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rajat: hi
rajat: wana b frnds
rajat: interested
rajat: asla
rajat: asl
dimple: asl

rajat: 24 m del
rajat: u?
rajat: asl
dimple: 21 f
rajat: whr frm…wana b frnds?.
rajat: wana naughty chat
dimple: no
rajat: nethng u wana chat
dimple: wat u do
rajat: study
rajat: u?
dimple: yes
dimple: same
rajat: ok
rajat: so wat chat u looking for?
dimple: nothin much
rajat: ok…so ever did naughty chat?
dimple: means
rajat: means smthng naughty ever chatted?…ever tried it….
rajat: tell me mre abt u….whr u frm…hobbies?
dimple: i m from chd
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: sukhna lake
rajat: chd is best place in india acrdng to me
dimple: yaa
dimple: me too agree
rajat: rm chd or fr studies
dimple: i belong to chd
rajat: ok
rajat: so dimple…..kya mood hai
rajat: bolo
rajat: hobbies n wat else abt u
dimple: i like music, movies, badminton , jogg etc
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: badminton…nice game
rajat: wch movie saw recently
dimple: ajab prem ki gazab kahani
rajat: kkkkkk
rajat: so wat u studyng?
dimple: bcom
rajat: good
rajat: aur batao….koi bf?
dimple: no
rajat: mmmm….k
rajat: mila nahi ya man nhi kiya?
dimple: i had one but ab nahi hai
rajat: okkkk
rajat: so cn i get more naughty in asking abt u?
dimple: means
rajat: means smthng mre personal n naughty
dimple: no
rajat: k
rajat: ever did cyber?
dimple: wats this
rajat: oh ok…leave it
rajat: cyber is basiclaly chat sexual activities
dimple: ok
rajat: ever did>?or tried
dimple: no
rajat: k…wud u mind tryng ever?
dimple: i dont know
dimple: shayad nahi
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha tell me how u look
rajat: hair style n length
rajat: height
rajat: comxion
dimple: 5 2
rajat: good
dimple: white comxion
rajat: kkkkk
rajat: figure?
dimple: this is personal na
rajat: arre nt so much personal na…aapka tailor bhi janta hoga
rajat: or shud i guess?
dimple: ok
rajat: …..r u slim trim?
dimple: yes
rajat: mmmi guess 34 30 36
dimple: last one is not crct
rajat: mmmmmm….34 30 34?
dimple: yess
rajat: but still i was close enough na
dimple: ys
rajat: mmmm.very smil n trim na
dimple: hm
rajat: dimple wat all u wearing now…
dimple: abhi
rajat: ya
rajat: in detail
dimple: kya karoge
rajat: plzz batao na
rajat: dimeeeeeeeeee
rajat: hello???????
rajat: kahan gayi
rajat: or still finding out ki kya pahna hai?
rajat: bolo dimple
dimple: i m not feelin gud to tak thid
dimple: this
rajat: oh ho…just trry a lil….dnt feel shy or embarrassed….plzz
rajat: if u wont like it thn we cn always stop it
dimple: ok
rajat: so wat all wearing…detail mein dimple
dimple: nitie
rajat: color….
rajat: is it plain or designed?
dimple: light pink
rajat: nice color
rajat: full length?
dimple: yes
rajat: accha i have heard gals dnt wear bra during nght while sleeping
dimple: smtimes i dont do
rajat: r u wearing now?
dimple: yes
rajat: color n wats ur bra size?
dimple: 34b
dimple: black
rajat: okkkk nice
rajat: n wat else u wering dimple?
dimple: bas niche inners
rajat: wat inners?…name it
rajat: color n design
dimple: panty
dimple: blue
rajat: mmmmmm…panty on detail
rajat: dark or lght blue…plain or ne print?
dimple: dark
dimple: plain
rajat: wch shape?
rajat: v cut…
dimple: hmm
rajat: how many panties u hv dimple n wch one ur favourite n wch is most tiny
dimple: i cant answer that much
rajat: plzzzzz…accha how many u hv
dimple: i think 5-6
rajat: ok.i guess white n black to hongi hi na
rajat: ek blue
rajat: red n pink hai kya?
dimple: no white
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha ne lacy one?thong type or all sim v cut?
dimple: 2 lacy ones
rajat: mmmmm…nice….wch color is lacy?got ne thongs too?
