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Dimple Sh: hi
heart_virus_here: hi
heart_virus_here: kal kahan gayab thi mis india
Dimple Sh: kal to i wasnt online
heart_virus_here: wahi to…kahabn thi

Dimple Sh: i wasnt well
heart_virus_here: kya hua
Dimple Sh: thoda head ache tha
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: so ab theek ho
Dimple Sh: haan
heart_virus_here: good
heart_virus_here: aur sunao kya ho rhahai
heart_virus_here: hw ws d day
Dimple Sh: it was ok
heart_virus_here: nght cn b sexy wth me
Dimple Sh: oh
heart_virus_here: mmmmm….
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: so mis naughty…kachhi color today
Dimple Sh: fir se
heart_virus_here: ye to batao na
Dimple Sh: black
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: n susu kab kiya?
Dimple Sh: yaad nahi
heart_virus_here: achha ji?
heart_virus_here: matlab abhi nhi kiya jaldi
Dimple Sh: hmm
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: aur sunao
Dimple Sh: bas aap sunao
heart_virus_here: i’m hardddddd
Dimple Sh: means
heart_virus_here: means penis hard
Dimple Sh: ohh
heart_virus_here: hey mera tool yad kiya kabhi
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: gande…….
heart_virus_here: its fr u
Dimple Sh: kya
heart_virus_here: penis……
heart_virus_here: wet?
Dimple Sh: u so naughty na
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: i wna mke u naughtyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: plzz b naughtyyyyy
Dimple Sh: i dont know that
heart_virus_here: room locked?
Dimple Sh: not locked
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: so whn masturbated last
Dimple Sh: 3-4 days back
heart_virus_here: m,……….really.kya socha tha
Dimple Sh: kuch nahi
heart_virus_here: fingerng ki thi
Dimple Sh: hm
heart_virus_here: lucky finger
Dimple Sh: hehe
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: wish my penis was ur finger
heart_virus_here: lock ur room
Dimple Sh: kyuun
heart_virus_here: karo na
Dimple Sh: acha nahi lagta
Dimple Sh: wat if smbod cmes
heart_virus_here: kyn
heart_virus_here: kaun hai
Dimple Sh: koi bhi
Dimple Sh: aa gaya to
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: accha…..hey explain ur choot na.plzz
heart_virus_here: kaisi hai dimple
Dimple Sh: means
Dimple Sh: this doesnt wrk on my msngr
heart_virus_here: yyyyyyyy
Dimple Sh: i dont know
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhhh
Dimple Sh: some installation prob shayad
heart_virus_here: wantd to shw u mine
Dimple Sh: can show me pics
Dimple Sh: again
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaa
Dimple Sh: these pics i have
Dimple Sh: only 1st one i clr
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: cleard
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
Dimple Sh: didnt get too
Dimple Sh: again only 1st clrd
heart_virus_here: oh hoooooooo
heart_virus_here: wait thodi der
Dimple Sh: ok
heart_virus_here: describe ur choot na dimple
Dimple Sh: kaise
heart_virus_here: kaisi dikhit hai…complexion…kitni hairy…lips long or short n lips thick or tihin
Dimple Sh: itna nahi pata
Dimple Sh: its bit hairy
heart_virus_here: jitna pata hai utna batao
heart_virus_here: kkkkk
Dimple Sh: complextion is not dark
heart_virus_here: kabhi dhyan se dekhti ho apni choot ko dimple
Dimple Sh: pinkish
heart_virus_here: ya coz u very fair na
heart_virus_here: moti ya patli hai
Dimple Sh: kaise
heart_virus_here: tum itni fair ho thats y ur choot nt dark
Dimple Sh: shayad
heart_virus_here: kabhi dejhti ho choot ko dhyan se
Dimple Sh: no
Dimple Sh: only feel
Dimple Sh:
heart_virus_here: mera le logi na
Dimple Sh: shsram karo
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: batao bhi na,ab tumse koi sharam nhi
heart_virus_here: batao na…le logi choot mein mera
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: yyyyyyyyyy
Dimple Sh: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: stl
Dimple Sh: wat
Dimple Sh: pics not clr yet
heart_virus_here: okkkk
heart_virus_here: kyn nhi logi mera waise…kuch to reason hoga na
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heart_virus_here: kya karti ho yar….roz aise hi chali jati ho
Dimple Sh: yar lite chali gayi thi
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
Dimple Sh: net discnnt ho gaya
heart_virus_here: iski saza milegi…
Dimple Sh: kya
heart_virus_here: main tumhe susu karte dekhunga
Dimple Sh: aur kuch
heart_virus_here: aur……
heart_virus_here: kya chahti ho…
heart_virus_here: choot ki virginity todunga
Dimple Sh: bas karo
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: sharma gayi na?
