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Desi Wife Travelling Alone in a Train

One day, I had to go to a marriage function at Thane in the evening time. As a result I missed my office bus to return home. Also there are no direct auto rickshaws available and having not many alternatives, I had to take a public bus. It was already 07.30 p.m. I was waiting for a ST bus from Thane to Borivali. After a very long time and feeling really awkward standing in the crowd as there were mostly all males waiting and that too were worker class males. I felt like all of them are ogling at me. After around 20 minutes the bus which was already very crowded arrived & I boarded the bus having no other choice as the journey was almost an hour to home. The bus was totally jam packed & by the force of crowd I was pushed to stand in the rear / middle of the bus among all the males. I was irritated to be traveling in this crowd, but resigned myself to the long drive.

After a while , I felt something brush against my bottom & I casually glanced behind to notice a young boy of about 20 plus standing behind me ,!He too appeared stuck in the crowd . I again felt something brush against my bottom & I realized it was this boy’s hand. However, after a few minutes, he brushed his hand a couple of more times & then very casually lets his hand lightly rest on my sari on my buttocks -palm outwards. I was a little taken aback , but decided to ignore it then — it is a crowded bus & this could be a mistake – however after a few minutes I felt his hand begin to slowly move & lightly caress my buttocks –. I was surprised further & now wondered what to do – this was quite an obvious & deliberate act & I looked around to move away , but there was no place to move in the crowded & cramped bus — – at the same time I was very uncertain & nervous to create a scene . I then decided to ignore it & also reasoned to myself that till what extent could he possibly try anything —-, what with so many people around & that too in a public place too. I was stuck in my present position.

But soon as the bus reach Ghodbandar road, it was dark outside and the bus had dim lights. After a few minutes, the boy who had now grew bolder — he was now slowly & more firmly caressing my bottom and sensing my nervousness & dilemma & lack of resistance on my part, began to now cup my buttocks. I was really stunned by this & very surprised by his boldness & glanced behind & around me to see if anybody had noticed. To my horror, the boy and a co-passenger winked each other and passed smiles. So I knew there were two different hands caressing my bottom. The other man now replaced the old man behind me and came right behind me and also covered the boy’s activity who was actually seating. But nobody else in the crowded bus was aware of what was going on & I undecided on what to do now, with no space to move away, did not resist. Seeing no protest from me, the boy now began to now squeeze & knead my buttocks & cup each one. He put his hand on the crack of my buttocks and was now very confidently squeezing each bum. I glanced at the other passengers and no one else was looking at us and was totally unaware of this happening.

Given the lack of space to move away I did not protest & allowed him to continue — The boy was pretty encouraged & through the saree was now feeling the outline of my panty and then with a finger, tried to slide it under the panty so that he could feel the softness of my buttocks better. The other man also now started his action. He slowly put his hand on my belly and was feeling it. He slowly started moving his hand on my belly and reached my naval. Now since I was wearing a saree, my stomach was not completely covered and the man’s rough hand was directly brushing my flesh whereas the boy was touching over my saree. The man’s touches were irritating me as well arousing. Overall I was thrilled to let a strange man touch me in my intimate areas. The boy then moved his hand to the lower portion of my buttocks and begins to push his finger directly up my anus to now press softly, but urgently on it. And the other man’s hand was fast approaching my bosom. They were now very bold after knowing that I was not resisting their movements. I was absolutely stunned by their boldness and in spite of myself , was getting aroused by their acts .None of the other passengers were aware of this but if that would have continued, everyone would have listened my moans very soon. The boy was now urgently rubbing his hand over the crack of my buttocks & then pushing his hand & fingers directly onto my anus hole as if to push his hand / finger inside. The initial soft caresses of the beginning were now replaced by heavy & confident squeezing & kneading of my buttocks. And his fellow had by then reached my bosom and brushed against my boobs once. I was getting turned on by this intimate act in a public bus.

They had realized, that I will not protest. The boy then moved his hand lower to my side, to caress my legs & thighs & feel their smoothness & firmness and then gradually bought it back to rotate all over my buttocks. But the other man was really testing me. He was standing just behind me and was ogling me all the time. I was standing sideways and was watching him through corner of my eye. And the boy was seating on the seat behind me. So that man’s left hand moving on me could have been easily seen by anybody. But he seemed least bothered and continued his play. After fingering my naval, he reached my blouse. Now my pallu was covering it and he further softly sqeezed my right breast. I almost shuddered but kept calm. He waited for a moment and then stretched his hand to squeeze my left breast. I was so worried as well as excited and was breathing heavily but kept mum. Meanwhile the boy was also busy devouring my butts. But the man seemed more aggressive and bold. After pressing my boobs over my blouse, he was now looking to open it. I could feel his hand struggling between my two breasts to open the buttons. Now I was really concerned and was also loosing my control. To delay his advances, I leant forward to look outside the window to see where the bus had reached and in the process also turned myself in 180 degrees. My movements suddenly created ripples and everyone around me adjusted to new positions.