dimple: no
rajat: ok
dimple: lacy is red, light pink
rajat: yes i guessed rght na
rajat: u had these 2 colors
rajat: good
dimple: hm
rajat: accha dimple tell me whr all u hv moles in ur body…?
dimple: aap kya karoge
rajat: wana knw ur body details,accha lagega ki net frnd ke barre mein i knw a lot….will feel gud…
rajat: u cn ask me nethng u want
rajat: feel free plzz
dimple: i dont know wat to ask
rajat: u want to ask…hai na?
dimple: u tell ur hobbies
rajat: me like movies,playng badminton…cricket,readng hindi novels n pplayng wth my cell
dimple: ok
rajat: so moles dimple plz na
rajat: but b honest…tell all whr u hv thm
rajat: no shyness….
dimple: on my neck
rajat: okkkkk
dimple: back
rajat: aur….
rajat: whr back?
dimple: leg
rajat: exact place?
dimple: exact matla
rajat: matlab back mein kahan…upper or lower back…
dimple: lower
rajat: below waist?
dimple: no
rajat: thn?
rajat: just near waist?
dimple: above it
dimple: just
rajat: k
rajat: aur kahan?
dimple: bas
rajat: nhi…aur bhi honge…dimple……..u shyng to tell
rajat: legs mein kahan pe hain
dimple: knee ke paas
rajat: acha ne mole below waist?
dimple: shayad thighs
rajat: mmmmm.okkkkkk
rajat: lower thigs or upper inner thigs?
dimple: means
rajat: means near knee part of thigs or upper thigs near wasit
dimple: upper
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: i got it
rajat: accha ne mole on ur stomach or above it?
dimple: no
rajat: accha school mein aapki dress skirt hogi na?
rajat: so wat length skirt u used to wear…below knee or above
dimple: arounf knee
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: so used to wear panties under it or shorts?
dimple: both
dimple: kabhi kabhi
rajat: kkkkkkkk
rajat: accha ever caught ne guy looking under ur skirt?
dimple: no
dimple: hehe
rajat: ok
rajat: haha
rajat: acha tell me how long ur hairs n hair style
dimple: i have long hair
rajat: cool
rajat: kitne long
rajat: till waist?
dimple: no
rajat: okkkk
dimple: itne bhi nahi
rajat: okok
rajat: not like sikh gals
dimple: no
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: u hv ne sikh gals?
rajat: as frnds
dimple: yes
rajat: they r nt allowed to cut hairs na
rajat: specially namdharis
dimple: haan
rajat: okkkkkk thats y they hv so long n dense hairs
rajat: accha u had bf in college or school?
dimple: hmm
dimple: school
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: ever did kiss?
dimple: but he was in clg
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: good
rajat: smooch kiya tha?
dimple: hmm
rajat: dnt shy now
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha how much physical u ppl did?
rajat: r u still virgin dimple?
dimple: yes
rajat: kkkk good
rajat: accha u ever saw him full nude?
dimple: no
rajat: n he?
rajat: saw u full ever?
dimple: no
rajat: did he see ur upper body ever full?
dimple: hmm
rajat: okkkkkkkk so played wth ur boobs?
rajat: rght
dimple: hmm
rajat: kahan dikhaya tumne?school mein?
dimple: no
dimple: his place
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: pressed n sucked?
rajat: or just pressed?
dimple: i dont knoe
rajat: plzzzz….ok i got…he sucked too
rajat: rght?
rajat: comon…ab sharmao mat
dimple: ys
rajat: mmmm…nips ko khoob suck kiya hoga….accha he didnt try to put his hands inside ur skirt ever or u stopped him?
dimple: i stoppes
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: u ever touched his thng?
rajat: sachhi bolna
dimple: no
rajat: okkkkk but feel t kiya hi gogha na whn it used to b hard n u ppl hugging
dimple: hmm
dimple: ek baar touch kiya tha
rajat: kaise…andar hath dal ke?
dimple: no
rajat: thn
dimple: means
rajat: touch kaise kiya,pants ke uppar se?
dimple: haan
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha tum nahati kaise ho dimple…panty pahan ke ya poori nangi ho ke?
dimple: yeh kaisa ques hai
rajat: btao na plz…..
rajat: or shud i guess?
dimple: ok
rajat: poori nangi ho ke nahati ho na?
dimple: haan
rajat: mmmmm…….n u must b using pears or dove i guess?
dimple: lux
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: wch shampoo u normally use?
