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desi wife decides to chat to her hubby’s online partner in crime

ramesh_lal: hi
ramesh_lal: i have problem in can ttlka only in web messenger
ramesh_lal: how r u
ramesh_lal: plz type in web messenger..
ramesh_lal: here
ramesh_lal: r u there
deepali: yes
ramesh_lal: ok
ramesh_lal: hows life going
deepali: who u r?
ramesh_lal: me ramesh
ramesh_lal: we chatted many times
deepali: ok
ramesh_lal: how ur married life
deepali: what u want?
deepali: be fast
ramesh_lal: just like
ramesh_lal: do u suck ur hubby penis
deepali: what u want?
ramesh_lal: some nice talk
ramesh_lal: tell na
ramesh_lal: do u suck penis
deepali: ok

deepali: fast
deepali: ask
ramesh_lal: u suck cock?
deepali: i have to go
deepali: yes
ramesh_lal: ok
ramesh_lal: where u take cum on ur body
deepali: on my boobs
ramesh_lal: ok
ramesh_lal: u lik eon face
deepali: no
ramesh_lal: ok
ramesh_lal: even my wife is here now
ramesh_lal: she like on face
ramesh_lal: in mouth
deepali: ohh
ramesh_lal: yes
ramesh_lal: we like talking with cpls
ramesh_lal: and females
ramesh_lal: hi i am samyuktha
ramesh_lal: wife of ramesh
deepali: goo afternnon
ramesh_lal: same to u
deepali: ur age?
ramesh_lal: 24
ramesh_lal: urs
deepali: 26
ramesh_lal: ok
ramesh_lal: nice to meet you
deepali: thnx
ramesh_lal: ramesh told me
ramesh_lal: abt you
deepali: what r u do?
ramesh_lal: that he used to chat u
ramesh_lal: bfr marriage
ramesh_lal: me hwife
deepali: yes
ramesh_lal: he also told me..that once he showed his penis to u
deepali: ok
ramesh_lal: what u do
deepali: then how canu spent ur time
ramesh_lal: i brouse net
ramesh_lal: see tv
deepali: means
deepali: ok
ramesh_lal: even now at times he shows to some women on net
ramesh_lal: i wont mind
deepali: but i think it is not good
ramesh_lal: why
ramesh_lal: we r not showing our faces
deepali: ok can i see u
deepali: in ur cam
ramesh_lal: if its not good..then why u saw..when he showed to u
deepali: srry
ramesh_lal: no no
deepali: it was my weak point
ramesh_lal: i mean theres no problem to see
ramesh_lal: even i see
ramesh_lal: on rediff
ramesh_lal: some males
deepali: what/
deepali: ok
deepali: can i see ur body
deepali: on cam
ramesh_lal: we can have fun seeing them
deepali: not face
ramesh_lal: not now
ramesh_lal: later
deepali: can see
ramesh_lal: he went for bath
deepali: why?
deepali: not his but ur
ramesh_lal: i dont know how to set up cam
deepali: only body
ramesh_lal: he does it
ramesh_lal: let him come
deepali: ok
ramesh_lal: ur husnband satisdies u?
deepali: means
ramesh_lal: i mean
ramesh_lal: he satisfies u fully
ramesh_lal: ?
deepali: yes
deepali: not u?
ramesh_lal: ramesh is very active
deepali: satisfy from ur husband
ramesh_lal: he fully satisfied mke
deepali: can i see ur pic
ramesh_lal: let him times he doesnt lke showing my poic to others
ramesh_lal: can i see urs
deepali: i have sent it to ramesh
deepali: earlier
ramesh_lal: he said its a fake one
ramesh_lal: even i saw it on on net
deepali: no
ramesh_lal: i saw the vid of that girl too
deepali: which pic can u send it
ramesh_lal: delted it
ramesh_lal: as it is fake
deepali: ok
deepali: then
ramesh_lal: u tell
ramesh_lal: what ur husbad size
deepali: what size?
ramesh_lal: penis
deepali: why what is ur need?
ramesh_lal: just like
ramesh_lal: ur sizes
deepali: what sizes
ramesh_lal: boob
ramesh_lal: waist
deepali: 34
ramesh_lal: ok
deepali: and waist 28
ramesh_lal: nice
deepali: ur?
ramesh_lal: 36C 29 36
deepali: ok
deepali: very good figure
ramesh_lal: tx
ramesh_lal: ramesh used to say..that u have nice fig
deepali: yes
ramesh_lal: he is fond of u
deepali: he is lucky
ramesh_lal: before marriahge
ramesh_lal: we r open..
ramesh_lal: so he told me
deepali: ohhh no i dont know
deepali: ok
deepali: but how?
ramesh_lal: at time she used to say..that he wantr to do with me and u same time
deepali: i send him a pic only
ramesh_lal: ok
deepali: what u want?
ramesh_lal: nothing
deepali: u support his thinking
deepali: ?
ramesh_lal: its only fun na
deepali: be fast
ramesh_lal: cant happen real
deepali: ok
ramesh_lal: yes..if we can..we r ready to do 3 some with another woman
deepali: ok sam i have to go
deepali: good day
ramesh_lal: see u deepali..will tel ramesh that u went
deepali: spent ur nice marrg life
ramesh_lal: i think..he is masturbating in bathroom thinking oiof u..
ramesh_lal: taking so long to come out
ramesh_lal: haha
ramesh_lal: how mnay men after u…lucky woman
ramesh_lal: oh he came
ramesh_lal: now
ramesh_lal: hi deepali..its me ramesh
ramesh_lal: r u there