Things settled in a minute. The man was still close to me and now his acts were not visible to anybody except the person seating beside that boy. But he was fast sleep so that gave them (the man and the boy) green signal. I moved close to that man and leaned a bit on him so as to cover everything from people behind me. I looked at the boy and he seemed very happy getting access to my front. He quickly started caressing my thighs and then rubbing my pussy. But I was waiting the man to start. And he did not delay much. This time he put his right hand first on my belly and then moved straight up. He pressed both my boobs hard and then fondled with them few times. He then reached my cleavage and fingered it and then started trying to open my blouse. I was by then very hot and was biting my lips to stop my moans. Both were now in highest gear and enjoying their shares and I was sandwiched but excited like hell. The man then started to rub his hard erection through his trousers on my buttocks and with each jerk of the bus, would thrust hard against me.

Nervously, I looked around & no one in the crowd was even looking at us… I suddenly found his hand on my exposed waist and caressing it & holding me for a grip, & was in a slow rhythm along with the bus movement, stroking & rubbing & thrusting hard big cock on my buttocks — In the crowded bus no one was aware of this & I was pretty excited by then & enjoyed the hardness of his big cock on my buttocks, to slowly also move to push backwards to meet each hard thrust or rub of his cock. This was like simulated lovemaking – I was literally being fucked by a total stranger & that too standing in a crowded public bus —-& none of the other co- passengers realized this erotic act right in their midst..

But we had to stop soon as the boy had to get down and so was my stop fast approaching. We were very disturbed as we too had to stop the action. So I too decided to get down and signaled that man also. He quickly understood and all 3 of us got down. The boy was nervous now seeing me face to face but I consoled him and took his cell number so that I can call him anytime if I require. He gladly gave it and pleaded to call at least once. Now me and the man were left. We were around 20-25 minutes distance from my home and he was staying on the way. He suggested me to come to his house as he was alone but that was too dangerous and I rejected his offer. He thought it was over but I told him that lets take an auto. He was not sure but I agreed to pay and he got in the auto with me. Once inside, he went directly to kiss me. Very soon we were smooching and he was also pressing my bosom. The driver also seemed to be hard and was driving dangerously. So he asked the driver to stop and we got down nearby his house. He quickly took me to some secluded area and continued kissing me. He was now really turned on and it seemed that he would fuck me then and there. But I controlled the situation. After smooching for a couple of minutes and he kissing my breasts as well, I asked him to stop.

He was insisting that he would fuck me quickly but I was firm and decided to leave. Thankfully he too agreed. That moment, we stared at each other and I came to know that he was really no match to me. I mean, I may not be the beauty queen but am fairly attractive where as he was dark, not even shaved properly and sweating with a strong body odor of sweat. He was perfectly a worker class guy and was overwhelmed to see me falling for him. But his boldness and hunger for sex was astonishing. And I always had the fetish of getting molested by some ugly kept people. He showed his house(almost slum like) and told me that I can come anytime for a fuck. He accompanied me to another auto to take home. And before breaking, pressed my boobs. And he also gave his phone no (office care off number) so that we can decide of meeting although I was surely not going to call him again.

When I reached home by 10, my hubby was already in. he commented that I was looking awesome in the sari and winked me also. That was indicator that he wanted to fuck me as soon as possible. Now I too was very excited and we quickly had dinner and into bedroom. Bharat was now all over me and was banging me hard in pussy. But I was sensing that the same man is banging me and encouraged him for more. We had a torrid sex that night and Bharat fucked the hell out of me before sleeping. I too slept happily. So that was the story for that day.

Next week passed normally and then Bharat was to go on a tour for a week. Now that was usual thing but now I was changed. The very next day Bharat left, I started searching for that man’s number. Even though I had decided not to call him, my body betrayed my heart. He was overjoyed to hear from me and confirmed that he would come the same evening. So I too went home early from office and got fresh. I was waiting for him to come and was also thinking if I was doing right. He reached my house while I was still undecided. But the moment I opened the door for him, it all cut short abruptly. He entered my house, only to leave after a day’s stay.