dimple: u ask so many ques
rajat: plzzzz….ya….
dimple: garnier
rajat: coz frst wana all abt u….n will tel al abt me…
rajat: okkkkk
dimple: ok
rajat: accha now tell me…gussa mat hona….sachhi batana dimple…how dense ur pubic hairs?….
dimple: yeh to limit hai
dimple: i cant anser
rajat: oh hoooooo…….whn u cud tell me bf played wth boobs this is nothng…just abt ur body… shyness..ok frst i tell…i hv dense pubic hairs
rajat: plzzzzz
dimple: hm
rajat: plzzzzzzzz
rajat: ok r they dense…or u trim thm oftewn or u keep all clean
dimple: dense
rajat: dense jungle or trimmed forest or clean fielkd
rajat: okkkkk wowwwwwwww
rajat: really……..
rajat: so dimple how often u cut or trim thm?
dimple: not often
rajat: ok
rajat: once a montrh?
dimple: hmm
rajat: phir to dense honge kaphi…accha wat age u frst trimmed thm?
rajat: in school or college?
dimple: school
rajat: wch class
dimple: 11
rajat: okkkkkk…..
rajat: accha sikh gals to bahut dense rakhti hongi na?
dimple: pata naho
rajat: accha dimple how many close frnds u hv
rajat: i mean most close,best frnds
dimple: 2-3
rajat: ok…accha their names…
dimple: aap kya karoge
rajat: aise hi….pahle batao to..nick name hi bata do
rajat: thats no prob
dimple: nidhi
rajat: name se aasani hogi na…
rajat: okkkk
dimple: risha
dimple: preeti
rajat: she is ur best frnd
rajat: okkkkk
dimple: risha
rajat: accha dimple kabhi kisis gal ko poori nanagi dekha hai ya panty bra mein?..
rajat: or ne lady in family or kaise bhi
dimple: haan
rajat: kisse n kais
dimple: apne mami ko
dimple: cousin sis ko bhi
rajat: poori nangi?
dimple: haan
rajat: mami is mom na?
dimple: no
rajat: okok mama wala mami
rajat: cosuin sis ki age?…..mami?…mama ki wife hi na?
dimple: age ll be 30
rajat: okkkk
dimple: mami ki zaada hogi
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha kaise dekha….nahate hue ya kaise?
dimple: haaan nahate hue
rajat: accha wre they hairy thr?
dimple: yes
rajat: unke body parts to tumhari body se developed n huge honge na
dimple: haan
dimple: kaafi pehle dekha tha
rajat: accha dimple…nidhi preeti ya risha mein se kisi ko?
dimple: no
rajat: panty mein?
dimple: no
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha tell me ur most embarrassing moemnt…smone saw u poori nangi by mistake or u saw ne male nude n felt embarrassed?
rajat: ne incident
dimple: i dont remember any such
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha u hv ne bro or sis too?
dimple: no
dimple: i m alone
rajat: single child?
rajat: good
dimple: ys
rajat: accha tell me,ever seen ne real penis…not on net bt real male
dimple: no
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: nvr?
dimple: yaa only bf
dimple: tuched
rajat: accha whn u wth ur frnds,wat naughty u ppl talk…kabhi to naughty talks bhi karti hogi na…like guys n penis size etc..
dimple: i dont do
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha sabse sexy kaun hai app 4 mein
dimple: me
rajat: reallyyyyyy
rajat: kya bat hai…lucky me
rajat: accha who has biggest boobs n ass
dimple: shayad risha
rajat: mmmmmm…….
rajat: accha do u masturbnate dimple…dnt lie now?
dimple: smtims
rajat: okkkk u naughty
rajat: now u see….accha tell me whr u do…bathroom ya bed mein sone se pahle?
dimple: bathroom
rajat: nahate hue?
dimple: hmm
rajat: accha wat u think n how u do it…
rajat: how u play wth ur body
dimple: ask anythin else pls
rajat: plzz….ab shyness nhi….i knw u gtng exited…dnt stop urself now…plzzzz…me now ur frnd…
dimple: i cant anser
dimple: kuch bhi aur poocho
rajat: ok
rajat: u rub ur vagina n press boobs?…or u put finger inside ur vagina?