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: bolo….sharma gyi na….
Dimple Sh: hmm
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: …aur bolun……
heart_virus_here: dimple ko poori nangi karke….
heart_virus_here: kachhi utar ke
heart_virus_here: choot ko chatunga……
heart_virus_here: tounge se touch karungaaaaaaa
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: lips ko khol ke tounge ko andar dal ke lick karunga dimple ki choot ko
heart_virus_here: phir anus hole ko lick karunga….
Dimple Sh: hmm
heart_virus_here: phir anus mein finger dalunga dimple ki
heart_virus_here: phir lund ko choot pe rakhunga.,….
heart_virus_here: dheere se dimple ki choot ki virginity toot jayegi naaaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: phir dheere se poora ghusa ke acche se dimple ko chodungaaaaaaaa
Dimple Sh: will u force me
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: i will forcefully fuck uuuuuuuu
heart_virus_here: i will penetrate u deeply dimple….
heart_virus_here: ahhhhhhhhh
Dimple Sh: i dont like that
heart_virus_here: dimple its in ur choot…..
heart_virus_here: ok…slolwy i’ll do wth love…….
heart_virus_here: pyar se chodung dimple ko…….
heart_virus_here: phir dheere se gaand utha ke doggy style mein peeche se dimple ki choot chodunga………
heart_virus_here: oye dimple…chudogi na pyar se mujhse…..
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: yyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: chudo na mujhse…..
heart_virus_here: phir main peehe se gaand mein lund ghusaungaa……
heart_virus_here: anus mein chudogi
Dimple Sh: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…mera aa jayega aapki gaand mein?
heart_virus_here: bolo
Dimple Sh: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: choot mein………
heart_virus_here: arre miss india online
Dimple Sh: hi
heart_virus_here: hi miss india
heart_virus_here: kaisi ho
Dimple Sh: i m gud
Dimple Sh: pls dont cal me that
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk dimple ji
heart_virus_here: kaisa raha college
Dimple Sh: theek tha
heart_virus_here: ok…mail mili?
heart_virus_here: ya chk hi nhi ki
Dimple Sh: just chkd
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: mili?
Dimple Sh: haan
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: try tht yellow pic now,may b gets clrd nw…
Dimple Sh: ok
heart_virus_here: but u very bad
heart_virus_here: its really u?
heart_virus_here: sachhi bolna
Dimple Sh: kyun
heart_virus_here: very b’ful
Dimple Sh: its me
Dimple Sh: aap fir se tarif karne lag gaye
heart_virus_here: nhi,sach bol raha hun
heart_virus_here: main to sirf sachh bolta hun
heart_virus_here: acchi apne aap lag jati hai
Dimple Sh: hehhe
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: accha ek bat batao…did u think of my tool aftr seeing it
heart_virus_here: kal sone se pahle ya aaj
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: aaj ki kachhi color n design?
Dimple Sh: pink
heart_virus_here: wowwww
heart_virus_here: apni skin se banwayi thi kya
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: plain or designed
Dimple Sh: plain
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: aaj nahaya?
