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Desi Bhabhi Taken by Retired Neighbours

Vijay always cherished the fresh cool morning breeze in between the occasional sips of Darjeeling tea.

But it was a luxury he could hardly afford even a month back. His morning aerobics and after that his office always kept him occupied. Things have been different ever since he retired. Now he would get up early only to enjoy the morning freshness. Certainly, he was enjoying retired life. His son, Rohit was in the United States doing his Masters. At times Vijay longed to see him again. Of course, he makes it a point to get in touch over the phone once every week. Besides, there is Shila, ever so understanding and considerate. Vijay felt lucky to have her as his wife. Now, when she is away visiting her old mother in Poona, he missed her.

Mornings were always tough for Sohini. Arranging breakfast for the family, preparing their three year old son Akash for the kindergarten school he attended and helping her husband Raman while he ran around the whole house getting ready for office. It was worse on days when Raman didn’t have time to drop off Akash at school and she had to take him to school. She yanked Akash from the breakfast table, almost dragging the child to the bedroom.

“Where’s my socks?” Raman was impatient.

“You’ll find them in the closet” She replied all the time divesting Akash of his sleeping suit….

Movements on the driveway brought Vijay back from the spell. He leaned over the balcony trying to get a view…he could see the child running towards the gate. Raman was getting into his Maruti car and yelling at Akash to follow suit. Vijay held his breath in anticipation…he knew she would emerge from the house any moment. When she did, he moved back a little to make sure that nobody notices him. Everything about her was stirring his carnal senses…tall and slim with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a housecoat with a shawl draped around her. He guessed her to be around thirty. Ever since they had moved in as a tenant, he had searched for opportunities to let her know his feelings. He had to do something before his wife returned. Suddenly he struck upon the idea…Vikram can be his perfect partner in this. Vikram has been his friend since school. Together it would be easy for them even if she turned out to be unwilling. Vijay picked up the cordless phone…

With her husband and son gone, Sohini could afford to laze around for a couple of hours before getting on with the household cores. Inside the bedroom, she stood in front of the dressing table searching for blemishes on her face. There were none. Usually, she took care of herself and that included a visit to the gym every other day to stay in shape. Slowly she got out of the nightee and panties she was wearing. Naked she ran her hands over her shapely breasts and flat stomach. She moved back a little to get a full view. Thank God, she was long legged. She turned around gently caressing her high hips.

“Shit, I shouldn’t behave like a sex starved housewife.” She thought. No doubt, Raman was a very caring and understanding husband. She couldn’t complain about her sex life either.

Then, she thought about Vijay uncle upstairs. Sohini knew he desired her…a woman can tell that from the way a man looked at her. A bit of flirting was fine but that was all that she could dare to do. She walked over to the closet and took out a navy blue long skirt with a matching white top. She felt comfortable wearing skirts while working…

It took Vijay no time to convince Vikram that this was the most opportune time to get intimately acquainted with her.

“The husband is in office and the kid at school” Vijay winked “But remember there’s no way back when it gets going. We may have to force her.”

“That’s fine. Against the two of us she stands little chance” Vikram agreed.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get going”

Sohini was watching TV when the doorbell rang

“Who is it?” She called peeping into the door eye. She could see Vijay uncle and with him was another gentleman. She opened the door.

“Sohini beti, can you arrange for a cup of tea for us. Meet my friend Vikram. You must have seen him earlier”

“Many a times” She laughed.

“Just make yourselves comfortable. It will take me two minutes to get the tea ready” She said as they walked past her and settled on the sofa.

Inside the kitchen she could feel the tension building up. Is this just a casual visit or are they upto something? She started raking her brains trying to come up with ideas on how to tackle them in case they had some ulterior motives.

The tea was hot and stimulating and so was the woman sitting in front.

“How is your son doing in school?” Vijay asked

“Fine. Every morning he seems quite eager to go to school. Sort of likes it.”

Just then the telephone started ringing.

“Excuse me” She got up and answered the phone.

It was Raman “Honey, can you check whether I have left my credit card on the dressing table.”

“Give me a minute” She kept the receiver aside and disappeared into the bedroom.