dimple: all
rajat: mmmmm.very naughty
rajat: acha ye to batao wat u fantasise
dimple: leave it
rajat: movie star or ne family member or ne college frnd
rajat: no shynesssssssssss
dimple: my bf
rajat: okkkkkkkkkkkk
rajat: thts cool
rajat: accha wat position u think u wud love during love making n u imagine in masturbatng
dimple is typing a message.
dimple: i dont kno
rajat: mmmm.ok…..
rajat: accha describe ur boobs dimple…r ethy rpond or oval…nips round or longer….n ne hairs near nips
rajat: ab sharmana band karogi

rajat: hi
Dim: hi
rajat: kal kahan gayab ho gyi thi yar
Dim: net disconnct ho gaya tha
rajat: oh mujhe laga u got angry
rajat: so kaisi ho,how was ur day baby
Dim: it was gud
rajat: ok
rajat: so wat all wearing now dimple
Dim: aaj fir se ques
rajat: jyada nahi…thode se
Dim: mat poocho pls
rajat: ye to roz poonchunga ki kya pahna hua hai…so plz
rajat: plzz ye to batao kya pahna hua hai
Dim: aaj bhi nitie
rajat: ok…panty kaun si hai aaj
rajat: bra pahni hai?
Dim: haan
Dim: blue
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: susu kab kiya abhi kitni der pahle
Dim: common
rajat: plzzzzzz
Dim: u cant ask that
rajat: ab bata bhi do na
rajat: i cn……..ab batao bhi na plzzzzzzzzz
Dim: pehle batao kya karoge
rajat: bataogi to samajh jaogi…batao to…phir ye bhi bataunga y i asked
Dim: thodi der pehle
rajat: ok,u hv western or indian toilet dimple
Dim: western
rajat: okkkkkk….u knw tht hissssssssssss sound u make na during susu is really sexy,it makes me so exited
rajat: u also must b making tht hisssssssss noise na
Dim: i dont know
Dim: maybe
rajat: mmmm……….n u knw whn u look most cute
Dim: means
rajat: me asking do u know whn u look maximum cute
Dim: always
rajat: ya but most?
rajat: cutest
Dim: pata nahi
rajat: main bataun
rajat: jab susu karti ho n tht too jab indian style toilet mein
Dim: haan
Dim: woh kaise
Dim: ok
rajat: bas aise hi…kynki whn u do susu n aaj ke bad jab bhi karogi just imagine me watching u…n u feel lil shy n ur beauty is exposed n u look damn cute
Dim: hmm
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: will u feel shy whn i will watch u
Dim: shayad
rajat: mmmmmmm………accha dimple tell me,ever happned ki bina toilet ke susu karna pada ho…means bushes n trees
Dim: noo
Dim: never
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha ever seen preeti,risha doing susu
Dim: no
rajat: who was 3rd frnd?
Dim: nidhi
rajat: yaaaaaaaa
rajat: accha aaj bhi poori nangi ho ke nahayi thi dimple
Dim: haan yaar
Dim: but pls aur nahi
rajat: okkkkkkkk……..last cheez baki thi……
Dim: wat
rajat: wat u say penis,vagina,boobs,ass,panty in hindi opr punjabi
Dim: i sont say anythin
Dim: dont
Dim: in hindi
rajat: means u knw but nvr use it
rajat: u knw na
Dim: no
rajat: nvr heard ?
rajat: shud i tell
Dim: no leave it
rajat: means u knw it…u knw it na dimple………comon…
Dim: ok u tell
rajat: ab sharmana band kar do
rajat: ok.i will tell u say rght or wrong
rajat: fine
Dim: ok
rajat: vagina is khut or choot?
rajat: 1st or 2nd?
Dim: shayd 2ng
rajat: mmmmm.naughty
rajat: u knw
Dim: hehe
rajat: accha penis….lund or mund
Dim: this i dont know
rajat: lund
Dim: okk
rajat: ass?
rajat: gaand or paand?
Dim: 1st
rajat: mmmm…..
rajat: panty….kachhi or machhi
Dim: 1st
rajat: boobs….mammay or chammay
Dim: yeh pata hai
Dim: 1st
rajat: mmmm…….kaise pata….kisne bataya
Dim: mom ne
rajat: mom ne batya…kab?
rajat: she used this word or told u specifically?