Dimple Sh: haan
Dimple Sh: main daily nahati hun
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: poori nangi ho ke na?
Dimple Sh: hm
heart_virus_here: mmmm….but u so bad
heart_virus_here: very erratic…achanak se chali jati ho…
heart_virus_here: but good also…coz very erotic?
heart_virus_here: haha
Dimple Sh: hm
Dimple Sh: yaar lite chali jaati hai to get offline
heart_virus_here: accha ji….light pe ilzam laga diya
heart_virus_here: accha aaj ki nght dress
Dimple Sh: u said na u ll not ask that
heart_virus_here: mm………
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: achha susu kab kiya?..kitni der pahle
Dimple Sh: thodi der
heart_virus_here: mmmm….nice…bahut cute lagti ho susu karte hue…especially in college
Dimple Sh: i dont know
heart_virus_here: i knw na
heart_virus_here: i see u evrytime u do susu
heart_virus_here: indian toilet mein bahut cute lagti ho
Dimple Sh: ok
heart_virus_here: aur batao
Dimple Sh: kya
heart_virus_here: kucch bhi
heart_virus_here: did i ask u hindi names of penis,vagina?
Dimple Sh: mo i dont kno
heart_virus_here: u knw
heart_virus_here: dnt lie
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: vagina ka batao…
Dimple Sh: pata nahi na
heart_virus_here: accha to suno phir…
Dimple Sh: ok
heart_virus_here: choot…fuddi
heart_virus_here: suna hai these words
Dimple Sh: 1st one suna hai
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: gaand is ass
heart_virus_here: ye to suna hoga
Dimple Sh: haan
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: kachhi to pata hi hoga
Dimple Sh: panty
heart_virus_here: accha mammay?
Dimple Sh: breast
heart_virus_here: oye hoyeeeeeeeee
heart_virus_here: accha jhnatte>
Dimple Sh: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: ur pubic hairs
heart_virus_here: accha chuchi
Dimple Sh: wat
heart_virus_here: chuchi?
heart_virus_here: nipples
Dimple Sh: ok
heart_virus_here: lund?
Dimple Sh: i dont no
heart_virus_here: penis yar
Dimple Sh: okk
Dimple Sh: is it
heart_virus_here: so dimple ji…dimples at ur cheeks?
Dimple Sh: no
heart_virus_here: ass cheeks pe?
Dimple Sh: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: accha how many pairs of lips of u hv?
Dimple Sh:
Dimple Sh: means
Dimple Sh: 1 hi to hai
heart_virus_here: na
heart_virus_here: think again
Dimple Sh: u tell
heart_virus_here: 3
Dimple Sh: how
heart_virus_here: one on face
heart_virus_here: 2 neeche
Dimple Sh: woh kaise
heart_virus_here: choot ke 2 pairs
heart_virus_here: ur vertical lips
Dimple Sh: vertical
heart_virus_here: ya
heart_virus_here: choot lips r vertical na
Dimple Sh: hehe
heart_virus_here: haha
Dimple Sh: gud thought
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: accha tell me frm whr heart’s shape has been taken?
Dimple Sh: which was 3rd lips
heart_virus_here: 2 pairs of lips in choot
heart_virus_here: upper n inner
Dimple Sh: okk
Dimple Sh: i dont know abt heart
heart_virus_here: shud i tell
Dimple Sh: ya
heart_virus_here: whn we will mke love
heart_virus_here: n i will ask u to sit in doggy
heart_virus_here: n ur ass in air n head on bed…thn ur gaand shape is exactly like heart;s sahpe…wahin se liya gaya hai…really
Dimple Sh: not possibl
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: its rght
Dimple Sh is typing a message.
Dimple Sh: heart ka yeh sense nahi ho sakta
heart_virus_here: arrew love sense hi to hai…dono love se related hai