; it was a 5 star hotel and was luxurious
inside. She ordered some drinks to the room. We got drinks as started to
drink while we sat on the bed. She got up and said would be back and
went to the bathroom. Crazy ideas started to go through my mind and
started to flip through TV as I started to drink. I was going crazy and
wanted to fuck her tonight and thought it is great opportunity. I lifted
the pillow on bed to use as support; surprisingly I see a dildo just
look like a real cock. Now, I was sure that she is really horny and
would not mind if she can get a real cock from me. I put the pillow back
on the dildo. She came out of the bathroom in sexy shiny nightgown
covering until her thighs barely covering her butt and exposing her back
until waist line. She has got sexy beautiful thighs. I dropped my jaw
looking at her and she noticed me and said Vijaya, Are you ok?. I
pretended nothing, and cleared my throat and looked at her and smiled
and said yeah, I am ok. she came closer and sat next to me with a wicked
smile on her face. I could see her naked back almost to her hips. She
smelled like a fresh jasmine. I could not resist any more and touched
her silky back and kissed on her neck and back. She turned and responded
by kissing me on my lips and we were kissing with tongues in our mouths
deep and intense for at least couple of minutes. I touched her creamy
thighs and slowly slide my fingers under her gown and brushed over her
panties. I stopped to see her reaction. She said don’t stop Vijaya, it
has been a long time that I had real man, let me enjoy you. She grabbed
my cock over my pants and squeezed gently and whispered “I am going to
eat it.” I jokingly said it’s all yours. I touched her tits and squeezed
over her gown and she was not wearing any bra. I could see her nipples
pointed under the silky satin gown. She got up and stood in front of me
showing her back. I stood up and started to kiss on her neck, back and
under her ear. She moaned Vijaya…..Ah!…ummm!.. It feels so good…
don’t stop.

I hugged her from behind and putting my hands on top of her tits and
squeezed gently. My hard cock under my pants stood like a pole touching
between her butt cheeks. I pressed gently in between her round firm arse
cheeks. She moaned ummmm…. while I was squeezing her big tits gently
and kissing her neck and pressing my cock in her butt. I lifted her gown
from behind until her waist to see that she was wearing a see through
blue panty covering her nice butt. She slowly turned to wards me facing
and said do you like them. I said I love them and going to fuck it and
squeezed her butt with hard grip. She said oh yeah! Let me see what you
got and dropped onto her knees in front of me and started unzipping my
pants. She pulled my pants down and took my already hard cock in her
hand and started to play with it, squeeze it and started to tease as if
she was going to suck it. I could not resist, I held her by hair and
pushed my Cock into her mouth. She started to lick and suck my cock. It
felt so good and warm in her mouth. She sucked over my entire cock and
licking my balls. She started to suck my cock moving back and forth as
if I was fucking her mouth. She pushed me onto bed and removed my pants.
She started to lick and suck for almost 5 minutes. I could feel pressure
in my balls and cock and I am going to cum and said Ria stop, I am going
to cum in your mouth. She said she would like to taste my cum and
started to suck me faster and faster and playing with my balls. I was
moaning with pleasure “Ria… ummm. ahhh aaaaaaahh…. suck me.. as she
was sucking her tits are jumping in the gown. I could not hold any more
and with big loud moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. I unloaded cum in her
mouth. She sucked every drop of it with pleasure. My cock is standing
like a pole. She rolled next to me on the bed and said she enjoyed it
and was asking if I did enjoy it. I said it was ultimate pleasure.

She said there is more to come and she slipped her gown revealing her
big beauty soft and firm tits. They are big and her nipples are hard
like brown marbles. She got them closer to my mouth and I sucked her
nipples and rolling my tongue on her dark brown nipples and sucking them
and while squeezing the other. She was moaning with pleasure.
Vijaya……Umm…. suck them…. pinch them. I held her nipple and
pinched it gently… she got wild and started to moan harder… my cock
got back to its position. She started to stroke it to get harder. She
removed her gown completely showing her panties and sexy thighs. I
rolled on top of her and started to kiss her nipples and down her
stomach and kissed on her pussy over panties while squeezing her tits.
She held my hair and pulled my face onto her pussy and begging to play
with it. I pulled her panties off revealing exotic pussy well trimmed
and shaped pubic hair. She definitely took care of her of how her pussy
looks. Pussy lips are pink and brown and pussy smelled good with
feminine juices flowing in her wet pussy. I kissed her pussy lips
passing shivers through her spine. She could not control it and started
to moan louder and louder as I started to lick her pussy lips. I spread
her pink thick pussy lips and started to lick her pussy juices. I
started to lick her clitoris and rolling my tongue over it until she
begged to stop. I slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy and moving my
tongue in and out faster and faster and she started to moan louder and
with orgasm.

It turned me on and I started to suck her pussy this time in 69 position
and again and licking and fucking her pussy with my tongue until she got
one more orgasm while she was sucking my cock. She begged to fuck her
pussy and started to talk dirty and begged to fuck her like a slut. My
cock was hard like pole again and this time I spread her legs in full v
shape and slowly pushed my hard cock in her pussy. It was already
flowing with juices and tight. She screamed with pleasure and I started
to fuck her slowly and with big thrusts. She was moaning with pleasure,
it felt so well in her pussy. I started to fuck her harder and harder
and deeper and deeper reaching inside deep. She is moaning fuck me….
fuck me…. ahhhh…. Vijaya…. ahhhhh..mmmm…. fuck me like slut….
ummmm… ahhhhhhhh… and she started to squeeze my cock in her pussy
muscles. I started to fuck faster and faster and the lubrication helped
and was fucking like a machine for 10 minutes. I could see her big firm
tits jumping like melons. I squeezed one as I was fucking and I could
feel pressure in my balls and said I was going to cum. She said unload
your young cum in my pussy, it has been a long time I had cum in my
pussy. I unloaded my cum in her pussy with one final thrust and deep and
fell on top of her. We both kissed for minutes and we were locked in
each other arms exhausted lying down on the bed and fell asleep.