Dim: kaafi pehle
Dim: she used
rajat: okkkk….u asked or khud bataya unhone
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: nips…..chuchi or muchi?>
Dim: khud bataya
Dim: pata nahi
rajat: chuchi
rajat: accha wat u say hairs in punjabi….
rajat: sim hairs
Dim: vaal
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: jhantte suna hai
Dim: haan
rajat: pubic hairs kahte hain usse
Dim: hmm
rajat: mmmmm……..
rajat: accha phuddi n bund suna hai?
Dim: ab bas karo yaar
rajat: suna hai na…batao pahle……
Dim: no
rajat: u naughty,now i knw u…u hv heard n u knw….accha aur batao…aaj college gyi thi
Dim: haan gayi thi
rajat: ok
rajat: so kya dekha t v mein aaj
Dim: nothi
rajat: ok
rajat: so sham ko kya kiya
rajat: n y come so late online
Dim: market gayi thi
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha college mein kitni bar nangi hoti ho on an average?
rajat: samjhi….ya nahi?
Dim: no
rajat: susu yar
Dim: 2-3
rajat: okkkkk…..nice..wahan indian toilet hai?
Dim: haan
rajat: mmmmm…accha kiss dress mein sabse mushkil hoti hai susu karne mein….?salwar kurte mein?
Dim: jeans
rajat: kyn
Dim: tight
rajat: okkkk…haha
rajat: accha kabhi aisa hua hai ki bina kachhi ke bahar gyi ho…sirf jeans ya salwar bt no kachhi
dimpleis typing a message.
Dim: no
dimplehas signed out. (1/25/2008 6:12 AM)

rajat: online aa jao yahoo pe
rajat: u so bad dimple..
Dim: hii
rajat: huh
rajat: kal bhi chali gyi thi….did u get my mail
rajat: kya yar…..2 min mein chali gyi,atleast mail to reply kar sakti ho na…wo bhi nhi karti tum…ok do as u wish
Dim: sry
Dim: net main prob hai
rajat: ,mmmmmm
rajat: kal kahan chali gyi thi
rajat: n ek mail nhi kar sakti ho…..
rajat: accha u gtng my mails na?
Dim: seen just now 1 mail
rajat: okkkk
Dim: rajat
rajat: ya
rajat: mail to kar diya karo…mujhe bahut accha lagta hai tumse bat karna yar…really liked u
rajat: u cute n sooooo swett…sachh mein…
rajat: aur batao how hv u been
Dim: thnx
rajat: kaisa raha din aaj ka
Dim: theek tha
rajat: ok
Dim: i m very tired
rajat: y?>
Dim: basthak gayi
Dim: kaam se
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: mmmm…..main maalish kar dun
Dim: no
rajat: y?
Dim: pair daba do

rajat: mmmm…poore pair dabaunga phir
Dim: means
rajat: thigs se toe tak
Dim: u r always naughty
rajat: haha
rajat: accha aaj kya pahna hai ye to batao…
Dim: fir se
rajat: arre roz poonchunga coz u wear dfrntly evryday na…
Dim: dont ask pls
rajat: this thns roz…n those wch r permanent htey only once asked
rajat: ok…accha just kachhi color
Dim: black
rajat: okkkkk good
rajat: hey dimple wana see my pic
Dim: ok
rajat: dimple…plzz cn i see u too…just once plzzzzzz bahut man hai dekhne ka sweet frnd ko
Dim: ok
rajat: thxxxx….shw me pics in various dresses plz
Dim: pehle let me see u
rajat: ok
rajat: see
rajat: me avg looking
Dim: not clr
rajat: ho jayengi
rajat: hui clear?
Dim: no
rajat: ok
rajat: koi bhi nhi hui?
Dim: 1st hui
rajat: ok
Dim: nt cmng
rajat: aur koi nhi hui 1st ke bad?
Dim: no
rajat: ok
rajat: u saw frst na
Dim: haan
rajat: ab dekho…shayd koi clear ho jaye
Dim: shayad aur time lagega
rajat: wait again i will put
Dim: ok
rajat: cn i c u dimple…plzz….if psoble in jeans,salwar n saree….
Dim: okk
rajat: bahut man hai dekhne ka…
Dim: i dont wear saares
rajat: ok…jo bhi hain wo dikha do
rajat: let me see how is my dimple babes
rajat: let it b clear
Dim: ok
rajat: 1st cleared
rajat: more…ne full pic in jeans or salwar
rajat: ne salwar…
Dim: no
rajat: k
Dim: all clr kya
rajat: no
rajat: lat nhi hui
rajat: last*
Dim: ok
rajat: remove last n put again
Dim: ur still not clr
rajat: i’ll send thru file dnt worry
Dim: ok
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
rajat: hey send d last one thru file only plzz
rajat: hey ne pic of school…school dress mein ne pic dimple?
