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true romance:Away ! Away ! Away !
true romance:)
true romance:(
true romance:bfn
true romance:Still Away ! Away ! Away!
batty batty boy:hi darling
true romance:Hiya darling
true romance:so u r back
true romance:Guess what happened!
batty batty boy:he called u up several time i guess
batty batty boy:u r looking so happy
true romance:Nopw
true romance:I don’t know how many times he called
true romance:Cause I went home at 5:30!!!
batty batty boy:so ………………………..

batty batty boy:any talk in morning
true romance:He called up at 9!!!
true romance:)
batty batty boy:Great
true romance:I never imagined actually
true romance:I thought I would meet him at lunch
batty batty boy:so u left ur lunch box delibarately today
batty batty boy:)
true romance:Yep and am wearing a saree with panty !!!
batty batty boy:panty on :O
batty batty boy:whats the matter
batty batty boy:just the imagination of him is making u cum or what
batty batty boy:)
batty batty boy:LOL
true romance:Nope just in case
batty batty boy:hmmm
batty batty boy:i see a oz dick in ur way
batty batty boy:it would be ur first with an oz
batty batty boy:m i right ??
true romance:yep it would be if happens
true romance:But dunno as of now!
batty batty boy:hmmm
batty batty boy:teh game is open now
true romance:Not yet!
batty batty boy:so meeting him in lunch
true romance:one min
batty batty boy:hey true romance, i m jeolous of that aus
batty batty boy:ok darling got some work
batty batty boy:c ya
batty batty boy:later
batty batty boy:u also carry on
true romance:ok will be back in 15 minutes
true romance:Lemme know when u r free
batty batty boy:yo babe
batty batty boy:i m here
batty batty boy:buhuuhuhhuh
batty batty boy:ozi captured my true romance bhabhi
batty batty boy:(
true romance:Hmmm
true romance:I just finished writing our phone conversation. Will be going up for lunch at 1:10!
batty batty boy:okay
batty batty boy:best of luck oooo best of fuck
batty batty boy:hahhahaha a
true romance:What happened next was totally unexpected to say the least! I did give a thought about staying back and seeing how many rings Mark gave to my extension. But I guess better sense prevailed and I decided to go home on dot at my usual time. Yet when I went down the lift there was sure an urge to search for him. But then decided otherwise and went out albeit with a heavy heart. Maybe this was destiny and it had to end there or so I thought as I reached my cabin. I settled down and switched on the computer to check emails. It took me about half an hour before I got up to get some coffee and the phone rang! batty batty boy: Hello Mark: Hey it is Mark. batty batty boy: Mark. Hi. Sorry about yesterday. Mark: No problems. batty batty boy: The call got postponed to today and hence I left as usual. Mark: Oh! I See. batty batty boy: And I couldn’t inf
true romance:Nah! I want to put him off
true romance:Let us see
batty batty boy:hahahha
batty batty boy:okay
batty batty boy:so what all i r wearing
batty batty boy:in detail plz
batty batty boy:lemme visualize u
true romance:I am in a saree
true romance:A cream colored one
true romanceecent cotton one
true romance:With a pale red border
batty batty boy:yummy
true romance:And a cream colored blose that is a lil lighter
true romance:With a cream colored pettycoat
true romance:and a cream colored panty
true romance:)
batty batty boy:u r all creamy today
batty batty boy:i wanna lick all those cream from u
true romance:The only red is the saree border
true romance:else all is cream
true romance:And leabve the red!
batty batty boy:yeah can leave red
batty batty boy:but not the pink
batty batty boy:ur pink possy
batty batty boy:)
true romance:For that u need to part the brown and some black on it )
true romance:Shall we say brown peppered with black!
batty batty boy:ohh
batty batty boy:a real indian spicy choot
batty batty boy:)
batty batty boy:hey u didnt mentioned bra today
batty batty boy:??
true romance:for a burnt brinjal!