Vikram looked at Vijay. He could make out the burning desire in his friend’s eyes. In the meantime Sohini had returned and was talking over the phone. There was something about a credit card, Vikram could make out. The two friends exchanged glances and stood up. The time had come. Like moths drawn to the flame slowly they started moving towards her.

“Don’t forget to buy Akash’s books.” She thought of telling Raman that Vijay uncle and his friend were with her. But something held her back. “That’s all, dear, bye.” was all that she managed to say. Putting down the phone she wandered for a moment why she didn’t tell Raman. Was she being a willing conspirator?

What if Vijay uncle is just on courtesy visit, she thought.

She turned and froze. Her admirers were standing hardly a foot away from her…and then she knew. But before she could react Vijay drew her in a tight bear hug.

“What’s this? Stop it, I say, stop it” She shouted, fighting to free herself from his embrace.

Then she felt hands all over her…cupping, fondling and caressing her intimately. She managed to bring her hands to his chest and pushed with all her strength. Vijay staggered from the blow but continued holding her in his embrace.

Vikram could feel his growing male hardness as his hands continued pawing her through the clothes. But this won’t help, he knew. His hands moved to the waistband of her skirt and tore it off with all his strength. It fell in a heap around her feet.

“Oh God” she gasped remembering that she was not wearing any underwear. The hands had stopped groping at her. She managed to look back at him over her shoulders. He was mesmerised by what he had unveiled.

“Vijay look, she doesn’t even want us to waste time on her underwear.”

“No.” She protested. “I hate you for what you’re doing to me.”

Suddenly Vijay released her from his bear hug. As she staggered to retain her balance he thrust his hand between her thighs.

“Oh God! No.” She cried out. Caught in the throes of her sudden orgasm she had to lean on Vijay for support. His invading fingers were working her to a feverish pitch. She totally lost control of her movements as her orgasm flooded down his fingers. The next thing she knew was Vijay picking her up in his arms. She clung to him for support as he walked into the bedroom. She knew she had little control over what is to follow. Only one thing seemed certain…sex. As Vijay dropped her on the bed, Vikram walked over to her. He didn’t bother to unbutton her shirt. Instead he tore it off exposing her naked breasts. As if in a trance, she watched them hurriedly undress and join her.

She felt too tired to get up. The monotonous hum of the ceiling fan was making her feel sleepy. She turned over on her back starring at the ceiling. She felt sore between her thighs, the throbbing sensation in her vagina yet to subside. Vijay hadn’t spent much time on the preliminaries. Of course, she was wet from the sudden orgasm they had inflicted upon her. She could vividly recollect every minute of the orgy. Her arms tightly wrapped around Vijay…the bed creaking under the fury of their coupling…her shrill little gasps…the wild upward surging of her loins. Vikram was kneeling just beside them on the bed…his manhood erect and throbbing. Then Vijay came. She hardly had time to breathe before the warm shrinking organ inside her was replaced by a hard and throbbing one as Vikram embraced her. And it was in his arms that she climaxed. Sohini found it difficult to believe that. After all, Vikram was almost a stranger. She had read somewhere that women were capable of enjoying multiple sexual intercourses. She hadn’t believed it then. But now she knew. She had never experienced a climax like that before. With Raman she often felt contended…but this was just beyond her control. Her hands and legs held onto him fiercely. And then it hit her like a sea wave…her shrieks and the next instant a hand on her mouth smothering her. Her tormentors left almost immediately…

When Raman came home that evening he found her in bed complaining of severe headache.

“But we have invited Vijay uncle for dinner today.” Raman was telling her.

Sohini felt irritated. “Why don’t you go out and have dinner. Take Akash along with you. By the time you’re back I hope to feel much better.”

Nice little alibi. She didn’t want to meet Vijay now. It was too much for her to handle…scared that her animosity towards him might show. Of course, she couldn’t afford to let Raman know.

“That’s fine.” Raman replied and left the bedroom.

Sohini could hear him talking to Akash. “Can you go upstairs and tell Vijay uncle that we are going out for dinner.”

Vijay could hear his heart throbbing as he knocked on the door. What if she had already told Raman…and dinning out was just an alibi to get him face to face.