Dim: no
rajat: othr pic…
Dim: abhi nahi hai
rajat: ok
Dim: let me chk
rajat: hey ne pi wth risha or othr frnd
rajat: plzz chk na
Dim: one more in t shirt
rajat: ok…ne one wth ne frnd…
Dim: mere pc main nahi hai
rajat: ok
Dim: shud i close
rajat: koi salwar mein nhi hai…n ne pic full…from toe to head
rajat: last pink one got cleared
Dim: nahi hai yaar
Dim: ok
You have canceled the transfer of 1 file.
dimp2.jpg (17 KB)

rajat: again send yellow wth file
rajat: tht one is nt gtng clrd
rajat: rest got clrd
rajat: hey dimpy is tht really u…yar tum to miss india ho
Dim: hehe
Dim: aisa bhi nahi hai
rajat: yar mujhe laga tha koi normal se chasma lagane wali hogi…cute si…
rajat: tum to bahut sunder ho yar…mujhe to tumse bat karte hue bhi dar lag raha hai
rajat: u so pretty yar
rajat: wat a flawless skin
Dim: thnx
Dim: bas aur tarif mat karo pls
rajat: ok…but u toooooo pretty….thx for d pics dimple….
rajat: hey tht yellow one cn u send thru mails…its nt cmng…wana c tht too plzz
Dim Sh: i ll send u tommorow
rajat: ok…pakak na…n cn u send ne salwar pic?
rajat: wth ne frnd…
Dim: abhi to nahi hai
rajat: ok…agar ho to de dena plz
Dim: ok
rajat: bt yellow wali kal pakka bhej dena
Dim: okk
rajat: so dimple babe…aur batao…
rajat: kya mood hai.
rajat: u knw i still hv lots to ask u
Dim: hehe
Dim: no
rajat: ok…accha dimple u hv nvr seen real penis na
Dim: no
rajat: oklkkkkk
rajat: frst c my pics…these my pics only…see carefully frst thn we will cht…ok
Dim: ok
rajat: all clear?
Dim: no
rajat: c carefully
rajat: ok
rajat: its me dimple
Dim: i dont want to see this
rajat: pplzzzzz
rajat: lil
Dim: i feel shy
rajat: thoda sa dimple
rajat: comon
rajat: u hv to c me
rajat: dimple see it i knw u wana see it
Dim: waise bhi its not clr
rajat: kitne clear hue?
Dim: 1st
rajat: ok
rajat: aur koi nhi hua?
Dim: no
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
You have sent 1 photo to Dim
rajat: dimple i need ur honest comments aftr u see all in detail…plzz see carefully….i hv 4 moles on my penis…u cn c in this pic…
dimplehas closed photo sharing.

rajat: kya hua dimple?
Dim: nothin tum bahut badmash ho,gande kahin ke
rajat: bolo kya hua
rajat: comon…sachhi bolo
Dim: wat kya hua,chup raho
rajat: kya hua…
rajat: u saw all na
Dim: hmm
heart_Dim: its big yar,itna bada top
virus_here: ab batao bhi
rajat: ok….u sacred?sachhi bolna
Dim: means i dnt knw
rajat: dar laga dekh ke kya?
Dim: pata nhi yar
Dim: kyun
rajat: okk
Dim: big tip
rajat: kk..accha did u feel nethng in ur body aftr seeing it
Dim: like
rajat: wetness?
rajat: in vagina
Dim: dnt no
rajat: ok
rajat: accha dimple cn u tke my easily in ur vagina hole?
dimple: no pagal ho kya
rajat: y?
Dim: i dont know,nooooo
rajat: u knw it…comon bolo…u feeling shy
Dim: its big yar
rajat: mmm….really
rajat: u afraid of tip?
Dim: hm shayad,yes i am
rajat: is it good for sucking?