true romance:)
true romance:Cream
true romance:I thought I wrote
batty batty boy:hmmm
batty batty boy:i thought u r in hurry to offer ur boobies to him
batty batty boy:)
true romance:Everything is cream I said
true romance:So it must be obvious
batty batty boy:hmm
batty batty boy:
true romance:Hmmm I want marriage
batty batty boy:support ur statement with logic
true romance:Good for my kid
batty batty boy:okay
batty batty boy:hey sabse jaldi kitne dino me kise ko aapne bed tak le gayi ho
batty batty boy:coz u were saying, u r going abroad very soon
batty batty boy:so u dont have much time on hand
true romance:Hmmm
true romance:It usually takes some time
true romance:Maybe 3-4 days
true romance:usually
true romance:Rarely have I let a guy screw me same day
true romance:But most times it is beyond a month
batty batty boy:hmmm
batty batty boy:so it varies
batty batty boy:from a day to a month
batty batty boy:lets see how things unfold in this case
batty batty boy:suppose if teh guy dont get intimate with u
batty batty boy:will u regret this oppurtunity ???
batty batty boy:but i pray i m wrong here
batty batty boy:)
true romance:Nope
true romance:I wont
batty batty boy:hmmm
true romance:And he needs to drop atleast half a dozen hints before I make my move!
batty batty boy:then it would be fun to read teh update coz u dont sound liek a despo here
true romance:Otherwise he can for all I care make a hole in his room!
batty batty boy:hole in his room or hokle in his bed
batty batty boy:)))
true romance:All thanks to the excellent work done by you 2 days back :-*
batty batty boy:o u still remember that fuck
batty batty boy:ummaahhhhhhhhhhh
batty batty boy:tell me something about the incident when the screwed u on the same day
true romance:it is there on exbii
true romance:read
true romance:My darling read
batty batty boy:hahhaha
batty batty boy:ok
batty batty boy:in free time
true romance:hmmm
true romanceon’t make me wet today
true romance:I am after all meeting a hunk!
true romance:)
batty batty boy:hahahha
batty batty boy:ye to achi baat hay
batty batty boy:when he discovers that u r already wet
batty batty boy:it wont take much time for him to ride u
true romance:Nope if I feel too wet I just go to the loo before lunch!
true romance:)
batty batty boy:r u feeling something down there
batty batty boy:???
true romance:Nope
true romance:I am relaxed
true romance:and thats y I was desparate to chat with u darling
batty batty boy:hmmm
true romance:Hmmm
batty batty boy:so when did u clean ur pubes last ??
true romance:Every day I clean everytime I visit the loo
batty batty boy:i meant to ask ur pubic hairs
true romance:Last was when I left home
true romance:Oh that was the day before those snaps I sent across was taken! )
batty batty boy:oo ooo
batty batty boy:so it means u r hairy now a days
true romance:Around Dec 24th I guess
true romance:a lil
true romance:Mine takes 2 months to get to its full glory
true romance:About
true romance:And then I trim it a bit
true romance:Once in maybe 6 months I clean it up
batty batty boy:hmmm
batty batty boy:so u go saloon for that or do it urself ??
true romance:Myself or my lover gets to do it
true romance:Once a guy cut out a heart of the pussy hair. A very artistic fellow!
batty batty boy:hahahhaha
batty batty boy:plz take a new snap of hairy pussy n send me plz
true romance:The part above the slit was shaped in the shape of a heart
true romance:All else was removed clean
true romance:And then he screwed me like mad
batty batty boy:i would say a artist as well as patient fellow
batty batty boy:when teh choot is availble who thinks of hair cutting
batty batty boy:LOL
true romance:)
true romance:He was good at it
true romance:though
true romance:)
batty batty boy:n every time u saw that heart , must have reminded u of that fucking
true romance:Hmmm
batty batty boy:a signature fucking style
true romance:5 min more
true romance:OK c ya
true romance:need to go to the loo before I call him
true romance:bfn
batty batty boy:okay c ya
true romance:Nope the heart did not remind me