The door opened and Raman stood in front of him…not with a frown as he had expected but with a courteous smile on his face.

“Vijay uncle, Sohini is down with a severe headache. So maybe we have to go out and have dinner.”

The tension eased away. So she hadn’t uttered a word to Raman. They were safe. Then the idea flashed through his mind.

“Frankly, I would prefer to skip dinner. Why don’t you and Akash go ahead.”

Inside the bedroom Sohini froze on hearing Vijay talk to Raman. The brute had the courage to force her and then talk to Raman without a trace of guilt in his voice. It was a strange feeling…anger mixed with tension. Should she run out and tell Raman everything to tear apart the mask the brute was wearing? She decided not to. More so because Akash was there.

She could hear Raman requesting Vijay to come along. But Vijay kept on refusing him politely. The tension was building up inside. What was he upto? She was finding it difficult to breathe.

“Don’t bother about me Raman. You two go ahead. I’ll just check up with Sohinibeti how she feels now” She heard Vijay saying.

Then she knew. But she felt numb and paralysed. It was fear…the fear of a prey faced to face with the predator.

“Sohini” She heard Raman calling her. “We will be back in an hour.” The door slammed shut and minutes later the car engine coming to life. Soon they were gone.

She could hear the wild thumps of her heart. Where was Vijay? Has he gone upstairs?

A rustling noise of somebody entering the bedroom.

“No. Don’t you dare to come near me” She cried out. She could hear his footsteps approaching her. Her hands and legs were refusing to obey her. Before she could move away he had her pinned to the bed.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She started crying.

This was not the time to show mercy. Deftly, his hands moved under the housecoat she was wearing and violently tore off her panties.

“Ouch” She cried out. He pushed the housecoat above her waist and thrust is face between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively he started licking her.

“Oh God” She shuddered trying to push him away with all her strength. Raman never did that to her. But Vijay refused to budge. Soon she lost control again… her hips bucking frantically as his tongue reached new depths inside her.

When he was through, he arranged the housecoat properly around her.

“Where do I keep this?” He had her torn panties in his hand.

She started sobbing. “What have I done to you to deserve this?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. The way you moaned belies your words. Actually, the problem is that you will never admit you enjoyed it with anybody other than your husband. With Raman did you ever feel the way you did with us? How about a little arrangement between the three of us that nobody else will know of?”

“Stop it.” She cried out. “I’m a happily married mother, not a sex starved creature like you. Anyway, its no use arguing. Can you, at least, leave me alone?”

He did.

Next day Sohini decided not to stay back home and give Vijay and Vikram another opportunity. She took Akash to school and spent the rest of the day with a friend. Raman picked them up on his way back from the office. That night Sohini had an overwhelming desire to make love with Raman and they did…

Later, sleep alluded her. Beside her Raman was in deep slumber. Their lovemaking was more satisfying emotionally than physically. Suddenly she felt like recollecting her memories of the orgy yesterday. Strangely, every bit of it was still vivid in her memory. With a startle she realised that her single partner conjugal life can no longer satisfy her. For a couple of hours the soul and the animal fought tooth and nail.

The soul warned “Doesn’t your husband and child matter to you? They love you, adore you. And this is what you do in return? Is this what your education and upbringing taught you? Don’t let a moment’s passion get the better of you.”

The animal replied with sarcasm. “Don’t kid yourself. You want it to happen again. Your husband can never show you the heights of carnal passion. Go enjoy it yourself. Don’t listen to that crap about your love for your family. They will never get to know of it if you are careful.”

She thought about the situation again and again…

Vijay stood on the balcony enjoying the early morning chill in the air. It was time for Akash to leave for school. He was expecting to find them on the driveway underneath any moment. Yesterday, Sohini had upset all their plans by spending the whole day somewhere else. If she did that today, then he planned to feign sickness. That, he hoped, would convince Raman that Sohini should stay back to take care of him. The next moment he saw Akash running towards the car with Raman close on his heels. Vijay held back his breath in anticipation. He expected her to emerge any moment and then he would know whether she was staying back. When she emerged his heart skipped a beat. She wore a house coat with a shawl draped around her. She was definitely not leaving. She turned her head and looked up. Their eyes met…

Vijay called on her immediately after Raman and Akash left.