Dim: i dont know
Dim: never did
rajat: mmmm…u knw …i knw u nvr did but man kar raha hai kya?
rajat: b honest
Dim: no
rajat: ok
rajat: accha wat if i wana enter ur anus hole…cn u tke mine thr dimple
Dim: patanahi,chup ab
rajat: mmmmmmmm
rajat: mine is very hard nw dimple

rajat: arre miss india online
Dim: hi
rajat: hi miss india
rajat: kaisi ho
Dim: i m gud
Dim: pls dont cal me that
rajat: okkkkkk dimple ji
rajat: kaisa raha college
Dim Sh: theek tha
rajat: ok…mail mili?
rajat: ya chk hi nhi ki
Dim: just chkd
rajat: ok
rajat: mili?
Dim: haan
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: try tht yellow pic now,may b gets clrd nw…
Dim: ok
rajat: but u very bad
rajat: its really u?
rajat: sachhi bolna
Dim: kyun
rajat: very b’ful
Dim: its me
Dim: aap fir se tarif karne lag gaye
rajat: nhi,sach bol raha hun
rajat: main to sirf sachh bolta hun
rajat: acchi apne aap lag jati hai
Dim: hehhe
rajat: haha
rajat: accha ek bat batao…did u think of my tool aftr seeing it
rajat: kal sone se pahle ya aaj
Dim: no
rajat: aaj ki kachhi color n design?
Dim: pink
rajat: wowwww
rajat: apni skin se banwayi thi kya
Dim: no
rajat: haha
rajat: plain or designed
Dim: plain
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: aaj nahaya?
Dim: haan
Dim: main daily nahati hun
rajat: haha
rajat: poori nangi ho ke na?
Dim: hm
rajat: mmmm….but u so bad
rajat: very erratic…achanak se chali jati ho…
rajat: but good also…coz very erotic?
rajat: haha
Dim: hm
Dim: yaar lite chali jaati hai to get offline
rajat: accha ji….light pe ilzam laga diya
rajat: accha aaj ki nght dress
Dim: u said na u ll not ask that
rajat: mm………
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: achha susu kab kiya?..kitni der pahle
Dim: thodi der
rajat: mmmm….nice…bahut cute lagti ho susu karte hue…especially in college
Dim: i dont know
rajat: i knw na
rajat: i see u evrytime u do susu
rajat: indian toilet mein bahut cute lagti ho
Dim: ok
rajat: aur batao
Dim: kya
rajat: kucch bhi
rajat: did i ask u hindi names of penis,vagina?
Dim: mo i dont kno
rajat: u knw
rajat: dnt lie
Dim: no
rajat: vagina ka batao…
Dim: pata nahi na
rajat: accha to suno phir…
Dim: ok
rajat: choot…fuddi
rajat: suna hai these words
Dim: 1st one suna hai
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: gaand is ass
rajat: ye to suna hoga
Dim: haan
rajat: okkkkkkkkk
rajat: kachhi to pata hi hoga
Dim: panty
rajat: accha mammay?
Dim: breast
rajat: oye hoyeeeeeeeee
rajat: accha jhnatte>
Dim Sh: pata nahi
rajat: ur pubic hairs
rajat: accha chuchi
Dim: wat
rajat: chuchi?
rajat: nips
Dim: ok
rajat: lund?
Dim: i dont no
rajat: penis yar
Dim: okk
Dim: is it
rajat: so dimple ji…dims at ur cheeks?
Dim: no
rajat: ass cheeks pe?
Dim: pata nahi
rajat: haha
rajat: accha how many pairs of lips of u hv?
Dim: means
Dim: 1 hi to hai
rajat: na
rajat: think again
Dim: u tell
rajat: 3
Dim: how
rajat: one on face
rajat: 2 neeche
Dim: woh kaise
rajat: choot ke 2 pairs
rajat: ur vertical lips
Dim: vertical
rajat: ya
rajat: choot lips r vertical na
Dim: hehe
rajat: haha
Dim: gud thought
rajat: haha
rajat: accha tell me frm whr heart’s shape has been taken?
Dim: which was 3rd lips
rajat: 2 pairs of lips in choot
rajat: upper n inner
Dim Sh: okk
Dim: i dont know abt heart
rajat: shud i tell
Dim: ya
rajat: whn we will mke love
rajat: n i will ask u to sit in doggy
rajat: n ur ass in air n head on bed…thn ur gaand shape is exactly like heart;s sahpe…wahin se liya gaya hai…really
Dim: not possibl
rajat: haha
rajat: its rght
dimpleis typing a message.
Dim: heart ka yeh sense nahi ho sakta
rajat: arrew love sense hi to hai…dono love se related hai
rajat: gaand dekh ke hi shape ka idea aaya tha
rajat: gals ass is most sexy
dimplehas signed out. (1/26/2008 4:54 AM)

Dim: hi
rajat: hi
rajat: kal kahan gayab thi mis india
Dim: kal to i wasnt online
rajat: wahi to…kahabn thi
Dim: i wasnt well
rajat: kya hua
Dim: thoda head ache tha
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: so ab theek ho
Dim: haan
rajat: good
rajat: aur sunao kya ho rhahai
rajat: hw ws d day
Dim: it was ok
rajat: nght cn b sexy wth me
Dim: oh
rajat: mmmmm….
rajat: haha
rajat: so mis naughty…kachhi color today
Dim: fir se
rajat: ye to batao na
Dim: black
rajat: okkkk
rajat: n susu kab kiya?
Dim: yaad nahi
rajat: achha ji?
rajat: matlab abhi nhi kiya jaldi
Dim: hmm
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: aur sunao
Dim: bas aap sunao
rajat: i’m hardddddd
Dim: means
rajat: means penis hard
Dim: ohh
rajat: hey mera tool yad kiya kabhi
Dim: shut up
rajat: gande…….
rajat: its fr u
Dim: kya
rajat: penis……
rajat: wet?
Dim: u so naughty na
rajat: haha
rajat: i wna mke u naughtyyyyyy
rajat: plzz b naughtyyyyy
Dim: i dont know that
rajat: room locked?
Dim: not locked
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so whn masturbated last
Dim: 3-4 days back
rajat: m,……….really.kya socha tha
Dim: kuch nahi
rajat: fingerng ki thi
Dim: hm
rajat: lucky finger
Dim: hehe
rajat: haha
rajat: wish my penis was ur finger
rajat: lock ur room
Dim: kyuun
rajat: karo na
Dim: acha nahi lagta
Dim: wat if smbod cmes
rajat: kyn
rajat: kaun hai
Dim: koi bhi
Dim: aa gaya to
rajat: okkkk
rajat: accha…..hey explain ur choot na.plzz
rajat: kaisi hai dimple
Dim: means
Dim: this doesnt wrk on my msngr
rajat: yyyyyyyy
Dim: i dont know
rajat: ohhhhhhh
Dim: some installation prob shayad
rajat: wantd to shw u mine
Dim: can show me pics
Dim: again
rajat: yaaaaaaaa
Dim: these pics i have
Dim: only 1st one i clr
rajat: okkkkkkk
A problem occurred while transferring the file “attachmentl[1].jpg”. The transfer has been stopped.

rajat: cleard
Dim: no
rajat: okkkkk
Dim: didnt get too
Dim: again only 1st clrd
rajat: oh hoooooooo
rajat: wait thodi der
Dim: ok
rajat: describe ur choot na dimple
Dim: kaise
rajat: kaisi dikhit hai…comxion…kitni hairy…lips long or short n lips thick or tihin
Dim: itna nahi pata
Dim: its bit hairy
rajat: jitna pata hai utna batao
rajat: kkkkk
Dim: comxtion is not dark
rajat: kabhi dhyan se dekhti ho apni choot ko dimple
Dim: pinkish
rajat: ya coz u very fair na
rajat: moti ya patli hai
Dim: kaise
rajat: tum itni fair ho thats y ur choot nt dark
Dim: shayad
rajat: kabhi dejhti ho choot ko dhyan se
Dim: no
Dim: only feel
rajat: mera le logi na
Dim: shsram karo
rajat: haha
rajat: batao bhi na,ab tumse koi sharam nhi
rajat: batao na…le logi choot mein mera
Dim: no
rajat: yyyyyyyyyy
Dim: pata nahi
rajat: stl
Dim: wat
Dim: pics not clr yet
rajat: okkkk
rajat: kyn nhi logi mera waise…kuch to reason hoga na
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rajat: kya karti ho yar….roz aise hi chali jati ho
Dim: yar lite chali gayi thi
rajat: okkkkkk
Dim: net discnnt ho gaya
rajat: iski saza milegi…
Dim: kya
rajat: main tumhe susu karte dekhunga
Dim: aur kuch
rajat: aur……
rajat: kya chahti ho…
rajat: choot ki virginity todunga
Dim: bas karo
rajat: haha
rajat: sharma gayi na?
rajat: haha
rajat: bolo….sharma gyi na….
Dim: hmm