“It has to be both of you.” She had said refusing to open the door. She knew both of them would come.

It would be the starting of a entirely new relationship …admirers becoming lovers…mutual passions

would extend their carnal pursuits far beyond the limits she had known. It would always be a threesome and nothing, absolutely nothing will be forbidden, even those she had never dared to experience within the confines of her conjugal bed…exhibitionism – and plain coitus – in quick succession, doggy fashion, woman on top, rocking chair, side by side, standing – or the numbers game, 6 and 9 – or oral sex – or rear entry and the sandwich. Sohini shuddered in anticipation of the endless possibilities.

She sat down in front of the dressing table and began preparing herself for her lovers…carefully choosing her makeup and attire.

When the doorbell rang again she knew they had come.

She let them in and closed the door behind her. No words were spoken…there was no need for any either. Hands undid the belt of the blue knee-length silk robe she wore. It didn’t matter to her whose

hands they were. Then she was divested of the robe. Underneath she was naked.

“I’m so hot!” She moaned. “So damned hot!”

The idea of two men in bed with her filled Sohini with both alarm and an odd excitement she had never before experienced. He heart pounded wildly and she began to moan, to simper.

Vikram moved between her legs, holding her thighs apart. She felt the swollen knob searching for entry. Several times it moved over the orifice that it wanted to stopper and then rammed savagely forward. It entered her like a ripping blade and moved steadily inward. By the time she felt his testicles press against her buttocks, she had given herself completely up to the pleasure. Her panic had entirely vanished and she was jerking and twisting with lust.

Vikram tumbled on the bed drawing her with him so that they lay side by side. Sohini was still savouring the feel of his male hardness inside her. Then his arms went around holding her in a vice like grip against him.

“Ouch!” She cried out. “You are hurting me.”

Vikram didn’t even bother to answer…she got it the next instant.

She felt Vijay running his hands along the split of her rear cheeks. He quickly found out what he was searching for – the soft opening of her rectum.

Sohini felt panic. She had never done that before.

“No! No!” She struggled to pull herself free. But there was no way she could move away from Vikram.

Vijay’s fingers were lubricating the aperture.

“Please. Please!” She begged. There was a momentary relief as the fingers left her.

She braced herself for the inevitable. Still her body cried out with sudden agony as he drove his organ forward to spread her anal cavity to receive the shaft.

When she cried out, both men became motionless, waiting until the shooting pain left her. As her sphincter began to relax, she felt the pain ebbing. Her body must have displayed the decrease in pain, because both men began to pump, to thrust themselves into her at the same time. She could feel the thin tissue that separated their shafts stretching. She had never felt such a delightful sensation. They were taking her to the heights of ecstasy. She knew that they also must be able to feel one another’s shaft inside of her. How could they help but feel them? Each thrust and they drove into each other, their shafts pressing together on either side of the thin dividing wall.

Vijay reached his climax first. His tool throbbed and expanded until she thought she would not be able to stretch anymore to accommodate him. She thought she would be torn apart. Then she felt the hot streams of sperm hosing inside her, gushing into her bowels again and again.

Vikram groaned like a man who had been stabbed. He drove himself into her to the hilt and exploded just as the dam within her broke.

The tautness immediately began to leave her body. She lay between them limply, waiting for them to pull their organs from her front and rear cavities. When Vijay pulled back, she experienced a pain equal to that she had felt when he had entered her. She clutched at Vikram’s shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh. And then they were both out of her. Her head was swimming and she closed her eyes. Her entire body seemed to be filled with pain; pain in her head, her rectum and her vagina. It seemed to come from all points of her body to cloud her thoughts and force her to moan without control.

Satiated but too exhausted, she sighed. How could she do without the passion that she experienced today? She knew there was no way she could refuse them in future.

No doubt, Vikram’s idea of hiring an apartment that could be their love nest seemed a good one. At least, they could get away from prying and suspicious eyes. They had discussed the arrangements at length and they appeared fine. Well all of them save one. Though apparently it was embarrassing but every time she thought of it her adrenalins started flowing. Vijay had insisted that in their love nest she should always be naked.